Moore Charges As The Alabama Candidate Threatens To Sue Washington Post

DOidoaVU8AAzpNJFormer Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is facing new allegations today from yet another women who says that he pursued her as a young teenage girl. Beverly Young Nelson was 16 when she says that Moore tried to rape her after offering her a car ride home.  Moore says that he does not know Nelson but the yearbook page above contains a personal message from him reading “To a sweeter girl I could not say Merry Christmas” — signed “Roy Moore D.A.” The pattern of allegations from so many women have made Moore’s continuance in the campaign untenable. Not only have GOP senators demanded his withdrawal but some are discussing an expulsion vote if he were to be elected.  In the meantime, Moore is now threatening a lawsuit against the Washington Post for defamation, but the threat is curious in both its sole target and the specific fact being claimed defamatory.  Notably, his wife has now said that she will also sue. There is not however an actual lawsuit at this time and the Moores are unclear on when a complaint will be filed.

As noted yesterday, the accusation against Moore now includes not only numerous women but also colleagues who said that Moore (despite his denials) had a penchant for very young girls.  The most serious was an allegation by Leigh Corfman, who was 14 at the time, and said that Moore undressed her and molested her.
This new allegation is equally serious.  Nelson said that Moore (who was in his 30s and a prosecutor in the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office) offered her a ride after she got off work as a waitress at the Old Hickory House, a restaurant 50 miles northeast of Birmingham.  She said that she knew him from the restaurant and that he would often comment on her looks and pull her red hair.  She says that she was 15 when he started to flirt with her.
Rather than drive her home, she says that Moore drove behind the restaurant and parked near a dumpster where he groped her and tried to force her head onto his crotch. She said that she feared she was about to be raped and that he eventually gave up.  She claims that he said “You’re just a child and I am the District Attorney of Etowah County, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.” She says that she was left with bruises around her neck. 
I previously noted that I often wait to see who sues when clearly someone is lying in a scandal.  Moore and his wife now say that they will sue. However, Moore only cited the allegation involving the 14 year old girl not the other allegations or the accounts of his colleagues.  He also said that he will sue the Washington Post as opposed to these women who he has called liars.  The Washington Post, however, would likely prevail under the New York Times v. Sullivan standard governing public figures.  That case imposes a higher standard for people like Moore that requires him to show that the Post published these accounts with knowledge of their falsity or reckless disregard of the truth. With so many sources, it would be highly unlikely that he could prevail.  If Moore is maintaining that these are lies, the most obvious lawsuit would target the sources.  
One would also expect that Moore would be suing over the allegations of his pursuing young girls, though the allegation involving Corfman involves a potential  crime — a per se category of defamation.  
As I have previously stated, this is a case where litigation could shine from needed light through discovery.  However, this is fast becoming less relevant to Moore’s rapidly worsening position. Mitch McConnell has publicly stated that he believes the women and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declared that there is no reason to doubt the women.  Moore should clearly at this point withdraw and let the lawsuit expose who is lying in this sordid scandal.

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  1. I’m not proud of how this has been handled by the Republican Party! I can’t decide if they don’t want the majority in the Senate or can’t count! Two suggestions. Roy should drop out of the race and ask his voters to write in Luther Strange. President Trump should have TV spots asking that everyone who voted for him vote for Luther Strange. And Strange will need a rally or two. This nonsense about not seating Moore if he wins would be incredibly stupid!

    1. I would like to know what the law is on that, if any knows. Not seating an elected Senator because if unproven allegations, seems as though it could violate not only Moore’s rights, but the rights of the voters to elect the representative of their choosing, warts and all….

  2. This reminds me of another sordid Alabama story, from way back, the so-called Scottsboro Boys case. Essentially, two dirt poor white girls were riding in a boxcar with some white male teens in the early 1930s. Nine young black males borded the train, threw the white males off, and allegedly gang-raped the white girls. The case became a political cause celeb, and people believed who they wanted to believe based on racial ideologies, not facts. Either the black males were violent predators that Southerners legitimately had to keep under control, or they were innocent victims of virulent racists who falsely accused them of horrible crimes for no reason other than racial hatred. Liberal lawyers from New York flocked to Alabama to defend the accused, and defense witnesses admitted on the stand that the lawyers had paid their rent or given them money in exchange for their testimony. One of the young women, Ruby Bates, had been taken to NY, and months later returned with the defense lawyers, wearing expensive new clothes and recanting her accusation. The other woman, Victoria Price, claimed that she had been offered money to recant, but refused it, and to her dying day, then living in Oregon, swore that she had been raped. The generally accepted story, that we all grew up with, is that these black men were innocent victims of Southern racism. But looking into the details reveals a highly questionable, much more complex situation. Like in the Roy Moore case, one has to wonder, where was the Alabama Bar in all of this? Do they not investigate lawyers accused of sexual offenses against minors, or bribing witnesses to change their testimony? Perhaps the Alabama bar is such a good ole boys club that anything goes…..

