Middle School Teacher and Antifa Leader Arrested For Battery In Berkeley’s “Empathy Tent”

1506493135585We have previously discussed Antifa and its violent anti-free speech philosophy. The latest violent clashes occurred at Berkeley where  middle school teacher and Antifa leader Yvonne Felarca, 47, was arrested for battery and resisting arrest for fighting in Berkeley’s much maligned “empathy tent.”

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterFelarca teaches at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, as part of the counter-protests to “Free Speech Week.”  There were three men also rearrested for such offenses as possession of body armor, carrying a banned weapon and participating in a riot.


Felarca is a leader of the Antifa group By All Means Necessary and was previously charged with  participating in a violent melee with white supremacists in Sacramento last year.  She was arrested in July and charged with inciting and participating in a riot and assault likely to cause great bodily injury.

The arrests of a teacher raises a long-standing debate that we have had on the right of schools to monitor and discipline teachers for their comments on social media or political activities.  Clearly, criminal conduct has long been accepted as a basis for review and possible termination.  However, Felarca is also entitled to a presumption of innocence and she has not been tried, let alone convicted, on these charges.

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  1. So this is all that Turley has to say about his mechanical rabbit chase on the subject of Berkeley’s faculty boycotting the Berkeley Patriots’ officially cancelled Free Speech Week at Berkeley.

    No wait. Turley posted that tongue-in-cheek piece about the world coming to an end on that very same day.

    Does this mean that Berkeley faculty and students successfully boycotted the end of the world?

  2. Wait a minute. A police officer merely accused of bad behavior is immediately placed on administrative leave as the city in which he or she works convulses with riots yet a rioting teacher who has committed felonies is in a middle school teaching tweens to become future activists? Is it any wonder we graduate people in this country that lack basic skills, and that our country dangles on a cliff from which we may not recover?

  3. End inharmonious immigration, welfare and “Affirmative Action Privilege.”

    Alexander Hamilton –

    “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

  4. Those other two mugshots are of right wing protesters, not Antifa members. Looks like the right “won” this intolerance battle by a score of 2-1.

  5. Please welcome CA Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown’s future Secretary of Education, the Honorable Yvonne Felarca.

    If there were such thing as poster persons in support of retroactive abortion, you’re looking at their three images atop this post.

    /sarc off

  6. A certain number of people collect in public and philanthropic agencies because the cannot handle commercial employers (who can their ass when they insist on bringing their issues into the workplace). She broke the law and the smart money says her pedagogy isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit. Can. Her. Ass.

  7. Not convicted? Let me just say that if there is any sense of respect for law left in this country, she will be.

  8. Scary what she’s doing and probably more scary what she teaches. The teaching profession has become an indoctrination machine even at the youngest of grades at many schools and certainly in California. The lack of teachers who understand the value of critical thinking and their inability to teach such critical thinking is scary. Instead they believe that creating little indoctrinated machines who can quickly spout out chants, who can make signs with irrelevant statements and who speak hatefully of anything they don’t understand seems to be their main goal. Reminiscent of the days of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and our present day Chavez’s and Castro’s.

    1. Pretty much. My wife has taught at five schools from 5th grade to high school in three states over the past decade, and your statement is 100% accurate. At this point, the only kids receiving a consistent education are home-schooled, even private schools are corrupt beyond measure.

  9. Antifa has made it clear that violence is an acceptable tool to use. I think there is a possibility that they would use the threat of violence against children for political gain. Get this woman away from kids now.

  10. The photos used in this post would have been better used in a “What was this person arrested for?” post. Had I knot been told, I would have guessed that the woman was arrested for hearing voices without a permit. The guy on the left got nailed for failure to use deodorant. The guy on the right was incarcerated for either gender theft or allowing his dog to urinate in a cemetery after hours.

  11. ANTIFA drops red pills on their own

    this is a study in and of itself.

    I’ve spoken to three anarchist who thought they were doing the right thing protesting with antifa, none of them thought that being part of the group and doing what they thought was the right thing would come back to bite them in the ass.

    One white male told me that in the end he felt like a suicide bomber. That his mission was to be violent and risk jail, even death and that his sacrifice was just compensation because he was born white.

    Now I’ve known this person a long time, comes from a very poor and sad background. As a child he suffered homelessness and hunger, saw his mother die of an overdose at 8 years old. He was placed in a several abusive foster care homes, and was bullied as a kid in school. He knows poverty, pain and discrimination.

    I don’t know what has infected the minds of these people in the video, what disease they are suffering from, what brain washing they have been subjected to, but what I’ve witnessed, heard and saw has made me reevaluate everything in history I was taught.

    1. “I don’t know what has infected the minds of these people in the video, what disease they are suffering from, what brain washing they have been subjected to…”

      The Democratic Party has infected these minds. It was an easy switch to stop supporting the economic welfare of the common American and switch to hot-button issues that inflame the lazy and weak-minded. Heck, Clinton’s whole campaign was based on big-plate Wall St. events. Now Obama is passing the offering tray around. Repairing the party is fairly straightforward, but the Democrats have gotten used to the cash.

      1. Yup. They are being manipulated by our media, entertainment, and left-wing government, plain and simple. Their parents are wet noodles that taught them nothing about the reality of life in the world or about themselves, whether they were under-privileged or not.

        Those institutions know full well it is exploitation, too. In their supreme arrogance, they don’t care, the ends justify the means.

  12. off to teacher jail she goes!
    she’ll probably spend all her time shitposting in the teachers lounge.

    my guess is she will be charged and the Union won’t be able to save her job, even in California.

    course she could still apply at a private school and maybe even a charter, but most parents and Admin. wouldn’t want to risk it.

    I can’t think of a school in the US that would, except maybe the one in Manhattan that shames white kids.

    If she’s convicted she’ll never get another Union job teaching kids again.

    There’s a possibility she could get her PHD and teach at the college level, Evergreen would probably hire her. or she could always teach Adult GED.

    1. jischinger – with a criminal charge the state will have a hearing on her license, so if she wants to teach again she will have to find a school that doesn’t require a teacher’s license.

      1. well there is a line and as far as I can tell, unless she has some legislative connections, she crossed it this time.

        I think I mentioned private schools, but who would risk it? A criminal record would make it difficult in any situation, especially working with kids – thought this is California…. . I’m sure after a number of years,with good behavior, she could get it back, but she’s already near 50. I’m thinking she’s ready to move on. Probably write a book, tour and lecture, start some new antifa fight club chapters around the country

        1. jischinger – assuming she is convicted, it will affect her chances of getting an FBI clearance to work in any school or around children.

  13. > However, Felarca is also entitled to a presumption of innocence and she has not been tried, let alone convicted, on these charges.

    There is plenty of video of her assaulting some relatively innocent guy in Sacramento and inciting that riot that if she is not convicted of assault it calls into question the trial or judge or the entire system.

    bing felarca sacramento riot, it’s the first video that pops up

  14. She does have a presumption of innocence, however, they should put on paid leave until her criminal trial.

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