Clinton Campaign Lawyer Marc Elias Allegedly Sat Next To Podesta As He Denied Any Campaign Involvement in the Russian Dossier

download-1Yesterday, we discussed the potentially precarious ethical position of Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias, who allegedly denied media reports that the Clinton campaign had any connection to the controversial Russian Dossier.  After the Washington Post ran an extensive story on how the Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee hired controversial research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in Russia in the “Russian Dossier” matter.  Reporters at the New York Times have accused Elias of lying in past categorical denials of any connection to Clinton or the DNC.  The reports indicate that not only did the Clinton team fund the opposition research but that Elias may have been the person handling much of the arrangements.  Now Elias’ position has worsened after a report out of Congress that he was present in an interview when campaign chairman John Podesta denied any campaign role in the funding or acquisition of the dossier.


Here is the nut of the report:
“Podesta was asked in his September interview whether the Clinton campaign had a contractual agreement with Fusion GPS, and he said he was not aware of one, according to one of the sources. Sitting next to Podesta during the interview: his attorney Marc Elias, who worked for the law firm that hired Fusion GPS to continue research on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign and DNC, multiple sources said. Elias was only there in his capacity as Podesta’s attorney and not as a witness.”
If this and the earlier report is true, Elias assisted in the denial any connection between the Clinton campaign and the dossier to two New York Times reporters but sat silently as Podesta gave false information to congressional investigators.

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  1. What we are witnessing here is the TET Offensive : Trump Enabler Turley. Looking forward to the upcoming court proceedings.

    1. Another partisan Democrat cheesed that a less partisan Democrat isn’t feeding him his drugs.

  2. Professor Turley, tell us again the story about how President Trump can jail his political opponents. Honest to god, the missiles have been launched and hit their mark, the human race is dying, Turley, in his last dying gasp before succumbing would be telling us how the ‘president has the constitutional power to launch a preemptive missile defense.’

    You, professor, have the laser like focus of a sociopath. You see? You have to remove the tongue from the protester lest he keeps yelling for fair treatment, the 8th amendment is open to that interpretation.

    “Comey’s Testimony Vindicates President”, Beams Turley

    June 10, 2017

    A glowing Jonathan Turley, professor of law, exclaimed, “Comey … confirmed that Trump only express[ed] a “hope” that the Flynn investigation would end — a statement that Trump made repeatedly publicly. He also confirmed that Trump was primarily asking him to make public what he had already told Congress — that he was not under personal investigation.”

    If a Democrat like Prof. Turley can see the obvious, surely all can. Except the Communist-driven Left will stop at no end to undermine President Trump. Professor Turley is performing his legal expertise in an honest manner so different from that reporting that is the norm…that is substandard untrue yellow journalism. Behold Fact Based Journalism:

    Trump is our president: Reveres Jonathan Turley

    Turley Ejaculates: Comey Memo Is Not Proof Needed to Impeach Trump

    Legal scholar Turley on travel ban: Law favors Trump

    Turley Gushes On Trump And Comey: “A Cover-Up In Search Of A Crime”

    Law Professor Turley Vindicates Trump: Trump May Have Been Right With Wiretap Tweets

    Prof Turley Declares: ‘The Odds’ Are In Trump’s Favor On Immigration Order Legal Challenges, ‘This Is Not a Muslim Ban’

    Turley Demands: No One Has Been Able To Explain What Crime Was Committed Involving Trump and Russia

    Turley Effuses: Did Comey Violate Laws In Leaking The Trump Memo?

    Sorry Dems, Comey’s words too weak to impeach Trump, Lords Law Professor Turley

    Proletariat Capitalist entrepreneur P.T. Barnum would admonish Prof. Turley to ‘go easy with the grease gun’ but there is a ‘sucker born every minute’ and Capitalist success flourishes when the consumer believes in the purchase. Schmerltz Mag would advise Professor Turley to press his advantage until it ceases as an advantage…securing your position as Attorney General would satisfy that directive, hopefully.

    Continue supporting your president in the manner you have and adding your name to the short list of replacements for A.G. Sessions will be a fait accompli. He’s out. Your continued loyalty to President Trump will yield a fruitful and hopeful relationship with his Justice Department benefiting the entire country.

    Mr. Comey has performed his service. No more, no less. In other news, President Trump applauded the needed emasculation of the troublesome Dodd-Frank Act. “Our community banks are in trouble,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) “They are being crushed by the costly rules imposed on them by the Dodd-Frank Act. This law may have had good intentions but its consequences have been dire for Main Street. Desperate times call for strong leadership and I pledge my support of the president’s policy of liquidity be damned.” Speaker Ryan has followed the president’s lead on this important matter and he will remain a stalwart voice in the Trump Administration. That is the truer understanding.

    1. “…the protester lest he keeps yelling for fair treatment,..”

      These jealous freeloaders who covet and complain rather than work,

      are provided “freedom of speech” not “freedom of venue.”

      Campuses are private or taxpayer owned.

      City streets are taxpayer owned.

      Property owners and taxpayers will determine the use of the venue,

      not the caterwauling parasites.

      1. I’d like to respond but your writings are not rational. Honest to god, I have no idea of what you are trying to convey.

    2. “Honest to god, the missiles have been launched and hit their mark, the human race is dying, Turley, in his last dying gasp before succumbing would be telling us how the ‘president has the constitutional power to launch a preemptive missile defense.’ ”

      You missed one important detail. Turley would also be saying “I have often been critical of President Trump, but …….” Turley likes to pretend he is Judy Collins singing “Both Sides Now.”

      1. Who can disagree with Oliver Clozoff, especially after, say, one cocktail? You do not fight fairly, Sir.

  3. The worm has turned…the corrupt are scrambling…their minions are desperate. Thank god for Trump.

      1. Question, Mr. Progressive, Re. the “Conservatives” like Bill Kristol (son of a Russian Judaic Bolshevik) who first financed a dishonest Trump hit piece. Did any of these “Conservatives” hire a British ex-MI5 Russia desk operative named Steele, who got his information from Russian government operatives? No. Their opposition research was normal opposition research performed within the USA. Did Kristol lie about the above facts? No.

