“Payback Time”: “Unite The Right” Organizer Denounces Heather Heyer As “Fat, Disgusting Communist”

14xp-heather-master315An entire country mourned the death of Heather Heyer, a paralegal, who went to Charlottesville to protest the hateful march of neo-Nazis and clansmen — only to be murdered when James A. Fields, 20, allegedly rammed his car into protesters.  Now the organizer of the racist march has sent out a tweet calling her a “fat, disgusting Communist” — a tweet he later blamed on being drugged out of his gourd.  Jason Kessler explained that he has been doing some heavy drugs and drinking lately.

Kessler was the driving force behind the “Unite the Right” march and sent out a tweet saying

Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist,. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”

Even fellow marchers denounced Kessler’s tweet and he later deleted it.  He first reportedly claimed that he was hacked. On Saturday, however, he offered this explanation:


“I repudiate the heinous tweet that was sent from my account last night. I’ve been under a crushing amount of stress & death threats. I’m taking ambien, xanax and I had been drinking last night. I sometimes wake up having done strange things I can’t remember.”

Not exactly a redeeming defense. I really did not intend to defame the deceased because I in orbit on a cocktail of Ambien, Xanax, and hard alcohol.  Fortunately for Kessler, you cannot defame the dead — a doctrine that I have long criticized.  It is doubtful that the statements would be actionable by the parents, though they could explore liability against the organizers in they believe that the organizers invited or encouraged violence.


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  1. Interesting statement made at CNN:

    “But Crow said the philosophy of Antifa is based on the idea of direct action. “The idea in Antifa is that we go where they (right-wingers) go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that.

    “And so we go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because we don’t believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should have a mouthpiece.””

    If the statement is correct then Antifa is against free speech and is the cause of much of the violence, not the Nazi’s.

  2. It is reasonable that someone can both denounce the killing of another human being and question how it happened. If one can only do the former and not the latter; or if one can only do the latter and not the former, then one is half the citizen we need in civil society.

    And no, if one wants to focus their attention on the loss of life, or if one wants to question the facts of the case, that doesn’t make that individual illogical or insensitive. So just stop labeling people already. It’s intellectually lazy.

      1. How often have we heard protestors being interviewed that have no idea what they are protesting? The adage that we should not judge a book by its cover is a call to get the complete story before drawing conclusions. Shouldn’t caveat emptor be a reasonable reminder that headlines, signs, etc. are intended to sell something?

        1. Judging a book by its cover becomes easy when its a Nazi emblem or peace sign. As for some in the crowd, you may be right that they know not what they do. You do have a point, some are there to sell, But I believe most Americans would buy the peace sign.

  3. Obama, Trudeau, Macron, and Trump are all guilty of not living up to expectations. All four appear as new brooms, in times of uncertainty. Their popularity before getting elected is due to the shallow understanding most voters in most countries, especially in the US, have of what is really going on and how the structure of government is actually formed. Therefore, given these high expectations: Obama was supposed to undo everything that Bush did and more. Trudeau was supposed to harness Canada’s natural resources and at the same time protect the environment, revamp the election process, etc. Macron was supposed to balance the French worker’s lifestyle with the realities of the economy, etc. Trump was supposed to do everything. All of these are long term moves that cannot be accomplished in one year. But, the population understands minimally, has been gorged on election promises, and demands immediate results with all the benefits.

    And, then there’s Trump: not fit to be President, promised absolutely everything, fixed the blame on almost totally unconnected elements, is proving to be incompetent when it comes with marshaling resources, can’t keep his dysfunctional personality out of his job, I could go on but it is becoming more and more obvious that Trump is mentally unbalanced. Mentally unbalanced people have governed countries in the past and continue to do so in remote parts of the world today. Typically they are born to it, control through force, and govern a country with enough momentum and/or chaos to permit their ilk sitting in the driver’s seat. However, there is no viable future, unless an offspring with a modicum of intelligence comes along. Why don’t we give Ivanka a shot, or Jared? Anybody could do a better job than this buffoon of a huckster. What’s interesting is the cries from the ‘independents’ who demanded no more dynasties, nepotism, conflicts of interests, etc and then voted in this mutt who brought along the worst of the worst, his family, his pals, and his conflicts of interest. All those who actually thought that the head oligarch who has manipulated governments, screwed the little man, pandered to the mega wealthy, and couldn’t tell the truth if he tried, was going to clean up our mess, well, better left unsaid.

    1. I think you may have posted a “rant” on the wrong blog topic. Take a deep breath and focus, Isaac, focus.

      1. It’s all interconnected. This guy is connected to Trump. What’s more noticeable on this blog is how this cancer of hate and disgust is so easily and forcefully connected to the left. Yes, I tend to gravitate to The Donald and America’s shame; but read some of the other posts for some examples of the causes of The Donald and America’s shame. They come out from their orifices on a regular basis.

    2. Duh….you are in the USA and our President is selected by vote and not by children of one. Makes your entire credibility suspect.

