Antifa Comes To GW: Filmmaker Assaulted By Protester Near Law School [Updated]

downloadThis week I wrote a column on how Antifa and related groups are destroying free speech at academic institutions across the country with the help of enabling, sympathetic faculty.  I just saw this earlier video from a few months ago of an assault near the law school on our campus. Antifa activists harassed a conservative Rebel filmmaker, Jack Posobiec, and then a young man assaulted him.  The man was later identified asSydney Ramsey-LaRee, 24.  When GW police intervene, the attacker immediately claims to be the victim in the video below.  I was unaware of this earlier assault and wanted to share the video.  Fortunately, we have not seen the type of violence at other universities like Berkeley.




The Rebel is a Canadian conservative media outlet that has been criticized for provocative, far-right positions.  Posobiec has been criticized for alleged plagarism and staging of events.

The Hatchet reported that

“Posobiec said the man rode up on a bicycle and after members of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition called him a “Nazi,” he punched Posobiec in the hand.

‘He screamed ‘Where’s the Nazi? Where’s the Nazi? And then a bunch of them pointed at me and said ‘He’s the Nazi. He’s the Nazi.’”

However, this film crew was entirely within their rights to be at GW on a public street.  The unprovoked attack was witnessed by one of our officers who immediately intervened.  The protester then expressed shock at being held and insisted that it was “self defense.”  Of course, this is a common rationalization for Antifa and related protest groups.  Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray, the author of a book entitled “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” is one of the chief enablers of these protesters and says that they view their anti-speech actions as “community self-defense.”

Regretfully, it was only a matter of time before these violent protesters came to our campus.  GW has a good history in working with protesters as shown recently during my debate with John Yoo.  However, as discussed in my column, these protesters reject basic principles of free speech and “liberal democracy” in favor of intimidation and violence directed at those with whom they disagree.  The dishonesty shown by this young man in claiming self-defense only magnifies the extremist values of this group.  They have repeatedly shown no recognition of aPosny responsibility for their property damage or physical assaults — let alone their open campaign against the exercise of free speech.

This is the face of Antifa and what it represents for our educational institutions.

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  1. Interesting how they call themselves “anti-Fascists” but use fascist tactics to intimidate and attack their victims. Keep us posted, Prof. Turley, on their activities.

  2. If you enable fascists like Antifa, then you are fascists like Antifa. If Antifa want to oppose Nazi’s w/ speech, I would defend their right. They are thugs and the world is now seeing it. They attack veterans in wheelchairs. They are Soros funded and they will destroy what is left of the Dem party unless ALL DEMS unequivocally denounce them and everything they stand for.

      1. This republican candidate will most likely lose as most voters in the state are not anti-semites.

        I jab an admitted kapo and I’m an ‘anti-semite’? Cute.

        1. DSS, jab Soros whenever you wish. He doesn’t represent Jewish or American interests.

          “Three rabbis and three Christian clergymen have called on a Republican candidate for governor to apologize for making derogatory statements about billionaire businessman George Soros while noting he is a “Hungarian Jew.””

          Soros could be a psychopath. In Hungry during WW2 he turned in Jewish names for profit. Those Jews were then sent to places like Aushwitz and then to their deaths.

            1. When you say that guy will lose, you don’t identify which guy that is.

              The important thing is anyone who gets upset over the bashing of Soros doesn’t have their brains in order. Soros turned in Jews for profit. Hating Soros is not anti-Semitism. Ask the Jews that lived in Hungry at the time Soros was doing his dirty deeds. Soros can be considered an anti-Semite.

              1. It does not play well in Pennsylvania when one singles out someone for being a Jew that hates America.

                1. Frankly, Soros doesn’t like America. Though he was born a Jew he doesn’t practice Judaism. Finally as I quote elsewhere this Jew who turned other Jews in to their deaths found the German occupation of Hungary to possibly be the best time of his life. See the quote.

                    1. frankly, That means the Republican candidate was stating the truth. But, it seems that you don’t like him. Maybe Soros isn’t the nice guy you think he is.

          1. allan, Only Shiksa like frankly/SWM play the Jew card. Jews know Soros was judenrat and act accordingly.

                1. I wouldn’t rub Natacha’s nose in her deficiencies – if she didn’t insist on displaying them with every remark.

                1. frankly – no one is an honorary Irish Catholic. You earn it on your knees in church. I cannot speak for the Jews, but if I were them, I would be offended by your statement.

                    1. frankly – I have sit Shiva, too and became an honorary Jew for the ceremony. It only lasts until the ceremony is over.

                    2. frankly – much as the rabbi may have the hots for you, no one but Israel can make you an honorary Jew.

              1. LOL! You post one article about a few Skokie Jews and you think that represents all. ACLU Jewish attorneys fought for the rights on Nazi’s to march. So, there’s that. And to be called “despicable” by someone of your ilk is to laugh.

