Rep. Luis Gutierrez Calls Gen. Kelly A “Disgrace To His Uniform” For Allowing DACA Decision

440px-Luis_Gutiérrez_official_photo440px-John_F._Kelly,_2012The incendiary and uncivil politics that has gripped the nation has been a long focus on this blog.  I am honestly worried about how the insulting and personal attacks from both sides will change political dialogue in this country for a generation.  These include some past comments made by President Trump as well as his political opponents.  As the father of four children, I emphasize the need to maintain civility, but that lesson is undermined every time the kids watch the news. The latest such incident involves Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) who made troubling statements about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, including calling the highly decorated veteran a “disgrace to the uniform.”  The reason was that Kelly somehow did not prevent President Donald Trump from rescinding DACA. This age of rage appears to have given people license to vent their most insulting and unfair criticisms at one another. We can no longer have a simple disagreement over issues like immigration.  People have to be labeled “terrorists”  or white supremacists if they think DACA should be decided by Congress or oppose amnesty programs. Calling this man (who lost a son in the military service) a “disgrace to his uniform” is a sad moment for our country.

Gutierrez said, “General Kelly is a hypocrite who is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear.  He has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House along with the white supremacists…”

Kelly had one of the longest and most distinguished military careers in the country.  After serving as a platoon commander of a rifle company, he served abroad a variety of ships on foreign duties around the world.  In Iraq in 2003, he became the first Marine colonel to be promoted in a combat area since 1951 (when Chesty Puller was promoted).  In 2003, Kelly pushed his Task Force from Baghdad into Samarra and Tikrit.  

On that uniform that Rep. Gutierrez says he has disgraced are the following medals from Wikipedia:


Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Defense Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit w/ 1 award star and Combat V Meritorious Service Medalw/ 1 award star Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal w/ 3 award stars
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Combat Action Ribbon Navy Presidential Unit Citation Joint Meritorious Unit Award w/ 1 oak leaf cluster
Navy Unit Commendation Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation w/ 2 service stars Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal National Defense Service Medalw/ 2 service stars
Southwest Asia Service Medal w/ 1 service star Iraq Campaign Medal w/ 3 service stars Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/ 4 service stars Navy & Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon Grand Officer of the Order of San Carlos(Colombia) Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge

B1-303139951Kelly also made the ultimate sacrifice of any parent for his country.  In 2010, his 29-year-old son, First Lieutenant Robert Kelly, was killed in action after stepping on he stepped on a landmine while leading a patrol in SanginAfghanistan. It was his third combat tour.  I doubt that this criticism has a big impact on Gen. Kelly but it bothers me a great deal.


Gen. Kelly gave this speech just four days after his son gave his life for his country:


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  1. Gutierrez is a career congressman (20 year) who is only there because of his heavily gerrymandered district cobbled together by the ultra-corrupt Illinois Democratic machine.

    Regarding the Illinois 4th District: “It was featured by The Economist as one of the most strangely drawn and gerrymandered congressional districts in the country and has been nicknamed “earmuffs” due to its shape. It was created to pack two majority Hispanic parts of Chicago into one district, thereby creating a majority Hispanic district.”

    He’s never served in the armed forces and is thus unqualified to make a determination on what would be a disgrace to any military uniform. He’s been sucking off the government teat for most of his career and is the definition of all that is wrong with politics today.

    1. Although I disagree with the Congressman; he is an American, so he can make such an asinine statement if he so desires, no matter which wackjob deems him “unqualified.” Typically, such wackjobs fail to understand that modern politics involves more than taking the buggy across the crick to vote for who’s gonna be the new school marm. It requires expertise, knowledge of how the government actually works, and at least the rudimentary knowledge that such a discipline as formulating public policy exists. Those who denigrate experience, intelligence and training amongst our public servants end up electing bozo the clown to carry the nuclear football. How’s that working for you, Mr. Wack?