  4. Will someone define the meaning of the word: ALT when used in front of Right or Left? What is this ALT Left itShay?

    1. Good question. I realize I just “assumed” it was an abbreviation for “alternative”.

  5. The guy is a disgusting a-hole and giving him so much attention only harms this poor girl’s family. But for many on the ALT LEFT, this isn’t about this poor girl’s family now is it.

  6. An extremely rude and erratic individual who no one had heard of until last week says something erratic and rude. This is of interest just why?

  7. Adding insult to injury. Dancing a jig on someone’s grave. Wallowing in self-pity. It’s all cut from the same cloth.

  8. Does human bully behavior seem to be on par with aggressive animal behavior?
    A cat minding it’s own business, gets bullied & attacked by an angry turtle….So yes.

    1. Ter ber, you are quite correct that group selection is definitely NOT how differential reproductive success works.

  9. Well, the drugs and alcohol defense is probably correct. Those drugs should not be taken with alcohol and could lead to a blackout. The real question is: is he right? Or is he just blowing smoke?

  10. It is arguable as to whether or not this man is devoid of any redeeming quality and simplistically dismiss anything to the contrary. But what is certain is that he is unworthy of any effort to prove otherwise.

  11. Not to ask the obvios but what was she doing as a counter protester? What did she want?

    She had woman to select on her forms….jail me i’ll say it …she was a spioled brat. She was marchinghing with the rest of cup cakes.

    I am sick and tired of the products of the helicopter parents…who have no street smarts.

    Most kids don’t stand in the middle of the road.
    I know that ix harsh…but omg wtf….and to stand there for what? There is such thing as contributory negligence. Unfortunately bernie and hillary’s resistsnce get off scott free? Really.

    1. It is a shame she is dead….but lets think about it….a
      nd as we do ask ourself what she whitey was thinking about……she was thinking she was above the law….because the law doesn’t allow ppl to be in the street.

      1. Just ask my kid who almost got run over at the breach road. Honk honk..
        .peds right of way is confined. As a para she knew the law and chose to. Break it…she is no saint. Especially since most “”counter” cant even saywhy they are there.

        1. Th ed n you have how million of us that actually elected trump. I zzz that w ghost at you want….do you really want US to show up to a rally? Because we will dwarf boston. We will make our secret ballot..
          Beyond your preparations.!

          1. But the millions who elected trump….we have patience. Stategic patience. You can lable all mlions of us what you want
            ..can try to tie us to nazis….you will just lose again at the ballot box….your marches and sacrafice only reveal you. As a bunch of gimme gimme intolerant sob spoiled nin cum poops. We are to reserved and conservative to march. But we will beat you back at elections like we always do
            ..and pay youf bills while you f ok nx time for the streets. Trash we will just have to mop up.

            1. jae . . . You cannot be serious. Blaming Heather Heyer for ‘contributory negligence’ in her own murder is very low behavior. You’re in the grip of a defense mechanism, jae. Shake it off.

              1. It’s not ‘low behavior’, Diane, it’s just a dubious thesis. Quit striking poses.

              2. Diane – was Heather Heyer there under a parade permit? Or was she protesting illegally? And was she blocking traffic? Or was she just trying to cross the street?

                There is a lot we really don’t know yet.

                1. Reading your stuff, from time to time, there is something that I know and that is apparent.

                  1. Ken – I am not sure he was a Nazi. He was a former Obama supporter. Maybe on meds. Could have had his car surrounded by a shouting mob and was trying to escape. I am waiting for more information.

              1. SWM/frankly doesn’t care about Heather Heyer. She didn’t care about Jared Tucker yesterday. She is consumed by hatred for Trump. I did not like Obama, but being SANE, I never blamed him for the vile things alt left people said.

                1. Trump has turned himself into such a loser that he is not even worth hating. He is incompetent and unfit. Even the Salvation Army has abandoned him. Now go malign anonymous, enigma, Ken, natcha or Isaac.or anyone else that confronts your hate mongering.

                  1. Since when does the Salvation Army get involved in topical political disputes?

                    1. Desperate, The Salvation Army is where her Antifa thugs spend their nights between assaults..err, rallies.

                    2. Being a half glass person, I will give you kudos for saying Hillary “does not represent the left.” Can we agree Hillary represents HERSELF and NO ONE ELSE? Her husband and daughter hate her. Juries out on the grandkids. The character in VEEP and the relationship w/ her daughter is a spoof on Hillary, if you’ve ever watched that hilarious HBO show.

                  2. Frankly/SWM, You made as big mistake the other day. And, as a longtime baseball coach, I taught players you make the other team pay for their mistake. You did provide a good list of your brother/sister haters. And, when they spew bile I’ll call them on it. But, you’re still paying for that mistake.

                    Here’s the deal. I don’t like Trump. But if you can’t admit and your ilk are spewing hate in order to evict Trump, then you are lying. The left have ZERO ideas, only hate. They have ZERO empathy for poor people as they truly did generations ago. You are trying to pave the way for Hillary 2020. Elizabeth Warren better hire protection, shouldn’t she!