        Did the DNC and Podesta and Elias pay $12M to Steele, who used Russian government operatives to make up their false Trump narrative? Yes. Did Podesta and Elias lie about their payments? Yes, they did lie about their payments. The DNC listed the $12M in payments to Steele as simple “legal” services rather than political opposition research, which is what they call it now, after the fact, after they got busted. They can not show a line item to this effect, because until this past week, they lied about the payments.

        Don’t be fooled by the lying MSM like MSNBC, who say we “knew” since a year ago the DNC purchased Steele’s service, because Mother Jones reported this, which makes it old news. Yes, MJ reported it, but the DNC denied it. So it’s not old news. It’s brand new news now that it’s a known fact. Now all that is left is to see who lied about it, and when. At the very least, if Elias is not charged, he likely faces losing his law license, and ditto Podesta. If either has dirt on HRC, they are due for a strange, odd, unexpected death, via nail gun, heart attack, suicide shot gun to the back of the head, etc, ala Ron Brown or any of the other 20+ such deceased ex-business partners of the Clintons.

        It is at the very least pure unadulterated corruption if not criminal to mislabel as “legal fees” $12M paid to a British MI5 agent/Chief of the Russia desk, who gathered his data from Russia government sources? Yes.

        Further, is it possible that the above dossier was the primary information source the FBI used to convince a FISA court to tap members of then-candidate Trump’s campaign? Yes. If true, then we have a case in which the DNC paid $12M to a foreign ex-MI5 agent, who gathered data from Russia, to justify tapping the phones of an American citizen.

        If true, then the FBI agent who used that data without vetting it, committed a criminal act, and belongs behind bars. Which would explain why the FBI has refused for 3 months to answer Tray Gowdy’s Q: did the FBI use the fake dossier as evidence in the FISA court?

  4. Since Jonathan Turley refuses to write an article about the JFK murder files and the CIA’s and the FBI’s obstruction of the law to protect their own criminality and culpability in the crime, as a public service, I’ll disclose just one piece of information that was actually released yesterday that proves beyond any doubt that JFK’s murder was a conspiracy (for those who chose to ignore the overwhelming evidence or need to believe in government lies).

    A document concealed for nearly 54 years reveals that an anonymous person called a senior reporter for the Cambridge News, advising the reporter to call the American Embassy in London “for some big news” before the person hung up. This call was placed at 12:05 pm CDT (Dallas time) on November 22, 1963. The shots in Dallas that struck President Kennedy and Governor Connally were not fired until 12:30 om CDI, or about 25 minutes before JFK’s assassination!

    Wild coincidence? Clairvoyance?

    Of course not!

    Someone in the know was placing the call, perhaps not quite aware that the crime had not actually occurred yet. Thus, the JFK murder was a conspiracy no matter what. There are actually many other examples of foreknowledge proving conspiracy, but those have been ignored by the mainstream media which has lied and deceived the public on behalf of the CIA and FBI for scores of decades. Nonetheless, any person with a modicum of common sense understands why the CIA and FBI withheld this document from the Warren Commission and the general public. It conflicts with their official lies.

    The documents that the CIA and the FBI continue to withhold can only be more damaging to them. Does Turley–who purports to have knowledge of the law pertaining to government operations–address the issue of whether or not the CIA and the FBI have the right, without any independent oversight whatsoever, to conceal the truth and to lie to the public about a crime that they were personally involved in?

    No, of course, he does not. Turley is in FAVOR of government lies and government secrecy. Hence, you won’t see any articles about that from him.

    Not so ironically, JFK himself warned about the dangers of government lies and secrecy in one his speeches:

    1. Ralph Adamo – I am really looking forward to the next document drop on the JFK files since the FBI/CIA have withheld so much information. It was disappointing looking at just cover-sheets of faxes, but now we know how more pages to look for with each document since they are listed on the cover-sheet. And we know who was in the know, we just don’t know what they know yet. Although I am curious as to why some of these are classified now as a secret since they were sent to every field office in the USA for the FBI? Even the secretaries knew what was going on.

    2. Ralph, please call Riyan Chinese and have them deliver my “usual order”. Thanks.

      1. Oops, I’m sorry, I’m off-topic. Please ignore.

        BTW, their lo mein is great. Anyone have a recommendation for wings? LMK

      2. I’ve placed your order of Chinese food as requested. I got your favorite: Sum Young Guy. You’re welcome.

    3. Check the ER physician’s statement in the press conference that took place immediately after JFK’s death. The physician stated that he performed a tracheotomy in a front bullet entrance wound to create a tracheostomy. The bullets that killed JFK created an entrance wound in the front of JFK’s throat. Those bullets came from the front. In the Zapruder film, JFK’s hands first go to his throat.

      1. I think I previously explained the difference between an autopsy, and a frantic 20 minute effort in the ER room to restore a heartbeat and regular breathing.
        JFK was on his back the entire time the ER MDs were working on him.
        He was not turned over to check for wounds not immediately visible.
        The focus in that ER was to get a heartbeat and normal respiration.
        There’s not much point in examining and treating wounds when there is no pulse, no heartbeat, and only spasmodic last gasps instead of normal respiration.
        About an hour after JFK was pronounced dead, the press fired about 70 questions in about 45 minutes at two MDs who treated Kennedy on the ER.

        Both later confirmed the results of the autopsy.
        But I think you should continue latching on to what one MD said in that chaotic press conference, and ignore all other evidence.
        One of the physicians at that press conference was fed up with the press, and subsequent selective quotation of one statement he made at the press conference.
        Keep citing that as your “proof”, George, to sustain your fantasy.
        Ignore all othe evidence, and just keep parroting “but he said at the press conference”.
        That’s why most of the doctors involved in trying to revive JFK quickly became disgusted with both the media and with the conspiracy loons.

        1. Do you find it intriguing that JFK’s autopsy was not performed in Texas as is required by Texas law. Instead, his body was flown to Bethesda, Md for the autopsy.

          1. Not really. Mrs. Kennedy wanted out of Dodge and the Secret Service threw their weight around with the local coroner.

            What gets you is the number of people who have to be in on the scam or easily duped for their scenarios to be true.

