Northwestern Professor Arrested For Murder With Alleged Accomplice

We recently discussed the arrest warrant issued for Wyndham Lathem and Oxford University Andrew Warren for the murder of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26.  They have now been arrested.  Lathem, 42, who reportedly left a video of apology for his “big mistake” to his family back in Chicago, reportedly turned himself in in Oakland, California after fleeing with Warren, 56.  Warren surrendered in San Francisco.


Cornell-Duranleau was reportedly mutilated.  On the same day, one of the suspects walked into the public library of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and made a $1,000 cash donation in Cornell-Duranleau’s name.
The police say that they have the murder weapon — a broken blade.  The order was described as “savage.”

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  1. Our country is so damn incompetent…we let san dia send radio active via fedex…we let dod send live crap to research facilities like his….we have no controls. It took 5 days for an apb and even then no one was even looking. His univ deal wasn’t cut off until the 2nd. He could not only have killed someone but hold the 100 percent deadly pnumanic plague and you all are worried about what? Lgtbq. This is exactly why we can’t have cranks researching bio weapons…when will they crack….it would be one thing if right away we said oh they cracked tighten ship….but it was several days before nw even deactivated his access to the freakin bio lab….and 5 days until ate “manhunt” began. Pitiful!

    1. Worse no one can even quuestion him and chicago has amonth to get him home for interrogation and charges. Why so long….he had access to way more than fertilixer.
      ..mfo should be strung up and interrogated immediately. How did he have such a rich pad? Where does warren fit in? Who was his pay check…..not like his field isn’t a biowarfare deal! He should be considered a potential terrorist….unless he speaks believable otherwise.

      1. If you or I even had garden fertilizer and commit a crime or even told others to f off….they’d consider us a terrorist …or a threat. Why is anyone satisfied he is not? Is this a major nigel (sp) type hang up….that only terrorist are ignorant…none could be like the anthrax guy….who was diddo….govt reasearcher of deadly deal.

  2. Leopold and Loeb almost committed the perfect crime. They just left the glasses for one of them. Had they kept the glasses on, the probably never would have been caught.

    1. Lot’s of homicides are never cleared by the police. Chicago had a horrendous problem with violent crime at that time. The locus of the kidnapping, the age and social type of the victim, and the social type of the defendants was what was so unusual.

      The glasses led them to Leopold. It is amazing that the Chicago police could locate the right optician so quickly given the information sets they had to work with (unwieldy Polk directories &c). He couldn’t explain to their satisfaction how he managed to drop his glasses. It’s a reasonable wager that the glasses would not have been enough to convict him, though.

      Loeb had also recklessly inserted himself into the investigation, blabbing to reporters and police alike.

      The other problem was that their account of their whereabouts on the day they kidnapped and killed young Franks could be checked. It was checked and it was revealed they were lying. (The witness was the Loeb family chauffeur, who told the officers he was repairing Loeb’s car on the afternoon and evening in question, ergo the two of them were not where they said they were).


    A source told the Chicago Sun-Times that Cornell-Duranleau’s body and genitals were mutilated.

    Friends said prior to his death, Cornell-Duranleau and Latham were dating and had been living together in that apartment building but Cornell-Duranleau wanted out of the relationship.

    Warren arrived to Chicago from England, three days prior to Cornell-Duranleau’s murder. He didn’t even tell his boyfriend or sister, which prompted them to file a missing person’s report.

    Warren has a profile on Grindr, a social app for the LGBTQ community. In it he indicated his “passion for bondage and torture.”

    Police also said that by the time they found the body on the night of July 27, Cornell-Duranleau had been dead for 12-15 hours.

  4. Ah, the Mask of Sanity is ripped off the ultra-violent and predatory gay community. The vic was mutilated??? Not surprised. This is the group that would rather risk killing the “bottom” with HIV/AIDS than put on a condom, and spoiling their org*sm.

