Trump’s “Favorite” Poll Shows Sharp Decline in Support With 61 Percent Disapproval

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedRasmussen’s daily Presidential Tracking Poll was often been cited by  President Donald Trump as his favorite poll.  Rasmussen is viewed as right-leaning and has generally shown Trump with higher polls than other polls.  The most recent poll however shows a sharp decline in support for Trump with 61 percent of likely voters now disapproving of Trump’s performance as president.

Only 26 percent of likely voters “strongly approve” of Trump’s performance.  Almost twice — 49 percent — “strongly disapprove.”

With much time before the midterm elections (let alone the next presidential election), the polls can change. However, they clearly undermine the White House is dealing with Republicans who are increasingly alarmed by the continued chaos at the White House.  Trump is moving toward that Chris Christie line where record lows are unlikely to rebound.  He is not there yet, but the trending lines are not good.  With rising unpopularity and continued self-inflicted wounds, the White House could see more GOP members concluding that they are better off on their own.  Indeed, the Republicans in Congress are clearly distancing themselves from what they see as a White House still spinning out of control.  Gen. Kelly may be able to stop that decline and regain control, but it will take the cooperation of the President himself.


48 thoughts on “Trump’s “Favorite” Poll Shows Sharp Decline in Support With 61 Percent Disapproval”

  1. I hire the best people, I alone can fix this, I’m smarter than the generals.

    1. ..and the scientists, and the economists, and anybody who isn’t my son-in-law.

  2. I keep moving these posts to my JUNK file as I have had NO interest in others I have attempted to read and understand.

    PLEASE – Drop my name OF OF your mailing list.

    Sherwood MacRae


  3. If the election was held today between Trumpster and Hillary, the Trump would win. He would beat Biden too but not Bernie.
    The RepubCons need to go with Kasich in 2020.

    1. Kasich is a bully. In describing a police officer who pulled him over for a traffic violation, Kasich berated the cop as an idiot. Kasich’s political ambitions are thanks to his rich wife. Kasich’s political influence resulted in Ohio’s public pension managers investing in the Wall Street firm for whom, he worked-Lehman Bros. While Kasich walked away with $400,000 from the company, the pensions lost big bucks when the company failed.
      If the right wing wants another smug, quick to anger, vindictive politician, with wealth as his only credential, Kasich is your guy.

    2. Does this assume Russian interference or not? Would love to see a poll between Biden and Trump. I don’t think Donnie would have beaten Joe. Joe can “speak” to those voters in the upper Midwest that were not moved by HRC.

  4. It’s been six months. I feel safer, freeer and wealthier than under Obama. When all is said and done, those are the things that matter to voters — not some bump on a skells head.

    1. Mespo –
      Just out of curiosity, what freedoms do you now have, that you didn’t have before?

      1. I think people are much more free to say what they think and to challenge government actions (esp. the Left) than they were under Obama. The PC was thick then. It’s clearing now with people like Coulter and Milo and Shapiro making their points known along with a host of Liberals saying and doing silly things, its more like the 70s than the 2010s. You would never have gotten away with that under Obama. Remember that rodeo clown with the audacity to wear an Obama mask. He was drummed out of the corps.

        1. No one was banned except those people from countries Obama identified as failed states and who presented a security risk. It’s worth knowing they have no right to be here unless you’re a radical open borders nut in which case you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Did any one see this poll last July 23, 2017 over at MSN.Com ? Not a well of conservatism, but an unbiased swath of the US.
    “Who Did You Vote for Last November?”
    👉 190,515 Votes Recorded 👈

    35% Clinton
    45% Trump
    11% other candidate
    9%. Didn’t vote

    Clearly it was and is Clinton with the 65% disapproval Rating.

  6. Let’s take poll on who Pence will pick as VP when Trump goes down. Republicans have been holding their noses and tongues, hoping that Trump won’t drag them down. As the watertight compartments of the Titanic continue to flood, watch for the political rats scurrying for lifeboats faster than you can say: ” I’ll take ‘campaign contributions’ for $1 million, Alex.”

    Key Beltway Bandits like Sen. Cruz are drooling up a storm about the possibility of being named VP. Pence is already radioactive with Flynn Fallout and won’t run in 2020. If Republicans had any sense, they would pick Kasich or someone similar, who might have a Pepto Bismal calming effect after the collective IBS caused by Trump.

    If You want to see a real bloodbath, watch the fight for the appointment of the VP after Trump departs for medical reasons.

    1. Depart for medical reasons?
      Anyone of us could depart for medical reasons.

  7. Trump needs to buck up and not allow himself to led astray by the neo cons / liberal libs. stop the stupid sanctions except again North Korea. Stop the stupid war against drugs and civil asset forfeiture pushed by Sessions.. Focus on projects that actually help this country ie infrastructure. And prosecute HRC and her minions especially DWS who is possibly a traitor given the Awan scandal!

    1. Thanks Autumn! Let’s hope there is an investigation, except that the MSM won’t cover it.

      Also, why don’t we have a poll on Congress’ approval rating, especially since they are surely trying to put us near war with just about every other country at this point.

  8. I don’t believe President Trump cares much about polls, or at least I should say he doesn’t let it cloud his judgment.

    1. Judgement? You are a funny guy under all that legal beagle stuff.

    2. If he was the type of man who didn’t care about polls, he wouldn’t be denying that he lost the popular vote by 3 million. As for clouding his judgment, his ego does that.

  9. What is the polling on John McShame (RINO – Ariz.)?

    How about the polling on all of the seven RINO liars and traitors who failed to fulfill their promises to repeal the wholly unconstitutional Obamacare?

    What’s the polling on a Supreme Court which is so inept and/or corrupt that it can’t even read the English language used by the American Founders in the “Commerce Clause” and the authority to tax? The MANIFEST TENOR went in one ear and out the other.

  10. What were the results outside of Washington? Are you an attorney or a gossip columnist?

    1. “gossip columnist”

      Thank you. Either JT is entrenched in the DC sewer, or he is one incredibly gullible lawyer. WaPo, NYT, and polls ? Cringeworthy at this point.

  11. “Trump’s “Favorite” Poll Shows Sharp Decline in Support With 61 Percent Disapproval”

    Gee, I wonder why?

  12. Trump is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in his potential future impeachment trial. His actions are epic stupid, and constantly bordering on criminal. Not surprised to hear these poll results.

    Only the MSM and never Trumpers are dumber than Trump. If they just stuck to the facts about this idiot, and stopped with the Russian crimes baloney, they’d help their cause and the DNC cause to much greater extent.

    1. Trump CAN’T fire NY AG Schneiderman who’s already got sealed indictments re money laundering AND Trump’s Modeling Agency. I’m guessing a sitting POTUS can be indicted but let’s let Jonathan T. have the last word

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