Clinton Campaign Lawyer Marc Elias Allegedly Sat Next To Podesta As He Denied Any Campaign Involvement in the Russian Dossier

download-1Yesterday, we discussed the potentially precarious ethical position of Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias, who allegedly denied media reports that the Clinton campaign had any connection to the controversial Russian Dossier.  After the Washington Post ran an extensive story on how the Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee hired controversial research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in Russia in the “Russian Dossier” matter.  Reporters at the New York Times have accused Elias of lying in past categorical denials of any connection to Clinton or the DNC.  The reports indicate that not only did the Clinton team fund the opposition research but that Elias may have been the person handling much of the arrangements.  Now Elias’ position has worsened after a report out of Congress that he was present in an interview when campaign chairman John Podesta denied any campaign role in the funding or acquisition of the dossier.


Here is the nut of the report:
“Podesta was asked in his September interview whether the Clinton campaign had a contractual agreement with Fusion GPS, and he said he was not aware of one, according to one of the sources. Sitting next to Podesta during the interview: his attorney Marc Elias, who worked for the law firm that hired Fusion GPS to continue research on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign and DNC, multiple sources said. Elias was only there in his capacity as Podesta’s attorney and not as a witness.”
If this and the earlier report is true, Elias assisted in the denial any connection between the Clinton campaign and the dossier to two New York Times reporters but sat silently as Podesta gave false information to congressional investigators.

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  2. The CIA was behind the Oswald activity. That is what is concealed. Quit focusing on all the 3 shots from the wall apCray. They sent him to Mexico to create a Soviet cover link. The news media is stupid.

    1. LS, the news media isn’t stupid. The news media is an integral PART of the US Government’s deceptions and has been from the start. The CIA virtually admitted as much in a memorandum in which CIA first recommended the term “conspiracy theory” be used to denigrate those who sought to tell the truth or attack the Government’s lies about the JFK murder . (This document was released earlier than the current release, and has been numbered 1035-960.

      In the CIA’s memo, the CIA urges its cover-up team “to employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.” In other words, the CIA is admitting that it has media assets or “propaganda assets”–as they more precisely characterize them–to help perpetuate their “official” lies.

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