“Don’t Stop”: Democrats Celebrate Bill Clinton’s 25th Election Anniversary As New Allegations Surface Of Sexual Assault and Harassment

download-1225px-Bill_ClintonYesterday, the Hill posted my column on the hypocritical responses by both Democrats and Republicans to sexual harassment and assault allegations against figures ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Al Franken to Roy Moore.  In the last 24 hours, CBS anchor Charlie Rose and Rep. John Conyers have been added to the list.  However, the most glaring disconnect in the response to such allegations remains Bill Clinton, who was just accused of additional incidents of sexual harassment and assault after his presidency.  Putting aside the veracity of such new claims (which remain based on anonymous sources), Clinton has a long and well-documented history of affairs and allegations ranging from sexual harassment to rape.  However, Democrats gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas to hold an adoring tribute to Clinton on the 25th anniversary of his election as president. The event, headed by James Carville, failed to mention a single allegation of his assaulting women even as Democratic politicians and commentators have begun to acknowledge that these women should have been believed and Clinton held more accountable.  Indeed, opening the Clinton fest with Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” was rather ominous given the allegations of ongoing misconduct.

I will readily admit that, while I voted for Clinton in his first presidential run, I became one of his most vocal critics and testified at the impeachment hearings on why his perjury was clearly an impeachable offense.  However, it remains astonishing to see so many Democrats, particularly women, flocking to Clinton events to heap praise on a man with such disturbing and extensive allegations of the abuse of women, including young girls and interns.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York recently declared publicly that she thought Mr. Clinton should have resigned over his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky.  However, there remains a open hypocrisy in the Clinton crowd of people demanding the withdrawal of Roy Moore while dismissing any allegations against Bill Clinton.  Jean Carter Wilson, a Tennessean who worked in presidential personnel for Mr. Clinton insisted “I think it’s baloney.”

Denise Ryan who lobbies for the Girl Scouts in Washington has the most Clintonesque of responses in saying “It’s good that we’re having this conversation but I don’t think it’s fair to relitigate this on President Clinton again. Enough of that; we did it.”  So we can have the “conversation” but not go over the allegations again?  Of course, there was no conversation at the event, just a celebration of Bill Clinton.  It would seem that someone who represents the Girl Scouts might want to take a strong stand against someone who was shown to have had an affair with a young intern and then trashing “that woman” in false denials in the media.

Likewise, CNN commentator Paul Begala is quoted as brushing aside the allegations by saying that the accusations were heard back in the day “and the country decided they loved Bill Clinton.”

There are new allegations however being reported since Bill Clinton left office.  Attorneys for four women are reportedly preparing lawsuits against the 71-year-old former president.  The allegations reportedly concern trips with one of Clinton’s more sleazy friends.  Clinton has been repeatedly associated with extremely wealthy men accused of maintaining virtual harems of young women and private airplanes with notorious sex parties.  One is billionaire investor Ron Burkle. Women have come forward to say that they were hired in their late teens and subjected to sexual assaults.  Clinton worked for Burkle after being president to generate business and flew around in his private jet, which was given a vulgar nickname due to alleged orgies.

In fairness to Clinton, he has not been able to respond to the allegations and the lawsuit has yet to be filed.  However, there are striking similarities to Clinton’s close association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein whose private jet was dubbed the “Lolita Express,” for its use by Epstein and friends for sex with underage girls.  Clinton reportedly dropped his secret service team for these flights and visits.  His private island is known to have been used for additional sexual escapades and was widely called “Orgy Island.”  Clinton flew repeatedly on the plane to the island. The flight logs simply listed the girls by their first names.

Epstein was given a sweet-heart deal by the Justice Department in 2008 and allowed to simply plead guilty to soliciting sex from underage girls as young as 14. He was then allowed to return to his island.

We now have three current and former presidents accused of sexual misconduct (Trump, Bush, and Clinton).  In addition, we have an expanding list of public figures.  It will be harder for people to maintain willful blindness to those accused on their side of the aisle.

All of this returns us to the love fest in Little Rock.  The complete avoidance of the extensive allegations against Clinton from before, during, and after his presidency is a telling reminder of the hypocrisy of our politics.  Some of the nation’s leading feminists continue to support the Clintons and ignored all of the accounts of these women to help secure power for the Clintons.  Nevertheless, figures like Begala and others will have a difficult challenge in joining the (legitimate) calls for Moore’s withdrawal while remaining conspicuously silent on the torrid record of Bill Clinton.