                1. Here’s another interesting article that I didn’t have time to post yesterday:

                  “The Museum dedicates an exhibit to the attempted march of the Nazis in 1977, ensuring these events will never again slip into the outskirts of memory.” -from the linked article

                  The Nazis in Skokie

                  by Joey Pizzolato


                  As the date approached, tension built. Counter-demonstrations were organized, and supporters of the village residents flocked to the Chicago suburb. But Frank Collin and the NSPA never marched through Skokie. The Chicago Park District waived the $250,000 insurance requirement five days before the march, allowing the Nazis to hold their demonstration in Marquette Park as originally planned. [8]

                  By the 1970s, many Jewish residents of Skokie wanted to forget the horrors they had experienced. The American Nazis forced them to remember. Today, the attitude in the Village is different: they will never forget. On April 9, 2009 the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center opened in Skokie. The Museum pledges itself to the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and the continued education and prevention of bigotry and genocide. The Museum dedicates an exhibit to the attempted march of the Nazis in 1977, ensuring these events will never again slip into the outskirts of memory. ◊ –Joey Pizzolato

                  1. Basic facts of the case appear in the evenhanded documentary, Skokie: Rights or Wrong, Videocassette. Prod. Sheila Chamovitz. New Day Films, 1987.

              2. Frankly/SWM is QUITE capable of taking care of herself. A smart person would just leave it at that, but you feel compelled to post your anecdotal “evidence” over and over and over again. There are some decent OCD meds.

                You are quite the Fairness Sheriff. Do you have a badge?

          2. My recollection is that he and his father appropriated the property of deportees. They weren’t enmeshed in the process of deporting them.

            1. Soros became the godson to a government official and he lived lived with that official. The official’s duty was to make sure the deportation notices were sent to the Jews and to confiscate Jewish property. Soros accompanied his godfather. Soros claimed that he didn’t take away that property, but some Hungarian Jews claimed that Soros pointed out some of the Jews. As we know the Hungarian Jews were shipped to Auschwitz and other camps where most died and torture was the norm. Soros called the German occupation of Hungary as “probably the happiest year of my life” and then stated “For me, it was a very positive experience.” and adds “it was a very positive experience.”

              He certainly has little compassion for Jews. The confidential files of Soros’s Open Society Foundations (released in an email leak) shed light on his funding of anti-Israel and Pro-Islamist organizations. He has a close relationship with the Clintons. The Soros foundation networks donated over $5 Billion to left wing causes in addition to his contribution to candidates.

      2. LOL! Propaganda. Hungarian Jews know Soros was a judenrat. You know frankly, unequivocally denouncing Antifa is NO BRAINER but you folks have lost whatever minds you have.

        1. “The demonization of the American-Hungarian billionaire and Holocaust survivor has spread across Central Europe, with the 86-year-old increasingly accused by nationalists of using his money to force his liberal values, including support for refugees, on their societies.

          And it’s not just those on the fringes, but elected officials who are attributing all manner of sins to Soros, a political strategy that seems aimed at de-legitimizing projects that Soros has supported in Central and Eastern Europe’s transition to democracy.”

          1. Frankly, the Haaretz article you link to clearly presents the real reason that European countries don’t like Soros….his NGOs promote open borders and extensive immigration, and these countries (particularly Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who have blocked immigration from the ME) don’t want that. The anti-Semitic claims are a red herring, a way for some in the worldwide Jewish community to turn the distrust and dislike of Soros into a larger racist issue. It is not. In fact, many pro-Israel Jews dislike Soros because of his obvious financial and propagandistic antagonism towards Israel.


            Further, the Haaretz article hilariously cites a Polish sociologist who says (shockingly) that the anti-Soros sentiment started with boogeyman Putin. Well, if any anti-Soros sentiment came out of Russia, it is most likely justified due to Soros’ funding of those involved in the anti-democratic putsch of the Ukraine, which now has Banderites (neo-Nazis) in its Verkhovna Rada.

            “Transition to democracy” my a$$.

              1. You mean “MariNe” Le Pen? I make a comment about some European countries not wanting a globalist billionaire interfering in their domestic issues, including immigration policy, and you ask me if I’m a French nationalist? When you have something actually substantive to say, Ken, maybe then I’ll spend some time responding to you. Until then, comments like the above will get sod all.

            1. Soros’ funding of those involved in the anti-democratic putsch of the Ukraine, which now has Banderites (neo-Nazis) in its Verkhovna Rada.

              There was no ‘anti-democratci putsch’ in the Ukraine and there are no Nazis in the Ukranian parliament. The previous president fled to Russia when the armed forces and the police would not take orders from him anymore. He was replaced according to constitutional procedures. A new assembly was also elected according to constitutional procedures and contains a half-dozen political parties with a variety of dispositions, none of them Nazi.

              You would benefit from not taking RT or Unz seriously.

              1. You don’t have a freaking clue what I read, but you would benefit from realizing: (1) I don’t care what you think, and (2) you are not the world’s expert on all things, though you obviously believe you are.

                1. You’re trafficking in political fantasy. Period. One does not have to be an ‘expert’ to see this. One merely has to live in this world and read the papers.

                  You don’t have a freaking clue what I read,

                  You just happen to parrot utter nonsense you see on the Unz comment boards and scarcely anywhere else.

                  1. You’re a crank. Go peddle your friend Vickie Nuland’s propaganda somewhere else.

                    1. ‘Vicki Nuland propaganda’ is what is otherwise known as fairly dry news accounts. You might try coming up with the name of even one neo-Nazi in the Ukrainian parliament.

                    2. Ruslan Koshulinskiy
                      Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn


                      It’s true that Svoboda party representation in the Rada peaked in 2012, but they are still present, and they still hold regional political positions. I cannot determine quickly whether the two politicians above are still present in the Rada. US papers have not covered Ukrainian politics well since Obama’s failed claims about who shot down MH17.

