Moore Charges As The Alabama Candidate Threatens To Sue Washington Post

DOidoaVU8AAzpNJFormer Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is facing new allegations today from yet another women who says that he pursued her as a young teenage girl. Beverly Young Nelson was 16 when she says that Moore tried to rape her after offering her a car ride home.  Moore says that he does not know Nelson but the yearbook page above contains a personal message from him reading “To a sweeter girl I could not say Merry Christmas” — signed “Roy Moore D.A.” The pattern of allegations from so many women have made Moore’s continuance in the campaign untenable. Not only have GOP senators demanded his withdrawal but some are discussing an expulsion vote if he were to be elected.  In the meantime, Moore is now threatening a lawsuit against the Washington Post for defamation, but the threat is curious in both its sole target and the specific fact being claimed defamatory.  Notably, his wife has now said that she will also sue. There is not however an actual lawsuit at this time and the Moores are unclear on when a complaint will be filed.

As noted yesterday, the accusation against Moore now includes not only numerous women but also colleagues who said that Moore (despite his denials) had a penchant for very young girls.  The most serious was an allegation by Leigh Corfman, who was 14 at the time, and said that Moore undressed her and molested her.
This new allegation is equally serious.  Nelson said that Moore (who was in his 30s and a prosecutor in the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office) offered her a ride after she got off work as a waitress at the Old Hickory House, a restaurant 50 miles northeast of Birmingham.  She said that she knew him from the restaurant and that he would often comment on her looks and pull her red hair.  She says that she was 15 when he started to flirt with her.
Rather than drive her home, she says that Moore drove behind the restaurant and parked near a dumpster where he groped her and tried to force her head onto his crotch. She said that she feared she was about to be raped and that he eventually gave up.  She claims that he said “You’re just a child and I am the District Attorney of Etowah County, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.” She says that she was left with bruises around her neck. 
I previously noted that I often wait to see who sues when clearly someone is lying in a scandal.  Moore and his wife now say that they will sue. However, Moore only cited the allegation involving the 14 year old girl not the other allegations or the accounts of his colleagues.  He also said that he will sue the Washington Post as opposed to these women who he has called liars.  The Washington Post, however, would likely prevail under the New York Times v. Sullivan standard governing public figures.  That case imposes a higher standard for people like Moore that requires him to show that the Post published these accounts with knowledge of their falsity or reckless disregard of the truth. With so many sources, it would be highly unlikely that he could prevail.  If Moore is maintaining that these are lies, the most obvious lawsuit would target the sources.  
One would also expect that Moore would be suing over the allegations of his pursuing young girls, though the allegation involving Corfman involves a potential  crime — a per se category of defamation.  
As I have previously stated, this is a case where litigation could shine from needed light through discovery.  However, this is fast becoming less relevant to Moore’s rapidly worsening position. Mitch McConnell has publicly stated that he believes the women and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declared that there is no reason to doubt the women.  Moore should clearly at this point withdraw and let the lawsuit expose who is lying in this sordid scandal.

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  1. I wonder why so many are bringing up Clinton? Did you miss the Access Hollywood tape where the current president bragged about sexually assaulting young women?

  2. If evidence has convicted Judge Roy Moore,

    why hasn’t evidence convicted Hillary Clinton?

          1. David Benson – unless you think being a homosexual is demeaning, then no, it is not demeaning, just based on very strong rumors. David, are you a closet homophobe?

                  1. David Benson – you can’t name it either. Thought you couldn’t. All smoke and no fire.

  3. I frankly wish the accusers had found their conscience sooner than 40 years, and mere weeks before the election. Because of the timing, and the aggressive nature of WaPo pushing them to come forward, I believe this is politically motivated. If their stories are true, then what changed to suddenly make them seek justice now? Why not any of the past elections? Or was Trump’s election enough political motivation to strike back?