      This is to “if only little house on the prairie were real” miner

      1. Although I disagree with the Congressman; he is an American, so he can make such an asinine statement if he so desires, no matter which wackjob deems him “unqualified.”

        It’s quite clear his loyalties are elsewhere.

      2. This kind of stupidity is to be expected of a communist spic from Shitcongo, the perfect example of a draft dodging coward.

    2. ‪@POTUS rescind DACA sedition qualifying from unconstitutional is another treason same executive order impostor @BarackObama free of charge And exacerbating violence in street.‬

      ‪DACA pure sedition impose by BO now was been rescinded by unconstitutional so @AGOWA must to prosecute @POTUS44 FOR violated constitution and go to Guantanamo prison by treasons.‬

      1. I believe Gutierrez has worn out his welcome, he was born in the states, were his parents. What this man does not realize is Obama or Hillary is not in the White House and with Donald Trump as President, “We the People run this country” it is not business as usual, or pay to play. He doth protest too loud, trying to force people’s hands to keep DACA.

  2. Hey Zeus. Full of juice. Don’t let your meat loaf. (Hey Zeus is the pronunciation for Jesus in Spanish).

  3. It is Congress’s job to make immigration law. We are not supposed to rule by fiat.

    But Congress has been too petrified to legislate the really tough issues.

    There are myriad concerns on all sides of the issue that Congress needs to discuss.

    1) There are people here who were brought here illegally when they were kids. They were innocent minors.

    2) It is my understanding the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment was intended to grant citizenship to the slaves.

    3) Policies like DACA are inducements for people to bring their children here illegally as a deliberate loophole around our immigration laws, just as the citizenship clause induces (pardon the pun) heavily pregnant women to risk their lives crossing the border in desolate unsafe areas on top of their due date.

    4) unintended consequences include massive surges in unaccompanied minors, the death, injury, or trafficking of unaccompanied minors, deaths or injuries of mothers and/or infants trying to have anchor babies, and the overarching problem of an immigration loophole.

    Here is the dilemma many Americans feel and Congress has to have the spine to solve. Most people would not want to send children to a country they never knew. If they were deported they would presumably be with their families. Most want immigration to go entirely through the legal process. We are not morally required to build out every square inch of land because we have behaved like every other human society that ever lived and fought for the territory with resources to survive. We literally do not have the water, buildable land, food, or other resources to let everyone come who desires to. So like any other nation we must control immigration growth to sustainable levels. It’s just another aspect of being environmentally responsible.

    I think people would be far more amenable to amnesty for people brought here as minors if the border was stopped up and visa overstays managed better.

    As it is, it is a slap in the face for every immigrant who patiently wades through the legal process. Why bother? We have so many free programs, benefits, legal representation, support, focus groups, etc that I do not blame illegal immigrants in the slightest. We’ve been telling them for decades that this is OK.

    We have created some kind of blood sport reality game. We have these reasonable immigration laws, which included a thorough background check and the expulsion of criminals. But you can get out of that if you have a baby here, bring a baby here, evade deadly drug and gun runners and make it 30 miles over the border and touch the “safe!” Spot. So it’s completely illegal and you will get deported unless you successfully get past a certain buffer zone and then immediately it will become racist and xenophobic to even suggest that the same federal law that would apply a few miles before. Weirdly, sanctuary cities do not even turn over violent felons to ICE.

    It’s Immigration Thunderdome except no man leaves.

    1. Part of the DACA eligibility was that they had to have been here continuously since June 2007. There is no incentive whatsoever for new immigrants to come because they were ineligible.

      1. Hi Enigma. I was referring to the portfolio of programs and benefits that incentivize illegal immigration.

        Every single time there is an effort to make illegal immigration easier, you get more of it. If DACA was the right thing to do for kids who have been here since 2007, then why wouldn’t it be the right thing to do for any kids who were brought here? The same reasoning applies and no one would think DACA wouldn’t be renewed. I actually have no problem with accepting these grown kids. I just want to stop the flood cheating our system.

