English Man Catches Fish And Holds Up To His Mouth . . . Fish Jumps Down Throat And Forces Man Into Cardiac Arrest

A twenty-eight-year British man experienced cardiac arrest this week after he accidentally swallowed a 6-inch long Dover sole that he caught on a fishing trip in Boscombe, England.   The man was dangling the fish over his mouth as a joke when it broke free and went right down his throat.  Fortunately, paramedics arrived within minutes and saved his life by removing the fish with forceps.


The man could not breathe and his heart stopped as a result of the experience.  It took six attempts to pull the fish out whole from the man’s throat.

The British have always acted dangerously around fish . . .

20 thoughts on “English Man Catches Fish And Holds Up To His Mouth . . . Fish Jumps Down Throat And Forces Man Into Cardiac Arrest”

  1. You know, girls don’t usually engage in pranks like this. Testosterone poisoning.

    Just saying…

  2. Well, dude deserves an Irish Poem for this!

    O Sole Mio???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a sole, species Dover,
    Caught up in a Brit twit’s “hang over”. . .
    Although “fresh off the boat”,
    The fish went for his throat!
    He turned loose when the medics took over.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. The most memorable part of the Crocodile Dundee movie is the kangaroos shooting at the poachers. It’s always gratifying when David overcomes Goliath..

    1. bettykath, you can always come back to this story from time to time for inspiration.

  4. The fish ran away with the spoon. The Brit by the silvery moon. If the foo itShays wear it. The fish spoke for itself. People eat fish. Fish can eat people. Sharks give all fish some revenge. Fish out of troubled waters. The fish said: Where da White women at? The man went in dumb, come out dumb too.

  5. This is a shameful story. It tells us nothing about what happened to the poor fish that was treated so inhumanely by the foolish British man. Did the Dover sole survive the ordeal he was put through? We’ll never know with this kind of imbecilic writing that is supposed to pass for “reporting” these days.

  6. In the book about Teddy Roosevelt’s post-POTUS adventure in S. America, a man associated with Teddy’s group urinated into the Amazon River. A small native species swam into the man’s body through his private part, IIRC causing the man’s untimely and painful death.

    The incident is apparently not a rare occurrence.

  7. Hello, How can I be sure that the Jonathan Turley who hiked remote trails in Washington recently is the same Jonathan Hurley whose fascinating and closely cited and sourced legal and/or political analysis I am already missing.

    I understand chilling for a minute,too!

    Loyally, Robert Mize

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