“Carnist” Carnage: Pennsylvania Vegan Food Truck Owner Under Fire For Facebook Postings After Las Vegas Massacre

Delinda-Jensen-vegan-truck-screenshot-640x480The massacre in Las Vegas has brought out the best of our country in response to the savage and senseless attack by Stephen Paddock as strangers rush into danger to save the wounded.  It has also unleashed pent up political passions from Hillary Clinton immediately blaming the NRA (for opposing silencers) to a professor blaming the attack on Trumpism to “white privilege.”  Others sounded like the relished the deaths or at least refused to be sympathetic for the victims.  Now, a vegan food truck owner, Delinda Jensen, 60, in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, is under fire for a Facebook post saying that she doesn’t care how many people died because they are all “meat eaters” and “carnists.”  She later deleted the posting and apologized.  Jensen runs the Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine Food Truck with her son.

It is always astonishing to see people like the CBS senior counsel write incredibly hateful or cruel things in the wake of a massacre and then insist that the comments were completely unrepresentative of their views.  Yet, these are comments made when a whole nation is in shock and mourning with dozens of grieving families.  Jensen took that time to post the following: “Yes I am jaded. Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?” She followed up with a second posting reaffirming that she just doesn’t care about the mass murder of a bunch of “carnists.”

4519AAB500000578-4955868-image-a-43_1507306275535Jensen is a former adjunct history professor who lacks both compassion and logic.  So like the CBS counsel who assumed everyone at a country music concert is a gun-toting Republican, Jensen assumes everyone is a “meat eater” or doesn’t care.   Under the same logic, any mass death of humans could be celebrated as few “carnists.”  What is clear is that, while expressing sympathy for animals, she has no such sympathy for those of her own species.

Jensen’s posting triggered national criticism and her apology was as awkward as her posting was offensive.  Calling the taunting of dozens of murdered people “a moment of stupidity,” she insisted “Was it poorly written? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Yes. I am so sorry I wrote that. Meat eaters or not, no one deserves to die like that. I wasn’t celebrating the death of those people.”

What is particularly interesting is that Jensen has only been a vegan for two years, but she appears to have wasted no time in getting a hate on for non-vegan, even dead ones.

She has reportedly hidden her Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine food truck in fear of the backlash to her postings.

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  1. Question:

    How did the son get so fat? I thought that he was supposed to be a staunch and militant vegan. That big, fat belly didn’t come from eating bean sprouts and mushrooms. I strongly suspect that he’s been sneaking some beef burgers, hot dogs and full-dairy milkshakes, on the side, when the old lady settles in for one of her crack-induced afternoon naps.

  2. Just take a look at these dirty-looking mutants–each one appears to have an extra chromosome. . .or two. . .and. . .what’s with the long, hanging, matted and frizzy hair? Umm umm, good. Sure makes me wanna eat something prepared by these, undoubtedly, scrupulously clean and sanitary beings. Seriously. Who would even consider eating something which has been handled and prepared by this gruesome twosome? Isn’t, at least one of the concepts, behind eating vegan, a quest for better health? A quest for eating foods which are cleaner and more natural? I don’t know about the rest of you, but one quick glimpse of this duo does not inspire in me thoughts of maintaining better health through food. I’d swear. . .I can smell the BO and dried urine by simply viewing the photo. But, hey, that’s just me. I’m sure that there are some who prefer his or her food handled and prepared by someone, too in touch with Mother Earth and his own earthiness, to be bothered with tying his dirty, matted and hanging hair back, in a ponytail. In reality, does anyone really care what these two cretins believe? I’m more upset that the Department of Health hasn’t done its job and enforced its standards more vigorously by protecting the public from individuals, like these, who want to be in the business of preparing and selling food. I can only imagine just how sanitary and clean that rolling germ bus must be. . .yes, that’s the real travesty. That food, sold to the public, is allowed to be handled and prepared by dirty-looking people who appear to have been sleeping in the gutter. Want to get angry at some one or some thing? Get angry that the Health Department turns a blind eye to what can only be described as a threat to public health and safety by permitting such disheveled and unkempt people to work around our food.