                    3. It’s true that Svoboda party representation in the Rada peaked in 2012,

                      Svoboda isn’t a Nazi party any more than is FN in France. That aside, they lost 85% of their parliamentary delegation in the 2014 elections, so how are the Euromaidan protests supposed to have promoted neo-Nazism?

                    4. That isn’t what I said. Although the Kyiv government definitely used already existing Ukrainian neo-Nazis (e.g. Azov battalion) in the civil war against separatists in the Eastern Oblasts. The Azov battalion is part of the National Guard and still has neo-Nazis in its ranks.

                    1. The dissident right is amusing. The blather on and on about ‘warmongers’ and ‘non-intervention’ and then get emotionally invested in factional politics abroad, and they invariably pick the worst side of any argument. So, you have Thomas Fleming making himself a press agent for Slobodan Milosevic (and claiming the political parties of the Albanian population in Kosovo are criminal mafias), Michael Dougherty and Steven Sailer offering supercilious asides about ‘color revolutions’, and combox clowns appointing themselves PR men for Ukrainian political parties which have been abandoned by 3/4 of their quondam base of support as well as trafficking in complete fabrications about ‘bloody coups’ and ‘neo-Nazis’

                      I don’t know why you do this. It’s stupid.

                    2. Whatever Desperate, I never asked for your opinion. You can’t actually counter my arguments other than with hand-waving and grand dismissals of anybody else’s positions typically employing ad hom fallacies. So by all means, continue to be the State Dept.’s mouthpiece.

          2. the American-Hungarian billionaire and Holocaust survivor

            He wasn’t a ‘Holocaust survivor’. He spent the war in Budapest, not in Treblinka. The Hungarian Jewish population was subject to escalating legal restriction after 1918 (and the country as a whole suffered wartime privations) but it was only in 1944 and 1945 that they were systematically imperiled. His family were collaborators during that period.

          3. “Holocaust survivor.” Indeed. The judenrat had a high survival rate since they sold out their fellow Jews to the Nazi’s. This Antifa support is guilt. He has the blood of many Jews on his hands, pointing out Jews to the REAL Nazi’s for execution by Nazi’s. Now Soros is overcompensating. As I’ve said, and SWM knows, Jews know what Soros is and wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Fellow Jews know Soros will rot in hell when he dies, hopefully soon.

              1. And he was working for his father in 1944 and 1945. The Soros family was colloaborationist and he was running errands in his father’s most crass enterprises. He hasn’t denied this.

              2. Soros was 14 when Hitler occupied Budapest. Just about two weeks ago the bast-rd celebrated his 87th birthday. 6-7 Million Jews never had the opportunity to celebrate their’s nor did millions of others that were exterminated by the Nazi’s with help from local citizens like your friend George Soros. Your friend despite you being an “honorary Jew”.

                1. You appear to lay the blame for the Holocaust at the feet of a 14 year old Jewish boy rather than Hitler……

                  1. frankly, I only blame him for his actions. Actions have consequences and the actions of all too many people led to the extermination of about half of the Jews in the world. Other actions have led to tens of millions of deaths (outside of war), perhaps 100 million in the past century, just to satisfy the animalistic needs of some individuals.

                    When you think of the left consider the 100 million dead that came from leftist enterprises.

            1. Soros immigrated to England when he was 16 so it is hard to see that he had the level of responsibility for the attrocities that you are attributing to him.

              1. He was 14 at the time of the German occupation of Budapest. That is when he did his dirty stuff to the Jews.

                1. allan, In order to grasp the mindset of the alt left you must understand moral relativism. They cannot denounce Antifa, Soros, etc. because they represent a part of liberalism. Now, it’s the ugly part, but they rationalize as you see frankly/SWM doing here the past few days regarding Antifa, Soros, etc. She did it last week when we discussed Ted “Fredo” Kennedy. Now, they expect conservatives to CONSTANTLY denounce their thugs, but they just can’t bring to do it regarding their thugs because..well because they actually love their thugs. I despise Nazi’s, KKK, skinheads and have many times denounced them. I know you and other conservatives have done the same. But, frankly/SWM is a master of the Liberal Two Step, dancing around and singing her rationalizations as she does. There are others, but frankly/SWM is a Dem operative and has been trained well.

      3. While we’re at it, you really do not expect us to take seriously the poses struck by Democratic operatives in the clergy?

    1. If you enable fascists like Antifa, then you are fascists like Antifa.

      No, no you’re not. At least not necessarily. This is exactly the same argument that Antifa itself uses against to turn everybody else into a “Nazi”, including those who defend Nazis’ free-speech rights on principle. I find that the argument is no more correct and no less pernicious when turned against Antifa.

  3. Again, antifa and such prosper only where officials are conniving with them. When local officials are not, police do their jobs, their masks are ripped off and they behave themselves or get hauled in for disorderly conduct, common assault, harassment, and like crimes.

    On campus, of course, officials are conniving and security is ineffectual. Academic institutions are generally run by weak and corrupt office politicians.

    1. “antifa and such prosper only where officials are conniving with them.”

      That is the point!

