California Department Under Fire After Video Shows Officer Pointing Gun At Couple For Nine Minutes On Routine Traffic Stop

There is a disturbing video of a Campbell, California police officer who points his gun at a man in a vehicle for nine minutes during a traffic stop despite the objections of the occupants that they had done nothing to warrant that level of threat.

  • Warning: the video contains foul language.

The video below was taken after a stop on U.S. Route 101 for speeding (at 85 miles per hour). After a few minutes, the officer went back to his motorcycle to write the ticket and then returned.  That much is in agreement. The officer says that upon returning he spotted the men in the passenger reaching below the seat.  The police department stated “It is not clear why the passenger chose to reach under the seat since the officer was not requesting any other paperwork. Unfortunately, the passenger’s unexpected movement towards the bottom of the seat, caused the officer to perceive a threat and draw his handgun.”

The video below however shows the couple demanding to know why the officer was continuing to threaten them with a gun and the officer telling them not to move.

The officer insists that he will keep the gun trained on them until back up arrives even though the couple offers to get out of the car.  At one point the officer refers to a screwdriver on the floor.

Nothing would have come from this except that it was posted and millions of people viewed it.  Now the department is saying that they will look into it.


51 thoughts on “California Department Under Fire After Video Shows Officer Pointing Gun At Couple For Nine Minutes On Routine Traffic Stop”

  1. The ONLY solution is to always film and sound record the cops….and have a second hidden sound and video recording device in your vehicle in addition to the one the cop can see. AND Document the hidden ones location with pictures so when the cops lie in court and on any paperwork, you have the ability to create reasonable doubt to a Judge or Jury if needed. Otherwise, obey the cop and do exactly as they say and don’t say one single word to them….ever! Wait for them to do whatever they choose and speak to an attorney only! The time to argue is not on the side of the road and if you follow their instructions to the letter and don’t talk, you probably won’t get shot…and if you do then maybe there will be the truth captured on camera.
    Remember all you cop posters on here….citizens have a right to go home every night also!

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