    There is still the issue of whether he dated teenagers, and if he did, if they were all of legal age. If they were, then it’s not illegal and his own business. Personally, if he dated anyone between 16 and 18 years of age, that would damn his character in my eyes, regardless of 16 being the age of consent in Alabama. If he tried to rape anyone of any age, or pursued anyone not of age, then that is an issue that the public needs to know about.

    Part of the signature of the yearbook was written by a different hand, and even in a different ink. You can see the “7s” are different on top compared with after the signature. Who has their yearbook signed in December? Did they give them out at the start of the school year back then instead of at the end?

    Maybe he signed it with just his first name, and she added the rest so she’d remember who it was. Maybe she liked him when he was just a customer and let him sign her yearbook, and things went sideways later. Maybe she forged it.

    Again, there are inconsistencies in both his story and hers.

    I’ve said it before, that there is no time. Since there is no time, and more accusers have come forward, I think the most conservative way to deal with this is to have another Republican run while he sorts out his legal issues. If the yearbook was in fact forged, then he can and should sue. However, it is entirely possible that he did sign it, and she just added the rest as a description…trying to copy his handwriting.

    I just don’t think we have enough time to sort out the truth, and the state could flip if this does not get resolved in time. Conversely, if sufficient evidence arises that he would have been charged with a crime if not for the statue of limitations, then it will be too late to find a replacement.

    1. I appreciate your opinion.
      However, my mother was married at 18, and had me at 19 – her husband – my dad- was 15 years older than her – and he started to court when she was very late 17. My grandfather has the same story with my grandmother. I admit I’m from the south – South Philly. I don’t see how anyone can project their 2017 tastes back on 1977 – you wind up stereotyping too many good fathers and husbands. Please reconsider this part of your opinion.


      1. Jacques said to Karen S, “I don’t see how anyone can project their 2017 tastes back on 1977 – you wind up stereotyping too many good fathers and husbands. Please reconsider this part of your opinion.”

        Karen S said, “Personally, if he dated anyone between 16 and 18 years of age, that would damn his character in my eyes, regardless of 16 being the age of consent in Alabama. If he tried to rape anyone of any age, or pursued anyone not of age, then that is an issue that the public needs to know about.”

        One might presume that Karen S might absolve good husbands and fathers who were older than the 16 to 18 year-old girls they had dated before they married them, because they had subsequently married them. Roy Moore did not marry Leigh Corfman nor Beverly Young Nelson. Whence the stereotype alleged in Jacques’ complaint against Karen S cannot shield Roy Moore from the allegations of sexual assault that Corfman and Nelson have leveled against Moore.

        1. you may be correct about Moore specifically but I still see no real evidence to that.

          (1) I said courted – that means dated –

          (2)Karen S did not so qualify her stereotype – why don’t *you* ask Karen if all she meant was that older men who dated legal teens but then did not marry them are “damned character in her sight”?

          (3)As for your point- it makes no sense whatsoever – an older man can date a ‘legal’ teen without winding up marrying the person he dates and still be a good man now can’t he? Things not working out does not a damning character make.

          Karen implied a generalization without the qualification you append – thus stereotyping (the damning the character of) older men dating a ‘legal’ teen. My observation (my own family) is an empirical contradiction to that hasty damning generalization.

          Reconsider your presumption please – it’s not only not Karen’s point, it’s still an attempt at stereotyping based on age gaps and it’s nonsense to boot I might add.

          1. Jacques had previously complained “. . . you wind up stereotyping too many good fathers and husbands.”

            Jacques currently observes that “. . . an older man can date a ‘legal’ teen without winding up marrying the person he dates and still be a good man now can’t he?”

            Jacques, you just moved the goal posts from “good fathers and husbands being stereotyped” to good men who dated a legal teen without marrying them being stereotyped. I believe that technique is technically called equivocation. But most folks know it as bait and switch.

            As for the allegations of sexual assault against Moore, your point about men who date legal teens with or without ever marrying them being stereotyped makes no sense whatsoever, unless you’re truly proffering that observation as a defense against alleged sexual assault.

