Getting the Ultimate “Air”: Stranded Man Struggles To Take Skateboard On Airlift Rescue

In Los Angeles County, a fire fighter had to pull away a skateboard from a contractor trapped in raging flood waters to airlift him out.  While skateboards relish getting “air,” holding on to your skateboard in a torrent with a helicopter lifting you next to power lines is a bit too much of an “air walk” attempt for a dedicated skateboarder.

I wonder how the company feels about an employee who not only get stuck in a torrent but, with the thought of grabbing on object from your loaded truck, grabs the skateboard.

Of course, the idea of being lifted with your skateboard may seem like the “acid drop” but the fire department had its own idea of a gnarly rescue.

18 thoughts on “Getting the Ultimate “Air”: Stranded Man Struggles To Take Skateboard On Airlift Rescue”

  1. One must set their priorities! He must have had a thing for that skate board.

  2. Eh, I thought much the same thing about the foolishness of trying to bring the skateboard along, but decided to take a charitable view. The skateboard could have been his or someone else’s kid’s most prized possession and the guy didn’t fully comprehend the danger in what he was attempting, or that others were risking their lives to save his happy a$$. Let’s embellish the charitable scenario a little more and say the guy was trying to get the skateboard to a kid in the hospital whose dying wish was to see it again.

    What are the odds, you ask? Probably better than the odds of winning the lottery….

  3. That’s the Calif state motto: “You may grow old, but you never have to grow up.” Seriously, the last time I visited “Cali,” what struck me was how many people who were well into their 30s, 40s, and even older were dressing like they were still teens.

    1. Tin, And the cosmetic surgery! We spend winters in San Diego. I see more facelifts and fake boobs daily than I do in Minnesota in a year. There are cosmetic surgeons advertisements everywhere.

  4. If there’s will, there’s a way. I’m shopping for flying Hovercraft. I’ll take 2 of these.

  5. What would one expect from someone who drove into a flooded arroyo in the first place?

    1. Modern, I always have some sympathy for folks caught in a flash flood. I’m a sensible guy. But, I got caught in a horrible flash flood in KC in 1977 that killed 18 people. I was stuck in traffic leaving a Royals game[rain out]. I was trapped in an intersection and saw the water rise from the bottom of my tires to the middle of my door in 2 minutes. We all got out, ran to high ground, and watched the car float away.

      1. Oh my gosh, Nick. What a close call! Glad you and your passengers got out OK. My fear during a flood would be if the car flipped over.

        1. Brooklin and KarenS, Thanks. Please understand, I know the vast majority of people who end up in these situations have no one to blame but themselves. I just know from a frightening personal experience, sometimes these flash floods can overcome you in just a couple minutes, That flash flood I experienced wiped out the very fashionable Country Club Plaza in KC.

    2. It wasn’t a flooded arroyo – it was a street. Apparently the wall of water overflowed a nearby wash and went crashing down the neighborhood suddenly.

  6. Skateboards are dangerous. So are cars. So are horses. It is all the same. Two legs good, four legs baaad! Four wheels baaaad!

  7. It’s a SoCal thing. Dudes, and increasingly Dudettes, love their skateboards. It’s as much a means of transportation as it is recreational.

  8. Editor:

    a fire fighter had to pulled away a skateboard …

    I wonder for the company feels about ….

    an employee who not only get stuck in a torrent …….

    with the thought of grabbing on object from ……….

  9. The skateboard is important. His wife will not engage in sex without it. Therefore there will be no kids. No grandkids. No need for condoms. No cover charge anytime.

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