And The Littlest Bed Was Just Right . . .


badgerIt would seem payback time was in order for that Goldilocks invasion.  A Scottish family came home to find that a badger had entered their house through the cat door and feel asleep in the cat bed.

The family called animal rescue who tried to dislodge the Badger, which did not want to vacate the comfy bed.  However, eventually the badger ran out the kitchen door.

Wolves appear to prefer padded benches:

Of course sometimes animals like bears just come for the music:



23 thoughts on “And The Littlest Bed Was Just Right . . .”

  1. The wolf was not wild, but a pet.

    As for the badger – they are notoriously grumpy and territorial, and can scare off much larger animals. They will absolutely take over another animal’s den, but I had no idea they’d enter a human house. I wouldn’t touch any wild animal that doesn’t seem wary of people, just in case.

    It sure looked cute, though. You know it was probably grumbling at the person taking the photo.

    Whenever I see a photo of a badger, I will always remember one of my favorite books I read as a child about a lost boy rescued by a female badger.

    I’m pretty sure this is the one:

  2. That is a cute pic! I think I maybe have a possum living under my tiny house. It sure comes quickly when I put food out at night for the raccoons and other possums. Of course, what self-respecting possum could resist melted cheese on bread bits???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. For my money, nothing beats that hen who plays America the Beautiful on the keyboard.

  4. A long while back there were semi-regular posts entitled “Where’s the Kitty?”. There would be a photo with a cat hiding somewhere in the picture. It was a great break from the politics. Sadly, the guest blogger who posted them passed away.

    Where’s the kitty in the picture for today? Nowhere near that dang badger!

  5. Turley said, “It would seem payback time was in order for that Goldilocks invasion.”

    This simply must be a coincidence. There’s no way Turley actually follows this blawg. And even if he does, this particular payback would prove that Turley moonlights as the mad-scientist, Ivan Pavlov (which I already suspected, anyhow).

    I’d rather get beaten up by Turley’s 90 year-old Sicilian mother than recant anything else that Turley hasn’t read. Besides, two can play at Pavlov’s game; here’s a psych-test for the Professor:

    What have you done with the fair weather you enjoyed over your recent weekend trip to The Wonderful Windy City to visit you mother, Jonathan?

    1. Diane – if you want the answer to your question, why don’t you send it to his email address, it is on the home page somewhere.

      1. Paul, it’s part of the design of the experiment. Don’t give it away. Besides, I might not be pretending to be crazy. For all Turley knows, I could be crazy for real.

        1. Diane – we all know you are really crazy, we are just waiting for you to be committed.

            1. Diane – the fact you don’t know we all know you are crazy is just part of your fantasy world. Someday your truck will come. 🙂

              1. By the time the truck gets here, Paul, I will have completed my metamorphosis into Bullwinkle J Moose.

                  1. Paul, like the song says, “Ain’t no padded room can hold my antlers down.”

                    Think Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  6. I agree with TIN, put the bed outside for the badger, the cat probably won’t sleep in it anymore. 4 stars for the bear.

  7. They should put the polka dot cat bed outside for the badger. He’ll need a warm bed for the winter, and the snooty cat won’t want it anymore, now that it smells of badger.

  8. On Twitter #dogsoftwitter there is a Beagle with paws on piano. Pushes the keys and then throws his head back to howl. Wonderful!

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