    I would not be surprised if a clever attorney used the “Blame Trump” defense at trial and hoped for a hung jury. ala:

    “But President Trump has all us in the LGBTQXJRCB community sooo stressed out, what with him kicking the trannies out of the military, and I saw him on TV there giving a hate speech, and I just blacked out, and the next thing I know Poor Trenton was laying there all carved up and I was standing over his beautiful, sexy mutilated body, with a bucket on my head, singing “From The Hills of Montezoomer” just like Gomer Pyle.”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. You are seriously off your rocker. Where does all of your hate and cynicism come from, anyway? You hate blacks, minorities, LGBTQ people, but love a fat, egotistical, misogynist, racist sociopath. There is something very wrong with you, and the sad thing is, so many of Chump’s supporters are just like you. Bitterly resentful toward better-educated people or anyone who is not white or straight, receptive to the Chump theme that any criticism of him is an attempt by “elitists” to take something away from you personally. The “gay community” is really “ultra-violent and predatory”? Really? Based on what proof? Chump admits to sexually assaulting multiple women merely because he perceives them as “beautiful”, and this is OK with you? Honestly, crawl back under your rock where you belong.

      1. You hate blacks, minorities, LGBTQ people, but love a fat, egotistical, misogynist, racist sociopath.

        Squeeky, you love Hillary Clinton???

      2. Well, you know, Natacha, we don’t always see ourselves as others do.

          1. Yes, FFS. But, once again, Squeaky’s intervening post makes DSS appear to be confirming Bam Bam’s observation.

      3. I think you will exhaust yourself hating the hate. Some people are just twisted as pretzels, aren’t they?

        1. You’re wrong, TBob. Just because you take Gay portrayals of Trump as an insult to Trump’s manliness doesn’t mean that the comedians who parody Trump as Gay intend any offense against Gays. That would be your misread–not theirs.

          1. You might want to read Number 1 on this list. I am required by law to give you a COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WARNING!; to wit: Reading the following article may trigger Leftists, and even cause a severe onset of CDO. (Cognitive Dissonance Disorder.) Therefore, caution should be exercised in the perusal of this material!


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeaky, the old rubber/glue rejoinder belongs on the schoolyard playground. You’re no longer frolicking and gamboling there, Fake School Girl. Comedic parodies of Trump as Gay are not instances of hate; they are instances of contempt and disdain. You can’t poke someone in the eye with a sharp stick then run and hide behind your President’s skirts, Squeaky. It’s either the former or the latter–not both. Because spite is not a virtue, Squeaky. It’s a vice.

              1. Are you even thinking about the dribble you write??? You said, “Comedic parodies of Trump as Gay are not instances of hate; they are instances of contempt and disdain. ”

                Duh! Because they secretly have contempt for gays, and therefore it is how the comedians express their contempt for Trump by associating him with other people they have contempt for.

                Which, is exactly what that article I linked above was talking about.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Did Charlie teach you how to project your own unwanted desires onto the hateful objects of those unwanted desires, Lynette? Does the trick have anything to do with Charlie’s interpretation of Beatle’s lyrics?

          2. I don’t ‘take Gay portrayals of Trump as an insult to Trump’s manliness.’ One could argue that man to man love is as ‘manly’ as it gets, right? So then in your view, what do they ‘intend’ when they portray Trump as gay? (Or Gay with a capital G as you put it).

            1. TBob, your previous post on the question implied that the comedians at issue were either harboring or fomenting the hatred of Gay men. This, too, goes back to the schoolyard playground taunt, “Trump’s rubber; you’re glue; everything SNL says about Trump bounces off of him and sticks to you.” It is epigrammatic of Trump’s and his supporters’ juvenile delinquency. Time to grow up, Tbob–if you can.

              1. No, I was not implying that the comedians were either harboring or fomenting the hatred of Gay men. Like you, I see contempt and disdain. I see their contempt on full display and I see them insulting gay men by using gayness as a vehicle to mock and belittle Trump. Rubber and glue? Okay sweetie.

                1. TBob, I had no idea you were acting as a chivalrous champion of the Gay community. Maybe next time you could make your position more emphatically clear.