        Other examples of incentives are CA’s attempts to include illegal immigrants in Obamacare, cities who allow day workers to take over corners when loitering is not permitted otherwise, CA drivers licenses for illegal aliens, CA allowing illegal aliens to get subsidized auto insurance with less coverage mandated for citizens (yes this actually happened), the unaccompanied minors loophole, and any other program that makes it easier to break the law. It’s a law but not for realsie.

        A strip mall I used to live near got taken over by illegal aliens looking for work. I had to stop shopping there when the last time I pulled up in my truck guys fought over who would approach me and then someone wrenched my door open and got inside the back seat where my newborn was in his car seat. They just stampeded across the parking lot. The business owners didn’t want them there harassing customers but the city passed an ordinance allowing Day workers to congregate. So everyone stopped shopping there and the only business the shops got were from the day laborers themselves. By the way people who hire them don’t pay them minimum wage, work comp, or any other benefit required.

        By allowing Day workers, they attracted more of them.

    2. re: “They were innocent minors.”

      So are the children of embezzlers and drug dealers.

      And when daddy goes to prison their life changes for the worse.

      What do you propose? Letting a children of criminals keep their illegal gotten gains?

  4. Rep. Gutierrez is the Disgrace of the Congress… He’s a radical-socialist member of the Puerto Rican Macheteros- Terrorist organization…He should be removed immediately!!!

    1. There’s still Louie Gohmert in Texas and the Russian bought and paid for Congressman from California. I forget his name but Paul Ryan was joking about him so he knows.

      1. “There’s still Louie Gohmert in Texas and the Russian bought and paid for Congressman from California.”

        Enigma, you’ve gone past the shelf life of the Russian story. Time for new propaganda. Also, remember that no one is allowed to do business with Russians. Liberals are so ethnicist.

        1. I was responding to a comment about the worst members of Congress. BTW, if you think the “Russian story” is over, you’re going to be very disappointed. I wonder how Don, Jr’s testimony went today explaining his secret meeting with the Russians?

        1. I know that “fake news” is a catchall for whatever you don’t wish to consider. But what exactly is the news you dispute? I didn’t explain why I consider Gohmert bad and my opinion certainly isn’t fake. It took me literally 10 seconds to get the name (Dana Rohrabacher) of the pro-Russia congressman. Guess what I googled to find his name? You can’t just say, “fake news” and everything goes away.

    2. We need to cut Puerto Rico loose. No matter how much money we give them they are always bankrupt.

      Maybe it’s the defective language.

  5. Isn’t congressman guiterrez part of that group(congress) that has an 8percent approval rating!

  6. All I can say to this Mexican American is: Allaha Akbar! Or however ya spull it.

  7. Having never worn the uniform, it is hard to fathom how Congressman Guiterrez can have a credible opinion of what does and does not disgrace it.

    A Congressman’s criticism of the law is like an NFL owner’s criticism of ticket prices. If either does not like the status quo, each is in the position to make changes.

    I cannot determine whether the angst of various Congressmen and Senators directed toward the future ending of DACA is because they do not understand why their constituents elected them, because they do not understand the role of the body to which they were elected, or because they will now be required to do something rather than grouse about it. It is surely one of the three.

    1. Having never worn the uniform, it is hard to fathom how Congressman Guiterrez can have a credible opinion of what does and does not disgrace it.

      Best comment, can’t be improved upon.

    2. As an American, the Congressman needs no ones permission to render his opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, as the First Amendment protects your opinions as well.

      This is to “I haven’t really read the Constitution” vince

      1. While the Congressman has the right to his opinion, I have the right to point out that his opinion lacks a foundation and, therefore, is not worthy of consideration and makes him look foolish.

        And, yes, I have read the Constitution particularly the First Amendment which proscribes GOVERNMENT interference in speech. It does not proscribe private criticism of another’s speech even if the other is an elected official. In fact, the First Amendment is designed to enable the type of criticism of elected officials like that levied by me against the Congressman.

