Kansas Teacher Barred From Employment Due To Her Support For Boycott Movement

israel1download-1We have been discussing the increasing scrutiny being applied to teachers and professors over their political views and social media commentary.  A particularly problematic case has been taken up by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) involving Kansas teacher Esther Koontz.  The long-time math teacher (and something called a “curriculum coach”) at Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet School in Wichita, Kansas, Koontz was barred from renewing her contract as  teacher because she supports the boycott of Israel over the occupation of Palestinian territories.  This is not simply reflective of her political views but a religious based obligation as a member of the Mennonite Church USA.  The church in July voted to divest itself from American companies that profit off of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.  The Kansas law therefore collides head on with the rights of free speech, free exercise, and free association.

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, has been embraced by both organizations and academics who oppose the occupation these lands and the treatment of Palestinians.  Clearly many disagree with both the merits and the means of this movement.  However, Kansas has declared that no agency can “engage in commercial relations with persons and entities engaged in business with Israel and Israeli-controlled territories.”

The Kansas legislature passed House Bill 2409, which prohibits state contracts with individuals who refuse to say they will not engage in such boycott activity. The law has raised core free speech concerns in state governments punishing those who are not willing to cut any support for the many organizations that are part of boycott movement.  The political view itself is immaterial to the right to hold a view contrary to the position of the state.  Kansas, which has a history of supporting free exercise rights, will now be sued over denying a position to a teacher because of her support for the Mennonite Church and its underlying policies.

This controversy raises obvious comparisons to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People v. Claiborne Hardware Co.458 U.S. 886 (1982), where the Supreme Court unanimously ruled (8-0 with the participation of Thurgood Marshall, who would undoubtedly have voted with the majority) for the NAACP against states cracking down on boycotts of white business.  The Court ruled that the authority over economic regulations does not curtail political speech in such cases:

Speech itself also was used to further the aims of the boycott. Nonparticipants repeatedly were urged to join the common cause, both through public address and through personal solicitation. These elements of the boycott involve speech in its most direct form. In addition, names of boycott violators were read aloud at meetings at the First Baptist Church and published in a local black newspaper. Petitioners admittedly sought to persuade others to join the boycott through social pressure and the “threat” of social ostracism. Speech does not lose its protected character, however, simply because it may embarrass others or coerce them into action.

For most of us on the civil liberties side, this has nothing to do with the merits of the boycott or the underlying conflict in Israel.  It is about the right of a teacher to belong to a church that holds an opposing political view from the majority of a state.  Under the same logic, another state could bar teachers who do not support the boycott.  Likewise, a state could bar teachers who belong to organizations or churches that support a boycott of the NFL as demanded by President Trump.

Koontz was selected to be a teacher trainer in the Kansas Department of Education’s Math and Science Partnerships program. However, her employment papers now require a signed statement that she does not boycott Israel. She declined to sign the form and was therefore barred from being a contractor, even though her views of the boycott movement will have nothing to do with her position as a teacher.

ACLU is now suing the state of Kansas and the case could raise some important issues on the right of public teachers and employees to participate in political and social movements.   There is a great need to establish some clear lines protecting the personal lives and values of public employees outside of their employment.  It will come as no surprise to many on this blog that I would favor free speech rights in such conflicts.  This case could be quite significant in determining where the Court will draw that line.


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  1. So there’s no mistaking that the attacks against Israel are Judeophobic at the core, all you need to do is look at what the enemies of Jews have to say about the various church groups that have picked up where Father Coughlin left off. (If you don’t know who Father Coughlin was, i.e., the friend of Hitler, then you don’t know American history.)

    For example,

    “In a major breakthrough in the worldwide struggle against Zionist extremism, the largest Presbyterian church in the United States, the PC(USA), has issued a formal statement calling Zionism “Jewish Supremacism” — a term first coined and made popular by Dr. David Duke.”–David Duke.

    The line is drawn in the sand. You are either FOR the barbarians or you are AGAINST them. You are either FOR civilization or you AGAINST it. Period.

    1. Rabbi Adamo has no reply to my statement below that all US diplomacy with Israel is a Federal Felony against the Constitution. Since the US POTUS and Congress signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, all diplomacy with nuclear armed non-signatories to the Law is a Federal Felony. Rabbi Adamo’s only defense would be to lie about Israel’s 200+ nuclear weapons, as does Israel (by not admitting their existence).

      Thank you, Rabbi Adamo, for agreeing with my premise.

      Readers should further note that Rabbi Adamo silence promotes the permanent ongoing commission of the above describe Federal Felonies.

      Further, Israel-Firsters like Rabbi Adamo elevate their opinions about Israel above that of George Washington, who in his Farewell Address prescribed “…no permanent foreign entanglements…”

      I’ll enjoy sharing my opinions with GW Re. US relationship with Israel, in contradiction with Rabbi Adamo.

    2. Rabbi Adamo,
      Pray tell, how did the USA exist for 170 years prior to the USA and The League of Nations stealing Israel from Palestine?

      Adamo’s position: support endless wars for Israel or the USA ceases to exist. Hahahahaha.

      I am in total unity with these Rabbis who deny Israeli Zionism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKplabTRuak

      By Ralph’s metric, the above Rabbis are “anti-Semites” each and ever one!

      1. Pray tell, how did the USA exist for 170 years prior to the USA and The League of Nations stealing Israel from Palestine?

        There was no such place as ‘Palestine’. In 1920, the British assembled three Ottoman subprefectures, modified the boundaries some, and called the assemblage the “Mandate of Palestine’. The population segments there weren’t distinct from the population in surrounding quondam Ottoman territories except that there were more Jews resident in them. Some of the populations spoke Arabic dialects on the Levantine spectrum and some on the Eastern Bedouin spectrum. The subprefectures were not antique territories but dated from the repartition of Ottoman provinces in 1866.