                    1. You are far off the mark as usual. I hope we don’t hear too much from Hillary ever again. She was the wrong candidate. Even O’Malley would have been better.

                    2. Frankly/SWM, It’s empirically untrue to say “Biden was my candidate” since he never was a candidate. You know, since you changed names you have become like all the other Dem trolls, a dissembling, shoot from the hip, talking points, robot. Try going back to SWM. Maybe that will help you “return to normalcy” as Harding promised.

              2. Frankly, Maureen Dowd’s career consists of being a snarky bit** on salary. (One of her better efforts was a column comparing the Clintons to Lucy and Ricky Ricardo). She’s not the person you cite for moral precepts. She’d have to break character.

                1. Desperate, frankly/SWM accused Bannon of having cirrhosis w/o any facts. Now, being a red faced Irishman he may well have cirrhosis. But, I would bet Dowd either has, or will have cirrhosis soon. She’s a quart of vodka a day bimbo. Carries around a flask in her purse. That’s a fact. And, her lips look like a Clutch Cargo character when she talks.

                  1. Nick – Bannon appears to have rosocea, which is more common among fair-skinned Irish. My sister has it and doesn’t drink. It can be treated, but not cured. Teddy Kennedy had it.

                    1. Paul – Ted Kennedy was a notorious boozer. That and being obese, cut his life short. On the other hand, my mother is 86 years old, Irish-American, never drank in her life, and has rosacea. I’m not sure of the connection between drinking and rosacea, if any, but liqueur does burst the capillaries and cause reddening around the nose and “gin blossoms” on the cheeks. But notice also that Bannon has dark “age spots” on the side of his face, even though he isn’t all that old. Thus his skin is highly sensitive to the sun.

                    2. TIN – to the best of my knowledge there is no connection. I am very fair skinned, too. I used to tell my students that I am so white I’m transparent. However, I do not have the same skin problems my sister does, but I see a dermatologist ever two years to check for skin cancer. I live in Arizona, the skin cancer capital of the United States. 🙂

                    3. frankly – there was no page for your cite. You are going to have to do better.

                    4. Oh well, mot going to invest any more time on it. He is no longer a public official so he can do whatever he wants. A lot of the Kennedys had it but Ted Kennedy quit drinking and died of a brain tumor and not alcoholism.

                    5. “I live in Arizona, the skin cancer capital of the United States.”

                      Shockingly, Paul neither Arizona or Florida are the skin cancer capitals of the US. Melanoma is the cancer that people worry about most and is most common in many of the cloudiest states with a big block of states in the northwest. Arizona and Florida don’t even count among the top states with melanoma.

                    6. allan – there is a difference between skin cancer and melanoma. I am not sure where you are getting your stats from but the melanoma states don’t seem to have a lot of sun. The skin cancer states do and without a direct winner, Arizona is in the top skin cancer group, regardless.

                    7. Hunter Thompson drank w/ Ted Kennedy, and as most honest people who knew him will say, including his son Patrick, was a raging alcoholic. Maybe he quit in the last months of his life, but anyone who says booze wasn’t a contributing factor is a fool or a liar. Hunter Thompson died of a bullet to the head, but booze killed him. And as only Hunter Thompson could put it regarding Fredo..err, Teddy, “What can you expect of someone named after his father’s pimp?” Edward “Teddy” Kennedy was named after Joe’s pimp, Edward Moore.

                    8. Ted Kennedy died of a malignant brain tumor after a lengthy period of sobriety.

                    9. Paul, there are 2 other major types of skin cancer one of which doesn’t spread to distant areas. You will find in sunny areas the dermatologists removing loads of potentially malignant cancers, but that doesn’t mean they are malignant so you may be confused because the elderly in Arizona and Florida are always in the dermatologist’s office. Melanoma is the one generally discussed and you can check with the CDC, but I feel fairly certain that neither Florida nor Arizona come close to being in the top ten since I can think of about 6 or so states in the northwest and a good number in the north east that have a higher rate of Melanoma than either of these two states.

                    10. allan – if you have read my comments, I have said, first define your terms. My term is skin cancer, not melanoma.

                    11. “allan – if you have read my comments, I have said, first define your terms. My term is skin cancer, not melanoma.”

                      Paul, what you call a skin cancer can occur in other parts of the body. Melanoma is a skin cancer when it appears on the skin. If you Google ‘skin cancer capital of the united states’ the first site will be https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/skin/statistics/state.htm . I just did to find you a citation.

                      If you look further you will find other states having a higher skin cancer (all skin cancers) rate than Arizona as well. There are reasons this occurs and there are reasons why your assumption appears reasonable to you, but is wrong.

            2. What planet are you from? Have you taken the shape of a human?

              This is to “it’s hard to type with webbed toes” jae

              1. Patrick Kennedy, Teddy “Fredo” Kennedy’s SON, said in a 60 Minutes interview in 2015 “Crippling alcoholism” KILLED HIS FATHER. Apparently SWM/Frankly, a low level Dem operative in MN, knows more than Teddy’s own son. The drinking binges w/ Chris Dodd and others, are legendary. Dem women, like SWM/Frankly, always seem to be the ones who cover for the Teddy’s Bubba’s. Quite the feminists.