  8. I have yet to find any references of the military service of Mr. Guiterrez. With nothing in his background to point to except life as a politician I can only say when iyou treat your military despicably they tend to despise you in return. And yet he was old enough to have served either voluntarily or as draftee. Perhaps a case of bone spurs or just …..spineless. People who live in glass houses should try to avoid the shattered remains of a lbroken glass.

  9. The future “…is the minorities which will be majorities in a few years”

    – Former Mexican Presidente Vicente Fox on the progress of the invasion of America by La Raza.

    The Hill

    “Vicente Fox said Trump has “failed America” with his decision on DACA.

    “It is the worst action you have ever done against the ones that cannot defend themselves,” Fox said in the video.

    “This measure is cruel and heartless.”

    “You cannot stop the change, the progress, the future of that great nation,” he said.

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

  10. What would Rep. Luis Gutierrez know of being “a disgrace to the uniform” when he never wore one himself?

    1. @Darren: Let’s not demean someone’s service–as someone who is in the military, I salute all who serve in whatever capacity. The Congressman was wrong and hopefully he’d do the right thing.

      1. @Darren: Let’s not demean someone’s service–as someone who is in the military, I salute all who serve in whatever capacity. The Congressman was wrong and hopefully he’d do the right thing.
        Yeah, with a cigarette, a cheap hotel room and a pistol.

    2. It’s not required that one “wear the uniform” in order to render an opinion regarding a disgrace to same. The First Amendment allows one to make a complete ass of himself if he so desires. As a matter of fact, the type of speech exemplified here is a sterling example of the need for and the vitality of the First Amendment. After all, popular speech doesn’t need protections.

      this is to darren

  11. I see JT got the looneys all fired up like he always does. It sure seems like half this crowd that gangs up on heaven forbid ANY body that does NOT have the same views as theirs is put upon as some commie or “gasp” liberal. And yet, they go bonkers about free speech when one of their own is disinvited from some campus. Either light your Tiki torches or at least try to have a discussion with others that have a different view.

      1. You are an idiot. No one is silencing Luis. They are appealing to dignity and gracefullness something you don’t understand. Luis has the right to speak whenever he wishes and does so. Despite dislike of Spencer some of us understand the importance of free speech and not having public institutions denying free speech based upon someone’s ideology.

      2. Sockpuppet Ken, how many sockpuppet uniforms are you wearing today? I want Luis to keep speaking and having that spittle in the corners of his mouth, which has become his trademark. The more these hater/fascists talk, the more they lose. Dems have lost the WH, both houses of Congress, 14 governors and 22 statehouses the last several election cycles. We Constitution people LOVE the 1st Amendment, it is helping to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

        And folks, no matter what name Ken uses, he showed yesterday he is a hypocrite, homophobe, and racist. The liberal Triple Crown.

          1. BA degree and 30 post graduate credits in obtaining high school social studies teacher licensee. What do you have, LPN? LOL!!!

            1. You know, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

              This is to “most interesting man in the world” nicky

          2. What exactly did you take exception to in the following.

            President Obama stated any action would be illegal
            President Obama took that illegal action as an individual
            President Obama played, as he did many times, the dictator.
            President Obama caused the problem and walked away laughing

            Having inherited the result of Obama’s Criminal action….
            President Trump clearly stated ( 4 to 7) occasions he would seek a way to clean up Obamas mess.
            President Trump set uip a system where the legal legislative body wuuld HAVE to address the situtation
            President Trump gave them six months to accomplish a very simple task. Legalize the DACAs
            President Trump allowed six months to sign up to be legalized indicating a preference for becoming a citizen
            President Trump allowed a two year period of time making it and then
            President Trump said if congress failed to act and legalize them he would address the question again.
            President Trump did not abandon them with nothing but an empty promise as did Obama
            President Trump did not abandon that which he had created as did Obama
            President Trump is forcing the do nothings to do something or just sit their looking stupid.

            So what’s the big deal?

