Trump Attorney Blasts Mueller Over Manafort Raid

582px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal.svgWhite_House_North_Side_Comparison2After just recently sending the President’s “appreciation and greetings” and triggering new allegations of criminal acts, one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, John Dowd, is now denouncing Mueller for the pre-dawn raid on the Alexandria home of former campaign manager Paul Manafort.  I have commented that the raid seemed intentionally heavy handed and meant to convey a message to Manafort. However, I fail to see why the President’s counsel (rather than Manafort’s counsel) should be making such objections. It, once again, removes any perceived separation between President Trump and obvious targets like Manafort.

In an email sent to the Wall Street Journal, Doud questioned the validity of the search warrant itself, calling it an “extraordinary invasion of privacy.” Dowd noted that the Special Counsel never demanded the materials before the raid and that Manafort was cooperating with congressional investigators.  Dowd objected that “These failures by Special Counsel to exhaust less intrusive methods is a fatal flaw in the warrant process and would call for a Motion to Suppress the fruits of the search.” The concern about exhausting less intrusive means is a valid one but that does not make Dowd the appropriate vehicle for such objections.  While this may have been sent at the encouragement of the President (who continues to resist advice about separating himself from this investigation), it only undermines the President’s position in the investigation.

Both the President and his counsel need to consider the perils in removing the crush space between him and his former aides as this case moves into the grand jury stage. These cathartic statements may be satisfying in the short term but they could pose serious long-term political and even legal problems. I do not believe that this evidence would be quashed on these facts and the suggestion of an suppression effort at this stage could not be more damaging to the public position of the President.


82 thoughts on “Trump Attorney Blasts Mueller Over Manafort Raid”

  1. You nailed it “public” position of the president… fact is mueller can’t touch him…..he can only he impeached. And the pre dawn raid just solidified his base. No matter the formalities of a warrant it looked crooked! For instance I have no known ties to russia….but he was predawn raided over taxes….which I do file every year….which makes manafort part of the taxpayer-filet cohort…which makes him no different than you or me…they could come to my house and no knock and see a barrell. Then shoot me. This 60000 no knock shoot first bullshi th is unamerican. What was so different about tomorrow? You can get a survallience warrant for that …if you heat a shedder or see a bon fire getting loaded…this isn’t drugs that can get flushed.

      1. What’ is manafort at ? I gave him beni of until proven guilty….now I root for him….because no one shouldbe raided over taxes…the gvt eithrr has evidence or with such lax pc standards the irs “should have”……predawn raids ought to be reserved for “no other way”….because ppl get killed…cops too. It is insane. It questions the relationship of the ppl to gvt. Govt should refrain from instilling terror.

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