Why not think about times to come?
And not about the things that you’ve done?
If your life was bad to you
Just think what tomorrow will do

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
It’ll be here better than before
Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone

73 thoughts on ““Don’t Stop”: Democrats Celebrate Bill Clinton’s 25th Election Anniversary As New Allegations Surface Of Sexual Assault and Harassment”

  1. What bothers me the most is that these congressional sexual predators make restitution to the victims courtesy of the tax payers. No financial compensation to the victims is paid by the Assailant. How are they going to feel any pain if we pick up the tab and not them.

  2. It was Clinton’s conduct in office, nevermind his misconduct, which has so thoroughly set this country upon the current wrong course.

      1. Cancelling the EBR-II. The DoE has no research project on fast neutron reactors.

        Admitting the PRC to WTO without adequate safeguards.

        At least he didn’t appoint Clarence Thomas to the supremes, but only because Bush the Elder beat him to it.

  3. There are, among others, two functions that occur which are relevant to this, and are admittedly obvious but I will serve to remind ourselves.

    One: whenever there are those who seek a position or office, there inevitably exist those who have a personal interest in seeing that person forestalled or punished for their petition. Either those directly assert their objections, or are solicited by apparatchiki in the opposition to come forward. The timing of these accusations relating to the election is very suspect, especially given that the accuser waited for years to bring forth the allegation. It is a fact however that those in office often exert undue influence on victims.

    Second, it is a common occurrence especially in regard to sexual harassment and assault where victims might perceive that they will either be not believed or they are the sole accuser and hence be punished for coming forward. After years of abuse by a perpetrator, once one victim does make a credible accusation this is usually followed by others now uninhibited to bring their accusations into the arena.

    These two exist in a dynamic that is not necessarily locked in terms of credibility of the alleged victims. Not all persons who have legitimate grievances came forth for political reasons and not all that have are true victims. It does however give some degree of credence to patterns but it is important to recognize that each accuser should be addressed individually and not aggregated as to their credibility by reason of others’ amalgamating into the same general cause or reason.

    Yet we do know that there exists an often profound difference between courts of law and courts of public opinion and the rules and weights of evidence are as varied as there are voters.

  4. The media and Democrats had zero interest in discussing, let alone believing, any of the Clinton accusers until Hillary Clinton lost the election, and then refused to remove the Clinton Machine from the DNC. Those who blame her for the loss may be finally finding their conscience about Bill Clinton. He is their albatross. Does their late arrival to the condemnation of Bill Clinton, for purely political reasons, matter? Where were they when Bill Clinton had the chance to become First Husband of the White House? Those who celebrated Bill’s anniversary of his election are part of the Clinton Machine, and would support the Clintons come hell or high-water or a videotaped confession.

    The concern over the Uranium One bribery scandal by the Left have been a bit slower to come forth.

    Any allegations of actual sexual assault of course should be investigated, no matter who is the alleged perpetrator or which way they vote.

  5. “Likewise, CNN commentator Paul Begala is quoted as brushing aside the allegations by saying that the accusations were heard back in the day “and the country decided they loved Bill Clinton.”

    Judge Roy Moore is “brushing aside” allegations just like Bill Clinton.

    I’ll see your “touching” and raise you a “rape.”

    Alabama may decide it loves Judge Roy Moore.

    You go, Roy!

    1. Regardless of Roy Moore’s alleged preying on children, a couple months ago he didn’t know what DACA was, and may still not know. While some great scholars may behave inappropriately at times, ignoramuses behaving inappropriately seems worse.

      1. Regardless of Bill Clinton’s felonious 1st degree rape of Juanita Broaddrick, democrats, otherwise known as communists, didn’t know that the entire American welfare state is unconstitutional, as the Constitution limits the authority of Congress to tax only for general Welfare not individual welfare, or “redistribution of wealth,” and the right to private property precludes affirmative action, “Fair Housing” and “Non-Discrimination” law, and may still not know. While some great jurists cum representatives may behave inappropriately at times, ignoramuses, AKA communist, redistributionist, liberal democrats, behaving inappropriately by imposing the dictates and dictatorship of the Communist Manifesto, rather than the freedom of the Constitution, seem exponentially, nay, existentially worse.