        The other Ottoman territories in the Fertile Crescent were assembled into three other mandates. One was declared sovereign in 1932, two in 1946, and the last the subject of interstate warfare leading to independence in 1948-49. How this mandate differed from the others was in the presence of Jewish agricultural colonies founded in the late Ottoman period but prospering from large scale immigration over the period running from 1918 to 1948.

        How it has differed since is that it has ample human capital and requisite talent for maintaining civil peace and building civic institutions. Some people will not forgive Israel for not being a failure.

      2. ” stealing Israel from Palestine?”

        J. Jones, The Jews living in Israel before the state of Israel was created were often referred to as Palestinians. There is no so-called Palestinian which is a distinction that was politically created and is not real.

        Nuts exist all over and it seems we have one here. These nuts don’t know their history and don’t care. Lying comes naturally to them.

    3. The moral superiority meme is strong with this one.

      If you’re so moral and so smart, why is it impossible for you to defend your position without the “my position is morally superior to all who disagree” meme?

      Also, why ignore my accusation that all US diplomacy with Israel is a Federal Felony?

      Lastly, exactly why are you smarter than George Washington, who in his Farewell Address said “all foreign entanglements are temporary” which means the USA’s alleged “iron clad” and “unbreakable bond” with Israel is wrong, wrong, wrong?

    4. Ralph’s metric, and those of Israel-Firsters like him: support endless wars for Israel, or you are equal to Adolph Hitler and deserve death.

      I want, I demand, no special treatment for Israel, no worse nor better unless the specific act benefits America and Americans, consistent with the US Constitution. I want the totality of the US relationship to be what’s best for the USA, not Israel nor any other nation.

      How is it consistent with American “values” to support the State of Israel who forbids by law male Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizen, even married to an Israeli? That is pure, unadulterated bigotry and xenophobia of the first order. That defines a clear opposition to democracy. Yet Israel-Firsters love to say “Israel is the only democracy in the ME,” a clear lie.

      1. “the State of Israel who forbids by law male Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizen, even married to an Israeli?”

        J. Jones, Almost all nations have control over who becomes a citizen and who doesn’t. No other nation in the middle east is a democracy where people of all religions live free like they do in Israel. In Israel, the rule of law and tolerance exists. In the Knesset and even on Israel’s Supreme Court Arabs sit. Big surprise to the ignorant nuts that lend their hate to America’s enemies. …And what hospitals do the big wig Palestinians use for their families when there is a very bad illness? Frequently Israeli hospitals.

      2. How is it consistent with American “values” to support the State of Israel who forbids by law male Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizen, even married to an Israeli?

        Joseph Jones fancies every country in the world bar Israel has open borders.

        1. You seem to be right DSS. Israel is a very tolerant and democratic nation. Some people get all their information from hate sites and very little can persuade them to look at the facts. Go to Scientific American and look at their article on desalinization awhile back. It demonstrates, as one tiny example, how Israel relies upon advancing science to solve their problems. They don’t base it upon war or hate and then Israel distributes what they have learned to the rest of the world even their enemies.

          What I find distressing is when the non-nuts start taking the hate literature seriously or follow leaders (even religious ones) that have their own political agendas.

  2. Any Church is a corporation. And no corporation has a religion or opinion. The owners or parishioners do.

    What their members do never reflects on the corporation, otherwise a large number of churches would be guilty of murder.

    What a teachers do in their free time is their business. And their responsibility.

    Any government official, when exercising his or her job, cannot constitutionally express opinion on the validity of any religion. When off duty? Why not?

  3. Sometimes I wish that Turley and all the other Judeophobic haters of Israel WOULD truly boycott Israeli products. If they did that, the would cease to use computers, cell phones, and all other modern technological means of communications. This would force them to shut up, instead of spilling their vile hatred based on their own inferiority. But, hypocrisy is fused into the spines of Leftists; that is, if they had any.

    1. The haters of Israel in this thread sign themselves ‘Joseph Jones’ and “Chris P. Bacon’. The moderator is not among them and there is no indication from this post that he is.

      1. Of course, everyone who shares on opinion contrary to Israel Firsters is an alleged Anti-Semite. The mere existence of the term confirms the author has no argument other than ad hominem attack. Further, my best understanding is that a member of F. Roosevelt’s State Dept. invented the term to help convince naive Americans that Hitler’s attacks against so-called Judaics were an attack against Western religion.

        Jesus Himself said to the Ioudaios who murdered him “your father is the devil.” By Rabbi Adamo’s view, Jesus was against himself. and anti-Semite, as he was a member of the group to whom he spoke.

        I am against actual violence against any group and person, including and especially so-called Judaics. I don’t believe in self-defense, though I admit practicing such is extremely difficult. I want US neutrality toward Israel, nothing more nor less. Let Israel learn to live with its neighbors in peace, cease to exist, or some other alternative.

        Nothing on earth guarantees any nation has “right to exist,” including the US and Israel. God makes and destroys nations as is his whim.

        If Israel must cease to exist, let it be. Move its inhabitants somewhere else if needed. Such has been proposed. Maybe Texas would be nice, with all the SBC types who are actually Zionists not Christians.

        Many Rabbis deny Zionism and agree more with me more than Rabbi Adamo.

        1. Joseph Jones – your arguments are coming out of left field with no backup. You have counted the number of rabbis that support you and those that don’t? And just where is this supposed counting taking place? Personally, I would have no idea what idiot around here would support you, but no rabbi would. Even the BDS movement has been smart enough not to raise its head above ground around here, so that would be zero support from the rabbis here.

        1. Debbie Schlussel, who has a history of making weird and intemperate statements, made one more accused him of being on a bin Laden family retainer. I’m not impressed.

