Putting The Leg Back Into Lego: Chinese Company Sells Kit To Build Brothel

downloadFlag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_ChinaA Chinese company, Xingbao, sells knockoff Legos as  “LEGO compatible” sets for different scenes and buildings.  Its traditional Chinese street series as one curious element unlikely to be approved by LEGO corporation: a house of prostitution with an assortment of Chinese courtesans. It is not clear if this is an effort to get Dads more interested in playing with the kids but LEGO’s slogan “Just Imagine” certainly takes on a new meaning.

The brothel is now labeled as the “Yihong Courtyard” but it was originally labeled “Yihong Brothel.”

Kudos: Professor Donald Clarke

11 thoughts on “Putting The Leg Back Into Lego: Chinese Company Sells Kit To Build Brothel”

  1. Since you brought up China, by what rationale

    can China have a Great Wall and America can’t?

    Wasn’t the Great Wall of China built to stop an invasion?

  2. Oh, what the heck! Why not do an Irish Poem? Things have come a long way since my days of Lincoln Log houses and wooden Tinker Toys. Now, the building kits are all plastic. . .

    Mourning Wood???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    If Childe Johnny has done as he should,
    And Santa knows that he’s been good,
    Then under the tree,
    What a gift he will see!
    A Chinese Whore House! Knock on wood???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    NOTE: For our friends over in Wang Zoo. . .

    愛爾蘭詩歌由Squeeky Fromm

    中國妓院! 敲木頭???

    Dàoniàn mù
    ài’ěrlán shīgē yóu Squeeky Fromm

    rúguǒ bó ēn·yuēhàn ní yǐjīng ànzhào zìjǐ de yāoqiú zuòle,
    ér shèngdàn lǎorén zhīdào tā yīzhí hěn hǎo,
    ránhòu zài shùxià,
    tā huì kàn dào shénme lǐwù!
    Zhōngguó jìyuàn! Qiāo mùtou???

  3. What is a “Lego” anyway? I thought it was an acronym for “let go”. As in: lego mofo.

  4. I have to admit I might buy that. I’d also like to buy a Lego Knockoff version of the Titty Twister, the bar in From Dusk til Dawn, but I want the entire bar modeled, including all it’s ancient subterranean levels.

  5. I had heard they were rampanting up the piracy crackdown in China, however this does not seem like a LEGO competitive product.

    1. Thank you for sharing, David! What a lovely story. My kids have that pirate ship, but have never launched an adventure quite that grand.

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