            1. Let’s try again – Karen made a generalization about older men dating teens and how their characters are damned in her sight.

              The generalization would damn both “many good fathers and husbands” and “good men who dated a legal teen without marrying them” – the generalization is based simply on an older man dating a legal teen. And that net is wide enough to catch both types of men. It’s not a moving of the goal posts – it’s trying to get you to see that the goalposts were already there and quite wide!


              1. Fine then, Jacques. It is possible for good men who are older than the legal teens they date to refrain from sexually assaulting those teens in just such a way as to remain good men for many years thereafter.

                On a related subject, Karen S and Prairie Rose have both advised of the need for expert forensic analysis of the yearbook inscription at issue. Since they are both more sensible than I am, most of the time, I defer to their sound advice.

    1. Many people add information regarding the signatures in their yearbook; who, where, when… Simply to remember. In this case I’d guess ‘Moore DA 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House’ was added as an addition to Roy’s signing.

              1. Thanks, Prairie Rose. The link you provided is, indeed, interesting. Karen S specifically referred to her view on the subject as being through layman’s eyes. And, in any case, I’m more concerned with the unattributed source of the photo Jacques posted. Check the photo in the link I provided downstream.

                1. The photo in the lInk (bottom left) is the one I produce above – just bigger for your viewing pleasure. The source is CNN. I found the larger sized one on the web quite easily. Are you saying that it’s not the quote from the yearbook?? Sheesh.

                    1. let me rephrase that – I did not blow it up – I found a blown up version of the pic that’s all – Thanks!

                    2. Sorry for the misunderstanding about the link from Prairie Rose, Jacques.

                      The link to the CNN photos makes it seem as though the message at issue was written on the inside cover or on one of the first pages in the yearbook. Also, there appear to be many, if not most, of the pages missing from the binding. That would make the yearbook easier to hold up before the cameras. It might also protect the innocent who may also have signed with messages on the missing pages. Maybe I’m over-analyzing.

                  1. What link, Jacques? What bottom left, Jacques? Look at the Lucas Jackson/Reuters photo in the link that provided to “Text of Beverly Young Nelson’s Accusation Against Roy Moore” just downstream from here. Why not try something like that?

                    Where’s your foundation for the question, “Are you saying that it’s not the quote from the yearbook?? Sheesh.” ??? Seriously, Jacques, what are you imagining, now, with that question?

    2. Different “7s” for sure. And the printing of “Olde Hickory House” seems to be in a different hand. Why would he have printed part of a book signing in cursive?

      A forensic handwriting specialist would be able to tell if Moore signed the first part and if the latter part was forged. It is still possible he signed the first part, and she added the last to create some proof for her story. But that’s just armchair conjecture. It needs to be investigated by a professional.

      1. “Olde” is not correct – the actual restaurant was “Old”. Moore was never D.A. He was D.D.A.


        1. There’s one more thing – the word “Moore” is clearly in blue thus it is added – why would she try to mimic his handwriting (of the last name)???

        2. I agree that, even to my layman’s eyes, the latter half of the entry is in a different hand and ink. I also agree that an attempt was made to match Moore’s handwriting for his last name.

          1. I don’t agree with your assumption that it is Moore’s handwriting in either section. If I remember correctly, miss Nelson did not admit to writing or adding anything – please point me to admission – she, I think, insists that Moore wrote all of it – so, imo I think something’s not quite right here.

            1. assumption is the wrong word. sorry. let me rephrase:
              I don’t think it’s been shown that Moore wrote any of it. etc…

          2. Karen S, what chain of custody gets the color photograph into Jacques hands then onto this blawg?

            1. Karen S, check the link and compare the original photo to the one Jacques posted. They appear to be the same Lucas Jackson/Reuters photo, but the version Jacques posted appears to have been been enlarged and cropped and who knows what all else.

              1. The camera angle in the photo Jacques posted is different than the Lucas Jackson photo from Reuters. Jacques needs to clarify the source of the photo he posted.