          1. I’m not surprised. Leftists are never impressed with facts. In fact, they hate them with a passion. They get in the way of the Leftist alternative “reality.” Bottom line, Turley could not refute what Schlussel wrote. He then tried to muzzle her, but failed because Schlussel was too diligent with the facts. But you can ignore the facts. I don’t want the truth to cause you any pain.

            1. Bottom line, Turley could not refute what Schlussel wrote.

              You mean Schlussel refuses to retract a slander, ergo it’s stipulated?

              Turley is a public figure, so a defamation suit is not an option for him.

            2. Ralph, Other than the fact that Turley represented Sami al Arian, what primary proof does Schlussel have?

              If a doctor operated on Sami, would you feel the same?

              How about a cab driver that picked him up on the street?

              Do you believe those presumed to be guilty are not entitled to legal representation?

              By representing the guilty defense attornies force prosecutors not to take shortcuts.

              Understand I believe Sami is more guilty than what he was convicted of, but that is opinion, not fact.

              My mind is open, but I like to hear primary sources of proof, not opinion or shock jockeys.

    2. Opposing the Israel policy toward the Palestinians is not Judeophobic or antisemitic. But certain Jews/Israelis frame it that way to divert attention from, and shut down any discussion of, their occupation of the Palestinians and their illegal settlements.

      1. Israel has made six separate attempts since 1967 to fob off the territories on an Arab authority or to implement devolution to local authorities. All were pretty much rejected or sabotaged by Arab states (in the first instance), local Arabs (in the second), the PLO and its components (the 3d and 4th time), Hamas (the 5th time), and Mahmoud Abbas (the 6th time). How often do people have to say ‘no’ before you think they mean it.

        Polling done on the West Bank and Gaza reveals a depressing state of affairs. For north of a third of the Arab population there, a ‘settlement’ is one in which Israel ceases to exist. Another 30% prefer the slow boat: they insist the sine qua non of any settlement is that 7-digit population of Arabs be permitted to settle in Israel at their own discretion. These are positions a normal person maintains if he’s in a position to dictate terms to his enemy. The Arabs are not and never have been over a century, but for them striking attitudes is preferable to practical results. That’s their problem. Israel’s challenge is to not allow Arabs to make Arab problems Israel’s problems.

        All the babble about ‘the occupation’ is quite self-indicting. North 60% of the population on the West Bank and Gaza live in areas with no Israeli settlers, civil administration or no security patrols. North of 30% live in places with no Israeli settlers or civil administration, just security patrols. About 8% live in areas with Israeli settlers and civil institutions. Israel has unilaterally conceded the salient parts of the West Bank and Gaza and it’s enemies whine it hasn’t conceded territory which the Arabs have refused to bargain for in good faith.

        1. Your phrase fobbing them off is exactly why Israel is wrong. Palestinians want their land back.

          1. If they wanted ‘their land back’ they’d have taken it when offered and they’d do something constructive with their current holdings. They didn’t and they don’t because that’s not what they want. They want revenge contra the Jews. Their problem is that the Jews do not consent to be their victims and are pretty good at warding off attacks.

      2. Wrong. Read “The Israel Test.” I’m sure that you already have failed the test. But you’d have to read the book to know what it is.

        1. Is the Israel test, “Israel is always right, no matter what it does, and to whom, because, well they’re Israel so they’re always right?” Israel needs to learn that it’s not just about them.

          1. Nobody is saying that Israel is always right. What I’m saying is that those who argue that Israel is always wrong are Judeophobes. Period.


      4. You are filled with Leftist BS. There is no occupation and there are no illegal settlements. All of the land belongs to Israel. You can deny that you’re a Judeophobe, but your politics reveal that you are.

    3. Wow, this is brilliant: all those who disagree with Israel-First memes must live like cave dwellers.

  4. It’s not just the Mennonites. The Methodists, too, participate in BDS. Personally, I think it’s a grave error for church’s to get political.

    I, too, vehemently disagree with BDS, and support Israel’s right to existence. Such boycotts are completely legal on a personal level, but the government or the state should not participate.

    Regardless, as long as her personal views and religion do not impact her ability to do her job or her employer’s reputation, then it’s none of her employer’s business.

    1. I forgot to mention that the Mennonites are basically Amish-lite. I’ve known some Amish who converted to Mennonite so they could own vehicles. What in the world is the church doing getting political? They are supposed to abstain.

      If our government really did boycott, divest, and sell all financial interests in Israel, the country may possibly be immediately annihilated with a new Jewish genocide. It is a tiny country surrounded by hostile neighbors, most of whom have pledged to destroy Israel. Our alliance with Israel help keep the hounds at bay. It is the only Westernized nation in the entire Middle East. Without Israel, everyone in the Middle East would be under Sharia Law directly, or under law strongly influenced by Sharia.

      If we withdrew US support, then the terrorists would be emboldened to just conquer the entire country, destroying the Jewish homeland, and completing the Jewish diaspora. Iran is building its nuclear capabilities, funded in part by us. It is inexplicable that we would give them vast sums of money and relax sanctions up front, before Iran actually earned anything. And failed to ensure that their military programs get inspected. Regardless, Iran is actively working on its nuclear program. Not too long ago, it conducted an illegal intercontinental ballistic missile test with “death to Israel” written on it.

      We are in an alliance with Israel. An attack on them is an attack on us, or it’s supposed to be. Why wouldn’t we help strengthen their missile defense system or the Iron Dome? We have always invested heavily in the defense of Israel. They are our allies, born in the ashes of the Holocaust. Although, technically, the seeds were sown by the British to address the Jewish diaspora.

