Fugitive Contacts Police To Object To “Unflattering” Mugshot On Wanted Posters

_97177265_swpIn Great Britain,Wayne Esmonde, 35, is a bit put out.  The fugitive is beside himself over the mugshot being posted in the search. The picture is distinctly “unflattering” in his view and he has asked that it be discarded by police.


The image on Facebook shows Esmonde staring intently into the cabin with that a rather crazed look.  The South Wales Police put the photo on its Facebook site and soon received a terse response:

“I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot. I’d appreciate it if you’d take this post down. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. I’ve spoken to my solicitor and they will advise me what to do next. Thanks.”

My assumption is that Esmonde, who is wanted for assault, knew that the police would not be particularly solicitous even if contacted by his solicitor.  They can however offer a more becoming processing photo at his entry into his correctional unit.



9 thoughts on “Fugitive Contacts Police To Object To “Unflattering” Mugshot On Wanted Posters”

  1. Doesn’t wisconsin or michigan have a case like this? And a wanted pic had to be taken down? I don’t recall if it was a wanted pic or a deadbeat dad pic but our juris has a case on this.

  2. If the cops take your photo, stick your tongue out and close your eyes. We need to post mug shots of newspaper publishers and by post mug shots I mean post their photos on the walls as if they had gotten arrested for sex crimes or something real evil. The news publishers post mug shots of anyone arrested and not just people who were later convicted. So we need to get even with the publishers. Do what is unfair to them in response to their crimes against some innocent people.

  3. Did the Manson clone–who only seems to be missing the carved swastika between his crazed and beady eyes–threaten to pummel the cops if they didn’t pull the photo?

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