                1. Better yet, Jacques could provide a link to the source of the photo he posted just the I provided a link to the source of the photo I posted. Why didn’t Jacques do that in the first place?

                  1. Does anybody remember the black/blue v. white/gold dress debacle? Maybe the photo Jacques posted creates an optical illusion of the type found in the black/blue v. white/gold dress debacle.

                    1. Look at the way the color of the ink changes in the photo Jacques posted from the blurry portion at the left of the photo to the focal point at the capital letter R then away from that focal point toward the right of the photo. The yearbook page in the photo appears to be a curved surface rather than a planar surface. That curvature could easily create the optical illusion of a color change that is not present in the ink itself.

        1. An excerpt from Beverly Young Nelson’s statement:

          My husband and I supported Donald Trump for President. This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. It has everything to do with Mr. Moore’s sexual assault when I was a teenager.

          I thought that I was Mr. Moore’s only victim. I would probably have taken what Mr. Moore did to me to my grave, had it not been for the courage of four other women that were willing to speak out about their experiences with Mr. Moore. Their courage has inspired me to overcome my fear.

          Mr. Moore attacked me when I was a child. I did nothing to deserve his sexual attack. I was frightened by his position and his power. I am coming forward to let Mr. Moore know that he no longer has any power over me and I no longer live in fear of him.

          1. Meanwhile, Karen S, Jacques and even Mespo, now, are entertaining the possibility of forged evidence against Roy Moore without Jacques providing a citation or a link to the photo he posted. Compare the unattributed photo that Jacques posted to the one in the link that I provided to “Text of Beverly Young Nelson’s Accusation Against Roy Moore.” Jacques needs to tell us from where he got the photo he posted or just provide us with a link to the source of that photo.

            1. Ink can fade or reflect strangely on different kinds of paper. A forensic handwriting analysis would shed more light on the matter.

              It do not think it is odd that this is at the forefront during his campaign. This happened to others during their campaigns, and, these accusations are happening everywhere anyway–from Hollywood to media establishment leaders, etc.

              Sexual crimes are serious, but so is destroying a person’s reputation for political gain.

              I suspect the guy is guilty, but I’d rather he get fair treatment than media frenzy alone.

              Open secrets like what seem to be surrounding him ought to be investigated (like the open secrets swirling around Weiner, Clinton, Weinstein, Spacey).

              1. Prairie Rose, thanks, again. You may be too sensible for this blawg. Although, Karen S also mentioned the need for forensic analysis. As your previous link pointed out, the photo that Jacques posted, or any other photo for that matter, has no value for forensic analysis. Those analysts want the original document.

                1. Thank you, L4D, for your kind words. I do think, though, that there are plenty of people on here who are all trying to have sensible conversation on difficult topics. There may be disagreement, but a nice percentage of people are, in general, trying to exercise their best reason and judgment from hearts of wisdom and compassion. Karen S is, indeed, one of these people. The quality, diversity, and overall civility of conversation here makes this an enjoyable blawg to read and post on. Glad you’re here, too!

  4. New Angle On The Topic: Women who go after men. Yeah.

    Why do women “doll up”? Why do they put on make up? Why do they flirt?

    The system in America is odd. We have all these females complaining about Moore and forget that they were being there to make him want a little attention

    Give me a break you rattle snakes.

    1. Liberty,
      There will be change when society stops judging women based on appearance.
      Which Fox, female, on-air talent wears no make-up, wears ill-fitting clothes and has a $10 hair cut from Great Clips for her natural-colored hair?

      1. I’d say Shepard Smith, with the exception of having on-air talent, wears no make-up, wears ill-fitting clothes and has a $10 hair cut from Great Clips for her natural-colored hair.

  5. Prof. Turley – Your quote of Moore’s inscription of that yearbook is incomplete. You wrote, “To a sweeter girl I could not say Merry Christmas”; Moore himself inscribed, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas.”