      Why can’t Israel pay for their own defenses? Because they are so teeny tiny the entire country is only 8,019 square miles, 263 miles from north to south and 9.3 miles wide at its narrowest point. That’s 8,019 square miles too many for its extremist Islamist neighbors who vow to kill them all down to the last child. They are extremely vulnerable to missile attacks. I don’t know that they can generate that kind of revenue. And if they are cut off politically, they may very well be done for. The peaceful Mennonites et al, if successful, would help contribute to a new genocide of the Jews. Irony.

      1. Karen, American aid to Israel was inconsequential prior to 1973. It reached its peak ca. 1984 when subventions were massive consequent to deals made to broker the Camp David Accords. Its contextual significance has been systematically reduced for over 30 years and it now constitutes about 1.2% of Israel’s gross national income. It comes in the form of security assistance which is expended by purchasing military equipment from arms manufacturers, so most of it circles right back to the U.S. Israel could likely do without the aid.

  5. I’m all about BDS – a personal choice not to support war whore Bibi Nastyahoo.

    Also tired of giving monies that could be used in the US for infrastructure, health research, etc. Who authorizes this transfer of funds?

    “Starting in 2019, the U.S. will give Israel $38 billion over the next 10 years – $3.8 billion per year, which is $10.41 million per day.

    This is in line with previous years. Last year the U.S. gave Israel $3.7 billion – about $10.14 per day. In other words, the new aid package amounts to an increase of around $27 million per year.

    Israel has long received more U.S. money than any other country. Some earlier disbursements were even larger when considered in today’s dollars.”



    1. $4B/annually to IsraHELL, one of the most wealthy nations on earth, and certainly the most hated by the rest of humanity.

      Progressives want blood for alleged Russian influence, while Zionist Judaics own lock stock and barrel virtually the entire US Congress, Hollywood, Amazon, Google, MSM, most News groups, national banking, etc, etc, etc. How do you rate the job performance of your Judaic overlords?

      1. while Zionist Judaics own lock stock and barrel virtually the entire US Congress, Hollywood, Amazon, Google, MSM, most News groups, national banking, etc, etc, etc. How do you rate the job performance of your Judaic overlords?

        Again, there’s the world we live in and there’s your imagination. And the ‘twain do not meet very often.

        1. Just to start, please name the last non-Judaic Chief of the Fed. Sorry, I missed the Judaic owners of Amazon and Google, the two most powerful companies extant, selling their companies to non-Judaics.

          The Talmud, the holiest of all holy Judaic books, states that a Judaic lying to to a Gentile is not a lie.

          1. Your problem, Joseph Jones, is that you fancy it was sinister for Sergey Brin to start a business because Jew. Jeff Bezos is gentile, knucklehead.

            I take it you fancy Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama are all agents of ZOG for appointing Dr. Greenspan, Dr. Bernanke, and Dr. Yellen to the commission supervising the central banking network.

            Everyone can see you for what you are. You’re the only one in the dark.

    2. American aid to Israel might equal the road maintenance budget in a state of modest size (say, South Carolina). You’re not going to get much ‘infrastructure’ out of confusing foreign policy and security issues with local public works.

      Of course, BDSholes are a jumble of the stupid and the malicious. Israel has no interlocutor. The malicious understand this and wish to punish Israel. The stupid do not and pretend the absence of an agreement is somehow Mr. Netanyahu’s fault.

    3. Autumn, add up the monies given to those nations that pledge or pledged to destroy Israel (far greater). Also, take note that Israel would have ended up in Damascus had the US not stopped them during one of the wars. The US creates a balance of power in the middle east. It even denied needed arms during one of the wars. Remember Israel is a speck of desert less than 10 miles wide in its center. Most of the land was undesirable and not something cared about until Israel made these lands prosper. The Jews homeland is in Israel and was there thousands of years before Mohammed.

      Also, recall that the exchange of money is not cash, but monies used to purchase American produced goods. Israel supports American security by improving American armaments for America. America gives the “Palestinian” money which is then used to create death and destruction as they even send their own children wearing bombs to destroy other children. Take note how the Gaza strip was turned over without any deal to the “Palestinians” and what has happened since. They destroyed the infrastructure and started sending missiles over the border to kill people.

      Israel helps support people all over the world in need. Where do you think Jordan gets a lot of its water from? Israel. Israel developed desalinization plants that provide huge amounts of water at the lowest cost in the world by far. It helps other poor nations with that technology and other technologies

      Israel was content to live in peace, but their enemies that surround them want the total destruction of Israel. There is no peace desired without that first occurring. But it is not just Israel. Read the Muslim Brotherhood papers released at the Holy Land Trial. It calls for the destruction of the west, so it is not just Israel that is in danger, rather the west as well.

      Try living in the modern world without using Israeli technology. Israeli technology is packed into your computer and cell phone and when you are traveling and use Waze or Google, remember that Waze was developed by Israel and Google bought some of the rights. BDS is a bunch of cr-p and you, Autumn, should know better.

  6. Here’s a question: could this woman be barred from teaching if she was working her support for the boycott into her classroom lessons? Surely launching a missile and hitting a desired target involves mathematical computations.

  7. ACLU is a Communist, Partisan hack, of course it will run to protect her she stands for what they believe about Israel. When have they scrambled to run to the aid of Christian’s, Patriotism, Conservatives🤔​they don’t they support the rights of the Leftist, Islam, atheist, sex offenders etc., same for the SPLC Hate Org

  8. It always strikes me as funny that Israel, one of the most well educated, well trained and well armed countries in the world needs protections like this from her big brother the US. We constantly treat Israel like a little girl who needs premptive protections from any slight or threat.
    Also, what in God’s name does Kansas have any interest in limiting constitutional protections of US citizens in the name of a foreign government?
    Doesn’t sound too conservative to me.

    1. It always strikes me as funny that Israel, one of the most well educated, well trained and well armed countries in the world needs protections like this from her big brother the US.