      The KKK prospered while being the violent arm of the Democratic Party and the left. They burned crosses, lynched and destroyed all while being protected by Democratic leaders. As soon as that protection disappeared they became relatively impotent.Today Antifa has become the violent arm of the leftists protected by leftist officials who use their violence to promote their leftist agenda.

      1. Spot on, Allan. But the problem today is that the MSM are as big a part of the enabling system as the Dem party was for the Klan. They distort the news both by falsifying facts and omission of relevant information and stories. So that allows the cancer of Antifa to grow aggressively.

        1. Exactly……did you see Mike Barnicle and Nick Confessore on MorningJoe when JoMika finally come out of their protected bubble and realized what has been going on for the last 18+ months? Confessore says the antifa protests are something new……what a joke these clowns are. Now they are indignant about antifa when the mainstream newspapers finally call these thugs out. Then Barnicle ends the segment with a comment about “nothing puts a smile on Steve Bannon’s face than the violence that we just saw.” What an idiot that plagiarizer is.

          1. Cape, Mike Barnicle, never was a shanty Irishman more aptly named. I know a guy in San Diego who scrapes barnacles off of boats. It’s a lucrative business in a city w/ many boats. Those parasites are insidious.

            1. Indeed, amazing that he was able to land anywhere after being run out of Boston. MSNBC shows how low their standards are.

          2. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., says the “violent” members of Antifa — those members of the anti-fascist group who allegedly attacked conservative demonstrators over the weekend in Berkeley, Calif. — should be arrested and prosecuted. Fox News

            1. She specifically says the “violent” members of antifa? How quaint. Once again, it’s Miss Late to the Party trying to stay relevant. Nancy Nitwit can say whatever she wants–her verbiage rarely translates into action, which is Dem Party 101. All pomp, no circumstance.

            1. Who knows & who cares? There were many CuppaJoe clips on YouTube. I picked one at random.

      2. The 2d incarnation of the KKK was a fad organization which had a five digit membership (if that) in 1919, a 7 digit membership in 1923, and a five-digit membership in 1935. I don’t think that jet-streamed parabola had much to do with anything the Democratic Party did do or did not do. The 3d incarnation of the klan has always been an outre organization without significant political influence. The 1st incarnation was contextually important and functionally allied with the Democratic Party, but it did not exist for all that long (perhaps 7 years). Nathan Bedford Forrest dissolved the organization when he thought the violence was getting out of hand.

        1. Yes, but there was a lot of Democratic sympathies lying with the KKK during the second period you talk about. As far as today goes, I don’t believe the KKK amounts to very much. Most of the extreme violence in recent years have been from leftist organizations, Muslim extremists (Islamists), and individual crazies.

  4. David Benson seems to be that pet owner who’s dog has been terrorizing the neighborhood and yet he’s claiming, that’s not my dog. All the while, the only person that dog seems to like is David.

    Either that or he’s simply trying to rack up frequent posting miles.

        1. A “clever” poster would be able to write more than simple sentences w/ spelling errors. I’m still waiting for his first paragraph.

          1. At least your former pit bulls like Gene The Dancing Machine and Mike Narcissus could write paragraphs. MANY OF THEM!!

            1. Although I often disagreed with Gene, he was an excellent writer. He could deliver a withering response as you know,

                1. Fox, LOL. No, this anonymous cannot grasp irony. No one on the short bus can.

  5. If that punk came up and shoved me then I would cold cock him and take him to the ground and beat him to a pulp. Then I would take his bike and slam it down on his half dead body. Then I would pour some dago red on him and leave him be.

    1. DonaldCareone – in this situation the cop was there so fast, you would never have chance at your well deserved revenge. 🙂

  6. Prosobiec is an idiot right wing extremist. The absolute best way to expose and diminish these unbalanced people is to let them speak with little to no reaction. Eventually those that are influenced will receive no fuel due to being under attack and therefore standing up for a cause, those with any interest whatsoever will realize the stupidity of the positions expounded by right wing extremists, and those who realize what a hopeless and yet potentially destructive element of society is being presented will simply be reinforced as to their liberal and universalist positions. Nothing fuels this sort of backward extremism, gives it credibility more, than making it a victim. “The leader of the antifa is Trotsky.” Let the guy talk.

    1. The problem is that the left is violent and when others do their thing the left attacks. See what happens when a student member of Turning Point USA promoting a more conservative style of thinking (Big Government Sucks) tries to sign up other students. Leftist professors go wild and threaten the students while Antifa members beat them up. (posted a blurb on Turning Point in the previous Turley article)

      There is no alternative than to jail those using violence and that has almost always come from the left. Remember the hooded Antifa folk and the hooded KKK both have a lot in common. Both are or were leftist political activists tied to the left using violence to obtain their aims. When the KKK was most violent, burning crosses and lynching black people they were integral part of the Democratic Party serving Democratic Party interests. African Americans should never forget the Klan Bake known as the Democratic Convention in 1924. The KKK has been relatively impotent since the Democratic Party disavowed them as their violent force for change. Now they the left wing Democrats have Antifa promoting similar violence though since reporters are now being attacked I note suddenly some disparaIgement from Nancy Pelosi. It took a long time and a lot of violence before she was prepared to say anything.

      1. allan, once enough video evidence came out showing antifa for the violent thugs they truly are, Nancy Nitwit had to say something or risk losing support. Her comments are for her political survival, there’s no sincerity.