  6. So, Professor Turley, you’re sayinng that Judge Roy Moore is exactly the same personality as Bill Clinton but Roy Moore should be defeated and destroyed while Bill Clinton was and should have been awarded the U.S. presidency?

    A strange world indeed.

    1. Yes, the duplicity and hypocrisy is amazing! I thought people were innocent till proven guilty—but with Republicans, it is Guilty, forever Guilty! Bill Clinton was given a pass. No one cared!

      See what I don’t understand is that Christians give sinners a second chance. Has Moore done these things recently? No. But we are to destroy a man for peccadilloes forty years ago! How many Republicans have ordained and sanctioned abortion? Abortion is a bigger crime, a much more horrible crime than sexual advances—yet, the Republican establishment works with people all the time that are baby killers! Hypocrites. McConnell and Ryan both need to go. They are sanctimonious pieces of globalist hacks. Yes, Moore was cad, in a sense, all men are cads sometimes in their life, some, like Bill Clinton never leave off being a cad. Let me see, John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Clinton, and other Democrats have been fornicators, adulterers and they kept their office and we throw Moore under the bus for something 40 years ago–The Republican Party is a bunch of losers. Has Moore straightened out his life? Yes. But Prof. Turley seeks to move back in time and push today’s Marxist Feminist values into the Old South where morals forty years ago were different.

      1. Peccadillos may describe Clinton’s acceptance of a blow job offered willingly by an adult woman.(George Stephanoupolis has described Lewinsky’s behavior toward other men in the office). The charge against Moore is a 14 year old offered a ride home and then accosted, with him pushing her face into his lap and him leaving the scene with her alone, on the ground in a dark parking lot.

        1. Linda, do you not consider the power differential between a POTUS and an intern to have a bearing on the terms used to describe the behavior?

        2. Linda wrote: “The charge against Moore is a 14 year old offered a ride home and then accosted, with him pushing her face into his lap and him leaving the scene with her alone, on the ground in a dark parking lot.”

          To clarify, Linda, you’ve conflated two different cases. The following article describes the incident with the girl who was 14. (What you’ve described is Beverly Nelson’s account about what allegedly transpired when she was 16, as I recall.)


          She remembers thinking, “I don’t want to do this” and “I need to get out of here.” She says that she got dressed and asked Moore to take her home, and that he did.

          The legal age of consent in Alabama, then and now, is 16. Under Alabama law in 1979, and today, a person who is at least 19 years old who has sexual contact with someone older than 12 and younger than 15 has committed sexual abuse in the second degree. Sexual contact is defined as touching of sexual or intimate parts. The crime is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

          The law then and now also includes a section on enticing a child younger than 16 to enter a home with the purpose of proposing sexual intercourse or fondling of sexual and genital parts. That is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

          In Alabama, the statute of limitations for bringing felony charges involving sexual abuse of a minor in 1979 would have run out three years later, and the time frame for filing a civil complaint would have ended when the alleged victim turned 21, according to Child USA, a nonprofit research and advocacy group at the University of Pennsylvania.

          Corfman never filed a police report or a civil suit.

          She says that after their last encounter, Moore called again, but that she found an excuse to avoid seeing him. She says that at some point during or soon after her meetings with Moore, she told two friends in vague terms that she was seeing an older man.

          Betsy Davis, who remains friendly with Corfman and now lives in Los Angeles, says she clearly remembers Corfman talking about seeing an older man named Roy Moore when they were teenagers. She says Corfman described an encounter in which the older man wore nothing but tight white underwear. She says she was firm with Corfman that seeing someone as old as Moore was out of bounds.

          “I remember talking to her and telling her it’s not a good idea,” Davis says. “Because we were so young.”

          A second friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing her job, has a similar memory of a teenage Corfman telling her about seeing an older man.

          After talking to her friends, Corfman says, she began to feel that she had done something wrong and kept it a secret for years.

          “I felt responsible,” she says. “I felt like I had done something bad. And it kind of set the course for me doing other things that were bad.”