      Israel’s a modest 2d tier affluent country with a large military. The ‘protection’ in question is a contracting policy followed by the State of Kansas, not the work of the United States Government.

        1. It’s a Kansas state law. No one put a gun to the head of the Kansas legislature to enact it.

    2. Roscoe: I do not know if you were around in 1944, or if you had parents. But we in America ignored what Hitler did to the Jews and our President rejected boat people of Jewish religion. It was The Holocaust. There is maybe a second one coming.

      1. Please, by all means, quote the US Constitution where it states one drop of US blood must, I repeat, must be shed, or one penny of US currency spent, to protect any foreigner? I wait patiently for your non-answer and/or obfuscation.

        Conversely, someone infinitely smarter than you, G Washington in his Farewell Address warned the USA to “avoid permanent foreign entanglements,” which would include our alleged and wrong so-called “permanent bond” and “unbreakable bond” with Israel. Should we add GW to your list of anti-Semites? (James Sobran’s “anti-Semite” definition is the best: “Not someone who hates Jews, but rather someone hated by certain Jews.”)

        Do you give funds to resurrect the Roman Empire? If not, by your twisted logic, you are self-described “anti-Roman.” The existence of an anti-Semite proves the existence of anti-Gentiles. As Scripture says, God invents and destroys nations on his whim, and if this includes Israel, so be it.

        US neutrality would force Israel to behave better or face its rising risk of extinction.

        1. Israel does not behave badly and is not at risk of extinction from any force other than an Iranian nuclear warhead exploded over Tel Aviv.

    3. The Israeli ethnic cleansing apartheid bill is an ALEC bill that showed up in most if not all of the State legislatures. Legislators who advanced it were well-compensated.

      1. One day, you’ll say something that isn’t fantstical and vicious. I’m sure I’ll be dead before then.

        1. “I’m sure I’ll be dead before then.”

          A little vacation might do you some good.

  9. I’m curious. Let’s say it’s 1978 and the progressive state of California passed this sort of statute regarding South Africa. If you support the Apartheid State, no business with the Bear Republic. Along comes some LDS member and refuses to sign based on then LDS theology concerning Black persons.

    Seems like all the same elements would be present. An official position of a church, a state statute regarding a foreign sovereignty. Would the professor support the party’s sincerely held and official religious position regarding the inferiority of Black persons? Would the ACLU?

    1. @warspite2, yes the ACLU would. The ACLU has supported the rights of all individual to free speech over the years. Remember the litigation over the nazis marching in Skokie?

      1. Ha ha ha. See Wm. Donohue’s scholarly work and articles on the ACLU, or read some of Alan Dershowitz columns. Donohue 30 years ago summed it up thus: “To the ACLU, ‘civil liberties’ is like what telegraphy is to AT & T. Still in the product catalogue, but not where the action is”.

      2. Yes, the ACLU specializes in helping islamonazies, terrorists, nazis, and all sorts of other vile creatures. They love doing that. They will, however, NEVER provide legal aid to any decent people. That’s because the ACLU is infested with Lefties who share the same beliefs as islamonazies, terrorists, nazis, and all sorts of other vile creatures.

    2. You’re expecting the left (and the lawyer left to boot) to have consistent principles on procedural matters? To think analogically in a way that does something else but justify whatever their appetites are?

  10. That the central organs of one particular Mennnonite sect made a policy decisions regarding denominational property does not manufacture for their members an obligation to endorse a particular political cause. That this Mennonite body has a position at all on a political issue is an oddity (given the unworldly pietism which is bog standard among anabaptists).

    It’s really asinine of the Kansas state government to try to put the screws to commercial enterprises this way. Sealed bids are the only way to go for government contracting and companies are properly excluded only for a history of criminal activity, a history of failing to fulfill contracts, or a history of willful regulatory noncompliance. Attempting to impose this obligation on public employees is insupportable.

    Substantively, what this broad advocates is asinine as well, but that’s a different issue.

  11. Good old Captain Charles Boycott. The word boycott is one of the gifts bestowed on us by the Irish, in County Mayo.

    Of course, life would not be complete without a girlcott, a term used by American track star Lacey O’Neal.

    If we decide to boycott the model who kicked the dog in the elevator, is it a Dogcott?

    If a group of women are making too much noise at a party, are they being Girlsterous?

    Since her boycott of Israel is based on her religion, she should incorporate to increase her chances of winning. I could never figure out how an inanimate object could have a religion. If we can have a girlcott, I guess anything is possible.

    1. Since her boycott of Israel is based on her religion, s

      It isn’t.

  12. This article again demonstrates Turley’s incredible ignorance of the facts, his hatred for Israel, and his fondness for Islamoterrorists and their supporters. Nobody is saying that Koontz doesn’t have the right to express her hatred for Jews, hatred for Israel, hatred for America, hatred for civilization, and her passion and love for International Islamoterrorism. Koontz is welcome to go work for some private school that holds similar views to her own. But she has NO right to work for any publicly funded school whose funds are derived from taxpayer dollars.

    And Turley is also wrong about a number of other things he says. For example, Turley says, “She declined to sign the form and was therefore barred from being a contractor, even though her views of the boycott movement will have nothing to do with her position as a teacher.” This is false. Anyone who supports boycotting Israel is an ignoramus and is unqualified to teach anything.

    Similarly, Turley uses the term “occupation” to describe Israel, which also demonstrates that he’s an ignoramus as well. And, contrary to Turley’s assertion, being an ignoramus as Koonz is has everything to do with her position as a teacher. She’s a insult to the very word, as is Turley.

    There are no “Palestinian” people. There are Arabs who are occupying space in Israel, but there’s no such a thing as “Palestinians.” And, in any event, those Arabs currently live under the late Islamoterrorist billionaire Yasir Arafat’s rule, not Israel’s rule. After Israel signed the Oslo accords, sraelis withdrew from nearly half of the territories, including the cities where 98.5% of Arabs reside. The areas from which Israel has not withdrawn are virtually uninhabited, except for the 2% where Israelis reside.