  3. On another note, I went for a drive on State Route 14 and saw a sign at a driveway that made me laugh….


    Not exactly what you might expect in rural America.

  4. “The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms”

    October 5, 2017

    by Glenn Greenwald


    “FBI AGENTS ARE devoting substantial resources to a multistate hunt for two baby piglets that the bureau believes are named Lucy and Ethel. The two piglets were removed over the summer from the Circle Four Farm in Utah by animal rights activists who had entered the Smithfield Foods-owned factory farm to film the brutal, torturous conditions in which the pigs are bred in order to be slaughtered.

    “To call the FBI’s actions in raiding these animal sanctuaries a profound waste of its resources is both an understatement and beside the point. The real short-term goal is to target those most vulnerable — volunteer-supported animal shelters — to scare them out of taking care of rescued animals. And the ultimate goal is to fortify and intensify a climate of intimidation and fear designed to deter animal rights activists from reporting on the horrifying realities of these factory farms.

    “There is a temptation to turn away from and ignore this mass suffering and cruelty because it’s so painful to confront, so much more pleasant to remain unaware of it. Animal rights activists are determined to prevent us from doing so, and we should all feel gratitude for their increasing success in making us see what we are enabling when we consume the products of this barbaric and sociopathic industry.”

    Food…for thought.

  5. “she doesn’t care how many people died because they are all “meat eaters” and “carnists.”

    This is what happens when someone views the world through political goggles. She has demonized her opponents – those who eat meat. Therefore, one cannot commit evil against evil. The most heinous acts can be praised as fighting the good fight, or Kharma.

    I wonder if she would be happy when lions are poached, because, after all, they are “carnists”. Should we explain the term carnivore, or that humans are actually omnivores?

    Some people are happiest on a vegetarian diet, a pescatarian diet, or an omnivorous diet. To each their own. It is certainly not evil to partake in the omnivorous diet that was part of our evolution. It can actually be quite difficult to remain healthy as a vegan. Germany has even released a PSA that a vegan diet is unhealthy, especially for pregnant women and young children. Sure, it’s possible to be healthy vegan, but you’d have to be very careful in your supplements. Vegans are infamous for having too little quality protein in their diets. Bean protein and other plant proteins are inferior to animal protein in nutritive quality, which can cause problems with the liver and thyroid. Even well known vegan activists and bloggers have admitted that they gave up the cause because they did not feel well on a vegan diet. They suffered from low energy, low libido, and an overall feeling of malaise.

    An omnivorous diet has far more options for good nutrition, and a more complete protein profile. Obviously, there is a difference between the omnivorous fast food based died and one based on lean grassfed beef, organic poultry, and low mercury seafood and vegetables.

    Regardless of what I think of her own diet choices, I found her comment heartless. She might think that she became a vegan out of kindness, but that is a personality trait she clearly lacked when tragedy struck.

    I have seen this phenomenon often as of late in our hyperpoliticized culture. The hard Left believe themselves to be morally superior, but time and time again they show a remarkable callous nature when it is a conservative suffering, or even a moderate Liberal.

    1. Predatory vegans

      I’ve suspected for some time that a sizeable number of US vegans do so in order to virtue signal. With those it is about politics more than diet. One couple in particular was so steadfast in their veganism they lost their children to the state because the children’s health was greatly degraded due to the parent’s failure to provide sufficient protein and other nutrients.

      The fact of the matter is that human beings are not evolved to be vegan as a species.

      1. How can you tell if someone is a vegan?

        Wait 10 seconds, they’ll tell you.

  6. I’m really glad she apologized. I hope she meant the apology sincerely. If she wants people to value life then she needs to start valuing it herself.

  7. CV Brown – if I were her son, I would be trying to get a name change or plastic surgery. I am sure that lovely picture enhanced business. /sarc

  8. Saw a hilarious T-shirt awhile back – front said “PETA” back said People Eating Tasty Animals – worn by a young hip hop dude who was performing at the Farmer’s Market.

