Antifa Comes To GW: Filmmaker Assaulted By Protester Near Law School [Updated]

downloadThis week I wrote a column on how Antifa and related groups are destroying free speech at academic institutions across the country with the help of enabling, sympathetic faculty.  I just saw this earlier video from a few months ago of an assault near the law school on our campus. Antifa activists harassed a conservative Rebel filmmaker, Jack Posobiec, and then a young man assaulted him.  The man was later identified asSydney Ramsey-LaRee, 24.  When GW police intervene, the attacker immediately claims to be the victim in the video below.  I was unaware of this earlier assault and wanted to share the video.  Fortunately, we have not seen the type of violence at other universities like Berkeley.




The Rebel is a Canadian conservative media outlet that has been criticized for provocative, far-right positions.  Posobiec has been criticized for alleged plagarism and staging of events.

The Hatchet reported that

“Posobiec said the man rode up on a bicycle and after members of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition called him a “Nazi,” he punched Posobiec in the hand.

‘He screamed ‘Where’s the Nazi? Where’s the Nazi? And then a bunch of them pointed at me and said ‘He’s the Nazi. He’s the Nazi.’”

However, this film crew was entirely within their rights to be at GW on a public street.  The unprovoked attack was witnessed by one of our officers who immediately intervened.  The protester then expressed shock at being held and insisted that it was “self defense.”  Of course, this is a common rationalization for Antifa and related protest groups.  Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray, the author of a book entitled “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” is one of the chief enablers of these protesters and says that they view their anti-speech actions as “community self-defense.”

Regretfully, it was only a matter of time before these violent protesters came to our campus.  GW has a good history in working with protesters as shown recently during my debate with John Yoo.  However, as discussed in my column, these protesters reject basic principles of free speech and “liberal democracy” in favor of intimidation and violence directed at those with whom they disagree.  The dishonesty shown by this young man in claiming self-defense only magnifies the extremist values of this group.  They have repeatedly shown no recognition of aPosny responsibility for their property damage or physical assaults — let alone their open campaign against the exercise of free speech.

This is the face of Antifa and what it represents for our educational institutions.

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  1. We heard a lot of nasty remarks about Trump and his statements regarding Charlottesville. Now that the New York Times has admitted misquoting Trump a few times including the one he was so hounded for I expected honest people of the left on this blog to provide a mea culpa. None have that I have seen so I wonder if this blog has run out of honest leftists or there is some other reason..

      1. David, Here is an article that proves you to be a liar. But, I guess most on the blog already know that.

        The New York Times Misquoted Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks In Five Different Reports
        The New York Times has corrected five stories on President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville protests, admitting in each report to misquoting what the president said in the aftermath of the violence.

        Four of the corrected reports misquoted what Trump said about who is to blame for the violence, and a fifth report from two star reporters misquoted what Trump said about the push to tear down Confederate statues. One of the corrections is egregious, while others are fairly minor, but taken together they reveal a trend of careless mistakes in reporting on Trump’s remarks.

        Let’s do a quick run through.

        Two reports misquoted this line from Trump’s initial statement on the violence: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides — on many sides.”

        Glenn Thrush bungled the quote in a report on the furious reaction to Trump’s remarks.

        “Correction: August 14, 2017 An earlier version of this article misquoted part of President Trump’s statement on the violence in Charlottesville, Va. He blamed ‘many sides,’ not ‘all sides,’ for the violence that left one woman dead.”

        Andrew Ross Sorkin also bungled the quote that same day in a report on “outraged” CEOs, prompting an identical correction:

        “Correction: August 14, 2017 An earlier version of this column misquoted part of President Trump’s statement on the violence in Charlottesville, Va. He blamed ‘many sides,’ not ‘all sides,’ for the violence that left one woman dead.”

        The next day, star reporters Maggie Haberman and Michael Shear misquoted what Trump said about the push to tear down Confederate statues in a critical story about his press conference that Tuesday.

        “Correction: August 15, 2017 An earlier version of this report incorrectly quoted President Trump’s words about taking down statues of historical leaders. His correct quote is: ‘So this week, it is Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder, is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?’”

        A NYT reporter falsely claimed Trump said “alt-left” protesters were “solely responsible” for the violence in another mistaken report a few days later.

        “Correction: August 18, 2017 The Common Sense column on Thursday, about the calculus of chief executives in deciding whether to take on the president, referred incompletely to President Trump’s comments on Tuesday about the instigators of last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Va. He said there was ‘blame on both sides,’ including club-wielding members of what he called the ‘alt-left’; he did not say that group was solely responsible.”

        The correction fixed an egregious misstatement of Trump’s remarks in the Tuesday presser: “I think there’s blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it, and you don’t have any doubt about it either. And, and, and, and if you reported it accurately, you would say –”

        More than 10 days after Trump’s initial statement on Charlottesville, the paper issued yet another correction, again regarding Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville at Trump Tower that Tuesday after the violence.