  3. Any truth to the rumor the city of Birmingham is going to erect a monument to Roy Moore? Nah, but I do recall Natacha recently mocking the Marion Barry story because it was dredging up 27 year old convictions. She apparently doesn’t have a problem though with allegations stemming from events that happened 40 years ago. Moral relativism much?

    1. Moral relativism is nonsense, but it’s a stance on morals (of a sort). Nutchacha has no principles. It’s whatever improvisation she can dream up to justify whatever it is she wants. Progs are like that in our time.

    2. Olly: Marion Barry was elected Mayor, which was an unusual honor in an area where too many black people fail to attain any kind of success in life. Yes, he used drugs and was left office in shame, but he still succeeded in getting elected. That was the reason for potentially erecting a monument: to inspire black youths to set higher goals: maybe you, too, could become a Mayor. Dredging up the old drug conviction was intended as red meat to hard core Trumpsters. It was an old story.

      Why are you making up a story about Moore receiving a monument just to attack me?

      1. The story about Moore was to point out your blatant hypocrisy. You won’t see it. That would require principles that you don’t have.

          1. Not at all. I’ve never met him, haven’t read anything about his career and would have a difficult time picking him out of a lineup. I now know he is the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in the state of Alabama. I have no knowledge of the culture in Alabama that would find him to be the best option for Senator available. In this era where it is abundantly clear ethics are in short supply in D.C., I find it disappointing the state of Alabama would elect someone of Moore’s alleged character for that office. Why? Because knowing how difficult it is to get entrenched, corruption out of D.C., why take this risk of adding more in it.

            Next question.

      2. Being elected mayor in the 1970s in a city that was about 70% black wasn’t any big deal. Pretty much all elected officials in D.C. were black, and there were plenty of big city black mayors in the 60s and 70s. I think that Barry is being recognized for some of the good things he did, such as creating a summer jobs program for youths, through which they can get paid employment in the myriad DC federal and local government offices, as well as allowing young adults to stay in foster care until the age of 21, so long as they are enrolled in college or trade school. One of the fundamental differences between whites and blacks is that the latter are more forgiving, and see people as more complex, acknowledging both the good and bad. White people are more punitive. If you did something wrong, they’re never going to let you forget it, no matter how long ago. Although I’m 100% white, if I were ever accused of a crime, I would want my jurors to be black!

        1. One of the fundamental differences between whites and blacks is that the latter are more forgiving, and see people as more complex, acknowledging both the good and bad. White people are more punitive. If you did something wrong, they’re never going to let you forget it, no matter how long ago.

          Really!? So the entire white privilege, reparations for slavery and destroying of monuments narrative is a concoction by white America?

          Alrighty then.

          1. No, it’s a power play. By black activists who want to show they have the power to force a change, and by white liberals basking in self-righteous condescension as they “help” the poor darkies accomplish something that will have absolutely no impact on improving their lives. And BTW, “reparations” have already been paid. It’s called affirmative action. Perhaps it needs to be called Affirmative Reparations to make it more clear?

        2. Well said: as to jurors, I feel the same way, regardless of whether it was a civil or criminal case.

  4. It’s 2017. A time when we are admonished to respect, admire, condone and recognize the fact that two individuals, of the same sex, can, legally marry and adopt children. A time where children, as young as preschool, are indoctrinated into believing that families consisting of two mommies or two daddies are as sacrosanct and as holy as the marriages and relationships of our dear grandparents. The new normal. A time when we cheer and congratulate a former male Olympic champion for poisoning his system with female hormones, chopping off his penis and posing on the cover of Vanity Fair in a satin bustier. Instead of mandating or demanding mental health assistance for the deranged and damaged, we cheer them on in their lunacy. Encourage the mutilation of their minds and bodies. The new normal. A time when children, who express confusion regarding their sexuality, are injected with hormones and told that they can be whatever gender that they fancy. The new normal. A time when individuals can claim to belong to any race which they admire, regardless of the merit or the truth pertaining to such claims. The new normal.

    Now, we read about those who chased after young girls. Those who, purportedly, found sexual excitement in pursuing younger individuals. Please, someone, explain, how in 2017, given the odd, perverted, bizarre and peculiar things, which we are expected to respect and accept as normal in society, why we are all of a sudden finding our moral backbone in an anything goes environment?