          She says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16. -Washington Post

      2. Moore is a pedophile. Whatever Clinton may be he’s not a pedophile. If some 30 year old man pulled this kind of crap with my 14 year old daughter you can bet I’d never forgive them, no way.

        1. I’m with Prof. Kevin Burgess Jackson who said this: [QUOTE]What’s the big deal about a 32-year-old man courting a 14-year-old girl? My maternal grandmother was 15 years old when she married and 16 years old when she conceived her first child. Her husband was 41 and 42. They had 10 children during the next 20 years. This was normal back then. I’m sure it was normal in Alabama 40 years ago as well. The age of consent in Alabama even today is 16 (with parental consent). Someone said the other day that if Bill Clinton had done his harassing and assaulting today, he’d be vilified, even by his fellow travelers on the left. That’s how much has changed in the past couple of decades. Even more has changed in the past 40 years. I’m sick to death of people imposing their own moral standards on people of the past, whether it’s Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, George Armstrong Custer, Martin Luther King Jr, or Roy Moore. By the way, Moore has denied the accusation. I’m assuming, for the sake of argument, that he did what he’s accused of.[END QUOTE]

          In the old days, some men do take younger wives. Values were different back then.

    2. When Bill Clinton first ran, in 1992, the only affair on record was with Jennifer Flowers. That affair was consensual, Flowers was an adult, and Hillary seemed to be aware of it. So what’s the problem..??

        1. Irangate, Watergate, see how easy it is to deflect; George, i.e. Squeeky, look at the shiny object.

  7. We need to find a way to encourage better qualified and suitable candidates for public office instead of miscreants we are often served by the political parties. Unfortunately, most right minded individuals want nothing to do with such a poisoned and dishonorable mess. For them it isn’t worth the headache, especially when better opportunities exist elsewhere.

    Although for many who have no scruples with underhandedness, who are vainly ambitious, the absence of effective and decent people as political competition percolate into elected office and we are left with the bad apples who the parties shine on the wax and the pesticides to make them appear pretty and to eliminate lesser politicians competing with them for votes.

    1. Mr. Smith, If I may, that is precisely why the Founders severely limited government to security and infrastructure. They reduced the impact of “miscreants” by reducing the dimensions of governance and maximizing the freedom of individuals.

      1. The rise of the U.S. oligarchy and democracy’s replacement via “reduced dimensions of governance”- from the frying pan into the fire.

        1. A fine distinction; the American Founders established a restricted-vote republic, absolutely not a one man, one vote democracy.

          Republic- “…supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote..”

          States generally required voters to be male, European, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

          The “poor” would sell their votes.

          Women were, presumably, busy perpetuating the race and national population and representative government began at home as men cast the undiluted vote for the benefit of his entire family.

      2. I agree fully. One of the problems today is they granted themselves, and we gave away, too much power. I am a firm believer in term limits but for a branch of government to restrict themselves in such a way is impossible given the egotists and elitists prevailing in Congress. Aside from if we actually had fair elections–meaning ones where more than two individuals are permitted as candidates in general elections–we could simply vote them out of office every two terms. However since on the federal level we as citizens are not permitted the initiative vote, the only way for us to cut government overreach is to cut off its source of funding and that only meets with limited success.

        On an individual basis we can punish local governments when they act badly, such as avoiding purchasing goods and services within their boundaries but aside from a few individuals, most populations value bread, circuses, and convenience more than complaining when politicians take an extra 600 dollars a year out of them in property taxes or sales taxes.

        If we look at the example of Catalonia where the Spanish government violently suppressed the vote for independence, then locked up local leaders on trumped up sedition charges, an effective way to engage in civil disobedience is for the citizens and businesses to refuse to pay income taxes or pay any tribute to Spain. If three-hundred-thousand or more did this, the bureaucracy could not effectively enforce tax evasion laws. Catalonia is a net producer of income for Spain and a tax revolt will be very damaging. But like other politicians, tax revenue is the life blood of governments and like a cornered animal it is likely to strike back. But if people simply refuse to comply, it can be more effective than violence.