      4. Natcha, I’d like to hear your answer to this question: Was it okay with you, honestly, to have Bill Clinton back in the White House if Hillary had won? You know he settled a sexual assault case, is accused of rape by multiple women, destroyed a young intern’s life, etc., right? But that was okay with you?

        1. Clinton was a sexist pig. He got exactly what he deserved. Good riddance. All the rest is grudge harboring. So let go. Move on.

          1. Just using it to point to the glaring double standard of Natcha’s “righteous rage” against Trump. That the alternative – having Bill Clinton as co-President or First Gentleman along side his enabling wife, was a far worse and far more insulting scenario for women if women like Natcha who find Trump reprehensible were intellectually honest about it.

            1. Do not expect intellectual honesty from leftists. You will be disappointed. Every time.

              1. FFS says Squeaky Fromm Girl Reporter is intellectually honest??? Well, no . . . FFS didn’t actually say that. But Squeaky clearly implied as much about herself. Be advised: Self-diagnosis is notoriously unreliable.

            2. I have no idea whether Natacha applies a double standard to Bill Clinton. But I’m utterly convinced that TBob and Squeaky are applying the rubber/glue conceit to shield Trump and themselves, alike, from criticism. It’s a none-too-subtle variation on poisoning the well, “You can’t believe anything lefties’ say, because Bill Clinton was a big fat liar.” Indeed, he was and probably still is a big fat liar. Clinton’s lies do not touch upon Natacha–not even if Squeaky and you were hopelessly addicted to the tu quoque fallacy as well.

      5. Not that any such things as “facts” will sway you, but for others. Here is my thinking. The Mean Old Terrible Nazis killed about 15,000 homosexuals in toto as part of their Take Out The Trash Cleanup of Germany. That is considered a very bad thing by most people. Even by me, who would be quite happy if the whole queer community simply went back to their respective closets, and STFU! about their various nasty and vile perversions. Killing them seems to be a little gauche, outre’, and over the top. (Or is it over the bottom???)

        Anyway, with that background as a baseline for “ultra violent” and “predatory:, let us compare the Gay American Community to the Nazis! So far, since about 1981, about 700,000 Americans have died from AIDS. I am not sure how accurate that number is, since about half the people who have the virus, don’t know they have it. Technically, most victims don’t even die from AIDS. They die from whatever infections or problems are caused by AIDS, such as heart failure or pneumonia. IMHO, the 700,000 number is on the low side.

        Now, there are about 40,000 people who get HIV each year, and about 30,000 of those are “men who have sex with men”, a grouping that includes gay men, bi-sexual men, and whatevers. Of those 30,000, about 15,000 will die prematurely. Nearly 100% of this is PREVENTABLE, if only the sodomizing party will wear a condom. But they won’t. Because they care more about the quality of their org*sm more than they care about the life of the dude under them.

        I call that ultra-violent and predatory. As a result, the Gay American Community, is killing about the same number of homosexuals each year, as was killed by the Nazis during the entirety of The Third Reich.

        Seig Heil, Gays!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeaky, your initial post referred to sado-masochism as ultra-violent predatory behavior. Now you’re changing your tune to the transmission of an infectious disease as supposed evidence of ultra-violent predation. That is equivocation, Squeaky.

          As for your Nazi apologetics, you do realize that the Nazis actually executed people; don’t you, Squeaky???
          Surely the transmission of an infectious disease is nowhere near a homicide offense nor a State-sponsored execution industry. If it were, then Putin might require you to absolve Stalin of all of the typhoid deaths that occurred as a result forced collectivization and forced industrialization. Are you a witting or an unwitting Stalin apologist as well, Squeaky?

          P.S. Do you think, as Putin does, that Obamacare kills people by failing to prevent all treatable illnesses? If so, then can you imagine how many people Putin thinks Trumpcare would kill by the same shameless equivocation?