                You’re getting your butt kicked this weekend, SWM. Take a break. Take a walk around Lake Calhoun. Go to a Twin’s game. Go to The Minnesota State Fair. Just a few suggestions.

                1. Teddy Kennedy was a notorious drunk but he died of a malignant brain tumor. Now does alcohol cause brain tumors? Medical research does not indicate that. You should go rowing in the Mississippi down by Winona.

                  1. Frankly wrote: “Teddy Kennedy was a notorious drunk but he died of a malignant brain tumor.”

                    And Nick — as expected — contradicted. Here are the results of one study:

                    “To date, the evidence linking alcohol consumption with glioma is sparse and inconsistent.8–17”

                    Alcohol consumption and risk of glioblastoma; evidence from the Melbourne collaborative cohort study

                    First published: 12 January 2011


                    Our findings suggest that alcohol consumption increases the risk of glioblastoma consistent with a dose-response relationship. The increase in relative risk for each additional 10 g/day was 16%; people drinking 40 g/day of alcohol or more had up to three-fold higher risk relative to nondrinkers. …

                    Although we measured several potential confounding variables, residual confounding due to their imprecise measurement, or to other unmeasured confounders, such as family history of cancer or use of mobile phone, remains a possibility. Given the lack of established risk factors for glioblastoma, we consider it unlikely that residual confounding explains the strong association we observed.

                    To date, the evidence linking alcohol consumption with glioma is sparse and inconsistent.8–17 The estimated odds ratios from the largest case-control study including 416 cases were not consistent with an association.

                  2. Old feminist still defending men who kill women[Chappaquiddick], rape and beat them. I’ll go w/ what the son, Patrick, said about his old man. Unless SWM and Elaine were taking urine samples from old Teddy the last years of his life, any SANE and INTELLIGENT person would take what he said on NATIONAL TV over 2 old Kennedy family worshipers.

                    1. “Sen. Ted Kennedy died shortly before midnight Tuesday at his home in Hyannis Port, Mass., at age 77.

                      The man known as the “liberal lion of the Senate” had fought a more than year-long battle with brain cancer, and according to his son had lived longer with the disease than his doctors expected him to. “

                    2. Get a grip, buddy. Ted was an alcoholic — and no one is denying it — but the cause of death was a malignant glioma. He was 77 — so he wasn’t a young man.

                      Patrick grew up in an alcoholic family — which is a tragedy. He understandably carried a lot of anger…

                      Ted Kennedy wasn’t a saint — we know that.

                      Move on.

                  3. Chappaquiddick triathon, Drink, Drive and Swim.

                    Known for frequenting the Au Bar, recognized as having his fly open at all times.

                    1. allan, If these Kennedy worshipers had half a brain, instead of posting stupid links about brain cancer, they would mention Teddy, JR. still trying to keep politics viable, said his brother Patrick was mistaken. Of course, Patrick’s “mistake” was speaking the truth about Teddy, the alcoholic, coward, killer of women. Oh, but he was “The Lion of the Senate.”

                    1. http://www.mightyfighter.com/why-do-people-bully/

                      1) THE BULLY HAS BEEN BULLIED BEFORE

                      Many bullies have been bullied before, whether by family or just by their peers. They may have been teased to a point where they feel insignificant, which makes them so angry that they have to take it out on someone else.

                      Especially if it happened to them in their childhood years, they could grow up with a bully mentality because it’s all they know. Of course, this goes both ways as someone who has been bullied before can turn out to be a great person.

                      2) THE BULLY IS LONELY

                      Feeling unimportant and left out can contribute to bullying. Everyone needs attention and sometimes, those who don’t enough will turn into bullies.

                      It’s what they feel gives them power and a sense of importance. Even if they have many friends, they may still crave the attention they feel they deserve but are not getting.

                      3) THE BULLY HAS PROBLEMS AT HOME

                      It’s common for a bully to have had problems at home. This could be physical or verbal abuse that will affect someone’s mind. That could turn a normal person into an aggressive and emotional being with a fragile mind. You have to understand that if this is the case, then the bully is a victim too.

                      4) THE BULLY HAS LOW SELF-ESTEEM

                      If someone feels that they’re not smart enough, attractive enough or worthy enough, then they have to make themselves feel better about themselves. Whatever the reason is, the easiest way for them to achieve that is by putting someone else down. However, they’ll find out sooner or later that it’s a losing strategy because someone will fight back. Unfortunately, they will probably just go back to finding a weaker person to pick on.

                      5) THE BULLY IS JEALOUS

                      This ties in with the previous reason of the bully having low self-esteem. However, if a bully is jealous of a particular person then they’ll take their frustrations out on that person. The main reason for jealously is often popularity. The victim could be more popular than the bully which truly gets on their nerves.