        1. Darren Smith – I could do with the Roman circuses, if I could tolerate the blood. Probably more of a nautitorium guy myself. 🙂

        2. All freedoms and rights are global and universal unless confiscated by dictatorship.

          The Founders believed freedoms and rights were natural or God-given and they existed before government was established. They observed the Indians with personal property that was moveable and understood that nature/God granted them their right to it. According to that theory all conceivable freedoms and rights are global.

    2. We also need a system where the concepts and edicts of the basic law of our land is including such guarantees as ‘upon probable cause’ and ‘facts’ presented instead of 30 year old hear say presented time after time as the immediate truth with out evidence are taken as something to be acted upon especially when the group is time after time from the one single group whose credo is ‘anything said to support the party is the truth’ and especially from a group who is most famous for supporting victimizers of women both directly and indirectly. Then having the gall to campaign for office as supporters of women, and be supported by such groups as the inaptly named National Organization of (but not for) Women and inlcude in their ranks everything from far left foreign ideologists to aply named Republicans in Name Only.

      Not to mention but I shall do so anyway violaters upon reciting the words their oaths of office.

      So one speaks with no evidence to speak of and a few more of the Brigade of Bimbos chime in but nowhere are the words ‘innocent until proven guilty’ heard or seen but popping knees jerking provide their own form of applause.

      And all in the face one exposed dialect after another as if they were common drunks swerving from curb to curb.

      Even so let’s suppose the charges are accurate to some degree or another what does that have to do crapping on our Constitution using the same, the exact same, tactics listed in our Declaration of Independence as the charges leveled against King George III and many other types of dictatorships since. As for the yellow journalism of the NYT and the WaPo and others they have engaged in the same so much one sees their title and immediately awards what they print or say with disdain and disbelief.

      They are after all the party of the same group pretending to be what they are not and calling for immediate dismissal. such as the Speaker of The House and the leaders of the Senate. Who themselves only the right wing of the left and the cave on command puppy dogs of the far left. .

      Let none call them Constitutionalists nor treat them as centrists in our Constitutional Republic. If they claim to be conservative it’s only under the true meaning of the world – entrenched, dug in, and defending their leftish progressively regressive ways and violations of their oath of office. .

    3. Darren Smith said, “We need to find a way to encourage better qualified and suitable candidates for public office instead of the miscreants we are often served by the political parties.”

      Candidates used to rise through the ranks of a “farm system” (by analogy to MLB) from lower, more local offices to higher, national offices. That still happens, of course, but it happens less frequently than it used to because of the money it takes to purchase TV advertisements broadcast far beyond the local level. So the political parties are spending more money on candidates for higher, national offices than they spend on candidates for lower, local offices.

      Consequently, the re-election of incumbents holding higher, national offices has become more probable than the re-election of incumbents holding lower, local offices. That, in turn, leads to political parties recruiting candidates for all offices, at all levels, who already have some measure of celebrity and name-recognition. Those advantages are harder to acquire from the “farm system” approach than from the “popular culture” approach that is lately gaining greater sway. But the pop-culture approach to retail politicking does not vet candidates anywhere near so well as the farm-system approach does.

      But what about Roy Moore? Isn’t Moore an example of the farm-system approach to politics? No. Moore’s primary opponent, Luther Strange, would be a better example of the farm-system than Moore who gained national notoriety for injecting religion into the state courts of Alabama.

      Then what about Moore’s current opponent, Doug Jones? Who??? A Democratic Senator from Alabama??? The last time that happened was 1992 and Sen. Richard Shelby switched parties to Republican shortly thereafter. But Doug Jones prosecuted Eric Rudolph for killing an off-duty police officer. Jones also participated in the civil rights trial of the Montgomery church bombers who killed four young African-American girls in the early 1960’s. Both of those cases got national press coverage. But the name Doug Jones still draws shoulder-shrugs of “Who???”

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