Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability At GW Law To Universal Acclaim

IMG_7720As in prior years, Professor Luna Turley (shown here with adoring students) appeared as a visiting scholar yesterday to teach the Torts class on animal liability at GW Law School.  To the chagrin of the assigned professor, she was generally viewed as a significant improvement as she showed the basis for determining domestication or wild characteristics in animals.

Professor Jonathan Turley reacted somewhat defensively to the response to Professor Luna, noting that he remains more published than Luna and he felt that the visiting professor had pandered to the students.  He also noted that at various points Professor Luna appeared to fall asleep in front of the class — conduct reserved to faculty who have attained tenure.  Turley was heard to repeat the warning of W.C. Fields that you should “never work with animals or children.”

Despite these questionable pedagogical (or more appropriately petagogical) techniques, Professor Luna was universally praised as clear, insightful, and engaging.

16 thoughts on “Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability At GW Law To Universal Acclaim”

  1. Unless the gentleman in the windbreaker has a handle on the visiting Professor, Luna also demonstrated the principle of academic freedom by working off-leash.

  2. As a civil trial lawyer for over 35 years ( now, retired ), my dog, Barney, came to the office very day and attended each and every informal and formal activity, including , but not limited to, client conferences, attorney conferences, depositions of parties, witnesses, experts, City, County, State and Federal Officers and meditations … whether representing a party(ies) or as the mediator.

    Without question or reservation, Barney’s presence instilled calm, ease and functionality into activities which embodied more than a little stress and strain.

    More than one Court Reporter and Attorney considered Barney’s presence a significant, if not the determining, factor in creating an efficient and productive process.

    Dogs in general, and Barney in particular, possess the ability to have human beings reach their higher and finer values.

    As for the professor bringing his dog, Luna, to a law school class ( a torts class no less ), I am of the firm conviction the professor must be arrested, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and must serve significant jail time for “animal cruelty.”

    My opinion is based on my own law school experience.

    If others were to have had a different law school experience, I am truly happy for you.

    If the professor were somehow to have performed some “Herculean Task” wherein he did not commit “animal abuse,” to the professor, I apologize abjectly.

    dennis hanna

    1. dennis hanna – is charging JT with animal cruelty, etc for taking the family dog to torts class the same legal theory used to charge the drunk woman with animal cruelty for riding on the highway. 😉

      1. Paul, it depends on whether the drunk woman from Florida cleaned out The Augean Stables the way Herakles did. Or maybe that’s the penalty phase. I’m still not a lawyer.

        1. Diane – if it makes you feel any better, we are all glad you are not a lawyer since we would fear for your clients. Once again we are on the same side. 🙂

          1. Paul said, “Once again we are on the same side.”

            Yes, Paul, I too would prefer to be represented by visiting professor Luna, since it is a fool who has herself for a lawyer.

            1. Diane – Luna barks a good game, but my guess is she is crap is court. You would be better off representing yourself.

  3. I didn’t know that (non-human) animals could be liable for their wrongdoing. Please provide case citations.

  4. Maybe glasses next time, she is beginning to look short-sighted. I am sure she felt bad about up-staging you which is why she took the naps, to give you a chance to shine without her in the way. 😉

  5. Sounds like a really fun class, and glad she got to join (and outperform) you in class today! 🙂

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