          2. Roydenoral,..
            There are interesting accounts about the tense standoff between Kennedy aids, the secret service, and the Dallas officials who didn’t want to release the body.
            I do find the story to be intriguing.
            LBJ was at the airport waiting for Jackie Kennedy and the Kennedy aides.
            Jackie wasn’t leaving without the body, and LBJ wasn’t leaving without Jackie and the Kennedy entourage.
            Kenny O’Donnell pleaded with the Dallas officials to make an exception under the circumstances, but the coroner restated his position that
            he was legally obligated to do the autopsy in Texas.
            So you had the Dallas officials and a few local cops blocking the door, a coffin with Jackie Kennedy standing beside it, and some well-armed Secret Service agents, and aids like Kenny O’Donnell whose friendship with the JFK and RFK went back to the mid-1940s.
            O’Donnell’s final words to the Dallas officials were “Go fu** yourself, we’re leaving”.
            The physical push from the Kennedy aides, the Secret Service, and the coffin forced the Dallas officials and the Dallas police to step aside or get plowed under.
            Given their experiences that day and the fact that the trip to Dallas ended badly, it’s not surprising that the confrontation happened.
            Had the autopsy been done in Dallas, as legally required under Texas state law, I think any conclusions reached by Dallas pathologists would have been questioned as much as the one done at Bethesda.

            1. Agree that any autopsy findings would most likely have been questioned. Have followed this story on an off over the years. It just seems that whisking away the body in violation of Texas law lends credence to a conspiracy. I really doubt that we will ever learn what actually happened, so many theories abound.

              1. We know passably well what happened. There’s a corps of people who find that emotionally unsatisfying, so they devote oodles of time to spinning fantasies supported with factoids and irrelevant trivia.

              2. R, that’s nonsense. Why would a GENUINE autopsy by a qualified forensic pathologist who has extensive experience in gunshot wounds “have been questioned?” Nobody questioned Robert F. Kennedy’s autopsy by Thomas Noguschi, who was Chief Medical Examiner-Coronor for the County of Los Angeles. He concluded that the fatal shot was from a gun no more than about 2-3 inches away from the RIGHT-REAR MASTOID area behind RFK’s right rear, and from an upward trajectory–which meant that Sirhan Sirhan could NOT have fired the fatal shot since he was at all times in FRONT of RFK at no closer than 5 feet away in front at all times during the shooting. Thus, EVERYONE who has studied the RFK case (as I have, of course) knows that RFK was killed by a conspiracy and Sirhan Sirhan did not murder RFK. There’s no question about it. And NOBODY questions Noguschi’s autopsy. The media, the FBI, the Los Angeles Police, all the other liars in official positions DID, however, and CONTINUE to–IGNORE IT.

                  1. What a dope you are. Actually, that’s too kind. Even Ultrasubcretin would be putting you above your capabilities.

                  2. I note that you cannot dispute a single fact that I’ve stated. That’s because you know SUB-ZERO about either assassination. Please get lost, ignorant dope (which is too kind for you, but I’m in a generous mood).

          3. “Best Evidence” by David S. Lifton is the definitive work on the JFK assassination.

            1. Best Evidence is an idiot fantasy by a writer who knew nothing of forensic pathology.

          4. Read “Best Evidence” by Davis Lifton regarding the eerie events at Bethesda.

            The CIA, as agents for controlling factions of the CIA, FBI, Joint Chiefs, Lyndon Johnson, Carlos Marcello, Italian mob, Cuban exiles et al., orchestrated a “reconstruction”of the rear of JFK’s skull by Dr. James J. Humes,

            Remember that the U.S. was in the business of covertly overthrowing foreign governments through “executive actions.” It simply transferred its “capabilities” and operations back home for the JFK version.

            1. Thanks again. Will check it out. Not sure which theory is most plausible, but I do not believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.

              1. but I do not believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.

                You’ve all had 53 years to come up with more defensible conclusions, and the result has been fail fail fail. The best people who ‘do not believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission’ have come up with has been Josiah Thompson’s efforts to discredit the time sequence of the shots. These efforts were actually informed by inductive reasoning and evidence. His contentions keep getting knocked down, though.

                1. TSFS – the fix was in for the Warren Commission, it was written before it was started. 🙂 However, other than the grassy knoll and the fact that witnesses saw Oswald shoot Off. Tibbetts (sp?) we are not 100% sure he is the assassin. The timeline is a little hinky for him to get downstairs and not be breathless. His one public appearance ended in his assassination. However, his statement prior to that seem to claim he was innocent.

                  1. The timeline makes it impossible for Oswald to have fired shots.

                    Rather than recreate the timeline myself, I will cut-and-paste another expert analysis of the timeline:

                    “On 11/22/1963, at 12:15 pm or shortly thereafter, Carolyn (Johnson) Arnold saw LHO on the TSBD’s second floor lunchroom eating lunch as she was headed out to watch JFK’s motorcade pass by. Everyone at the TSBD knew that the President was scheduled to pass by at 12:25 pm (but did not know that the motorcade was running a bit late). [Would an assassin who was planning on shooting the President at 12:25 pm (or even 12:29 pm when his limo did pass by) be hanging around the second floor having a relaxing lunch at 12:15 pm if he knew he had to be on the sixth floor shooting at the President?]

                    “At 12:29 – 12:30 pm, the shots were fired at JFK, including the last, most accurate, and fatal shot. At 12:31 pm, Patrolman M.L. Baker with revolver in hand, accompanied by TSBD Superintendent Roy S. Truly (LHO’s supervisor), rushed to the second floor lunchroom and found LHO walking toward a Coca Cola machine. Both Baker and Truly said that LHO was not out of breath and appeared calm and composed. LHO was next seen by Mrs. R.A. Reid, a clerical supervisor at the TSBD, who said she saw LHO walk casually through the second floor clerical office holding a bottle of Coca Cola. [Would an assassin who had just rushed up from the second floor to the sixth floor to assassinate the President–immediately after having lunch–rush back down again to the second floor to have a Coke and immediately become calm and composed like no Zen master ever could?]