            The Democrats and their token Latinos members were called out for the despicable way they failed to support their cultural base by doing exactly nothing to legitimize the status.

            The Democrats token Latino memberships were not allowed apparently to introduce an act nor a bill by their political masters.

            Has Guiterrez-Castro offered a solution? No.
            Has Perez Castro offered a solution? No
            Has Schumer-Trotsky offered a solution? No.
            Has Benita Pelosi-llin offered a solution? No.
            Has Progressive Poke a haunt us Warren offered a solution? No.
            Never mind any of the Holly weeds.

            President Trump made it a cause celebre which the left especially the glitterati turned into a spit stew after they themselves had done nothing even close to getting the do nothing Congress to do anything.

            OK their feet and their big mouths are in the fire and we’re pouring gas on the fire. Do you think this congress is going to do anything to do anything?

            The House of Representatives maybe. At least they show some faint signs of cognition

            The Senate is 300 bills and 400 appointments behind. They couldn’t fix health care, they can’t get a budget out on time, they can’t get tax relief done on time. They have to be forced into supporting disaster relief. How much gas will it take to get them to move and do something? Answer? Oh did you run out of gas citizens? To bad we’re going on vacation again.

            The Senate leadership? Does it exist? Or is stilll the same old cave on command puppy lap dog right wing of the left. Sit, lie down, roll over, with a leader in the Senate whose the biggest dog the Democrats own not counting Whoopie Doo Dog and Company. “Puppy Chow Mac? Say please and beg McConnell.”

            Cher it’s a blessing Sonny is dead and can’t see what an ass kisser you’ve become.

            1. Huh? I’ll provide you the same pro tip as I graced you with previously: incoherence is not a positive attribute.

              This is to “Aarethun the Vague”

        1. Hope T rump helps ya find some other line of work. The one you are in does not appear to be very lucrative.

          1. Median compensation for a private investigator is $48,000 plus fringes. Those employed by insurance companies have a median compensation of $65,000 plus fringes. Both pay better than being an adolescent snotnose.

            1. Desperate, I had my own agency w/ 4 PI’s working for me. Charged up to 3 figures/hour for my work, $50-60/hr for my associates time. .

          1. Mnuchin isn’t a hiring manager for schoolteachers or PI’s. Your point is just what?

    1. I see JT got the looneys all fired up like he always does.

      Perhaps you didn’t catch the lunacy coming out of the mouth of Rep. Gutierrez or the commie or “gasp” liberal establishment blasting President Trump for putting DACA in the Legislative branches lap. You want a discussion? Let’s discuss which branch of government you want crafting laws. Let’s discuss the 800k individuals that have bet their future on a temporary order from the Executive branch. Let’s discuss why they have been used as pawns to win elections. Let’s discuss what their dream country would look like if every President had the power to make and enforce any law they wanted. Let’s discuss how long before their dream country would begin to look like their country of origin. You know, the country that does not meet the dream criteria they have in mind.

      Yeah, let’s discuss that.

      1. If you are reading what is being said, my point is made the looneys are out in force.

    2. At some point ,Trump will come to blows with Kelly. Kelly will resign.The maga people will then turn on Kelly and call him a deep stater.

        1. I hope he stays but the Breitbart folks don’t like him. I would bet a considerable amount of money he does not last that long.

    “Like all the great leaders and heroes of the struggle for the fatherland and for their nation. That is where he will be placed. Look, if this were the war for the independence of the United States, of the 13 colonies, Oscar Lopez-Rivera, in the London newspapers, they would have said the same of him that they said of George Washington. Look, the struggle for independence is a struggle that every people has the right to and a responsbility, as Oscar has said, to do.
    Gutiérrez goes on to say that “One day, soon, I hope to be here, in my homeland, fighting (for Puerto Rico’s independence) alongside my brother and leader Oscar López Rivera”. (News Busters)

    Please do go soon Luis Gutierrez obviously your definition of a hero is severely warped.