    The bogus anti-Israel, anti-civilization term “occupation” is also used to argue that Israel has no right to any presence in Judea-Samaria-Gaza or the Old City section of Jerusalem, and that the Israeli presence in any of those areas constitutes illegal “occupation” of someone else’s land. False. Israel has historical and legal claim to this land because Judea-Samaria-Gaza and the Old City of Jerusalem were integral parts of the Jewish kingdoms throughout the biblical eras, and are explicitly mandated by the Hebrew Bible as part of the Land of Israel. This was long before Mohammed’s parents were even born. The lands were Jewish thousands years ago, under King David, King Solomon, and other Jewish rulers.

    Can Turley, Koonz, or any other Judeophobic , anti-civilization, pro-Islamoterrorist lover name a “Palestinian”
    Arab king who ever ruled over “Palestine?”

    No, they can’t–because there never were any. All of the most important Jewish religious sites are situated in those territories. And the name “Judea” –a term which was commonly used by the international community throughout all the centuries until the Jordanian occupation in 1949– is derived from the identical root as the word “Jew.” The reason Jews are called “Jews” is because the founders originated from Judea. This historical-religious right was the basis for the League of Nations decision, in 1922, to endorse the Jewish people’s right to all of the Holy Land, on both sides of the Jordan River.

    Of course, all of this will fall on deaf ears to sightless eyes for Judeophobes and other haters of Israel, America, and Civilization. They won’t be happy until America and Israel are destroyed.

    1. There is no indication from the post that he hates Israel or is much invested in that issue at all.

      1. Of course she hates Israel and Jews. She is part of a church cult that hates Israel and Jews. Are you really so naive as to believe that she and her church oppose Israel and Jews because of their purported “mistreatment” of so-called “palestinians” (a bogus group of Arabs, as I’ve previously explained)? Does she and her church have any problem whatsoever with ANY other nation or group of people that REALLY are MISTREATING other people? OF COURSE NOT! That’s because she hates Israel and Jews, plain and simple.

        1. Mennonites? No. There are plenty of sentimentalists in this world who have a weak conception of the relationship between ends and means and tend to think that there is trouble in the world because of Big Meanie. There are malevolent characters of course, but these types misidentify them pretty consistently (as well as being clueless about the effect of ordinary human shortcomings on the dynamics of political life). There’s no reason to think this woman is not what you find in peace churches, i.e. someone very impractical outside her palpable existence.

    2. Ralph Adamo – I think Turley is right, her views have nothing to do with the contract. I used to work as a stagehand at Gammage Auditorium and would have to sign a slip saying I would not foment revolution. Now, anyone who knows union stage stagehands knows they are notorious for doing the least amount of work possible, so they can drag the hours of payout out and the only thing they want to do is play poker during the show. Still, if I did not sign it, I did not work, and it paid well, really well.

    3. When you lie you tell some doozies.

      The word Jew first appeared in print in 1775 AD, in a comedy play: “She hath the skin of a mummy and a beard like a Jew.” Don’t argue with me, argue with Oxford.

      DNA confirms beyond any doubt, proven a thousand times over, Judaic DNA comes from Khazaria in Asia. The first and foremost purpose of the USA and League of Nations stealing Palestine from Palestinians was to steal ME oil to fuel the Industrial Revolution, no more, no less.

      Western industrialists started telling the lie of 6M dead innocent Jews in the early 20th C, and finally Hitler made naïve Westerners believe it. See my link below to read copies of the NYT printing the lies of 6M dead Jews in the early 20th C, when Hitler was still a baby.

      But it matters not one whit: I positively demand you to show readers where in the US Constitution is demands Americans spill ONE DROP OF their blood or spend their treasure to save one foreigner’s life, including a Judaic’s.


      Then there’s this: every form of US diplomacy toward Israel is a felony crime. Every bit of it. How? The US POTUS and Congress formally signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Every such Treaty is equal to, I repeat, equal to the US Constitution, an integral part thereof.

      The NNPT outlaws any and every form of diplomacy between signatory States and nuclear armed non-signatory states, which include:

      1. Joseph Jones – The Jew of Malta was written in 1589 or 1590 by Kit Marlowe and is considered to be a major influence on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. You have your dates mixed up. Sorry, that’s what a classical education does to you. 😉

        1. Joseph Jones has everything mixed up. Although your point will fall on deaf ears as far as JJ is concerned, I appreciate your insights into English Renaissance drama.

        2. LLPOF. Rabbi Adamo places his opinions and statements above Oxford. I’ll bet $1000 to the winners favorite charity right now, and give the money to Turley to hold and distribute to the winning charity.

          THE WORD SPELLED “J-E-W” FIRST, I REPEAT, FIRST APPEARED IN PRINT IN 1775 AD IN THE SHERIDAN COMEDY PLAY “THE RIVALS.” There was no such thing as the word JEW in print prior to 1775 AD.

          “She hath the skin of a mummy and the beard of a Jew.” In the 1st C AD the word “Jew” did not exist, period.

          Now, Rabbi Adamo: it’s up to you to quote the exact name of the printed material, the author, and quote the earlier existence of the word JEW. Lacking same, you lie, I tell the truth.


          1. Joseph Jones – I am afraid you are not telling the truth. The oldest surviving copy of the Jew of Malta is 1633.

            From wiki, who I hate to depend on, but in this case, know is right.