          1. Correction: ‘. . . by failing to prevent all of the deaths from treatable illnesses.’

            Believe it or not, but The Russians have been training, by operant conditioning, Americans on both the extreme left and the extreme right in the art of propaganda since The Fifties, at least. The research findings of Ivan Pavlov’s experimental psychology were specifically applied to the practice of propaganda. Squeaky Fromm Girl Reporter is the foremost example of Russia’s success plying Putin’s trade on this blog. Do not for one minute suppose that Squeaky is non compos mentis nor otherwise innocently unaware of her craft. Everything Squeaky posts here is written deliberately, intentionally, on purpose to promote Putin’s program.

            How’s that for poisoning the well–eh, Squeaky. Tu quoque, indeed.

            1. Diane – your claim about Squeeky is complete b.s. Find a different topic.

              1. Paul, Lynette is a Neo-Manson-Family RaHoWan. She deserves and has fully earned a healthy dose of her own medicine–namely poisoning the well. If you won’t give it to her, then step aside and get out of my way.

                1. Diane – what you really do not want to do is p*ss me off and Squeeky at the same time. You have already p*ssed me off.

                  1. Paul, do you know anything about Squeaky’s namesake? Assuming, of course, that Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, charter member of The Manson Family and attempted assassin of President Gerald R. Ford, are, in fact, two different people. Which of those two choices do you think I should fear the most from Squeaky? Why would you take either of those choices under your wing, Paul?

                    1. Diane – Squeeky is quite capable of taking care of herself and does not need to be ‘under my wing.’ However, your attack on her was wrongheaded. This can be a very rough sandbox to play in.

                    2. Paul, I did not give Squeaky her alias. One presumes that Squeaky took it upon herself. I’m perfectly aware of Squeaky’s capabilities. Her strategic cluelessness is well short of the mark. The roughness of this sandbox shall not shield her. The content of her posts on this blog is tantamount to Neo-Manson-Family RaHoWa. It shall be criticized.

                    3. Diane – it is Squeeky, not Squeaky. I know spelling is hard for some people, however it is important to spell people’s names correctly.

            2. Sooo, I like Putin, and would have preferred him to be our President rather than Obama. I don’t deny it. Putin knows what country he is the leader of, unlike Stupid Obama who thought he was President of the World or something, and had to worry about the Mexicans more than about Americans.

              Plus, thank you for agreeing that I am not crazy!

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

          2. When you have HIV and you sodomize someone without wearing a condom, that is not a merely passive act. That is an aggressive act.

            As a group, MSM’s/Gays have a 20% rate of HIV. That means one out of every five gays has HIV. Some places, it is far worse. To have unprotected sex is knowing that you are HIV positive is bad. To not get tested regularly when you are in that group is equally bad.

            But, as a Lefty, you probably can’t bring yourself to criticize gays, or blacks, or any other of the Left’s poster children, sooo let’s change it up just for you!

            Imagine, that it is heterosexual white men who have a 20% rate of a terrible disease. And that to keep from spreading it to underpaid and gender-oppressed women, they should wear a condom, but they don’t, and as a result 3,000,000 women per year get the disease. Because you know, condoms are just no fun!

            Now, could you work up your righteous indignation enough to criticize those white men? Because if you could, then you should be able to do the same to gay sodomites.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

        2. MSM is unnatural and unhealthy, but me thinks you’ve missed the upside of gay sex. Most gay men have an astronomical number of partners and for people who really enjoy the rush that comes from anonymous sex, gay sex is heaven on earth. Further, with Truvada, HIV is 100% preventable, making anonymous gay sex somewhat foolproof. I say somewhat, because the STD rate of men on Truvada for one year is 50%. This degree of promiscuity is likely creating untreatable STDs, but it is well worth the quality of the gay org*sm.

          “In the US, resistance [to an antibiotic] came from men having sex with men because of pharyngeal infection,” she added.

          Read more at:

          I must say that I find the overall tone of your writing to be very belittling towards gays.