                    “Then, LHO was seen again just minutes after the assassination, walking out the front of the TSBD by cub reporter Pierce Allman, who was looking for a pay phone. LHO pointed Allman to the direction behind him inside the TSBD, where a phone was located. Allman said that the man who told him where the phone was located appeared completely calm (although Allman did not learn until later that this man was LHO).

                    “Thus, if the US Government’s official story is to be believed, LHO, who the Government said was unreliable, deranged, fanatical, and mentally unstable, just flawlessly executed the murder of the century in record time with military precision, seen by no one rushing to or from the scene of the crime, and at the same time, established an alibi for himself, appearing calm and collected having lunch before the assassination and a Coke afterward and then seen calmly leaving the TSBD after helping out Pierce Allman to find a phone. And the above events that I’ve described are merely a very small portion of the multitude of evidence demonstrating the absurdity of the US Government’s official story.”

                    Consequently, the timeline puts Oswald in the 2nd floor lunch room between 12:24 pm and 12:32 pm, while the assassination took place at 12:30 pm. Furthermore, TSBD 4th floor Supervisor Dorothy Garner said she did not see Oswald take any stairs. Oswald was, therefore, at the 2nd floor at 12:30 pm and could not possibly have been on the 6th floor firing shots at anybody.

                    1. Ralph Adamo – remember R. Lee Embry as the DI in Full Metal Jacket giving Oswald props for shooting from that distance at a moving target? Very funny. 🙂 There is a dedicated Marine. 😉

                  2. Paul Schulte,…
                    Murders have been known to deny their guilt.
                    There is a video that can be vuewed online with Robert Oswald, Lee’s older brother.
                    Robert Oswald has no doubt that hus brother killed JFK and Tippet.
                    An interesting comment that he made was that Lee like to play games with people…..I think hus exact words were “Lee was toying with them ( Dallas PD) all weekend long.

                    1. Tom Nash – neither we nor his brother knows what Oswald was doing with the DPD that weekend. Jack Ruby robbed us of a chance to find out.

                    2. Paul Schulte,
                      Oswald’s interrogation was not taped.
                      Those who interviewed him have summarized what was said in the interviews.
                      Had Oswald gone to trial, that same summary would probably have been presented at trial.
                      Whether Oswald lived to see trial or not, the interview notes, the exchanges with his family, Oswald’s meeting with the head of the Dallas bar association offering legal council….all of these items give us an idea of what Oswald did while in custody.

                    3. False, TM. Every individual that has committed a political murder has NEVER denied doing the crime. On the contrary, they are proud of it. Oswald–in stark contrast–not only denied murdering anyone, but, in particular, declared “I’m just a patsy!” Oswald knew he was being set up:


                      Incidentally, in the latest document release, the FBI finally admitted that they knew that Oswald was going to be killed on the night before Oswald was killed. They were specifically warned that it would happen.

                      Instead the FBI and the Dallas Police colluded to make sure that Oswald would remain vulnerable. You do know the old saying, “Dead men tell no tales,” don’t you?

                      But keep peddling your BS. There’s a small percentage of people that will believe any load of crap the government tells them. That’s your target market.

                  3. Oswald showed up that day for work carrying a package of ‘curtain rods’. His gun was discovered in a snipers nest at the scene. The gunman was seen by eyewitnesses firing from a window at the Texas School Book Depository. The shots line up quite nicely from the School Book Depository to the presidential limousine. Both the President and Gov. Connolly were shot from the rear. Then this fellow Oswald leaves work and later murders a Dallas police officer in front of a scrum of witnesses.

                    Oswald himself was a mess of a man – a failure with delusions of grandeur. He had one talent, getting fired by whichever hapless employer had hired him. He’d shown no capacity for co-operating with anyone over the 10 years which elapsed from when he left school to the day he was shot dead. He did fancy he had a beef with Gov. Connolly over his dishonorable discharge from the Marines.

                    It’s all not-terribly-complicated. Not-terribly-complicated bores people, so they make a rococo mess of things.

                    1. There’s no convincing a dupe, dope, or dummy that needs to believe in lies. So you will never be convinced that Oswald could never have killed anyone on November 22, 1963. Facts and evidence are simply abhorrent to your ilk. Your phony “curtain rod” story has long ago been proven to be pure BS. A Mannlicher–Carcano–the weapon the official liars claim Oswald used, cannot be disassembled to fit into the package the size of curtain rods. And the FBI has NEVER been able to replicate such a disassembly into so short a package as the length of the purported “curtain rods,” just as they have NEVER been able to replicate the shots that they say were fired by a single person from the 6th floor of the TSBD. Okay, dupe, dope, or dummy–as the case may be?

                    2. Ralph, you have made a hobby of collecting factoids invented and assembled by cranks and you persuade yourself that that’s historical research. You console yourself by telling the world that people more sensible than you are are ‘dupes’ and ‘dopes’..

                      Your crew has had 53 years to write a serious history which delineates who did what and why. You cannot do it. The reason you cannot do it is that actual inductive reasoning with available forensic and eyewitness testimony does not produce the history you want.

                      What you do produce is travesties like the Clay Shaw trial and Best Evidence.

                    3. TSFS – the problem is that so far we have not had all the evidence. The CIA/FBI have been sitting on a pot of it, which could go to explaining what was really happening. We all know the Warren Report is fiction and the second committee report is closer to the truth, but so far there is no definitive truth. Jack Ruby made sure of that. Each new book offers a new theory, just like the Jack the Ripper books. I don’t follow the Kennedy assassination, but I do follow Jack the Ripper. 😉

                      I saw a documentary where they collected the film from the cameras on all the people in Dealey Plaza and spliced them together like a film (some were filmed) using a timeline, to show the complete sequence of events. They also used computerized models to show the location of the photographers and if they moved, where they went. Fascinating. The grassy knoll became more obvious as a possible shooter site. There is a semi-perfect sniper hide behind a fence guarding the railroad yard at the top of the knoll. Excellent place to take a shot. And a perfect getaway spot.