            The Jew of Malta (first published as The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta), about the Jew Barabas’ barbarous revenge against the city authorities, has a prologue delivered by a character representing Machiavelli. It was probably written in 1589 or 1590, and was first performed in 1592. It was a success, and remained popular for the next fifty years. The play was entered in the Stationers’ Register on 17 May 1594, but the earliest surviving printed edition is from 1633

        3. Lacking your exact quote and reference, my position stands Re. the first occurrence in print of the words spelled “j-e-w,” source Oxford Dictionary of the English Language (no link, visit your local library).:

          Year: 1775 AD
          Where: Comedy play “The Rivals”
          Author: Sheridan
          Quote: “…she hath the skin of a mummy and the bear of a Jew…”

          Oxford’s Dictionary of the English Language costs several thousands of dollars, is multi-volume. Each volume has a magnifying glass to aid reading in the inner front pocket. Do yourself a favor, stop by the library, and look up the word “J-e-w.”

          The number in parenthesis indicates the oldest known printed reference, in this case, 1775 AD.

          1. Joseph Jones – in this case, the OED is wrong. 99% of the time it is right, this is the one percent where they did not go back far enough.

      2. DNA confirms beyond any doubt, proven a thousand times over, Judaic DNA comes from Khazaria in Asia.

        It hasn’t. You seem to be recycling material from kook sites.

      3. The word Jew first appeared in print in 1775 AD,

        The word “Judeu” was the Middle English term for Jew. There were dedicated officials in the Exchequer in Plantagenet times (late 12th century and 13th century) to supervise certain affairs among England’s Jewish population.

    4. Rabbi Adamo,
      Are you sure it’s best to spend your valuable time blogging here? Is not your time better spent making the world “safe for democracy and Israel” at your State Department job?

      You’ve been such a great job there for the last several decades!

      /sarc off

    1. Sure, but please don’t forget to reblog on Stormfront too, where your buddies post the same sort of crap.

      1. What you can’t criticize (Israel, Judaics, etc.) is your God.

        When you have no argument, call your opponent names, ad hominin attacks, breaking the rules of classical debate.

        1. No one’s calling you ‘names’. They’re pointing out you’ve manufactured bogeymen which you think are real and which you’ve identified with rabbis and with my vascular surgeon. No one can help you. They can try to keep you in a place where you cannot injure anyone.

        2. All of my arguments are well reasoned and supported. You are simply a Judeophobe who feels inferior to Jews. But your sense of inferiority is not merely a “feeling.” You sense of inferiority is well grounded in reality and you have definite cause to be angry that you are inferior. I have proven that creatures of your ilk are Judeophobes because your sole focus is on hatred for Jews and Israel, which itself stems from your own inferiority. There is no other “principle” behind your obsession. Although creatures of your ilk will claim that you are only angry at Israel because of its purported “oppression” of so-called “palestinians” (which don’t even exist), in truth, you could care LESS about any genuinely oppressed people. You are totally SILENT on the Islamic nations that not only oppress people but torture and kill them. In fact, you completely APPROVE of that.

          1. You ignored every fact I posted, hence you agree with them. All US diplomacy with Israel is a federal felony crime.

  13. Re. the US relationship with Israel, I agree 100% with George Washington in his Farewell Address: “No permanent entanglements with foreign nations,” the polar opposite of Jesus Obama, HRC, and every other neo-con, etc: “iron clad bond” and “unbreakable bond” with Israel.

  14. What you can not criticize (Zionism, Israeli “Chosenites”) is your God.


    The two primary purposes of the religion of “holocaustianity” are to:
    1. Establish permanent victimhood status for Judaics, and to criminalize denial of same (Canada and 17 EU nations imprison holocaust “deniers”)
    2. To wipe from history that Judaics committed mankind’s all time worst crime, the murder of Jesus

    1. With regard to the second point, it was the Roman occupiers which carried out the act.

      I remind you that Jesus of Nazareth was himself a jew.

      1. I remind you to argue with Oxford, not me: The word spelled “J-E-W” did not exist till 1775 AD, in Sheridan’s comedy play “The Rival.” If you have “evidence” (which of course you don’t) that Oxford is wrong, please enlighten them and the rest of us know-nothings. Best wishes with that.

        The NT states no less than 5 times that the “Ioudaios” (wrongly interpreted “Jew” in almost all interpretations) killed Jesus, and John’s gospel states that this was a crime (“…it is against the law for the Jews to take a man’s life…”). Upon request I’ll quote the 5 vs. One of them is X person speaking to Ioudaios “You killed the Lord Jesus.”

        The closest the bible blames Rome is only partial blame for killing Jesus: “You and evil men killed the Lord Jesus.” “You” is the author addressing his fellow “Ioudaois” and of course “evil men” is the Romans. This is proof that the NT only partially blames (one time) gentiles for murdering Christ, while it clearly gives full blame 5x to the Ioudaios.

        To the liar Frank Adamo: Deuteronomy states very clearly that every single Judaic male must visit the sacrificial temple 2x per year, or face absolutely and ultimate death penalty (“to be cast out of the city into utter darkness.” Of course modern Judaism’s Rabbis simply re-wrote a new law contradicting the OT to allow them to continue.

        Nero destroyed the last Ioudaios sacrificial temple in 70AD. There is no such thing as OT Mosaic religion without a sacrificial temple, hence, in 70AD OT Mosaic law ceased to exist from the earth.

    2. Just imprison? Damn! Let’s see if it’s possible. Get Six million Holocaust deniers, some climate deniers and see if we can gas them all in a few years. I think it’s a fabulous idea!

      1. Gentiles: read your Judiac overlord sentence if you ever cross or disagree with an Israel Firster: the death penalty for you.

    3. I take it ‘Patriot’ is your alter ego.

      One thing internet discussion teaches you is that there is a surprisingly large contingent of people who once had a supervisor named Hy Goldberg who told them their work stank on ice.