    1. Moral outrage has only survived for when we want to destroy a political opponent. If Roy Moore wanted to marry a dozen 14 y/o girls, not because he’s a perv, ha ha, but because his “religion” conveniently mandates it, JT would be defending him pro bono.

  5. Jon: why are you encouraging Moore and his wife to sue? To intimidate his accusers and perhaps discourage more of them from coming forward? If a suit were filed, do you have any appreciation of the personal fallout? Gloria Allred is no push-over. At the end of the day, Moore’s wife, as well as the husbands and families of the accusers will be hurt and humiliated, not to mention his supporters in Alabama. Moore already makes the entire state look bad. Leave well enough alone. Moore should get his legal advice from his own attorney.

  6. The comments, most notably from those in the GOP controlled congress, I believe carry no weight and Moore will prevail. The GOP congress will then need to answer to the voters of Alabama, not Moore.

  7. It may be that one of the reasons men invented religion was to justify their sexual depravity. If they could claim that a God ordered them to go forth and rape and plunder, then they could easily claim to be following god’s orders to post the 10 commandments, advocate for religion, and rape and plunder at will. Religious followers would find that entirely acceptable and admirable.

    1. Laws and religions reflect the desires of whoever is in power. Mormons and Muslims, both exceptionally patriarchal religions, allow polygamy, but only in the case of men having multiple wives, not women having multiple husbands. In Calif, prior to the 1967 Loving decision, white men were allowed to marry Asian women, but white women were forbidden by law from marrying Asian men.

      1. Mormon doctrine: on earth, both male and female Mormons can and do legally marry more than once, due to death, divorce, etc. In the Mormon afterlife (some might call it a cartoon), male Mormons are “given” to all their earthly wives, but the females are “given” to only their first Mormon husband.

        Bigoted sexism, much?

        Jon Krackhauer’s superb non-fiction book documents a horrific multiple Mormon murder in Utah. In it, he describes Joseph Smith’s violent demise: Joseph’s strange habit was to traverse the countryside, enticing married women to leave their home, children, and family for the greener pastures of Joe’s harem. Finally, the men who’s lives Joe destroyed found Joe imprisoned, for what I can’t recall, possibly bigamy. The men who lost their wife knew that only a well deserved dirt nap could stop Joe from destroying more families. They broke down the jail house door, stole Joseph from the prison, and strung him from a local tree.

        Mormons have not sued Jon, which proves the story’s accuracy. If Jon’s story was false, Mormons would surely and positively sue him for libel. In the Mormon cartoon version of the story, Joe-Joe dies a martyr’s death for Mormonism, not as the perverted family-destroyer that he was.

        1. I read just yesterday that another of Warren Jeff’s children have accused him of molestation. He is the leader of the Fundamentalist Mormon cult that still practices polygamy. He was sentenced to life in prison for forcing under-age girls to marry older men, as their 5th, 7th, 12th or whatever “wives.” Previously, both his son and daughter accused him of molestation. Yesterday, another daughter said he regularly raped her, beginning when she was 11! This guy was supposed to be a revered religious leader, and he had the morals of a stray dog.

          1. Apparently he didn’t have an all black jury. His children should learn a lesson or two from your black culture example. You know, forgive him. See him for the complex man that he is. Acknowledge both the good and bad. Forget that whole rule of law thingy and let bygones be bygones. Right?

            1. Depends on the offense, obviously. Jeffs engaged in a particularly egregious violation of law, lasting decades, that would continue unless he were incarcerated. So yes, he should be incarcerated. On the other hand, my Dad’s cousin robbed a bank with a toy gun when he was 19. He couldn’t find a job and didn’t speak English (he was a recent immigrant from Scandinavia). That was before my time, back in the early 50s. His own family wouldn’t help him, and then they shunned him when he got in trouble. But the black judge had the compassion, that instead of sentencing to a hell-hole, gang infested Calif prison, sent him to a minimum security prison in Minn for six years, where others spoke his language, and he was able to learn English and take correspondence courses in accounting. After being released, he worked as an accountant and eventually became a CPA. He enjoyed a very successful career and family life. I suppose you would rather he have been shunned for life because of one stupid mistake? I believe in compassion and redemption, to the extent possible. It isn’t appropriate in all cases, but when it works, it’s the right thing to do.

