RES IPSA HITS 32,000,000

Audience_Frontier_FiestaWe have hit another milestone today with over 32,000,000 views. We have continued to add viewers on the blog as well as a sharp increase on Twitter.  We try to offer a place for civil but passionate discourse on legal and policy issues  of our time (and perhaps a few wacky stories).  We often use these milestones to look at the current profile of the blog and its supporters around the world.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for our weekend contributors: Mike Appleton, Larry Rafferty, Darren Smith, Kimberly Dienes, and Cara Gallagher. I particularly want to thank Darren who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.

I also want to thank our regular commentators and readers.  We try to keep this blog as an open forum with as little interference or monitoring of the comments as possible.  Given our free speech orientation, we try not to delete comments and, for that reason, we are deeply appreciative of how most people avoid personal or offensive comments in debating these issues.  The success of this blog is due to the fact that we offer something more than the all-too-common troll-driven, angry, and insulting commentary of the Internet.  Thank you for voluntarily assuming restraint over the tenor and content of your comments.

So here is our current profile:

In the last full month, our ten biggest international sources for readers (after the United States) have been:

United Kingdom



New Zealand


Welcome to all of our new readers from those countries. I have always found our foreign commentators particularly valuable in giving us an insight from beyond our borders — and domestic media coverage.

The top ten posted in terms of readership in the last 30 days:

1. Was The Meeting Between Donald Trump Jr. and The Russian Lawyer Really “Treason” or The “Smoking Gun” of Collusion?

2.  New York Times: Trump Jr. Told In Advance That Anti-Clinton Information Was Coming From Russian Government To Help His Dad
3.  “Let Them. F**king Die:” Trinity College Professor Flees State After Backlash To Facebook Postings
4.  Supreme Court Rules Overwhelmingly To Strike Down “Disparagement Clause” Used To Bar Offensive Trademarks
5.  Familial Ties and Political Triage: The Russian Meeting Highlights The True Cost Of Nepotism
6.  Worst Spy Story Ever: Media Builds On Le Carre Knockoff “Tinker, Trumper, Lawyer, Spy”
7.  Did Trump Officials Try To Coerce The Morning Joe Hosts With A National Enquirer Threat? [UPDATED]
8.  CNN and The Search For A Self-Affirming Principle: A Response To Kirsten Powers
9.  Supreme Court Rules 9-0 Against Trump Administration in Immigration Case
10.  Trump Unleashes Personal Attack On The Hosts Of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

The most frequent commentators in the last 1000 comments were:

Louise Hudson
Paul Schulte
Michael Aarethun

Thank you to all of our regular commentators. We remain an extraordinarily broad and diverse body of commenters from different parts of the world and different political and social backgrounds. Thanks again.

We had a sharp increase in followers on Twitter with roughly 31,000 followers on Twitter.  While not exactly super-sized (or Trump sized), it actually puts us near the top of legal commentator twitter accounts.

Thanks again to those who try to keep our discussions passionate but civil. We obviously have relapses into personal attacks, particularly during these heated political times. However, I am impressed how most people are able to transcend disagreements to avoid making our differences personal or offensive.  There remains a core of people in this country that want to speak objectively about the problems in our country — both legal and political. Some have found their way to this blog and I hope more will join them. We hope that this forum can remain a pluralistic and open forum for mature people to engage in mature discussions. Such discussions have never been more important.

Thanks again everyone and congratulations on the latest milestone.

24 thoughts on “RES IPSA HITS 32,000,000”

  1. Excellent blog by Professor Turley and those who help out. One weakness is not in the Blog, but in the comments section which is dominated by a handful of people who post many times on every article.

  2. Methinks scientific notation will soon be required to report the latest blog readership numbers.

    Bravo Professor! Please keep it up!

  3. There is a growing thirst for political opinion forums dominated by rational, informed thinking. The MSM are asking to be abandoned for engaging in “opinion shaping” news coverage, and for setting low expectations of good governance in the way they employ cheap gossip formats. People are looking for gravitas. We’re looking for avoidance of ad-hominem attacks. We’re looking for resurgence of legal-infrastructure-building as the central job of government, not chasing the daily media spotlight. We’re looking for pragmatic, collaborative problem-solving that is comfortable with results metrics. We’re looking for post-racial framing of societal challenges. We’re looking for thinking that anticipates future problems, not crisis-only response. We’re looking for a proactive, positive orientation.

    This blog site is a welcome addition to the post-mass-media landscape.

  4. JT, I have been reading this blog for a while now and I am not the only one that sees you spin, distract, and deflect your readers any time things don’t go well on the republican side. Case in point, week after week you went after HRC before the Trey Gowdy hearings, everyday you posted that this time they got HRC, after 12 hours of questions and not the answers that you told your readers, without doubt they got her…….crickets from you, we got pictures of you on vacation. Please report to your readers when things don’t work out the way you thought. And by the way, you are picking up racists, fascists, and the like every damn time you throw your support behind Trump.

        1. CV Brown – didn’t know he had a boat. If he does, it explains a lot.

  5. Sadly, I have dropped to No. 2. That is what I get for not answering more attacks. 🙂

    1. Haha Paul…… from what I’ve seen of her comments, Louise has a whole lot of pent up hostilities to release. Surely her purging will end soon and you will regain your rightful spot…….

  6. I always think of this blog as among the most under appreciated on the Web. I guess it’s not all THAT under appreciated after all. Congratulations on the yuge number. You the man, Mr. T.

  7. Not surprised at the 32,000,000. JT your values and honesty are greatly appreciated. I really enjoy reading the postings(even from the readers I don’t agree with). Many of the readers are quit knowledgeable about the postings they are providing to this blog. Hope this has a long future in front of it.

  8. Professor, having listened to and watched you for years now, I want to express my profound appreciation for your fair and unbiased opinions and interpretation of our constitution. I am a registered Republican who respects you completely! Your professionalism and obvious complete dedication to the rule of law and what our country stands for should embarrass our political leaders on both sides. I look forward eagerly to future appearances and superlative commentary.

    Dave Sheldon
    Chief Petty Officer
    U.S. Navy, Retired

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