    1. Lopez Rivera was a common criminal and his political objects have very little resonance among actual voting citizens in Puerto Rico. Gutierrez is adept at beclowning himself.

    2. I am completely in favor of independence for Puerto Rico. Whether they like it or not. It’s them that should be voting it’s us that should be making the decision and unilaterallly ‘freeing’ Puerto Rico to their own devices.

      1. I am totally in favor of ditching Puerto Rico from any connection with America. Maybe the hurricane will cause them to secede. I do not wish to give them any hurricane relief.

        1. That’s right; you saw pictures of the people who live there; and how “different” they look than “real ‘Mericans.”

  13. Let me make my small contribution to the “Age of Rage”. Luis, a shameless La Raza disciple, is a disgrace to all intelligent life forms. I’ve watched and listened to this self-serving, one-dimensional cretin for years now, and I’m no less offended now than I was then. He’s a totally ideologically-driven left wing hack with not an ounce of honor. He makes my skin crawl. His constituents must be real pieces of work as well.

  14. A sincere Q: Jesus Obama signed his DACA executive order, which solely and directly caused (not correlated) to several hundred thousand illegal immigrants to register with Federal enforcement agencies. (Another of countless lies Jesus O’bammy told was that these “dreamers” would not receive financial benefits. In at least one State they collect Medicair, and many attend State Universities, and some even get preference in the last regard over US citizens.)

    The fact these illegal registered means the Feds have a record on them and their families, which could of course be used directly or indirectly to assist toward their eventual deportation.

    What if anything prevents Allan Dershowitz or our beloved Jonathan Turley, in representing these illegals in a class action civil lawsuit against Jesus O’bammy for tricking and entrapping these souls into their current predicament? When Jesus signed them up, was each and every person, before they signed up, clearly informed the information could later be used against them?

    How was O’bammy’s EO not a classic bait and switch con game to increase his reputation, convert them to vote Democrat for life, gain more LSM (lame stream media) adoration, and sell future books and increase his speaking fee?

    On an unrelated subject: If Jesus is so messianic, has the world’s best ever speaking and debate skills, is so clever, and knows the US Constitution so well, and if he finds this such a crucial life or death subject, please explain how and why he did not pass a law while he and the Demoncraps owned all levers of power between 1/2009 and 1/2011?



    How ’bout because Obammy is full of horse doo doo, and he was too busy golfing and doing the social circuit to give a crap, preening all day every day? How ’bout because he was too busy with his first goal, remaking the USA into a hell hole it now is, with Antifa and SJWs owning the day?

    1. Joseph: A few “Brief Comments:

      1) Suggest you check out the daily show’s takedown on “ANTIFA” and stop getting excited over it (and this analysis is not from some “leftie..Commie” Site:

      2) You need to educate yourself on the dreamers–fyi, the 800K that are impacted are working and the decision by the President will cost the US Economy about 200 Billion Dollars….and yes before you get again excited, this was on “CNBC”, but done by CATO (that is not exactly a leftie/commie) organization:


      PS–Totally agree w/Professor Turley on the extremely unfortunate comments by Congressman Guiterrez….but what is also absolutely critical to underscore is the tone unfortunately set by the President and the lies and mischaracterizations…he is not governing as a President of ALL Americans..but some….and there lies the problem…yes, elections have consequences, however leadership matters…..

    2. Citations to authority for your ridiculous claims?

      Pro tip: Rush, Hannity or Alex Jones are sources with the same reliability level possessed by the disguised guy at your last tinfoil hat convention.

      This is to woefully misguided joey

      1. “Citations to authority for your ridiculous claims?”

        You mean like CNN, who is pretty much called out with incorrect information weekly. It’s accepted at this point. But we know that it is good strategy–the inflammation is created and does not subside once it’s been rebuked.

        Note: see video above that recalls the Clinton machine had them in her pocket. This isn’t even arguable. Or you can turn up the the “buts.” “But… but…. but….

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