Ryerson University Cancels Free Speech Panel As A Threat To Public Safety

Ryerson_University_CrestI have previously written about how cities and universities are now cancelling conservative speakers in order to protect public safety. I recently discussed this rising rationale for barring speakers, a way for officials to claim that they are still being content neutral while achieving the same result of censoring speakers. The latest such example occurred in Canada at Ryerson University where the school canceled a free speech panel after some groups criticized the appearance of conservative speakers.   The school gave them what they demanded in the name of protecting public safety.

The August 22nd panel was entitled prophetically as “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” and was to include University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson and journalist Faith Goldy.  Peterson has been at the heart of the pronoun controversy after he refused to use students’ preferred pronouns.  Goldy is part of Rebel Media, a conservative outlet. They were to be joined by Behavioural scientist Gad Saad and psychologist Oren Amitay scheduled to join them.

Of course, the university could not say that it was yielding to the “heckler’s veto” and barring the conservatives from speaking. Instead, Ryerson Communications Director Michael Forbes cited the now mantra like safety concerns for cancelling the event.

“After a thorough security review, the University has concluded that Ryerson is not equipped to provide the necessary level of public safety for the event to go forward . . . In light of recent events, Ryerson University is prioritizing campus safety.”

One of the protest organizers, Christeen Elizabeth, said that they inundated the Ryerson with demands for cancelation under the rallying cry “No Fascists in Our City!”

In fairness to the school, the panel sponsors were considering changes in light of the intense rhetoric inflaming people on campus. However, that still raises the perverse incentive of these decisions.  Protesters now routinely organize to stop speakers from appearing on campus by either intimidating the school officials or blocking the speakers.  The end result is that the heckler’s veto is controlling our public discourse.


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  1. The administrators and the antifa types are working in the hive together.

  2. If your a regular on the blog and have read Issac’s comments you’ll understand it’s Canada.

  3. Any university that claims they cannot provide adequate security for events on campus should be required to shut down and refund tuition to their students. The school administrators will very quickly discover how to make it safe and secure. As a kicker, any school staff discovered inciting violence should be immediately fired.

  4. The school administration is pathetic. When was the school afraid of the students? Well, they are now and I hope conservative students make the lives of their professors hell at Ryerson.

    1. They’re not ‘afraid’ at all. The activities of these masked adolescents give them an excuse to do what they want to do anyway. They’re all frauds.

  5. Privacy is every Americans right. Freedom of speech and freedom of the internet,. We must keep the internet free from the government. Stop the Government from spying on everybody. So stop using the spying search engines, us the unbiased no tracking search engine that owns its own search results Lookseek.com try it have a nice day

  6. Really speech is an issue at campus? Why? Only because the heckler gets away with it. What if the heckler went to the state house our congress…would they get away with it? What if heckkers showed uo at the ballot box…would we call off elections? There in lies the rub are we gonna let the hecklers grow until and after their gang controls our votes? It is called nipping it in the bud.

  7. This will soon be us because the Democrats dare not let anyone dissent from The Narrative. They will invent whatever excuse they can to deprive us of the right of free speech. They will assault us with law, with social pressure and intimidation, and by blackmailing where necessary the owners of business who either employ us, or provide avenues for our speech.

    Because the Truth might set us free of Democrats.

    Perhaps Ryerson should change it’s motto to:

    “Les parcs, et brebis, et les maistres d’iceux”

    Which means “The sheepfolds, and sheep, and the masters of these ”

    Which is from an old source, a dude named Marot and the full quote is:

    “O Pan, Dieu souverain
    Qui de garder ne fis onc paresseux
    parcz, et brebis, et les maistres d’iceux”



    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    Note: Thank goodness the book I found it in had it translated! The book is, Pan the Goat-God by Patricia Merivale. Don’t even try to buy it, because I got the last cheap copy on the Internet for like $11.00. My dad paid $90.00+ for his years ago, and he won’t let me steal it, yet. The current cheapest copy is $40.00 plus $3.00 shipping on Abebooks. But it does have a dust cover, and is signed by the Author.

  8. Canada as a former fiefdom of the British Empire has no tradition of the sorts of individual protected freedoms as opposed to our Constitutionally guaranteed system. Nor do they have the same view of economics. Not withstanding the efforts of the efforts of the left to the contrary. Therefore they are easier to understand as they are more inclined to demand the government protect them from any little owie or need for a bandeen along the way.

    The exception are those who live far out on the geograhical fringes where the independent spirit of the pioneer days is mandatory as a means of survival.

    In the USA once sees less and less of that excepting certain portions of the West and most of Alaska.

    Since the Universities are found mostly within fifty or so miles of the border it’s no suprise to see that sort of attitude develop but I don’t believe the ‘culture warrior culture’ has gone as far in the USA as it has in Canada except for palces like Radcliffe, Berkely, and Evergreeen. Same results though No culture and none of them would make a pimple on a waririors hind parts. Push comes to shove they are first in line screaming for protection and safe spaces.- from situations they themselves caused.

    One can hardly expect such a morally and intellectually destitute part of the whole to act in any other way. But. they are a minority and not of major importance. Most will sit in a puddle of despair and turn into fertilizer.

  9. Not to go off-topic, but does Ryerson realize its coat of arms basically declares its supporters are sheep?

    1. The revolution would have several components, but all working toward one good end: taking the sinecures these people value away from them.

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