                      6) THE BULLY IS PART OF A PACK

                      More often than not, bullies roll in groups. They want a sense of security just in case someone decides to fight back, then they can call for back up. Usually, if they were alone, this reduces their confidence and they will wait until they feel safe.
                      why do people bully
                      The bully’s peers can either be bullies themselves or just popular people who are good at dealing with others. You have to filter out the good from the bad in the group.

                      7) THE BULLY HAS A BIG EGO

                      Some bullies don’t fit any of the above criteria. Their main motivation for bullying simply boils down to having a big ego. Their arrogance has made themselves believe that they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Until someone challenges them on this, they’ll continue to have the same frame of mind.

                      8) THE BULLY LIKES TO IMPRESS

                      Certain people wants to be the center of attention. We all know someone like that. There’s nothing wrong with that but a bully chooses to get that attention in the wrong way. They usually don’t have any particular talent or skills that can impress people so they have to poke fun at someone to get some laughs. Because of this, they feel that they’ve left a good impression among their peers.

                      9) THE BULLY SEES YOU AS BEING DIFFERENT

                      A bully will pick out their target based on a specific reason. You could be different in some way, whether it’s by race, sexuality, disability or something else. They will single you out and verbally and/or physically abuse you. Usually, they won’t let you know the reason but most of the time it’s obvious.

                      A bully could fall under one or maybe even all of the above reasons…

                  1. It’s just like old days. Now I’m a bully when I kick your asses w/ facts, like statements from the son. But please, give me more links on brain cancer and bullying, . LOL. Any links on being a Kennedy b!itch? Because that’s what you all are. At least I got off your Trump obsession, for a few hours,

                  2. Thanks Ken. But I can easily handle their stalking and stupid comments.These 2 used to have a bunch of bully men to back up their dull/normal intellect and lame comments when they stalked me back when this place was a lame alt left echo chamber. But, their back up wimpy men all got the boot and they got nothing now. Pitiful, really.

                    1. I think Ken might have been referring to you, Nick, but I’ll let him speak for himself. Maybe I’m wrong.

                      Get some sleep, buddy.

                    2. No one is stalking you, Nick. This is a blog where people comment and reply to comments. Replying to comments isn’t stalking.

                      Yesterday’s gone. Move on.

                      -Not Elaine

                  3. SWM/frankly, Just give it up. When Teddy’s son, Patrick, spoke the truth on 60 Minutes in 2015 about his old man saying, “CRIPPLING ALCOHOLISM KILLED MY FATHER” it was hard on you worshipers. Patrick also spoke about the pathology of lies, secrets and excuses in all alcoholic families. Your pathological need to call Fredo, err, Teddy, “the liberal lion of the Senate” is worse than pitiful. A Kennedy wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, but you will debase yourself trying to defend that degenerate alcoholic. Chrissake, his son came to grips w/ what killed his father. He gave up that denial. Try it, woman.

                    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

                    1. Again:

                      Get a grip, buddy. Ted was an alcoholic — and no one is denying it — but the cause of death was a malignant glioma. He was 77 — so he wasn’t a young man.

                      Patrick grew up in an alcoholic family — which is a tragedy. He understandably carried a lot of anger…

                      Ted Kennedy wasn’t a saint — we know that.

                      Move on.

                      -Not Elaine

                    2. The anonymous who is Not Elaine, You’re the one commenting into the wee hours of the morning, not I.And a little insight, I got you Hate Trump folks on the defense, defending a depraved Kennedy hero of the left. That was the plan.

  12. THIS is JT’s tipping his delicate fence-straddling toes in to the ‘free speech’ issue of the week?

    Hoping for his sake that his blog was hacked.

    1. “An entire country mourned the death of Heather Heyer …..”

      This too is a rather bizarre opinion in this off-the-wall blog entry. More accurately, maybe a “community” respectfully mourned someone unknown to them. I did not. No one I know did. I think, most Americans assume that any one who shows up to these things do so knowing both parties are looking for conflict. Of 315,000,000 million citizens – greater than 314,000,000 do not attend these nonsensical attention-seeking marches, rallies, protests, protests to protest protests. Those who do are simply looking for trouble. Maybe the message should be very clear – there is an assumption of risk when you align yourself with radical groupthink of any kind.

      We do, often I think, genuinely mourn the innocent victims of ISIS, for example, who are truly innocent victims. They are mowed down while innocently partaking in their activities of daily living.

        1. Who really cares “which” of the two radical groups she belonged to? They both look alike, think alike, act alike. They are indistinguishable from one another.

          1. “there is an assumption of risk when you align yourself with radical groupthink of any kind. ” INleagle What radical group think was she a part of?

        1. You’re being an idiot. He’s saying she put herself into harm’s way. (She didn’t really, inasmuch as being run down in a purposeful act is not something that commonly happens when we cross a street).

      1. InLegal the problem with your argument “any one who shows up to these things do so knowing both parties are looking for conflict.” is that it could be constured as giving up one’s right to free speech and protest. According to Crow and the quote of his (see my comments way above) Antifa doesn’t want to permit free speech to everyone and he states Antifa promotes the violence to stop it.