        “Correction: August 22, 2017 An earlier version of this article misquoted President Trump. He said there were ‘very fine people on both sides’ of the deadly melee in Charlottesville, Va., not ‘the good people on both sides.’”

        Trump characterized some of the protesters on the right as “very bad people,” but also said both sides included “very fine people.”

        “The neo-Nazis started this thing,” a reporter said at the presser. “They showed up in Charlottesville.”

        “Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group,” Trump replied. “But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.”

          1. Thank you ken. LOL. I love these short comments that pop up as if they were responses to what one says. You and David are two monkeys in a cage randomly pulling levers for bananas. Bananas are good for you guys as you don’t need teeth to chew them.

  2. An earlier comment is still awaiting moderation. too many links and the spam blocker nabbed it.
    In chapters

    No mature person sensible person on the left or the right, condones this behavior. Perhaps Roger Stone should rethink his desire to start Civil War 2.0 and shut his pie hole. Posobiec is not worthy of consideration by any person with a modicum of intelligence. He is only interested in self-aggrandizement and a disgrace to the Naval Reserve. Furthermore, these are not real anti-fascists. They are confused children who think they are anarchists, anarchists who have no clue what real anarchism entails, If a Hillary supporter was substituted for Posobiec they would get the same treatment and abuse. They are the mirror image of Chris Cantwell. Antifa is likely a straw man that probably originated on the right. It dishonors real anti-fascists everywhere, which is the intention. Want to see what a real anti-fascist looks like? Prof. Turley, you surprise me, you are smarter than this.

  3. In truth they should be called the antifafa, the antifaschist fascists.
    Allowing the antifafa to do what they do is a dangerous road.
    At one point the natural law of selfdefense kicks in and the rule of law is replaced by the law of the jungle.

  4. I’d like to see the parents of these brave Antifa beasts come forward and take a bow, and their teachers.

  5. Makes you long for the good ol’ days of street justice and machismo when a male victim did more than simply shout “What are you dong, man? You got a problem?” and then play detached observer. Must be all those intellectualized, single-parent mammas telling their sons not to hit back but to “run tell teacher.”

    Not at all Southern American but decidedly very Vichy French. The latter lost in three weeks, right?

    1. mespo – if it had not been for the French fighting off the Germans at Dunkirk, they would have all been captured, regardless of how long the Germans halted. Those French units engaged in battle did themselves well. DeGaulle attacked a Panzer group with French tanks, which were better, but had no radios. They were beaten off. His attack is one of the reasons for the halt before Dunkirk. The supply line was obviously vulnerable.

  6. “Filmmaker”? Posobiec led a campaign in November 2016 to discredit anti-Trump protesters by planting a sign at a protest reading “Rape Melania” Classy.

  7. Timothy McVeigh, anyone?

    Anyone? Bueller?

    Go ahead. Make my day I will literally post every instance of right wing violence (probably over 200, stopped counting and it is hardly definitive). I will only star with Gordon Kahl n 1983 and the assassination of Alan Berg in 1984. He was a LIBERAL Radio personality.

    Please post your voluminously long list of Right Wing Radio morons who have been gunned down in their own driveways by left wing fanatics like the right’s The Order. Won’t hold my breath


        1. I’m General Custer!
          I’m outnumbered and surrounded!

          DesperatelySeekingSusan, you appear to be a fair-minded person, grounded and in touch with reality.
          Your political incorrectness is Pardoned!

    1. Even Professor Turley’s moral equivalency meter needed calibrating on that call.

      I think you will find that even the Feds are more concerned with right wing terror as a danger, not antifa.
      8 long years of Presidenting While Black and they now have their jobs cut out for them, and I can direct you to the the facts, not that it would matter.

      A total jack ass got punched in the face. Good.

      Did you clap loudly when Timothy McVeigh blew over two hundred and fifty innocent men, women and children to Kingdom Come? Pardon me while I root around for some pearls to clutch.

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

      1. Did you clap when the 2 left wing idiot atheist shot up Comumbine high school with their trench coats and Darwin ‘natural selection’ t-shirts? This is a battle you are going to lose. Just ask the Left-wing murder totals evernight in Ram Emanuel’s Chicago.
        Or are black people not worthy for your count totals?

        1. Did you clap when the 2 left wing idiot atheist shot up Comumbine high school with their trench coats and Darwin ‘natural selection’ t-shirts?

          The crew of students at that high school called the ‘Trench Coat Mafia’ graduated in 1998 and weren’t particular friends with Harris or Klebold, though they were social outcasts like Harris and Klebold. Harris and Klebold were not political beyond a general interest in power and mayhem. (Harris tried to join the service and was turned down because he’d been prescribed psychotropics). They did despise the evangelical element at that high school and went out of their way in the school library to kill the one’s they found there.

        2. Ter ber. too many on the left have replaced religion with leftist ideology. Their Bible is leftist propaganda. Proof doesn’t help because this leftist type religionis faith based.

    2. And I bet that was the first time you’d ever come across that term, and still don’t know what it means. Monkey see, monkey do.

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