                      Several years back Mythbusters tried to see if they could shoot from that distance with that rifle at that elevation and get off 3 rounds at a moving target. They found at 200 feet an inexperienced marksman could hit the target once in three tries and a more experienced marksman could hit it at least twice. None were able to get three rounds in the requisite number of seconds though. However, none were under the pressure of trying to assassinate the President at the time, which may have skewed the numbers. 😉

                    4. TSFS – the problem is there is a problem in the timeline with his being in the cafeteria and supposedly being on the 6th floor. I lived through it. And I am with the Russians, I think LBJ was behind it.

        2. Dr. Malcolm Perry post event interview – “neck wound anteriorly,” “bullet through the neck.”

          1. George, Dr. Perry gave a news interview and was specifically questioned by reporters where the shots originated. (This was before the CIA and FBI clamped down on the media to silence anything other than the official US Government lie that they initiated within HOURS of JFK’s murder and before ANY investigation had taken place.)

            Perry specifically stated that the shot at JFK’s throat was coming “AT” him, i.e., the front. Perry said this MORE THAN ONE TIME during that interview. This was recorded in the New York Times.

            The news interview was also filmed. But, as you can imagine, the CIA ordered those film records to be DESTROYED–along with other evidence, like the windshield of JFK’s limo, which also showed a shot coming from the front according to 6 independent witnesses.

            1. Ralph,…
              The assassins of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley all fired shots in a crowd ( or a crowded theater).
              So it’s not surprizing that they did not deny pulling the trigger.
              We have had a number of exchanges before re the JFK assassination, and I don’t have time to spent on another inevitable back and forth.
              As long as you discard any evidence that runs counter to your theories as faked, the result of intimidation by the FBI, destroyed by the government, etc. it frees you up to claim that the evidence you present…and ONLY the evidence you present…is credible.
              I noticed that once again you did not mention the third pathologist at the JFK autopsy.
              Doing so would interfere with your attempt to claim that only inexperienced pathologists performed the autopsy.
              Trying to keep up with the rolling set of half-truths and distortions you keep presenting is pointless.
              I have had more discussions about the JFK assassination issues than I can remember.
              I don’t mind having them if I’m debating someone with a degree of knowledge and intellectual honest.
              I’ll leave it to others to waste their time on you or any other lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists.

              1. TM, stick to “debating” dopes and dupes like you. I have studied the case backward and forwards and know all the available facts and evidence from years of study, so I easily spin circles around ignorant fools like you. So, take you’re free to leave the ring, beaten and swollen. I understand.

                1. Actually Ralph, I don’t enjoy exchanges with the lunatic fringe.
                  I’m willing to communicate qith your attendants, but not a loon like you.

                  1. Ah, again, you cannot cite a single fact to dispute anything because you don’t know ANY facts about either the JFK or RFK assassinations. You are beyond stunod.

          2. I can’t load the link on my device,George.
            Dr. Perry was one of the Parkland ER MDs who agreed with the results of the Bethesda autopsy.
            He didn’t see the entrance wound at the base of JFK’s neck because JFK was face-up in the ER.

        3. JFK assassination nurse’s statement that applying a pressure dressing on the head wound was “of no use, however, because of the massive opening on the BACK of the head.”

          1. George, ALL witnesses with medical training observed the massive blowout at the right-rear mastoid region of JFK’s skull. Everyone there KNEW the fatal shot came from the FRONT. But they were all ordered to remain silent or suffer the consequences.

            When some one has the power to kill the President in broad daylight, destroy evidence, claim a patsy committed the crime, arrange for the patsy to be exterminated, get the mass media to stop asking any questions, and then set up an official US Government commission to perpetuate the official lies, few individuals are going to go up against that powerful force that wanted JFK dead.

        4. TN, anyone who believes that official lie is a dupe, dope, dummy, or in denial. There are no exceptions.

          The surgeons that treated JFK at Parkland were ALL experienced with gunshot wounds and knew the difference between entry wounds, like JFK actually received at the throat and the fatal shot to the head, and the results of exit wounds. In stark contrast, the physicians who conducted JFK’s autopsy–Jame J. Humes and J. Thornton Boswell–had ZERO experience with gunshot wounds. That’s right: in one of the most important autopsies of all time, the case was assigned to inexperienced amateurs who were subject to the control of military orders. Further, because the CIA was unhappy that the highly experienced trauma surgeons at Parkland had spilled the beans that JFK was murdered from shots from the front, the Secret Service was ordered to intimidate those surgeons into changing their stories and remaining silent.

          The Government ensured that ONLY US GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED employees would be involved in JFK’s autopsy. After the Secret Service STOLE JFK’s body in flagrant violation of Texas law, they then gave Jackie Kennedy a Hobson’s “choice” for where to have the autopsy conducted. They told her she could chose between the Army’s hospital or the Navy’s hospital. she “selected” the Navy’s hospital: Bethesda.

          Please be aware that I’m an expert in the facts of the JFK murder and can spin circles around any dupe, dope, dummy, or any person in denial of those facts. So stop spreading your BS.

          1. The two doctors at Bethesda called in a third MD, Dr. Pierre Finck.
            Dr. Finke was very experienced with gunshot wounds/ autopsies… of the top experts in the military.
            The other two doctors each said that they had some experience with autopsies involving gunshots.
            Those two may have had limited experience, or no experience.
            Dr. Finke was clearly very experienced.
            There are numerous articles about the difficulties ER doctors have in determining whether a wound is an entrance or exit wound.
            That is especially true when the gunshot victim remains on his back, and only the front of his body is in view.
            Five of the Parkland doctors were allowed access to all of the Bethesda autopsy result….photos, x-rays, etc.
            Four of the five said they agreed with the findings of the autopsy.

            1. Col. Finck: “. . .when you are a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army you just follow orders.” Finck did what he was told and followed Government orders and those orders were determined within the first hour after the murder. The predetermined conclusion was that all shots came from the rear. So, of course, the photos are going to agree with the autopsy. The photos are bogus and the autopsy was a government controlled piece of crap. Small wonder that Humes BURNED his own original notes. He must have written something the Government didn’t like.

              However NONE of the physicians, nurses, or other medically trained individuals said that the shots came from the rear. On the contrary, they ALL referred to the blowout of JFK’s right-read mastoid area, which could ONLY come from a shot from the right FRONT.