    2. It’s an interesting legal issue for some…

      Jonathan Turley in this particular article:

      “Fortunately for Kessler, you cannot defame the dead — a doctrine that I have long criticized. It is doubtful that the statements would be actionable by the parents, though they could explore liability against the organizers in they believe that the organizers invited or encouraged violence.”


      In 2007, Jonathan Turley wrote:

      After all, it is Shakespeare’s Iago in “Othello” who observes that:

      “Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing; . . .

      But he that filches from me my good name robs me of that which enriches him

      And makes me poor indeed.”

      We are all made poorer when good people are trashed after they can no longer defend themselves. With the end of the debate over the permanent repeal of the death tax, perhaps it is time to protect more than just the assets of the deceased. Perhaps it is time to give the dead their due. -Jonathan Turley, 2007

    1. Hieronymus Bosch’s Vision Hell lives on today, and if I believed in the concept of ‘heaven and hell’, I’d say the likes of Jason Kessler would fine a nice home there..

      1. Dolores – although I am a fan of Bosch, he put way too many people in his painting. Less is more.

        1. Paul, his paintings are wonderful along with all those ‘characters’. Try finding the large puzzle of one of those paintings and you will appreciate all the ‘characters’ he added.

          1. allan – I taught History of Art and his stuff is too full. I am not saying that everything does not make sense, but it is not a work you can really appreciate in 20 viewing. 🙂

            1. Paul, I collect art and travel to art shows all over the country. I haven’t had one iota of training and remain relatively uneducated in the field. I buy what I like, frequently from young artists, and it has turned out to be my best investment by many multiples.

              1. allan – I too collect art, some from younger artists, some from more mature artists, depending on what I feel I want to pay and if I like the piece. Do you have a style you collect? Period? Method?

                1. I am very eclectic varying from very tiny cloisonne that tells a story in the space of a quarter to glass sculpture that approaches life size. Ceramic, bronze, drawings and paintings along with Asian stone work and jade.

                  1. allan – I do paintings, a few sculptures and pottery. I have so much now that I have run out of was space. I am going to start to put it in rotation.

                    1. Do you know Michael Sherrill? Along with being a superb artist he makes tools for claywork.You can see some of his work in the White House. If you think your work has the ability to sell you should try some of the outdoor art shows. That will help alleviate your space problem and provide a few extra bucks. Do you have a web page where you have pictures of them?

                    2. allan – I collect artists I like, I don’t create myself. However, thanks for the hint. I do tend to go to a number of outdoors, to the great detriment of my wallet. 🙂

                    3. Funny you should mention that. I used to buy from people I knew if they had something that appealed. All unknowns. On individual tore the edge of a paper then layered it with others. In the 60’s I had one of his that in one direction looked like a row of buildings at night all the lights off. turned sideways it was Abraham, Martin, and John. So my sister unit sent a message and asked how much I wanted for it . Seems the artist is still largely but not completely unknown and some sleuthing led to me and that is too long to relate.

                      I mentioned givng him a hefty for then $10 too shorten the story again she asked if I would consider one thousand. Well I’m into buy and sell so I said but I would consider and accept $2,000 if they didn’t care to continue dickering but if they did $3,000..

                      Two funny parts to this. I can’t remember the name of the artist but he had signed it I’ll ask my sister one day. Secondly the buyer’s check arrived and they has added shipping. and insurance for uip to $5,000. Well … one day maybe I’ll find an article about it in a magazine or a blog. Now the boat engine is overhauled ands rebuilt!!!

                      The only inexact figure is the shipping charges and I may have paid him $20 to start with.

                      that was in the Washington DC/Alexandria area when we could afford to hang out in Georgetown.

                    4. Michael – I do have a nice piece a student did for me which has a place of honor in my office, but I am sure it has no real value.

                    5. Paul, you said you did pottery and I asked you if you used any of Michael Sherrill tools. Just curious. The reason I am intested is I own some of his pottery and he has done quite well, but then I found he created tools for his own use and then sold them to other potters.

                      He is an accomplished guy who I intend to visit the next time I go to the Carolina’s.

                      What about my suggestion of selling some of them?

                      I saw an art teacher at Cocoanut Grove who thesold most wonderful pottery that I could never find a place for.

                    6. allan – one of the problems with art is trying to decide if you have a space to hang it or a shelf to put it on. I have turned down pieces because I could not figure out where I would put them in the house. Most of my stuff is abstract, including the pottery. It is going to be an interesting estate sale when I die. 😉

                    7. Abstact art. You hit a hole in my collection. I’ve never found any abstract art that suited my taste except for certain masters. I like people and therefore one of my favorite artists is Fransisco Zuniga who I collected decades ago. (I say this because I believe you are near the San Diego Museum and I believe he is in their permanent collection.) I met him at his studio when I was in Mexico many decades ago.

