FIFA Fines Germany For Fans Chanting Nazi Slogans

Coat_of_arms_of_Germany.svgFlag_of_FIFA.svgThere is an interesting ruling by FIFA which has fined the German soccer federation 32,000 Swiss francs ($33,000) because fans chanted Nazi slogans at a World Cup qualifying game in the Czech Republic. It is a curious decision to penalize a team for the actions of third parties who are not under its control.  It is not clear what FIFA expected the Germans to do to fans chanting in a foreign stadium.  The team not that the offensive fans did not buy tickets through official channels.  How is the team responsible?

The “improper conduct” violations against Germany is only the latest such fines against teams, including fines for chanting anti-gay slogans.  Assuming that FIFA does not really expect the team to police the speech of fans (particularly on foreign soil), the only other possibility is that FIFA is hoping that fans will be deterred if they know that their teams are being penalized–an unlikely prospect.

Of course, in baseball, we now appear to be tossing fans for merely figuring out (and calling out) pitches.

38 thoughts on “FIFA Fines Germany For Fans Chanting Nazi Slogans

  1. With all the corruption and sleaze plaguing the FIFA a couple years ago, where the money goes is more important than what these fans chanted.

  2. Just a shakedown to get some money from Germany. They obviously have no control over these individuals. Following this line of reasoning, FIFA should have fined Mexico when their fans at a soccer game against the U.S. in Mexico Cuty chanted “Osama, Osama.” But they didn’t, probably because they knew Mexico wouldn’t pay the fine. But Germany seems to have a never-ending guilt complex over what happened 75 years ago, and there are plenty of people in the world who are happy to take advantage of that.

  3. The American Founders revealed to the entire world that natural and god-given rights existed before government was established. They may not know or acknowledge the fact, but freedom of speech exists in Germany and every other country on the planet. Brutal dictatorships like FIFA, China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, etc. deny that freedom to their oppressed members and citizens.

    Every person in the world has the freedom of speech referenced in the 1st Amendment.

    It was awarded by God and nature before any government was conceived.

    1st Amendment

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    • Unruly fans are typically ejected. There have been scandals here in CA where stadiums had inadequate security, and fans were beaten up badly. At least here in the US, businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone (within the confines of the law.) I’m not sure if they have the same right in Europe.

      It’s patently unfair to punish a team for any action outside of its control, such as fan behavior.

      It’s unfortunate that Neo Nazis are on the rise in Europe. Greece’s 4th largest political party, Golden Dawn, is headed by Ilias Panagiotaros, who said that Hitler was “a great personality, like Stalin.” It may be an unfortunate side effect of the rising popularity of socialism, and the belief in the erosion of individual rights for the “greater good”, which is defined by the group as anything it wants. Greece especially leans towards socialism, so may be especially vulnerable to any such totalitarian movement promising “better lives through government.”

      It is unfortunate that more people do not make the connection between weak individual rights, powerful Big Government and Nazism, Socialism, and Fascism, which were all bedfellows. We have our own Antifa movement behaving like Fascists in skinny jeans.

      • Neo-Nazis appear to be on the rise in the US as well. As bad as Antifa may be, they’ve yet to reach the level of skinheads, Neo-Nazis and the Klan. How many people have they killed exactly? This false equivalency by suggesting they are the same does not compute.

        • I haven’t seen the Klan rioting, burning anything down, or dragging anyone from their car for a beating because they had the “wrong” haircut. I have seen skirmishes between protestors and anti protestor, and I think some of those were racist. But it’s Antifa who have terrorized Berkley. Prevented multiple conservative speakers from talking through threats of violence.

          The Klan are has-been jerks whose days of power are long in the past, thank God. It’s Antifa we need to worry about now.

          We currently have laws against hate crimes and discrimination in the workplace which can address racism. The police are aware of Aryan Nation and other racist gangs who deal drugs and run guns. We already have legislative tools again racist crimes. We do not seem to be applying those laws against the racism and violence perpetrated by Antifa.

          Something to remember is that multiple studies have shown the US to be one of the least racist nations in the entire globe. Statistically, the support for the Neo Nazis and Klan is just not there. Compare and contrast with the mainstream acceptance of Antifa at universities, elementary schools, the media, Hollywood. There is absolutely no comparison in the level of acceptance between Antifa and Neo Nazis.

  4. How do they know they were German fans? Maybe it was a false flag operation? FIFA are idiots any. How do you control your fans in another country, it is hard enough controlling them in your country. When ASU goes down to Tucson to play the UA, should they fine the ASU for the signs that say “Fix Wilber and Wilma”? UA is one of the few schools to have both a male and female mascot, in this case, wildcats (supposedly). It makes more sense if you are at the game and if you are an ASU fanatic, you know that Wilber and Wilma need to be fixed. We cannot have them breed.

    • Good point. Maybe they were mocking the German team by taunting them with Nazi chants. Or they could have just been Neo Nazis

      I found this quote interesting: “The German supreme court tried to ban the National Democratic Party (NPD), which is the successor to the German Reich Party, defining the group as having an “affinity with national socialism”.” However did Liberal academia manage to so successfully brand Nazis as far right when they are so obviously hard Left? The right has plenty of problems of its own (Obamacare not repealed??? Really? Special interest money, etc.) But Fascism and Neo Nazism are not among them.

  5. I think that falls under the Pinko doctrine of “punishing somebody, anybody” in order to be seen to be doing something.

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