    The militant stance against carnivores is absurd. People who think they are somehow virtuous because they don’t eat meat, fish, poultry are truly crazy IMO. And there are some who only eat raw foods. Certainly their perogative but don’t push that nonsense on me.

    There are valid concerns regarding factory farming – the feed and antibiotics and run off (pigs), but one can fight for stricter regulations and buy free range, grass fed, etc.

  9. OTOH, it is refreshing to see the “hate” just put out there for all to see. So often, the Leftist-types cover it up and try to pretend that they are wonderfully tolerant people, full of love, who will Trump hate, and all that blather.

    No, they are just chugging full of hatred and venom. Maybe that old Bible verse about not hiding your light under a bushel basket could be updated to something about not hiding your darkness with a cigarette lighter or something???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. We’ve arrived at a point where the left has become comfortable dehumazing their political opponents. Now Tim, Sara, Michael, Anna, are mere “carnists” and since they probably at some point in their lives ate meat…

    The food truck lady is following the Alinsky playbook here to a T.

    Ever watch those shows that try and figure out how Rome fell? I’d imagine with illegal immigration taking a toll in an ever more amoral nation, the ancient Romans also became comfortable dehumanizing their political opponents in order to achieve short term political gains.

  11. Why does EVERYTHING these days necessitate a social media post with political implications?

    Since when did “carnism” become a thing? And why is the food I do or do not eat political?

    What happened to live and let live? Why is it that these days we seem to want to be living all over each other?

    1. “Why does EVERYTHING these days necessitate a social media post with political implications?”
      In many cases they replace what religion provides with politics. With persons such as this truck owner, politics becomes so interwoven with their lives that you see it frequently displayed in their speaking and outlook on life. The irony of this is that they criticize the religious right about being so interwoven in their religion and how dogmatic they can be. But the gut truck owner here is no different with her politics. She will be the last person to recognize this.

      1. You are absolutely right! The SJW and Leftist types have the same mindsets as the Puritans, and even the Christians of a few decades ago who thought because they dressed up every Sunday and went to church, they were better than everybody else.

        These neo-Puritans even have their own Doctrine of Original Sin, and they call it “White Privilege”. You are just born with it, and there is nothing you can do except worship in their church, and vote for Democrats. And, like the flagellants of long ago, you even have white liberals calling for white genocide.

        And there is even blasphemy and heresy, and God help you if you ever say anything bad about blacks as a group, like asking WTF is the reason 3 out of 4 of them are being born out of wedlock into single earner homes, because as it says in the SJW Bible, “Lo verily, the Dindu Nuffins are blameless in all things, and their dung stinketh not.”

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  12. Meat eaters need love too stickers… and it’s up against the wall redneck mothers.. Mothers who have raised their sons so well. He’s 34 and eating in a veggie joint. Kickin hippiers arses and raising hell.

  13. “Yes I am jaded. Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?” She followed up with a second posting reaffirming that she just doesn’t care about the mass murder of a bunch of “carnists.”

    If this surprises you, you haven’t been reading your own comboxes. I can think of one or two regulars off the top of my head quite capable of saying something equally ugly.

  14. In her stupidity, she failed to realize
    Many meat-eaters like myself have increased plant-based foods 75% into their diet for healthier living.
    Because of this uprising in a left wing death culture, they gleefully grab hold of anything that depopulates Their precious Mother Earth.
    This could have all been cured if they had taken a few marketing courses on how to run a small business and not piss off 90% of your customers.

  15. Might I suggest for her the Steak Tartare…a dish best served cold.

    She is mainly sorry that she received such a backlash. Her core feelings and politics are unchanged.

    I whois’ed her domain registration and her account was created on 2017-04-27T22:30:23.00Z. Her website at http://www.mothernaturepa.com is “offline”. I’ll venture to say her business misadventure involved a lot of money expended for only a few months of revenue.. Good for her.

  16. Her food truck may be out of business for a while. This is a horrible woman who should not be allowed to serve food even to vegans.

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