    2. Squeaky, you are not what you’re pretending to be: a girl reporter with a childish stick-figure thumbnail. You exploit sado-masochism to defame homosexuality. You have not yet exploited sado-masochism to defame heterosexuality. Yet you defend Trump; who has, in fact, exploited at least the pretense of sexual-predation for the sake of whipsawing his loyal followers into paroxysms of heterosexual rage against Gays and Lesbians et al.. Squeaky, you and your President are giving the straight community a bad name.

      1. You exploit sado-masochism to defame homosexuality.

        It’s one of a rash of things quite common among male homosexuals which is unusual elsewhere. S & M, cross-dressing, and pederasty are variants of normal, as is sodomizing 80 other men in a year.

        1. DSS says The Marquis de Sade was not a heterosexual male??? Well, no . . . She didn’t actually say that.

          1. Diane – I have read the Marquis de Sade in translation and at best you might say he was bi-sexual. Although, even that is a guess, because pain was his real pleasure.

            1. But of course you’ve studied The Marquis de Sade. Have you shared it with Lynette? Does Charlie know?

              1. Diane – I said I read the Marquis de Sade, not studied him. Reading is hard. My comments are not usually long so they are hard to misinterpret, but you did. Where did you go to school? They owe you a refund.

                1. Paul, I misinterpreted your comment deliberately, intentionally on purpose–just like Squeaky does with her detractors. This is what it means to give someone a healthy dose of his or her own medicine. Perhaps it is also why reading is so hard for you.

          2. You need to either brush up on your reading comprehension or quite playing games with people.

            1. You, too, DSS. Why are you covering for this person who takes the name of Lynette Squeaky Fromme for an alias on this blog? Have you at long last no decency left?

              1. Diane – deep down, why are you offended that Squeeky is using that nom de plume? Is it because you are related to the prosecutor of the Manson Family?

                1. Paul, I presume that Squeaky chose her hashtag for the sake of vice-signaling her affinity for Neo-Manson-Family RaHoWa.

                  1. No, that’s part of her persona, which is to say things which are absolutely outre (mostly about blacks). She’s trolling everyone on these boards. No clue what she actually thinks about anything. No clue if she’s actually a she.

                    1. DSS – I am pretty sure Squeeky is female, but that just comes from her writing and poetry. I don’t know about Diana.

                    2. DSS says that when a person named Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter says absolutely outré things mostly about Blacks on this blog it has nothing whatsoever to do with Charles Manson and Lynette Squeaky Fromme fomenting apocalyptic Racial Holy War on the basis of the lyrics to Beatle’s songs on The White Album. Instead, it’s just a part of that person’s persona.

                  2. Diane – it is nice to see that you virtue signaled your snowflakeness. You made a value decision, which is probably wrong and you are probably going to pay for it. However, I will give you points for putting your neck in the noose.

                    1. Are you especially fond of the lynching trope, Paul? Or should that have read the auto-erotic asphyxiation trope?

                    2. Diane – I am from the West where we hang people, then give them a fair trial.

                    3. Paul, have you ever posted words of your own choosing on this blog? Or is it all vocabulary you picked up while reading Squeeky?

                    4. Diane – you have poked the bear. Ad hominem attacks do not work on me.

                    5. Paul, you’re on record as stating that I put my neck in the noose that you Cowpokes use to hang people before you try them and that I would probably pay for it. Now you’re running and hiding behind the skirts of the fallacy ad hominem. This does not make you a bear, Paul. It makes you a coward seeking immunity from criticism.

                    6. Diane – you wrote the ad hominem. And now you wrote another. Both are fallacies.

              2. I’ve never covered for her and have had many rude exchanges with her. I’ve stopped reading most of her posts.

                I’m responding to you and the rot you peddle. This isn’t that difficult.

                1. Fine then, DSS. You get the same apology I gave to TBob.

                  P.S. Your opinion of rot is rotten.

        1. This is for real, TBob–not for pretend. You’re a co-dependent enabler of a Neo-Manson-Family RaHoWan Fake School Girl, TBob.

          1. Diane – if its for real, put your full real name out there. Mine is there, Nick’s is there. We are real. Diane Princess of York? Stand behind your work. Sign it with your full name.