              Try another deception. Maybe if you throw out enough lies, one of them might be believed . . . by an ultrasubcretin.

              1. Even Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who famously ran to the limo to get Jackie Kennedy to go back in her seat, admitted that JFK’s head was blown out the BACK:


                Now, you might argue that Clint Hill was in no shape to do or say anything correctly because he along with his Secret Service buddies on the JFK detail were out DRINKING into the early hours of the morning of November 22, 1963. But, in this particular case, it’s unlikely that Hill would misinterpret a thing like that.

                1. And we’ll leave the last word on the subject to Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who told it exactly like it was–no matter what lies the Government continues to perpetuate.

              2. At least twice, Mr. Adamo sought to discredit the findings of the Bethesda autopsy by claiming that both physicians who conducted the autopsy were inexperienced with gunshot wounds.
                Both times he omitted the third MD, Dr. Pierre Fincke, who was an expert in autopsies involving gunshot wounds.
                That is a serious omission for a self-proclaimed “expert” claiming vastly superior knowledge to “dolts, dupes, cretins, ultrasubcretins, etc.”
                When he’s called on his failure to mention Dr. Fincke at the autopsy, he shifts gears.
                He selectively quotes one sentence out of context ( Dr. Finxke’s entire testimony is available online), THEN claims that the photos wers ” bogus”, and that there was a government-controlled predetermined outcome of the autopsy results.
                If there had been a dozen experts like Dr. Fincke at the autopsy, the same claim could be made to dismiss evidence.
                I don’t necessarily mind exchanges with those who argue for a conspiracy theory, but there is simply no point in discussions when the conspiracy theorists uses specious, chickensh** ploys.
                It’s like trying to nail jello to the wall when responding to a grab bag of distortions.

                1. Wrong, dolt. Fincke was under orders from the Government and he lied. There were many professional liars working for the government. Perhaps you are one of them yourself, which would explain your deep affection for them. The entire objective of the Government Criminals was to get the autopsy under Government control and OUT of the hands of Earl Rose, the Dallas Coroner, who was not subject to their orders. Your obvious failure to refer to the many NON-GOVERNMENT surgeons that were experts on gunshot wounds that I referred to proves that you know that you have no argument, no case, and no evidence. It’s getting tiresome slugging you verbally, knocking the metaphorical wind out of you, and causing you to verbally fall to eye level with my toes, only to have you look up from the ground and say, glassy eyed, “Ohhh, come on, one more round, please?”

                    1. As Mueller is rewriting the facts of non-existent “Russian collusion” by Trump in the election, J. Edgar Hoover had the FBI rewrite reports and the facts on the JFK assassination.

                      You have proven either your complete ignorance or the fact that you are an overzealous, activist shill for the JFK assassination conspirators like the many authors who perpetuate the Oswald lie. Incredibly, Rush Limbaugh does the same as you.

                      The ER Dr. Perry did, in fact and on record, say that the tracheostomy was installed in a bullet entrance would in the front of the neck.

                      Jacqueline Kennedy did, in photographic evidence, crawl backward on the limo’s deck lid to retrieve parts of her husbands head so that “…doctors could replace it.”

                      The trailing motorcycle officer was sprayed with blood and matter from the vehicle in front of him.

                      Oswald was observed in the break room drinking a Coca Cola at the time of the assassination.

                      Just as Oswald was set up as a “patsy,” his assassin’s lair was set up with boxes and a Mannlicher Carcano.

                      American Intelligence agencies under the Dulles brothers, the FBI, allied criminal (i.e. Mafia) and foreign groups (i.e. Cuban exiles) were conducting regime change operations and overthrowing leaders and governments around the world. They simply ran the same operation on American soil. They changed JFK’s limo route, neutralized the Secret Service (agents got drunk the night before) and stood down military commands. They “ran” Oswald (Japan, Russia, New Orleans, Dallas) and framed him as the “patsy” to take the blame (Oswald was not a country kid, game shooter or remarkable marksman). They provided the shooter teams – one in front behind the grassy knoll fence and one in the rear on the Daltex building. They took JFK’s body to Bethesda, reconstructed the wounds for autopsy photography and conducted a fraudulent autopsy (Dr. Humes burned his original notes) all while Jacqueline Kennedy and entourage was ensconced 17 floors above.

                      JFK was hit because he abandoned the CIA’s Cuban exiles on the beach at the Bay of Pigs (which had been previously planned expecting Nixon would win – which he did), because his brother harassed mobsters like Hoffa and Carlos Marcello (whom RFK summarily deported with only a toothbrush), because the Mob wanted Cuba back, because JFK threatened to break the CIA into a thousand pieces, because he intended to retreat from Vietnam and because he represented a looming, Irish political dynasty which would rule for half a century (did you notice that RFK was similarly hit employing the patsy, Sirhan Sirhan?).

                      If you want the TRUTH, you must review the material on the case with emphasis on Best Evidence by David S. Lifton.

  5. Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Power, Abedin, Jarrett, Farkas, Holder, Koskinen, Lerner et al. are directly connected to the greatest acts of treason, corruption and abuse of the power of government against the people in American history.

    The laughable attempt to roll out Leon Edward Panetta as mitigation is an exercise in futility.

    1. George,..
      I’ve already addressed some of the issues that you raised in in your last post.
      Since you did not acknowledge what I already answered in previous posts, there is no point in trying to respond to your latest flurry of claims that you make.
      Up to a point, I’m willing to communicate with the representatives of the lunatic fringe.
      But only up to a point.

  6. Hello my friends it’s been a pretty epic day.

    Robert Muller is checking out Hillary Clinton & uranium deals with Russia.

    It’s Total Recall when your in a Johnny Cab from Wash D.C. It’s been a hell of a day.

  7. There you go again: back to pointing the finger at HRC instead of covering the daily scandals perpetrated by the fat swine stinking up the White House. You know, Jon, the majority of Americans are onto the Kellyanne pivot. They know Chump needs to go. So, go back to watching Hannity.