  8. It seems like we live in a time where purported victims have all arisen, from their respective comas, at precisely the exact, same moment. Weinstein’s accusers, Moore’s accusers. . .the list goes on and on. . .where have they been for decades? Comatose? No, this isn’t about shaming or blaming victims. Far from it. If, in fact, true, the accusations against these various predators are sickening and repulsive, but there is a reason–and a good, valid and just reason–that that we have constructed a system of laws and rules which pertain to timing and the need to raise legitimate issues in a reasonable time frame. Laws and rules which demand that one bring a case against another in a timely manner or be barred from ever doing so. Laws and rules, for example, which discourage one from sitting on his hands and suddenly deciding to sue his neighbor because he once, decades and decades ago, fell on his property. We operate in a system that demands that we speak up, in a timely manner, or lose our opportunity to address our respective cases or grievances. I view these allegations, dredged up from decades ago, without as much as a peep for all of that time from these alleged victims, in much the same manner. Please, don’t try to convince me that these women have been too terrified, for all of these decades, to raise these issues. I don’t buy it. Not for a second. Something far more sinister is involved in these allegations which demands scrutiny.

    Timing. Yes. Who truly thinks that the fact that there is an election on the horizon and that said tidbit hasn’t fueled this sudden epiphany by all of these poor southern belles? It’s the timing that I find suspicious and the timing which I question. I can understand one individual’s reticence regarding speaking up, but where and how did all of these meek and timid, little creatures suddenly find their respective voices. . .all at precisely the exact, same moment in time? There is something else in play. I’m surprised that someone, like JT, who is supposed to support and defend the rule of law, is so ready and willing to blindly believe these individuals, alleging said wrongs, when he knows nothing about their credibility. Knows nothing about their various backgrounds. Knows nothing about their motives. So very willing to demand that an individual, bow out of a race, when he has had no opportunity to examine the validity of these claims. Careful, JT. All you need to do is to give out some bad semester grades to a few vindictive students in law school–to both female and male students–and all they need to do is to level claims, however unjustified, against you, to destroy your career. Your reputation. Your life. Your name. Would you want the school to drop you, like a hot potato, based solely upon those unsubstantiated claims? That’s what you want Moore to do. To bow out. Leave. Surrender. To do so before these charges have been investigated. Careful what you wish for, JT, when it pertains to others. It could just as easily happen to you, except then you will wonder why you weren’t given the benefit of the doubt. You will wonder why we didn’t question the motives and the timing of your accusers.

    1. Good post, bam bam. Moore might very well be guilty to some degree of bad behavior in his past, but the timing here is stinky suspicious.

    2. Well said Bam Bam. One self-evident truth not captured in the DoI is that man has a sinful nature. This goes for the accused and the accuser. If we are to be truly objective in this debate, we have to have equal curiosity about both sides of the argument. Bastiat does an excellent job articulating how it is in man’s nature to abuse the law:

      The law has gone further than this; it has acted in direct opposition to its own purpose. The law has been used to destroy its own objective: It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.

    3. The statute of limitations only applies to court proceedings. If someone wants to tell his/her story to the press, there is no limitations period. It is up to each reader or viewer of the news story to decide how much, if any, credit to give to such dated claims. I too, am suspicious of the timing, although that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I think a large part of it has to do with the Bill Cosby and Weinstein allegations. Prior to that, accusers such as the Clinton accusers and Anita Hill, were trashed. But now it’s safer to make accusations. Which is both good and bad. Victims should feel free to speak out, but until there are a number of them, enough to show a pattern, people will remain sceptical, especially when, as here, these women didn’t say anything when Moore was elected or appointed to Chief Judge.

      1. I am quite familiar with which the various statutes of limitation apply. I fully realize that it doesn’t prohibit these old, menopausal women from recounting what they claim purportedly occurred in the backseat of some old Chevy ions ago. My point was simple–if one has an allegation of assault, rape or sexual impropriety, then speak up. Don’t be shocked when the rest of us view your decades old revelations with a healthy and abundant dose of skepticism and cynicism. Am I supposed to view these women as heroes of some sort? Heroes, who let these, supposed, monsters and child molesters go unstopped and unpunished for decades? Decades! Decades, where each of these accusers realized, in her own mind, that her silence was a form of tacit acquiesce, which allowed and permitted these alleged criminals to be free, on the streets, to abuse, rape and hurt others? Sorry. The accusers don’t merit or deserve any sort of hero status. Not in my book. If these warriors truly wanted to protect others, to shield the unsuspecting from harm, they would’ve opened their big bazoos before now. Way, way before now. The, i was too scared to say something, is total bs. They wouldn’t have waited before some election, in a politically charged atmosphere, to speak up. Their silence, if, in fact the allegations are true, is tantamount to facilitating any further harm which may have transpired. You don’t get a ribbon for that. They have exhausted their 15 minutes of fame.

        1. “Old, menopausal women?” Wow. You have some real issues. Let’s just discount them because older women have no value and no credibility. Are you Muslim? I believe under Sharia law a man can’t be convicted of rape without three male witnesses to the crime. Because the word of a woman isn’t credible. You seriously need to look into therapy to try to understand your animus towards women. It’s not healthy.