                1. I’m going to co-dependently enable myself to keep hiding behind TBob. I’m not that brave. 😉

          2. A co-dependent enabler? For real? Well, we disagree. Now if you called me a Buttinsky? You might be right. 😉

            1. Fine then, TBob. I apologize for leveling a false accusation against you–but not to Squeaky.

              1. Diane – you can be co-dependent or an enabler. However, a co-dependent enabler is redundant. Pick one or the other.

                  1. Diane – truth is truth. If you can’t stand it, get off the blog.

                    1. Paul, you don’t get to pick which words I type on my posts. If you can’t stand that, then why not follow your own advice?

                      P.S. If the statement “truth is truth” is a permissible use of tautology, then what’s the basis for objection to redundancy, Paul?

                    2. Diane – one should never be redundant. And you cannot disprove a tautology. 🙂

                    3. Paul, any given redundancy must proves itself redundant in more or less the same way that any given tautology proves itself true. Whence you have no logical, but only a stylistic or a poetic, basis for objecting to redundancy in favor of tautology.

                1. TBob, I am sorry that you got caught in the crossfire. If only it were just a blog. Apparently Squeaky is worshipped as some sort of sacred heifer of RaHoWa on Professor Turley’s blog. No passeran. No passeran.

  5. Oxford University bursar Andrew Warren, on the run for murder, boasted online of his ‘passion for bondage and torture’

    Andrew Warren is accused of stabbing a hairstylist to death

    By James Beal

    3rd August 2017, 10:19 pm Updated: 5th August 2017, 5:03 am

    AN Oxford University employee on the run for murder in the US claimed he had a passion for bondage and torture on his online dating profile.

    Andy Warren, 56, accused of stabbing a hairstylist to death, said he had “no limits”.

    Warren, who allegedly fled the murder scene with an American university professor, said he wanted to find someone dominant on gay dating app Grindr.

    Screenshots of his profile, seen by The Sun last night, show he was registered under the names “Anything Goes”, “No Limits” and “GoneForever2015”.

    1. I think that means Warren wanted to take the punishment, not give it out. (Pervy either way).

  6. I do not know much about the who, what, where, why of the so called crime. Maybe it was self defense.

  7. Many men enjoy killing. Most do it only when they are assured that it is officially legal.

    1. I don’t have the numbers but there are many women abortion doctors as well. Just to be fair you know.

        1. And they don’t enjoy it.

          Of course not. That would make them monsters. Instead they cry all the way to the bank.

  8. The order was described as “savage.”

    What ‘order’?


    If, as it seems, Lathem and Duranleau had a patron-protege / rent-boy relationship, one can (just barely) imagine that it incorporated emotional intensity that might have generated this. By all appearances, Lathem must have corresponded with Warren in a chat room or some such and not met him until 3 days earlier. Presuming Lathem killed Duranleau in a rage, it’s baffling that Warren did not just run away.

    BTW, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that Lathem is taking psychogropics.

  9. I cannot help to think that this criminal is not an undocumented immigrant but a member of a faculty that might lectured to some of the recent graduates from our universities.

  10. Now that Leopold and Loeb are off the streets, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

    1. Leopold and Loeb were a pair of stone-cold killers who fancied supermen such as themselves had transcended morality. It’s doubtful that a fat late-middle-aged bookkeeper with the proverbial British smile fancies himself a superman.

      1. Such are the perils of failure to recognize sarcasm when one reads it. They say Nietzsche is still popular on campus. Perhaps Latham and Warren duped themselves the same way Leopold and Loeb did.

        1. No, or they’d have taken measures to cover their tracks. One of them appears to have stabbed him to death in a rage and then they booked in a panic. (Undertaking at least three acts of remorse). That doesn’t describe Leopold and Loeb at all.

          1. Nietzsche cranked out riffs on the joy of the knife, the whip and related parodies of sadism. Your rebuttal is to specific to count as recognition of sarcasm.

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