        1. Cape, I’ve been saying for weeks, denouncing Antifa unequivocally by Dems should be a NO BRAINER. Being a PI it’s easy to analyze. Either they are brainless, or they approve of Antifa. It’s one or the other. No other explanation.

          1. I’m not going to hire you. You’d bill me after watching the news. It’s all fake, you know.

          2. Absolutely agree, my bet is that the Dims approve, as I see this as all part and parcel of the post-modernist, neo-Marxist SJW crap they’ve been pushing for decades. Although, Hanlon’s razor could explain their acceptance of antifa/black bloc/BAMN behavior, as well.

        2. Cape Cod, you are correct. The Democrats supported the KKK and their cross burnings until the heat got too hot and then they dumped them. Antifa is a leftist continuation of more of the same.

  7. OC spray is legal in many, if not most, if not all jurisdictions. Reporters need to have their mic in one hand and a can of spray in the other. When they are assaulted, they should exercise another right, the right to defend oneself. The assaults will stop in a hurry. Check you local laws before taking this advice.

    1. My concern is that in retaliation, leftist protestors will just start shooting (and oh, wouldn’t that be some crazy irony). They need to be denouncrd by dems, and arrested like the thugs they are.

      1. I agree but do not think that will happen. At least it hasn’t happened yet. When the government cannot or will not protect you, you need to protect yourself. A good shot of OC spray sends a very strong message. If the attacker wants to retaliate by shooting his victim while looking straight into a camera, I will let Darwinism work that out.

        BTW: The spray will have the beneficial side effect of unmasking the masked. Can you imaging a masked protester retaining a mask that is saturated with pepper spray?

  8. The Left/Right talk is boring. These anti-fascist fascists are bipartisanally abhorrent.

    Most Republicans aren’t fans of the KKK and don’t appreciate the association. Well so too with these morons and the so-called Left.

    1. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the history. Anti-fascist activities originated in Mussolini’s fascist regime, and were taken up by the Soviet Union. With few exceptions, they have continued to be a movement of the ideological left. While it is obviously true that many of the people engaging in AntiFA activity could not communicate their reasons for protesting, the core groups, such as BAMN, are anarchists who represent the very left position of the political spectrum. The irony that so-called anti fascists are using fascist tactics is obvious to all but those who engage in this destruction.

    2. The morons in question are working with official favor from the likes of Terry McAuliffe, Michael Signer, Jesse Arreguin, and the vast majority of college presidents in these United States. The KKK hardly exists anymore and has official favor precisely nowhere.

    3. It’s not the left and the right Dave. It’s the left and the left. As mentioned above to Issac both Antifa and the KKK have or were been leftist and Democratic violent opperatives. The Klan Bake of 1924 known as the DNC of 1924 reiterates the anti-black feelings of the Democratic Party.

      Berkeley Mayor Jessie Arreguin has been reported to be a memeber of the anti-fascist Facebook group “By Any Means Necessary” that promoted the riots to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking. That ended up to be a violent riot.

      1. `Timothy McVeigh, anyone?

        Anyone? Bueller”

        Go ahead. Make my day I will literally post every instance of right wing violence (probably 200), and just start with Gordon Kahl n 1983 and the assassination of Alan Berg in 1984. He was a LIBERAL Radio personality.

        Please post your voluminously long list of Right Wing Radio morons who have been gunned down in their own driveways by left wing fanatics like the right’s The Order. Won’t hold my breath


        1. Go ahead. I don’t have any more love for the skinheads than I do for Antifa, but the violence in this country has originated far more from the left and anarchists which are all too frequently acting in concert with the left than the skinhead groups that aren’t really on the right, rather they are simply haters. The right, conservative type of movement doesn’t have a violent arm like the left. Just the killings alone by the KKK as the violent arm of leftists and Democrats probably far exceeds all other killings of those that could be possibly be attributed to the right including those that were committed by the skinhead type that doesn’t belong on the right nor is accepted on the right like the KKK and Antifa have been accepted on the left by Democratic leaders. Excluded from the numbers are all the deaths caused by Muslim extremists or Islamists. However, I should add that many Democrats do support the Muslim Brotherhood whose declaration (Holy Land Trial) calls for the end of western civilization. So much for the leftists and the Democrats that have lost their minds.

        2. FTW, remind me which side of the fence was this guy on?
          James T. Hodgkinson

  9. This is typical of totalitarian ideological possession. The professors who brainwash the kids should be fired. Right now. Before school starts.

  10. JT has problems with the space-time continuum and editing. I, personally, don’t worry about it.

  11. George Carlin; said it best alluding to the left wing as fascist sociaiists regardless if their shirts are black or brown.

    1. Wikipedia on the left-right political spectrum is a decent summary. Fascists are over on the extreme right.

        1. There was nothing socialist about the Nazis. Other than the misleading name.

          Go read some history.

          1. David Benson – all that red on the Nazi flag stands for socialism, according to Adoph Hitler. I would take his word on this before yours. 🙂

          2. David Benson, again might I make a suggestion on some research to fill in a few voids you seem to have:
            “Hitler, A Career.” Netflx has it.
            It shows very clearly how the Nazis were quite socialists in their collaborations between the government and industry all for the collective good of the German people.