          1. Yep. It’s correct. The truth is often not very pretty. Old, menopausal women who, for whatever their reasons, want some attention. Some recognition. Some excitement in the dull and meaningless lives. Some limelight in what must be boring and uneventful lives. Old, menopausal women who wish to gain notoriety for changing history. For affecting and changing the outcome of an election. The issue is with blind simpletons who can’t see through the charade. The ruse. The sudden acquisition of morals and ethics. . .morals and ethics which should have inspired and prodded these old women to speak up before now in an attempt to protect society from these, allegedly, horrid abusers. Perhaps the word, menopausal, frightens you? News flash–it’s a part of life and it perfectly describes who and what appear to be awakening from their slumber. Awakening to try to destroy the life and reputation of an individual before a heated election with unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations from decades ago. Perhaps you should seek therapy to determine why the word offends you so?

            1. What offends me is your open contempt towards women. This is nothing new. Every time a photo of a woman appears on this blog, you put her under a microscope and criticize her physical appearance. Why? Why do you incessantly analyze and judge other women based on age and physical appearance? It’s just creepy and weird. You don’t do that to men. Yes, these women making the accusations against Roy Moore are older, as the events happened almost 40 years ago. So what? Is one or more of these women “menopausal,” as you say? Is there some reason that is relevant? Should we talk about whether Roy Moore can “get it up” without the assistance of a pill? He’s an older man, at least 10 years older than his accusers, so why don’t you analyze HIS reproductive organs? You obviously have some serious issues with respect to other women. Some guys would just write you off as as petty, jealous, catty b!tch. I’m trying to be a little more understanding, but yeah, it’s kind of pathetic. One can only wonder where the self-hate comes from…..

              1. Speaking of creepy and weird, I suspect that you are one of those old, creepy and weird guys who can’t get it up.

                There. Do you feel better, little fella?

                1. Diane – do women ever become post-menopausal? My wife has been menopausal forever. 🙁

                    1. Diane – they clearly have not met either my wife or sister, who no longer have their periods, but continue to have hot flashes, night sweats, etc. My car is always set at ice box if she is in it. The house is cooler than I would keep it, plus she has a fan, just for her. I thank you for the article, but it does not apply.

                    2. Paul, you asked a clinical question. I gave you a clinical answer from The Cleveland Clinic, no less. If you weren’t interested in a clinical answer to your anecdotal question, then why did you ask the clinical question?

                      P. S. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with environmental controls and creature comforts.

                2. Some defense of menopausal women. Right. Just because some idiot goes off on a tangent, about how all menopausal women have been attacked or denigrated by my comment, without any basis, perhaps you should read the comment which preceded the far-fetched lunacy about allegedly attacking all menopausal women. I described the women as I saw them. Yes. In a PC culture, where we are not supposed to declare what we perceive, in front of our eyes, I had the audacity to call a spade a spade. I had the audacity to claim that Moore’s accusers are all, by now, menopausal women, who are fat, bloated and desperate for their respective moments in the sun. Desperate because the bloom is off the rose. Desperate to feel as though they can impact history. Desperate to add some meaning to their dull and dreary lives. It’s pathetic. If these allegations are, in fact, true, they should hide their heads in shame. Hide their heads in shame for allowing someone, who they declare to be a monster, to go unstopped for decades. To continue abusing and raping others. Yes. That merits disgust.

                  If, on the other hand, these stories are all fabricated and used to for the sole and exclusive purpose of changing the outcome of an election, which, I strongly suspect is the case, that also merits our disgust. A name and a reputation destroyed. A career, destroyed and forever tarnished. A family, no doubt, impacted and reeling from the false accusations. So, yes, I call them as I see them. Menopause is a part of life. Get used to it. The accusers are all bloated, fat, old, menopausal women, whose stories should be regarded with skepticism and disbelief. The same skepticism and disbelief that you would want others to view such stories levied against your husband, decades and decades after the alleged events and timed to coincide with your husband’s election to office. I suspect that calling the accusers, menopausal, would be the nicest thing that you called those who wished to destroy your life and the life of your loved ones. Get a grip.

                  1. bam bam, the concept of relevance is lost on you.

                    If the allegations against Moore are true, then his accuser’s stage of development at the time that they level their allegations against Moore would not make those allegations true.
                    If the allegations against Moore are false, then his accuser’s stage of development at the time that they level their allegations against Moore would not make those allegations false.
                    Either the allegations against Moore are true, or the allegations against Moore are false.
                    Either his accuser’s stage of development at the time that they level their accusations against Moore would not make those allegations true, or his accuser’s stage of development at the time that they level their allegations against Moore would not make those allegations false.