    1. WAAAAAAH. Another stupid and whiny meltdown from Natacha for everyone’s edification.

    2. JT loves to throw out red meat to his base. And just like the Benghazi deal, and nothing comes out of it………….Crickets from JT

      1. Just another Fox n Friends Friday on the Turley channel. Even da videos are boring n boorish. Zzzzzzz

    3. Congratulations, your lifelong goal of objectivity has finally come to fruition.

    4. The column is about the top guy in Hillary’s campaign ( Podesta), and the lawyer acting for the campaign ( Elias).
      “There you go again” wins the prize for the dumbest and most blindly partisan comment of the day.
      Congratulation, Natacha.

        1. Yes and it’s also good to know that the so-called ‘objective’ news analyst, Alex Wagner is married to the former Obama White House family chef who worked with Obama’s in Chicago before coming to Washington to work with them. Obama’s attended Alex Wagner’s wedding and are close personal friends of Wagner and her husband Sam Kass. Do you think she has a ‘point of view’?

    5. unlike you “Natacha” we care about the Constitution and rule of law. You are a cult member choosing to ignore all the lies, threat to national security, etc associated with HRC.

    6. It seems “TDS” is indeed a verifiable psychiatric disorder. The ‘crazy’ is real, people. 😉

      1. TBob,…
        IMO there have been “all kinds of crazy” exhibited by certain people cluttering up this site.
        TDS is just one, and it wasn’t what my last comment was referring to.
        (Not sure that’s what you meant, but just in case you did misinterpret my last comment I wanted to clear that up).
        In a number of recent, heated exchanges, my objective has not been to convince the other party ( parties) of those exchanges of anything, not trying to change their mind.
        When facts and logic have no impact on those parties, it is impossible to to engage in a normal exchange.
        I mentioned this once before, and I’ll repeat it here:
        There are frequent gross distortions, blantant factual errors, wild claims that find a nesting place in this comments section.
        I’m not talking about most who piat comments here, but by volume, there are 3-4 people who are not playing with a full deck, post demonstrably false claims as “facts”, deflect, distort, and self-congratulate themselves as being knowledgable.
        When I respond to some of the more outrageous factual errors, I know that any proof I provide will not phase the other party, or change their minds, or prevent them from continuing to play the same game, again and again.
        There are probably far more readers of JT’s columns than commentators.
        Some of those may be influenced by some of the crazy, baseless claims that are presented as fact by the same few people here.
        For me, it’s more about trying to keep the factual record straight; left unchallenged, some of the sewage that surfaces on the internet chat rooms, and has been surfacing here, can have a real impact on some gullible readers.
        It would be a full-time job just to call out the lies that some of the people here repeat, again and again.
        There’s a civility rule, but no fact-checker, and no restraint on the ability of those so inclined to lie through their teeth.
        I mentioned this once before, briefly, to Nick Spinelli when he cautioned me about trying to reason with an individual here.
        That I knew there would be no orderly, rational debate, but that some of the most offensive and inflammatory lies need to be challenged for the record.

          1. TBOB,…
            -That’s what I thought.
            Because of the timing and placement of your post, and the post(s) I was responding to, I wasn’t sure.
            Thanks for clarifying.

        1. I recently experienced an incident with a friend who said in a conversation about Trump that he ‘needs to be taken out by assassination’ and I questioned him about that comment and he flipped out like I have never witnessed before. I tried to get him to see how crazy that comment was and that in our country, the way we ‘take out’ a president we don’t like is by voting him out in the next election. But there was no reasoning to be had. I was the enemy and I was verbally attacked and shouted down when I was simply speaking in a calm, conversational tone. When a few others in the group launched into a call to impeach Trump instead of assassinating him, I simply questioned the reality of that happening with a Republican Congress and reminded them that Bill Clinton was impeached and still finished his term. I was once again attacked by people I call friends. It was eye-opening and strangely upsetting to see how crazy these otherwise rational, intelligent people were behaving toward me and speaking about Trump. The conversation actually reminded me of some of the comments Natacha and others make here, which leads me to believe the brainwashing messages being delivered by the media are seeping in. Like I said, the crazy is real.

          1. which leads me to believe the brainwashing messages being delivered by the media are seeping in. Like I said, the crazy is real.

            Most people tune out the media. The question is why your friends are susceptible. My suggestion is that they are very emotionally disoriented because Trump simply rejects the media framing and pays no attention to the sensiblities of people like your friends. They expect him to be hounded and then disappear like Todd Akin and instead he prospers.

            1. True. However, some of these friends are hardcore Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe watchers. Enough said.

        2. “IMO there have been “all kinds of crazy” exhibited by certain people cluttering up this site.”

          Clearly you are the first among them…and a fraud to boot.

          Oswald killed Kennedy indeed.

          Can you say whackjob perpetuating a lie?

            1. You can’t say the truth. That is your problem. Professor Turley maintains a civility rule and he presumes a truth and veracity rule. You preposterously claim to be the Oracle and arbitrarily, preposterously rewrite the videotaped words of the ER physician who treated JFK and stated, for all to hear, that he placed a tracheostomy in a bullet entrance wound. The case is concluded with that statement as only bullets fired from the FRONT enter the front (i.e. anterior) neck, per the good doctor. That statement can be viewed right after viewing the Zapruder film and watching Kennedy’s head being blown backward and his wife crawling back to retriever cranial remnants.

              Something precludes your speaking the truth. I wonder what that could be.

              1. George,
                – If you have been following the exchanges re aspects of the JFK assassination, you’ll find that I commented on that press conference at Parkland Hospital.
                I’ve read the transcript, and I know what was said.
                And I know the circumstances under which that press conference was held.
                And the subsequent agreement by 4 out of the 5 ER physicians that the autopsy conclusion were correct.
                There is a totality of evidence, a series of statements made that are on record and easily accessed by via a quick internet search.
                I won’t bother rehashing previous statements that I made…they are in this thread, and if you pay attention to what I said, you can see that I did not dispute what was said at Parkland in the chaotic press conference an hour after JFK’s death.
                I reviewed what they were dealing with in the ER, and their limitations in determining aspects of wounds.
                My point was, and is, that repeatedly quoting the statements made at the Nov. 22 press conference, and ignoring all other clarifications/ evidence, indicates a “tunnel vision”.
                I don’t think you can take one piece of infirmation/ evidence, then put blinders on and ignore and fail to acknowledge any other evidence that does not neatly fit a particular theory.
                That is primarily what I was objecting to, and it is at the core of what I am attempting to convey to you now.

