ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Virginia Game To Avoid Association With Confederate General

downloadRobert E. LeeIn a move that frankly reads like it came out of The Onion, ESPN pulled its sportscaster Robert Lee in coverage of University of Virginia football game — because his name is the same as the Confederate general.  The company believed that having a sportscaster named Lee for a Virginia game could be painful for some after the protests in Charlottesville.  It does not matter that the sportscaster is Asian or that such an association is facially absurd.


ESPN seems blissfully unaware that it was taking a ridiculous action and explained that he was moved to a different game “simply because of the coincidence of his name.”

Here is the statement:

“We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue.”

It is a curious statement that “it’s a shame that this is even a topic” when ESPN made it a topic and moved an employee based on the most superficial association with a general who died in 1870.  The ESPN decision shows less concern than contempt for viewers who it believes would be aggrieved by having someone named Lee broadcasting a Virginia game.

Now the greater concern is whether Thomas Jackson will return to ESPN to take up the slack.  While he is African American, there is no escaping the fact that he was the same name at Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson.

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  1. Have a little sympathy for the flagging Left. Losing money, losing political seats, losing judgeships and seeing American power rising from the ruins of the Obama anti-diplomacy they turn to the only refuge they have left — insanity.

  2. In the fine examples established by Squeeky, I offer my own limerick on this topic:

    A Southerner named General Lee
    Is hateful all leftists agree!
    His name must be banished
    His statues all vanished
    As leftists rewrite history.

  3. So, in this latest instance of insanity, ESPN pulled Asian Sports announcer Robert Lee from coverage of the forthcoming University Virginia football game because the name “Robert Lee” SOUNDS like “Robert E. Lee” and that could “trigger” some people. However, at any other time in the history of the United States, such behavior would result in the individuals responsible for this decision being committed to a mental institution. But now this is the new norm, as the Leftists are firmly in control of the U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex, including the major corporations and the mainstream media. It’s all about CONTROL. Control of actions, control of statements, control of ideas, and control of thoughts to the extent possible. And such control is NEVER benign. On the contrary, Leftism is a cancer that must continue to expand until it kills its host. In this case, the “host” is Civilization.

    1. And just to bring it full circle – the guy who comes in to help him is wearing a…wait for it…Kaepernick jersey.

    1. David Benson – ESPN is a bastion of progressivism. Even for them this is beyond the Pale.

        1. David Benson – I was forced to sit in the sports and racing bar of a casino while my wife and friends went on and did their stuff. I sat in a nice comfy chair and watched ESPN for 4 straight hours. Granted parts were repeats. However, I can see why they are losing viewership. They politicized about half the sports they were talking about and they were way left of center on their take.

          Now usually, the only sports channel I watch is the PAC-12 channel to follow my beloved Sun Devils, whom I used to tutor. I watch both men and women’s sports. I bleed a lot of maroon and gold during the seasons. So, I don’t normally watch ESPN and only go to their website for scores. So, watching 4 hours of ESPN straight was an education and not a good one.

  4. ESPN deserves all ridicule it suffers. But suffers might be the wrong word, since ESPN apparently knows no shame.

  5. There may be a few folks named Lee when the Olympics are held in South Korea next year. Then what will ESPN do? Assuming they’re still around by then, of course.

  6. The left is suffering from a reflexive, hyper-judgmental form of oppo-branding and mind-reading. There can be no vitality to our 2-party system until the liberals get over their uber-defensive thought patterns. Refusing to accept what a political opponent states at face value, and instead substituting that which it make you more comfortable to believe the opponent thinks….this is the end of normal political process as we’ve known it.

    The correct response is to respectfully point out how scared and defensive such behavior is.

    1. Fox, I’ve been following Twitter and it is hilarious. The alt left is ducking and covering on this insanity.

      1. My favorite is from Nick Gillespie: “Sports fans desperately seeking Confederate General named Bob Costas.”

  7. I used to read “Mad Magazine” as a kid. I don’t know if it’s still around, but if so, I’m sure they’ll have fun with this!

  8. ESPN is IMPLODING. They have been forced to lay off 100 on air people and almost 500 behind camera people. They have been uber PC and polling shows that’s why their ratings have plummeted. But, like all the leftists in this country, they are doubling down on stupid. I would love to play poker w/ a table full of alt leftists.

  9. You have got to be kidding me.
    We are done, we are toast.
    We just need the crazy militant religion with the moon symbol to spread and rise up and throw us off a cliff or behead us.

  10. This is just nonsense…it shows a desparate move by a desparate network….we have bigger underscored by the President’s Tirade last night. I’d be curious about what folks think nd Professor Turley’s take on it as he went after everyone and portrayed himself as the victim–and the @POTUS attack on the press should horrify all–this is not Turkey (that Professor turley has been quite vocal in condemning)..

    1. Boy, shocked it took you all of a half line to stupidly segue from ESPN’s Soros-inspired ultra leftist/Progressive turd they dropped on their own desk, to your tired, broken “Trump is Hitler and Poll Pot in one” meme.

      Please, do continue riding your Pelosi-Schumer inspired identity politics right into oblivion: “Vote Democrap 2018, because…….Trump!”

      1. I’ll give you this: quite creative…hope you did not get a coronary over this. 🙂 Just one brief thought: You are the very epitomy of “identity politics” with what you just noted–it is not much to ask of a President for all..not President for some..but that seems to be to much for folks like you….

  11. If you think this is “overtly racist” then you’re even weirder and more hypersensitive than the snowflakes.

    Stupid beyond belief? yes. Racist? No.

    1. JAY – this is absolutely racist. No black announcer would have been pulled, even if his name was Jefferson Davis.

      1. That’s not true, Paul. ESPN would take umbrage with such an action–if they knew what umbrage meant.

  12. Asinine. I suspect it was the decision of a moronic Trump supporter to make a statement about removing statues of American traitors. It just makes ESPN look like the thick-headed jocks they are.

    Someone will label that “liberal” overstepping or political correctness. It isn’t. It’s just plain old run of the mill American ignorance and stupidity.

  13. If he hadn’t agreed then Robert Lee or maybe his fans or other Asian Americas should sue the network for their overtly racist action and as accessories any network who broadcast approval of such anti-American pro-racist activities.

    Next thing you know that Samoan kid will be barred from playing in the NFL

    Maybe and Oz or NZ Maori I forget which.

    Daniel Faalele has football coaches drooling before his first snap | SI ……/daniel-faalele-img-academy-recruiting

    If Daniel demanded in his contract Robert Lee be his ipersonal every game play announcer that type of racist activity would be fast laid aside.

    1. If you think this is “overtly racist” then you’re even weirder and more hypersensitive than the snowflakes.

      Stupid beyond belief? yes. Racist? No.

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