          3. There was nothing socialist about the Nazis.

            You have to define that in a completely arbitrary way. The signatures of fascist species would revanchism, authoritarianism, what might be called the ‘mobilization state’, the cult of ‘national struggle’, and the cult of personality. However, in keeping with the 3d item, cartels and derivative state planning were all the rage (not to mention slathering on large dollops of public employment and welfare). Fascist parties didn’t traffic in Marxist social theory and did not comprehensively replace private enterprise. However, they were just about as distant as you could get (leaving aside Leninism) from the Whig dispensation of 19th century Britain.

  12. Most of the antifa crowd are generally unemployed and unemployable, collecting benefits from those they hate with a passion (the revenue generating working classes), and are violent criminal thugs paid by Soros and his types to appear and destroy the US, only to be rebuilt in Soros’ image.

      1. what’s made up? Trotsky did set up antifa units to directly combat the national socialist breakaways their international socialist (marxist leninist) system had engendered. National and International Socialism are two versions of the same along with progressive socialism. George Carlin had your number decades ago.l when he spoke of socialst engendered fascism coming to America. Anyone with half an education knows Mussolini the inventor of fascism and the Fascist party was the national socialist founder AND the former leader of the Socialist Party of Italy. Moving the sign post marked center to the center of the left does not make it the center of political and philosophical discourse in our Representative Constitutional Republic no matter how much your various socialist AND fascist factions propagandize. One of your main leaders George Soros DID state openly he wanted to change our system to straight up single party socialism. You’ll have to kill off all history, tear down all the statues and out live the World War II and baby boomer generation before you can peddle that ‘made up’ crapola. too many of us still alive from days when schools did educate and not brain wash.


        1. Soros? A link as I don’t believe you.

          And he certainly is not my leader.

          1. David Benson, might I suggest you do some research on the Center for American Parogress. Look at their alum and what position some of them have held in the Obama administration.
            Particularly, Denis MCDonough and Valerie Barnes.

            1. Every one of the 11 McDonough children that I have met has been a fine person. Denis is a Si.John’s grad.

              1. frankly, I wasn’t commenting on the character of the two I mentioned or anyone else in particular just the amount of influence they have on policy.

          2. A quote from Soros:

            Recalling the German occupation of Hungary Soros wrote about the German occupation of Hungary as “probably the happiest year of my life. For me, it was a very positive experience.”

            1. What is your source for that? Could you provide a link? Would be more intellectually honest if it could be viewed in context.

              1. I’m not sure, but I think that came from his 60 minutes comments.

                As an “”honary Jew”” you should feel at least a little of the pain of those survivors no matter what other context may have been involved in his “happiest year”. I think you might have been more circumspect.

                1. Really,I see no source and he was thirteen years old when the Nazis invaded. By the time he was 16 the family left Hungary.

                  1. Did you listen to the interview?

                    He was born in 1930 this month. The Germans occupied Budapest in 1944. I assume the age of 13 you provide is because the Germans may have occupied Budapest before August, his birthday, but in August he became 14 and was 14 during the height of his wartime experiences. He left Hungary after the war. WW2 ended May 8 1945, with the Germans abandoning Hungary a few months earlier. Are you quibbling over the date and whether he was 13 or 14? He probably was both ages during that time period. I know a whole bunch of people that were in concentration camps and some were in Auschwitz.

                    Would you like me to tell you some of their stories of how they were tortured? How about a mother being forced to watch her childs head placed into a vice which was then tightened until the skull was crushed and the brain squeezed out. They monitored the mother’s reactions. Do you need more?

                2. I don’t think Soros is a nice person but to condemn him for his actions as an extremely vulnerable child seems unfair. Stick to what he did as a grownup because you don’t like his actions. Criticizing him for being a “Hungarian Jew”is wrong.

                  1. For you and those that lived a sheltered life what you say is true. However, for those that have had a precarious existence from the day were born they grow up real fast. You appear as if you have had little experience in that world so you shouldn’t use your experiences as a guide to this other world where you have never been.

                    There is no criticism for him being a Hungarian Jew only for his actions as a Hungarian Jew and as a human being.

                    Just to add a bit of information of a potential interest to an “honorary Jew” confidential files from Soros’s Open Society Foundations was leaked and it contained evidence of funding anti-Israel and Pro-Islamist organizations.

                    As an aside I want to quote for your edification what the ideas of Islamists are. For that I will quote the Muslim Brotherhood declaration released in the Holy Land Trial. (Ikwhwan is essentially the Muslim Brotherhood)

                    “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

            2. Soros was 13 years old in March 1944 when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary.[31] Jewish children were barred from attending school by the Nazis, and Soros and the other schoolchildren were made to report to the Judenrat (“Jewish Council”) which had been established during the occupation. Soros later described this time to writer Michael Lewis: “The Jewish Council asked the little kids to hand out the deportation notices. I was told to go to the Jewish Council. And there I was given these small slips of paper…. I took this piece of paper to my father. He instantly recognized it. This was a list of Hungarian Jewish lawyers. He said, “You deliver the slips of paper and tell the people that if they report they will be deported.”[32][33] wikipedia

                1. By the way in times such as they were in Hungary I can tell you from the first hand experience of others that children grew up fast. 13+ years is no excuse.