                    8. allan – if you call 600 miles near, then yes, I am near. 🙂 I have seen all the museums in San Diego so I have probably seen your artist, but the name does not ring a bell.

                    9. Yes, Paul, you are right. You had mentioned La Jolla so I thought you were there with some frequency. No problem.

                    10. allan – I have been to the La Jolla art festivals three times. Each time it costs me more money. There are three festivals going on simultaneously. And you need a ticket to each. Three levels of art. Very expensive to reasonable.

                    11. Paul, I looked it up and took a look at the few pictures of artists works. I recognized a few of the artists by name or picture of their work. I’m sure I would recognize a lot more if they put up more pictures of the art. It seems like a nice moderate size outdoor show where prices are affordable. These artists travel the country so I assume you would see some of them at other shows though there doesn’t seem to be a mix between the outdoor shows and the indoor shows that are more expensive.

                1. I saw some art work in LaJolla, but not in an art show. I go or have gone to shows in Bellevue Washington all the way to Art Basil and Cocoanut grove in Miami, Sofa Chicago, etc. These are some of my favorites, but sometimes we will see at least a dozen shows in a year. Then there are the museums and art galleries.

                  But, to be honest, to this day I know very little on the subject and don’t even spend time reading on the subject. I just know what I like and what I like ends up turning out to be pretty good.

  13. Jason Kessler’s perspective is not new to white separatist leadership, it’s now receiving the antiseptic treatment in the light.

    Tuesday 8/15/2017 The Charlotte Observer reported, http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article167303682.html

    Monday night, Justin Moore, the Grand Dragon for the Loyal White Knights of Ku Klux Klan, said he was glad Heyer died in the attack.

    “I’m sorta glad that them people got hit and I’m glad that girl died,” Moore said in a voicemail to WBTV. “They were a bunch of Communists out there protesting against somebody’s freedom of speech, so it doesn’t bother me that they got hurt at all.”

    1. I don’t vote

      but something is really wrong with you people

      really amazing how the media has you guy all worked up
      or maybe you are paid to troll boards like the rumors say

      9 people shot in Chicago you don’t care
      Obama droned over 26k people in 2016 you didn’t care

      but this girl, who no one knew, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, like 1000’s are every year in the US, you’d think you were all Catholics and the Pope died.

      It was sad – bad day for a lot of people, I don’t get all the hysteria

      What I do see is the power the MSM has over a lot of non-thinking people.

      but these are people who burned a statue of Lincoln and a statues for Peace cause they apparently failed history class and didn’t know the difference.

      1. Obama’s policies were directly responsible for murder of Kate Steinle but that disgusting human being never even offered condolences to the Steinle’ family , here trump has done that and the idiot who did this horrific murder has nothing to do with trump policies

        1. Agreed, Point of View (though actually indirect responsibility that led to…) Obama had an agenda that was not friendly towards the individual citizen. In that way he demonstrated stronger similarities to dictatorial regimes across the world than recent Presidents.

      2. An Alt right member uses an ISIS tactic to kill a woman in America and you try to pivot to Chicago, MSM, statues, and Obama???

        Because “Heather Heyer” (say her name dick face) was unknown, that makes her less of a victim???

        The citizens of America are not going backward, f*ck the alt right, kkk and white nationalists nothingness!!!

        The link you provided, is not indicative of anything… Wait for your raviolis, they are almost done.

      3. I’ll paraphrase Josef Stalin:
        “One death is a tragedy. A Thousand deaths is a statistic.”

      4. “but these are people who burned a statue of Lincoln and a statues for Peace cause they apparently failed history class and didn’t know the difference”

        Laughable, right? Most on the left are just virtue signaling–the majority of Americans don’t care about these statues. It’s the puppeteers that we have to fight, because they’re whipping the masses into a frenzy. Hence the crackdown on conservative voices on social media, and the cancellation of free speech talks on college campuses. If the average Joe has to fight against the constant identity politics BS, he doesn’t have time for the important stuff.


    2. Which does nothing to gainsay the genesis of both the International (Communist) and National (Nazi) branches of the Marxist Leninist Philosophy and the Marxist Engels version of a dictatorship with a ruling class over their classless society. One wrong including that of blaming one’s right hand does not obviate the wrong commited by one’s left hand. Especially when the ruling class hierarchy uses both it’s children to gain it’s stated goal

      I was only taking drugs Mein Herr in a version of the Nuremberg Defense is still nothing more than a public confession of guilt just as is I apologize for calling for the murder of a President a public confession of guilt – both with a plea for some sort of undeserved understanding and clemency. Both from the same playbook.

      Under the Patriot Act both are guilty of a terrorist act while those that support them are guilty of supporting a terrorist act and under that law civil rights are suspended, arrests performed and the accused are arrested under the rule of ‘suspicion of….’ which both no doubt supported as do the supporters of their action in doing or supporting.

      You may thank former President Obama for signing the part adding ‘suspicion ofsupporting the act.’ That law only needs a Presidential Order to be put in practice. and no there is no exclusion for citizens. Even so in the two cases suspicion of is unecessary as it is not necessary with the remarks R. O’Donnell and others who realize the Constitutional Standard of ‘probable cause’ has been provided by all three examples.