      1. It is modern Rabbis who thank “_od” for Hitler, for doing “_od’s” work in killing Jews for denying and turning their backs on the Rabbis. Just prior to Hitler, Jews had their fill of Rabbincal lies, thefts, rapes, and crimes, and turned their backs on their Rabbinical-based religion.

        The Rabbis got what they wanted now. The fastest growing version of Judaism in Israel now are the most caustic, “orthodox” branches. If you turn against it now, the Rabbis can turn you life upside down, take away your job, your family, etc.

        1. You’ve manufactured a collection of fantasy rabbis and fancy the fantasy should govern our foreign policy.

          Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Haredi might make up about 15% of the population in Israel and they tend to be impecunious. The notion that your ‘job’ or ‘family’ is under siege from the Haredi rabbis in Israel is another fantasy.

    4. Have you checked out the Muslim view on Deicide? You ought to and then ask yourself if 800 million Muslims could be wrong? Seems like an inquiry right up your alley.

    5. If we believe our Christian cathechism, our sins killed Jesus! Even the Roman Catholic Church has walked back the blood guilt argument.

      1. Justice Holmes – you are talking about Jewish blood guilt, right? And even as a young Catholic, that did not make a bit of sense to me. Still, I was as contrarian then as I am today. 🙂 However, the teachings of the Catholic Church (in general) were responsible for the deaths of probably millions of Jews over the years. And it took the Catholic Church far too long to apologize for that wrong.

        1. However, the teachings of the Catholic Church (in general) were responsible for the deaths of probably millions of Jews over the years.

          Rubbish. Jews were a tiny minority in the Mediterranean world and you’d have to struggle to find an instance of persecution after the 3d century to which you could attribute a 4-digit death toll.

          1. TSFS – try the stories of the Crusades as Crusaders rode across Europe and killed Jews in their path. Richard II had to take the Jews of England under his personal protection to keep them from being killed. And let us not forget the pogroms of Russia. Thousands of Jews wiped out at a time. And all this time the Catholic Church is preaching anti-Semitism. So, by the time we get to Hitler, we have a perfect storm. We have a collection of highly organized anti-Semites who are taking over more and more countries with more and more Jews in them and sending them to Poland, where they are either killed outright or worked to death. In France, it will be the French police who round them up and put them on trains, not the Germans.

            Actually, I blame the Catholic Church for the Jewish Holocaust. In the 1950s, in Catholic school, I was taught that Jews were responsible for the death of Christ. I tried to argue that Christ could not be Christ if he did not die and be resurrected and therefore there was really no one to blame, it was pre-ordained. That got my knuckles rapped with a ruler, but theologically I was right. Nuns know crap about theology. 😉

            1. Paul, did you ever see the film “Goya’s Ghosts” about the Spanish Inquisition?

              1. Autumn – no I did not, but I did see Wind River this weekend and it reminded me why I live in Arizona where it is warm.

            2. TSFS – try the stories of the Crusades as Crusaders rode across Europe and killed Jews in their path.

              Try learning the distinction between metaphor and historical reality.

              1. TSFS – I know the difference having read enough history, including a 600-page history of the Crusades. And it would be hyperbole, not a metaphor. 🙂

            3. Actually, I blame the Catholic Church for the Jewish Holocaust. I

              I understand what your biases are. I’m telling you they’re both wrong and asinine.

                1. Paul, if you want to blame the Catholic Church for something done by a quasi-paramilitary political front whose staff ideology bore no resemblance to anything Catholic, be my guest. Just don’t ask me to take you seriously.

                  1. TSFS – Hitler went to a Catholic school. Many of the Nazis were Catholic. In fact, being Catholic became a real problem when they decided to assassinate Hitler. They asked a priest for a dispensation from their oath as officers that they had taken to Hitler. Half of Germany is very Catholic, the other half is very Lutheran, with some Jews thrown in just to make things interesting. Hitler’s education at his Catholic school would not have been different than mine. However, he seems not to have had a problem with Jews until the end of WWI. Two of his superior officers were Jews and he got along fine with them, winning two Iron Crosses which they recommended. However, he was in a field hospital at the end of the war recovering from a gas attack, The war went out with a whimper for him. He really had been an adrenaline junkie during the war, a messenger running between trenches being shot at. Now, it was just over and there was the stabbed in the back movement which he may have picked up on, although he worked as a spy for the army for awhile before joining what would eventually become the Nazis. And there is the whole not getting into art school thing which for some reason he blamed on the Jews. He just couldn’t draw the human body.

                    1. TSFS – Hitler went to a Catholic school.

                      So did Germaine Greer. So did Cheech Marin. Ergo, what? We have the Church to thank for madcap feminism and Mary Jane?

                      The Christian democratic constituency was consistently 19% of the electorate under the Hohenzollerns and 13% under Weimar. That’s the extent to which the Church influenced people’s social thinking. European societies had a Catholic constituency. “Very Catholic” European societies since the Great War have included pre-1990 Ireland, Malta, and, up to a point, Poland. Authoritarian states with a Catholic dimension have been Austria (1934-38), Spain (1939-75), and Portugal (1932-74). You misrepresent Germany as it was in 1930.

                      As for the Nazi Party, it was a fad organization that was able to tap into abnormal social stress. It was already declining when Hitler was appointed Chancellor. It was able to work its will through taking control of Germany’s apparatus of state. You have the senile Paul von Hindenburg and the scheming Franz von Papen to thank for that, though they assuredly had no idea what would be the consequences of doing what they did.

  15. Good for the ACLU. I do not support the boycott but I support the right of others to support it.

    1. “Justice” Holmes, you need to make your statement more complete: “I do not support the boycott, but I support the rights of nazis, islamoterrorists, child rapists, serial killers, and aiders and abettors of mass murders to carry out their deeds with the least chance of punishment. I’m just that kind of guy. That don;t call me “Justice” Holmes for nothing.”

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