        2. “what’s made up? Trotsky did set up antifa units to directly combat the national socialist breakaways their international socialist (marxist leninist) system had engendered. ”

          What, exactly, do historical examples tell us about todays black shirt antifa thugs. Aside from their proclivity for violence – nothing, nothing at all.

          They use social media to organize without identifying leaders, creating groups, maintaining membership lists, or minutes of meetings.

          With the possible exception of national intelligence services, anyone who claims to know the demographics or other characteristics of antifa is deeply confused or lying.

          1. They also use posters to recruit, Saw some near a college campus the other day. They are often well educated recent college graduates.

            1. In my opinion that is a reasonable guess.

              But the point is, it is only a guess – unless you have been tracking a sample of those who viewed the posters.

              In addition, the reasonable guess ignores many obvious possibilities.

              What about undergraduates? Do you imagine they do not read or are not swayed by the posters?

              What about college drop-outs? Do you think they are somehow immune to the appeal of antifa.

              What about radicalized labor who may have only the most tenuous connection to education? Do you suppose they never talk to college students or never venture close to a college campus where they might see a recruitment poster.

              BTW, I lived for many years in the DC area. It is only a guess. But I would bet most any amount of money the attacker in the video was a bicycle messenger – I admit I cant back up, but call it a guess based on cultural clues such as dress, equipment, physical presentation.

              The fact is, we just don’t know much about those who align with and perpetuate violence in the name of antifa.

              Instead of mouthing platitudes that reflect our deepest biases and fears of antifi, who not give serious though to the best techniques to refute their justification for violence?

              What do we have to do to stop the violence in the political process?

              1. The event was a protest about racial inequality so their motives on initial inspection did not look suspect but then I noticed the drawing of the little black bloc figure in the corner.

            2. “well educated recent college graduates”

              Why would you assume a modern-day college grad is well-educated?

        3. Sweet Jesus! What an example of tortured pretzel logic, half and whole falsehooda and disinformation
          Sadly the good Prof. Turley is suffering from a double whammy of “It Can’t Happen Hereism” and “Whataboutism”

      2. No, BLM ‘protesters’ in Ferguson were receiving stipends.

        There was an antifa cretin arrested in Berkeley who was identified as adjunct college faculty. Color me unsurprised.

      3. No, and in fact, an awful lot of them come from affluent families to begin with. Mom and dad are subsidizing them. They are nearly universally under the age of 30. Forget history, I’ll take my own, much more vast life experience over their destructive naïveté, thanks.

    1. Bravo Joseph.

      Joseph Jones
      August 31, 2017 at 1:33 AM
      Most of the antifa crowd are generally unemployed and unemployable, collecting benefits from those they hate with a passion (the revenue generating working classes), and are violent criminal thugs paid by Soros and his types to appear and destroy the US, only to be rebuilt in Soros’ image.

    2. Totally. I’m sure the Koch brothers and Adelson don’t want a country rebuilt in their image either.

    3. “For neo-Nazis and Klansmen in Charlottesville, one means, a torch-lit parade meant to intimidate by evoking bygone days of racial terrorism, was deeply objectionable; more importantly, their end, spreading white supremacist ideology in service of a future where racists can lord power over Jews and people of color, is abhorrent.

      Antifa is more complicated.

      Some of its members employ the objectionable means of initiating extralegal street violence; but its stated end of resisting fascism is laudable, while its actual end is contested. Is it really just about resisting fascists or does it have a greater, less defensible agenda? Many debates about Antifa that play out on social media would prove less divisive if the parties understood themselves to be agreeing that opposing fascism is laudable while disagreeing about Antifa’s means, or whether its end is really that limited.

      Then there is Black Lives Matter. After spending a lot of time reading and reporting about the movement, I understand its primary end to be stopping unjust killings by police officers; some of its members have broader agendas, like economic redistribution, but reforming police is the movement’s main goal and the one that is universally shared.

      And its primary means are twofold: its members engage in street protests in lots of cities; and its leaders push for 10 specific reforms set forth in Campaign Zero, which calls for an end to “broken windows” policing, more community oversight of police departments, stricter limits on the use of force, independent investigations of police misconduct, community representation in municipal governments, body cameras, better training, an end to “policing for profit,” demilitarization, and union contracts that don’t protect misbehaving police officers from being held accountable.

      1. Thank you for the Atlantic Link

        Very informative. Any serious student of political history knows the American renounced violence about 100 years ago, after The attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick. Not that it mattered, they all still went to prison. See Red Emma (Goldman) and The Propaganda of the Deed.
        The 60s were an unusual time and the demographic blip of baby boomers probably played a part. This population blip also led to the perceived rise in the crime rate. Crimes are mostly committed by the 14-25 demo and crimes of opportunity. More kids: a rise in the crime rate. You see this taper off as the boomers have aged.

        Today, the weaponized narratives aimed at us by the Russians, and our own political right, have contributed to this political disorientation, confusion, and chaos. If there was ever at Time for all Americans of any political persuasion to reread this book, Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer, That time is now.

        “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”
        Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

    4. Excuse me, but you must be the Great Karnak. Can you tell me what the numbers are for the next Lotto drawing? I have a modest income supplemented by my Social Security, but I’d love to be fabulously wealthy like you.