      Thus we separate those that practice what they preach (Constitutionlists) from those who preach what they practice ( socialist autocracies).

      A way of discerning the false premises of those who live by false premises.


      1. Michael . . . You cannot be serious. The Nazis did not derive their Aryan race myth from Marxist-Leninist ideology. The best that you can do with your thesis is that both ideologies were totalitarian.

        1. Ideas do not thrive in a vacuum. ” The Nazis did not derive their Aryan race myth from Marxist-Leninist ideology.” No, I don’t think they did, but Hitler admired Stalin for his purification of the communist party of Jews and Lenin for attempting to rid his society from Jewish culture and religion. Militerism was an important feature of both societies and both societies emphasized reproduction. Eugenics was more of a Nazi feature something he found admirable in American society where the eugenics movement was strong. Take note, many feel the origins of Planned Parenthood were a eugenic movement.

          The result of both movements is one and the same, violence and totalitarianism something that seems to be the desire followed by action of the far left today.

          1. Okay, this is some crazy that might reveal a vein of comedy. Who are the “many [who] feel” that Planned Parenthood began as a eugenics movement?

            This is to “just making it up as I go” allan

            1. Ignorance is bliss, Mark, and you keep your head in a file cabinet so ignorance lingers a long time. Look it up.

              1. That’s what i thought; made up. Too bad. I thought we had some hilarity possibilities with this one.

                1. Do your research Mark. Read some of the quotes and letters attributed to Margaret Sanger. Check out what she was advocating. This is a controversial subject, but you don’t sound like a well rounded educated person so I don’t expect you to know any of these things. Just keep filing away.

                2. Mark M, unfortunately Allan is right about Sanger’s position on eugenics. He would also be right if he added Justice Holmes, Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg and a host of others to his indictment against Sanger.

                  1. Thank you Diane. We may have political differences, but I appreciate the fact that you have a knowledge of history. (Our biggest difference may not be the end product, rather the way we get there).

    3. His is a disgusting statement and shows his depravity.

      Yours is a disgusting statement and shows not only your lack of humanity but your ignorance.

      Google it. Kessler was an Obama supporter. He’s probably not even a true racist, just a worthless idiot.

      1. ti317 – you are assuming that one can be an Obama supporter and not be racist. We both know that is not true. Still, I find this sudden change in Kessler from Obama supporter to alt-right supporter a little strange. It would not be the first time a mole has been sent in.

        1. Paul – I hadn’t thought of that….yes he could be an infiltrator. I was just assuming that he switched sides because he wanted the limelight and didn’t really care what the cause was. But I read that he is a graduate of the Univ of Virginia, so being a leftist makes more sense. Perhaps the FBI is paying him to infiltrate the extremist groups.

          1. TIN – there is always the CoIntelPro approach. I had hoped the FBI had moved beyond that.

  14. from what I can tell this

    has triggered a bunch of people on the far right.

    I don’t know if weev decided to hack Kessler’s because of the info uncovered above or if he just doesn’t trust the guy, which he has said a number of time over the past months, OR if he did it for the lulz

    maybe a little of all, but mostly for the lulz

    I don’t know much about Kessler, wasn’t particularly interested in him ever and he only got my attention when he was jumped by the girl at the press conference.

    Do I think he’s a shill or naive or stupid or fill in the blank…
    He’s a politician, I have no reason to believe anything he says.

    1. The far right properly defined is very often the far right of the left and has nothing to do with the center of our representative Constitutional Republic which is of course The Constittution – but has everything to do those who preach the Third Revolution against it. be they National or International Socialists in nature. Same thing.a one party system with a thin patina of indifferent differences.

    1. If his account was hacked why didn’t he use THAT defense rather than the “too much dope” defense?

      1. I don’t care what his or your opinions are.
        What’s true is true, I’m presenting evidence I have.

        I know people like you get off on beating up people who don’t agree or think like you and I know you don’t care much for the truth.

        But thank god there’s more people here who still know how to apply logic and reason and can still think critically without the TV telling them what to think.

        1. Hmm…. I don’t see the evidence you “claim” to have. It would be interesting if you provided it. But somehow I suspect you won’t provide anything. You alt right apologists should go back to your mom’s basement and wait for dinner. You have no place in America in 2017 forward. Leave us alone!!!

          By the way, your mom is making raviolis tonight, eat up 😂😂😂

        2. thank you. It’s called objectivism and being a self governing citizen.

          1. and it does require a stated premise or premises with supporting facts or evidence and sources.

          2. Michael, the three permissible tautologies have no jurisdiction over anything but standard-form categorical statements. And even then that jurisdiction is sorely limited and constrained. For instance, the three slogans from Orwell’s novel, 1984, cannot be directly refuted exclusively by means of the three permissible tautologies. One must delve deeper and search broader in the fields of poetry, prayer, history and even comedy to refute the notions that war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

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