                    Ergo, your observation regarding the stage of development that Moore’s accusers currently are in is completely and totally irrelevant to the truth or falsity of the allegations those women have leveled against Moore. In which case, the very concept of relevance is lost on you bam bam.

                    P. S. Nobody ever said that Roy Moore has a penchant for sexual predation against menopausal or postmenopausal women. But it’s possible that TIN perceived the implication of your comments, bam bam, as being that menopausal and postmenopausal women are somehow not to be believed, either because they are no longer capable of being impregnated [O! Thank heavens] or because they no longer stimulate a state of sexual arousal in bam bam [O! Thank heavens, again].

                    Now go scratch your head some more, bam bam.

            1. I think Spinelli’s on record in opposition to same-sex sock-puppetry. OTOH, I think he’s against opposite-sex sock-puppetry as well. I have no idea what Spinelli’s position might be on closeted sock-puppetry beyond the fact that he’s constantly trying out them so soon as he suspects them. It may be an occupational hazard for Spinelli.

  9. He is “threatening “ to sue the WaPo. I’m “threatening “ to win the Powerball lotto. I wonder which will happen first?

  10. “Alabama GOP Moves Toward Deciding Roy Moore’s Fate Later This Week”

    “Further complicating the situation is the current disarray of the state party, which has been wracked by multiple scandals. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) assumed office just months ago after former Gov. Robert Bentley (R) was forced to resign under an ethics cloud. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the state’s most powerful Republican, can’t get publicly involved because of his current position. Strange is a lame duck after losing to Moore in the primary. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) is the only elder statesman left in the party — and he has little sway and even less trust with the state’s hardline conservatives, who challenged him in a primary just two years ago and were furious he backed Strange over Moore.

    “”Alabama Republican Party Chairwoman Terry Lathan didn’t answer multiple phone calls requesting comment, while party Executive Director Harold Sachs refused to discuss the party’s approach to Moore when reached by TPM. Lathan told Monday that it was “very unlikely” Moore would lose the party’s endorsement.

    “But the state’s smart Republicans know something must be done — even if they don’t want to be the ones to do it.

    ““All those people are elected and they’ve got to look at it. He’s got to make his own decision,” Shelby told TPM when asked what he thought the steering committee should do. “But I tell you, it’s drip by drip, cut by cut. It doesn’t look good.””

    1. anonymous, what are the chances that Doug Jones could become the first Democratic Senator from Alabama sine 1992? There’s a few details in the following CNN report that might be eeksie peeksie:

      In 1997, then-President Bill Clinton named Jones as the United States attorney for the Northern District of Alabama in Birmingham. Five years later in 2002, Jones served as the lead prosecutor in the lawsuit against two of the four Ku Klux Klan members responsible for the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in September 1963. This act of racial violence killed four African-American girls during church services. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had called it “one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.”

      Jones was also involved in the prosecution of Eric Rudolph, whose 1998 attack on a Birmingham abortion clinic killed an off-duty police officer. Rudolph was sentenced in 2005, after Jones left office.

      Jones won the Democratic primary in August, defeating seven other candidates and taking home 63.6% of the vote.

  11. I believe Ms. Young was with Moore in the car. But rape? If he tried to rape her, why would she have had him sign her yearbook? BTW, the age of consent in Alabama is 16. And if Ms. Young does not intend to profit from the alleged incident, why does she need to be represented by the Queen of the Ambulance Chasers?

    1. He signed the yearbook (which he dated and noted the name of the restaurant he claims he never visited and doesn’t know where it is) before the incident. When he was still trying to woo the 16-year-old.

  12. Have there been any allegations from women regarding Moore’s sexual behavior in the last 30, 20, 10 years? Certainly this alleged pedophile didn’t turn off his sexual predator switch. His wife is standing by his side, what does she know about his character that most other people do not?

    1. Here’s another look at Moore’s statements to Hannity as cited by Professor Turley yesterday:

      HANNITY: But you don’t specifically remember having any girlfriend that was in her late teens even at that time?

      MOORE: I don’t remember that and I don’t remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother. And I think in her statement she said that her mother actually encouraged her to go out with me.

      Moore has either wittingly or unwittingly uttered a public statement detailing the circumstances and conditions under which he MIGHT HAVE dated a girl WITH her mother’s permission. Those would also be the circumstances and conditions under which Leigh Corfman’s accusation against Moore MIGHT BE TRUE.

      1. So that’s a no? No accusations against Moore in the last 3 decades? Come on, the guy’s alleged to be a pedophile and not some run-of-the-mill Alabaman living the southern culture of the 70’s. Perhaps he won’t file suit because that would open up discovery into his phone records and computer usage.