  8. “Plausible Deniability” is a morally bankrupt concept used to obscure accountability, hide corruption, and is most likely what is happening here. Both the Clinton campaign and DNC most likely used cutouts (Elias & Fusion GPS) simply to maintain public deniability should the crap ever hit the fan.

    Just the mere fact that it took a Federal Court order to expose who actually paid for the “Trump Dossier” shows there’s more here than meets the eye. Fusion GPS executives pleading the 5th, Elias’ withholding of information, etc. shows a concerted effort to conceal the truth.

    To think that Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid multiple millions of dollars to Elias’ law firm without knowing exactly what that money was being used for strains credulity. In fact it’s absurd.

    This is not to say that Clinton herself was directly involved, but some of her surrogates and people in her employ certainly were.

    It’s become kind of humorously ironic… 15 or 16 months into an investigation with everyone on the planet looking for “Trump collusion” with Russia and to date exactly zero evidence of that has been brought forward… It’s now looking more and more like it has all been a manufactured false narrative orchestrated by the Clinton / DNC Machine.

    If it weren’t such a sad reflection of corruption in politics, it would be funny.

  9. There is a subset of people in this country for whom nothing is true or false, merely convenient or inconvenient to the party at hand. They’re abnormally present in the legal profession, academe, the media, the advertising and PR business, &c. (And such people vote Democratic, as a rule). You can point out they’re lying and they just think you’re trash-talking them.

    Trump’s like this in some measure (widely recognized, though it alternates with contextual tactlessness). Obama’s like this too (though hardly anyone points it out).

  10. John Podesta hails from Podesta, Italy. His family last name was Corleone but grandpa thought that the name of the town would be better over here. John graduated from Knox College. He is honest and is not involved in some BS about Russian “Dossiers”. Hillary needs to go to hell in the handbasket but that does not mean that her helpers in the past were bad people.

    1. What difference at this point does it make? Kind of like they are saying it doesn’t matter who paid.

  11. The bigger story is that this opposition research, w/ Russian involvement, was used to get FISA warrants on Trump and his campaign.

    1. Nick,
      I’ve believed for quite some time that opposition researchIS the one thing controlling the corruption. I expect everyone in a position of power, whether it be inside government, in a position of wealth to influence those in government and policy, or in a position of trust that would be deemed credible in exposing the corruption has a dossier hanging over their heads that influences their actions.

      1. Olly, We are in complete agreement. I think our current AG, Henry Gibson, has a Damocles sword perilously close to his head.

  12. Does anyone think all of these revelations will result in Hillary, et. al. being held accountable? We clearly have two systems of justice in America. I will be interested in the rationales given for why she is found not culpable for her crimes.

  13. And so…? OK, Elias acted as counsel and watched as his client conveyed inaccurate information. Inaccurate information because of that attorney’s own conduct. OK, so where is Turley’s analysis of the lawyer’s ethical and legal conduct? Should not have the lawyer acted to immediately terminate his role in the ongoing matter? What are the consequences of the lawyer’s actions?

    And what if Podesta was knowingly providing inaccurate info and this was known to both Podesta and his lawyer?

    1. Warspite2,..
      In reading about this Elias/Podesta story, I thought about the attorney-client- privilege invoked by Cheryl Mills in the Hillary email investigation.
      And if Elias might try something similar, and if that would be allowed.
      For a good review of the Cheryl Mills/ Hillary story, read “Hillary Clinton’s mind-boggling FBI interview- What was Cheryl Mills doing there?” -by Andrew C. McCarthy
      Sorry I can’t post the link, but you can google it.

    2. I was wondering the same thing…..where’s the issue? The post doesn’t explain why a lawyer would be in trouble for providing innacurate info to a couple of newspaper reporters. I don’t believe a lawyer has a duty of candor towards the press, only towards the court, if I remember correctly. And if his client provided false testimony to Congressional investigators, is the lawyer supposed to speak up and rat out his client? I would think the lawyer should take his client aside and tell him he can’t testify falsely in the future or he (the lawyer) will have to withdraw from representation, but I don’t believe that the lawyer should turn in his client for past false statements.

      1. Tin….,
        – The possible barrier to invoking attorney-client privilege is that BOTH the attorney and client may be witnesses and/ or targets of the investigation.
        It looks like both Elias and Podesta were involved in obtaining opposition research from Russian sources.
        Or at least had knowledge of it.
        It’s similar to the Hillary/ Cheryl Mills situation, where Hillary’s Chief of Staff Miller, involved in the email investigation, is then giving extraordinary leeway as Hillary’s “attorney” to claim attorney-client privilege.
        A somewhat similar situation might be if John Dean had stonewalled ( instead of rolling over) in the Watergate investigation.
        i.e., would he have been allowed to invoke attorney-client ( Nixon) privilege, given that Dean was an early and enthusiastic participant in the Watergate coverup.

  14. These kind of individuals confuse virtue with loyalty; though it could be argued they are incapable virtue and their loyalty only exists to barter for money and power.

    Would he be so willing to abolish the electoral college if the outcome was reversed in that Donald Trump won the popular vote but Hillary Clinton prevailed in the general election? Of course he would not have.

    One has to wonder who is the greater fool, this man or collectively those who enable and support him. Either way the democrats get the leaders they deserve. Unfortunately the government is diminished when persons such as he ascend to power and the rest of us suffer yet know we can’t do anything about it.

    1. Well, it looks like I got my wires crossed between the men in this article and that of the previous article. But I suppose in the end it is of no consequence considering both are cast from the same vainglorious mold.

    2. John Kerry came very close to winning the 2004 election.
      Bush got about 3,000,000 more votes, but a small shift in the Ohio popular vote would have put Kerry over 270.

    3. Darren:
      A little clarification. Loyalty is a virtue if in service to the truth. As with other virtues like courage, wisdom and tenacity, it is a corruption of virtue if done in service to lies and deception or self-interest. And by they way, they are all equal fools given their disdain for merit.

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