  13. As screwed up as is Trump, and Repubs in Congress even worse, at this rate, considering how much worse is the alternative (Peelosi running Congress, Shurmer the Senate, Bernie or Warren for POTUS), I’ll take 2-1 odds on Republicans still running Congress in 2018, ditto 2020, and POTUS in 2020. I don’t see the Dems taking control of any national office in my lifetime.

    I wish that awesome anti-war Democrat Congresswoman/ex-military in HA would switch teams.

    1. JJ – are you talking about Tulsi Gabbard? The Establishment Dims hate her. She would have to ditch the party and run as an Independent.

      1. Just like Trump was a Democrat in NYC because that’s what you do to succeed in business, Gabbard is a Democrat in Hawaii because that’s what you do to get elected. She’s the DINO contra to the Republicans right wing of the left RINO’s.

  14. Jonathon, is it Constitutional to pass and enforce a law forbidding face masks at assemblies of people?

    1. Not since the muslims showed up wearing face coverings for ID photos. All of that and the latest Rogue Judge rulings are bottom feeding while waiting for the Supreme Court to make final rulings on the immigration and other queations. President Trump set a high bar speed record getting that through the system and to SCOTUS – now we all wait while the Hawaii and now Texas Black Robe agents of the left temporarily have their way.

  15. Thanks to the Dums with their “resist” and the past administration attempt to fundamentally change America we all now have to deal with this group. Make no mistake these people are hardcore communist and socialist, they hate capitalism. There is nothing anti fascist about them, they are the fascists. They have found a happy home on campus with left wing professors teaching students to shout down opposing views. Americans better hope law enforcement steps in now to find out who funds them and shut this group down fast.

      1. Reading your one liners it appears the only one confused and wrong is you DBD.

      2. and the same one’s show up at the World Trade Meetings while their shills are unable to articulate a defense of their thug squads. Must drive the programmers of the The Collective crazy trying to rule over mouthpieces who have confusedly wrong and skimpy training in Group Think And Group Speak.

  16. I’m glad he was arrested. These people have become increasingly emboldened by the failure of the police to arrest them, although I believe the Berkeley, San Fran and Charlottesville police were ordered by their mayors to stand down.

  17. At least so far Washington State University has avoided anything comperable.

  18. Liberals have gone totally insane. The histories of Russia and Germany are palpable in this video. These protesters are very dangerous animals. There is real danger on that campus. This perpetrator should be given the maximum penalty and whoever hired and funded him should be drawn and quartered. Rumor has it that the money trail leads to Soros and his gang. This makes you believe the reports about Seth Rich, Joseph Rago et al. What are these liberals capable of? How far will they go?

      1. Liberal is one of the many many names used by the progressive socialist movement just as the define all who disagree as conservatives. Trying to keep their not so bright followers on track must be a three excedrin headache. another name used in the last century was Darwinists but the most popular Is Democrat Socialist Liberals. all one and the same. where the rubber meets the road.

        1. Hmmm. Let’s see: Republican Socialists of the last century (i’d include many of the Founders but it would take too long to educate you)

          Let’s start with everyone’s favorite GEORGE ORWELL (duh)
          This is kind of cheating because they are still alive and Kicking today:
          That’s all you get today, but true Republicanism has always been compatible with SOCIALISM.
          From Plato and the Greeks on down to every member of the founding fathers, and Montesquieu believed no Republic could survive without relative equality of property among the population.

          Light your Tiki Torch read it and weep.

      2. David, my friend, I hate to break it to you but if you believe in Liberty and Freedom, you are by definition, a liberal. Whether one cares to admit it or not. So, they don’t realize it. Their loss. But even more accurately, there is nothing remotely conservative or Republican about anyone in the Grand Old Party today. I am a conservative Republican because I am rather fastidious about the words I use. I think it was Natacha? on a previous thread who referred to them as “radical conservatives”. I had to laugh, it is not only a contradiction in terms, antithetical to the true meaning of conservative and an oxymoron. Or possibly just a regular moron.

    1. You are just excited. Calm down. Breathe slowly and take your blood pressure medication.You are a believer in liberty and freedom, I trust. Guess what? You are by definition a liberal, whether you care to admit it or not.
      The question is, are you an authentic conservative Republican? Sadly, if you vote for the GOP, you can’t be. The entire party is comprised of RINOs. And not one of them, including you, has any idea what true Republicanism entails. You mention Plato’s Republic (he wrote the book) to them, they think you mean Plato’s Retreat, and mourn it’s passing and ask if you have any suggestions for another club to go and wife swap at.

    1. Presumably the column was written on the day or evening of the assault, and then published a bit later. Does it really matter?

    2. You stupid twat. Does the owner/author of this blog need your permission?

      1. Uh, gee, super-smart totally not-a-twat guy…

        … perhaps he’s asking because this incident occurred MONTHS AGO? Which I know because I saw the exact same video months ago?

        Click through to the video on YouTube, and you’ll see this :

        “Published on Apr 24, 2017”

        Now, unless someone has a time machine that allows them to travel to the future, that is impossible to square with OP (emphasis mine) :

        “****Today**** the violent face of Antifa was seen almost outside of the law school on our campus after Antifa activists harassed a Rebel filmmaker Jack Posobiec and then a young man assaulted him.”

        OP just made a mistake. Happens. But he should probably correct it. 🙂

        You, on the other hand, are an aggressive, ignorant douchebag. Congrats!

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