        1. If he and his wife do file their defamation suit against WaPo, then Moore is going to have to explain the meaning of his statements to Hannity. Why would Moore not remember the circumstances and conditions under which Leigh Corfman might be telling the truth, unless Moore frequently put himself in those circumstances and conditions?

          P. S. Do you really think that the swinging lifestyles of the 1970’s are viable excuse with Christian conservatives in Alabama? I presume that Moore has some biblical scripture up his sleeve telling him and his voters in Alabama that it’s permissible to covet thy neighbors daughter if thy neighbor grants permission or otherwise encourages that daughter to be so coveted.

          1. My opinion is the accusations and his subsequent responses to questions reflect a character that should never step foot in the Senate or any public office for that matter. That being said, if his character is to be judged, we should be more concerned with his character today and not what it may have been like 40 years ago. He’s made out to be a sexual predator. If that is true, that doesn’t turn itself off. Ultimately, it will be the voters of Alabama that will have to decide if they believe he’s completely innocent, a rehabilitated creep, or another in a long line of swamp creatures they refuse to elect to the Senate.

      2. Ick. That he “dated” girls so young that he thought he needed to Sal their mother’s permission is disgusting! Ewww! Please make him drop out so we don’t have to hear anymore about this! Yuck! 🤢

      1. Ter ber – so when Moore was a molester he would’ve been a Democrat. I don’t see the Democrats mentioning that, wonder why?

        1. Paul –

          It IS peculiar that the left wing of the Property Party doesn’t mention that. It’s also curious why Republicans don’t speak out about Poppy’s alleged affairs or GEE W’s having been grounded/not allowed to pilot planes because he refused to take a Medical exam that he knew would show recent use of Peruvian Marching Powder.

    2. The wife of Republican former Minnesota Senator Larry Craig, he of the “wide stance”, also stood by him, It should be noted that as she “stood by him” neither his right nor left shoe never touched hers as was the case with Craig’s right foot trespassing into the next stall, nudging the shoe of an undercover cop in the men’s public toilet facilities at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International International Airport back in 2007.

      1. Wives “standing by” an accused has absolutely no credibility, in my view. These women generally know their husband is a perv, but they look the other way in order to protect their own lifestyle and financial interests, as well as to protect their children. This is especially true of financially dependent “housewives.” I don’t believe for a second that Jerry Sandusky’s wife didn’t know that he was a homo pedophile and was molesting all those boys they adopted and fostered. Where the wife has her own resources, she is more likely to dump the creep, but even there, she will often wait until after the scandal and fear of lawsuits passes, in order to protect her own and the children’ financial interests.

    3. Olly,

      His wife may suffer from some characters flaws as well. It appears her new Facebook posting of 53 pastors continuing support of Mr. Moore has been…ahem…edited. Yes, they supported him during the primary; some still support him. Others have stated they no longer support Mr. Moore. The ‘new’ posting is not new. It is the old letter newly “edited”.

  13. If Moore and his wife follow through with their intended defamation suit against The Washington Post, then Moore’s statements to Sean Hannity on TV should be admitted into the record at the proceedings for Moore’s defamation suit so that WaPo lawyers can cross-examine Moore on the meaning of his public statements to Hannity.

    Such questions might include: Does Moore remember ever having dated any girl WITH the permission of her mother? Does Moore remember ever having taken the word of any girl for having been encouraged by her mother to go out with Moore? If Moore cannot remember either of those two possibilities, then how is it that Moore told Hannity that he does not remember ever having dated a girl WITHOUT her mother’s permission? And why did Moore tell Hannity that he thinks his accuser’s statement claimed that his accuser’s mother had encouraged her to go out with Moore?

  14. just as concerning to me as the charges of underage sex are the revelations that Moore received almost $1MM from a charity that he founded. Suggests a willingness to sail pretty close to the wind ethically (another Menendez?).

    I am very concerned that the liberal media continues to apply a double standard; turns what should be a public concern into a partisan game.

    1. Which Dem brandishes a gun at speaking engagements, is alleged to have tossed a teenage girl from his car because of her unwillingness to perform oral sex for him while he was a 30+ year old county D.A., and who has been removed from judgeships, with cause, on two occasions?

      One thing is for sure, southern pastors wouldn’t be defending that Dem. if he existed.

    2. Steve –
      Liberal media? Are you saying that WP, NYT et al. are liberal media? They all support wars, illegal invasions, coups, and most false flag operations like 9/11, SHook, LV, Boston marathon etc. And note, those media outlets try to silence anyone that exposes the truth about these. You consider THAT to be the work of liberal media?

