Poll: 64 Percent Of Americans Now Want Marijuana Legalized

Marijuana LeafWe have been watching an extraordinary shift in public opinion over the last decade on the legalization of marijuana.  With millions of citizens now using marijuana either medically or recreationally, the public appears ready to see nationwide legalization.  The huge tax benefits from legalization and the rapidly expanding market appears to have adding to the support for legalization.  This polls is just a few percent lower in support than a recent Harvard poll showing 68 percent support for legalization.

A new Gallup poll shows 64 percent of the country now supportive of marijuana legalization. There are few national issues with such a super majority of support.  This is the highest level of support registered in nearly a half century of polling.  It is 14 points above the level of support shown in 2011 and a four percent jump in just one year.


Now here is the really astonishing part. For the first time, a majority of Republicans favor legalization at 51 percent.

The issue could come before Congress.  Members are concerned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions could order a crackdown on marijuana.  Sessions has long advocated tougher enforcement against marijuana and recently indicated that he might prioritize the issue — even though many of the legalization states are GOP controlled.  These poll numbers may magnify the view of GOP members that this is the last thing the Administration would take on at this time.  Not only would a crackdown deny states badly needed taxes, but it would add one more controversies to an already overloaded Administration.

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64 thoughts on “Poll: 64 Percent Of Americans Now Want Marijuana Legalized”

  1. A strong argument against legalizing pot is the free for all that will ensue vis a vis neighbors growing it, proximity to kids, etc. As with alcohol, it can be regulated. I have many neighbors that make their own wine and beer. No body roams the neighborhood stealing it. There will always be problems but regulation not criminalization is the answer. This is the same with guns and other so called freedoms and rights. There is no such thing as a completely unfettered right or freedom. Responsibility, regulations, and common sense along with education will produce far fewer negative effects on society than the mindless ‘war on drugs’. Crime and pot can be treated the same as crime and guns. Enhance the penalties.

  2. Nick S. I did not know that about liquor consumption going down where pot is legal. If pot were decriminalized I just hope my fellow citizens will be responsible with their new freedom.

    1. Bob, The beer industry has seen a 3-5% declines in sales in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. The wine industry contributes millions of $’s to Diane Feinstein and although a liberal Dem, is a Reefer Madness queen.

  3. The strongest private industry opposition to legal cannabis is the liquor industry, followed by Big Pharma. The biggest public sector opposition is from police, prosecutors and prison people, the latter having both a public and private sector. Alcohol consumption declines in states where cannabis is legal. That’s a good thing.

  4. I would truly love to join this vigorous debate but I do not want the enjoyment of of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich to turn vapid.

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