      1. billmcwilliams-
        Bezos, owner of WaPo, and Bill Gates live in the state with the most regressive tax system in the nation. The poor pay rates up to 7 times higher than the rich in the state of Washington.
        Gates and the Waltons, who fund the Center for American Progress (CAP was very active in Hillary’s campaign) have spent in excess of $1 bil. to privatize and corporatize America’s most important common good-public schools- Dems and Repubs working together. The privatized, contractor school system that the Waltons and Gates advocate with big bucks, denies voters the right to choose school boards. And, in some states, school assets that were purchased by the community become the property of the business operators. For a clear understanding of the future, think about the Russian oligarchs who ended up with the assets of the Russian people.
        The founder of Netflix’ is partnered in a charter school chain.
        In Nov. 2016, rich guys like Gates spent money to defeat Washington state judges who had rendered verdicts favorable to public schools.
        Using savvy PR to hide the reality, the schools are described with the meaningless term “charter schools” . Following through with advocacy propaganda, Murdoch-funded media belittles public schools as “government schools” and, the Obama admin, with the help of Gates, undermined public schools through federal and state Dept. of Ed.’s.

        1. Linda –

          Thanks for what you wrote – but those same Oligarchs have no intention of stopping after privatizing all schools, prisons, and jails. They also want to privatize Municipal water departments and probably the very air we breathe!

          And if we had a real opposition Political party with some clout, before another Corporate tax cut is even considered, Minimum wages should be increased by the same percentage as any proposed tax rate reduction.

          1. As a CPA, I will tell you, Billy Mac, that our current Federal and state corporate income tax rates make our country very unattractive for global business to operate here. So you want to increase wages in return for a tax rate reduction? Mandatory increased wages will attract more business here? The problem is the cost of doing business here versus elsewhere. Surely you understand that?

            1. Foxtrot,
              Surely you understand that outsourcing is worker exploitation and avoidance of safety and health precautions.

              1. Linda, you seem to have a pocket full of talking points, with no idea if they relate to the thread or not.

              2. Actually, Linda, I understand that outsourcing is a very complex subject, and often resorted to in a last-ditch effort to remain profitable.

                Again I will assert that it would be in our best interest to create a business environment that is competitive with the international playing field. We currently do not have that. And all of your cookie-cutter talking points will not change the facts on the ground.

                1. Foxtrot,
                  In the recently published book, The One Percent Solution, the following research conclusion is stated, “The share of national income that goes to employees rather than investors has reached the lowest point ever recorded.”
                  Without demand, economies do not grow. That future is documented in the unassailable research of economist Thomas Picketty.

            2. Just cause you say it does not make it true; I doubt being a CPA gives you that much insight particularly when filtered through what passes for your brain.

              1. Gee. Not even if I have been a CPA in private industry, as well as one of the Big 4 firms, for over 35 years? And when did you perform a brain scan on me? Is it covered by my insurance?

          2. Years ago, organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council drafted laws that were enacted to force the privatization of municipal water plants. It was a requirement before the plants could receive government assistance for modernization.
            Bill Gates spoke out against raising the minimum wage and against public pensions. IMO, the Dems white washed a man very similar to the Koch’s.

    3. “just as concerning to me as the charges of underage sex are the revelations that Moore received almost $1MM from a charity that he founded.”

      That is concerning. Not following the case, but the guy is a spectacle. We’ll see what falls out of the woodwork. My only argument is, if you preach the high road, you better have taken the high road, or you just set yourself up on a tiny cliff in a windstorm.

  15. As long as he hangs on to his voters, that is the important thing. He seems to have both the Democrats and the Republicans against them at this time.

    1. You’re probably right about that Paul. Moore’s statements to Hannity make more sense as a religious defense of his actions than a legal defense of the same. That religious defense might work well with voters in Alabama. But that same religious defense will not work well in Moore’s defamation suit against WaPo.

  16. Sue the WaPo? Let’s see. The WaPo is owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world.

    Sue the WaPo? Bad idea.

      1. Da yearbook signer has no case. Love all you kiddies, Roy your D. A. Don’t tell or I will prosecute you. Bad bad dude.

  17. Moore can always grow his hair long and design it a la a Trump massive comb over, dye it like Tammy Faye, poof it out like an evangelical preacher, and then drop to his knees and confess, blather, ask forgiveness of the lord and his flock-along with copious donations, and sidle into another time tested southern profession, the evangelical womanizing hypocrite. That’s a good business.

    1. The right wing has replaced false apologies with doubling down, chanting, “boys will be boys”, and belittling their victims. Republicans live the motto that Trump boasted in the campaign, “to the victor go the spoils”.

      1. The right wing is all about male dominance of females, controlling a woman’s body but failing to control their own bodies, claiming that the 2nd Amendment guarantees everyone the right to use at will metal phallic symbols as well as actual phalluses.

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