        1. If Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Bill Clinton, why did she show up a week later at his fund raising event? Clinton was a serial womanizer, and circumstance indicates that he may be a pedophile, but each incident should be weighed individually.

          I can think of several less than plausible reasons that Broaddrick might have come back to see her alleged rapist, most of them involving revenge, or evidence gathering, or possibly seeking an apology. I believe something untoward happened between Clinton and Broddrick, to her mind, at least. The sex was rough, she felt physically and psychically injured. If the interaction proceeded beyond Broaddrick’s stated objections, it is obviously sexual assault, but this is not what the woman states. And then Broaddrick lied, under oath, at least once.

          Fair is fair. I hope the women do come forward and file claims of pedophilia against Clinton. If their claims are legitimate, I hope that Clinton gets his due. But Ken Starr did an exhaustive, sometimes Gestapo type investigation, and Clinton was not charged with sexual assault. Due process must be the gold standard in any vetting of sexual assault allegations.

  6. Until the democrats accept the Clintons are a liability they will continue to be anchored to scandal and diminished credibility.

    1. Darren,
      I agree. Moore may yet prove to be a liability as well. The difference is while Moore is perceived to be some form of toxic sludge, the Clintons have proven to be radioactive.

        1. There are good reasons Jeb didn’t get the nomination. One of them would be that he would have been destroyed by Clinton, for no other reason than his last name is Bush.

            1. So Senior Jebito and his esposa, Seniora Conchita, wanting to facilitate the “Reconquista” of the American Southwest by “La Raza” and return of “Aztlan” to Ol’ Mehico had no-theen to do weeth eet? How about his hermano’s brilliance in wasting 5,000 American lives and 4+trillion American dollars accomplishing absolutely nothing in Iraq? Like brother, like brother, right? Fact is Jeb is a bigger fraud regarding American constitutional conservatism and the Mexican/Foreign invasion than John McShame or that other Flake in Arizona. President Trump is the commoner compared to the Bush and Clinton royalty which were awaiting the tedious formality of coronation.

    2. How is it that Bill Clinton has become the baseline for sexual escapades? That would require us to ignore; Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, Daniel Webster, James Buchannan, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Wayne Hays, Gary Hart, Edward Kennedy, Charles Robb, Robert Packwood, Bob Barr, Pete Domenici, Strom Thurmond, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Larry Craig, John Edwards, Herman Cain, Dennis Hastert, Tim Murphy, etc., etc., etc.

      The moral outrage about Clinton is highly selective and mostly political. If you are concerned about Clinton and not about any of the others, why is that?

      1. Crickets, I hear crickets. Seems like the facts stumped for a change, very interesting.

      2. The Clinton’s scandals and corruption likely exceed in terms of dollars the aggregate of all the persons you mentioned. Also, just because someone else committed a malfeasance it does not excuse the abuses of office committed by a contemporary. If someone completely independent in a hundred years or so authored a fully truthful and factual account of the damage the Clintons’ corruption in the United States has caused this country and that of others in the world they would be hard pressed to find an equal at least to our time. Surely there are others, Vladimir Putin is likely one of them, but for the topic at hand we are concerned of the U.S.

        I have long stated that we need to replace each current incumbent in Congress and return to reasonable and respectable governance. So in my view for each one that leaves either by defeat at the ballot, arrest, impeachment and conviction, or resignation I am satisfied with that result.

        1. Darren –

          Most well-informed people agree that Putin is the world’s most respected leader.

        2. When you speak in terms of aggregate dollars, are you speaking in terms of the dollars that flowed through the Clinton Foundation for example or the millions wasted by Republicans trying to find him/her guilty of something. Whether it be Vince Foster, Benghazi or Uranium One. If you eliminate all the false stories and stick to the truth, there is nothing proved.
          If you want to see real money associated with scandals. Look at most of the Trump Cabinet. Wilbur Ross has laundered more money through the Bank of Cyprus than ever went through the Clinton Foundation. The Trump Towers (starting with the first in Panama which was “built with cocaine money.” Look at the millions that flowed to Manafort, even his aide was getting millions. Flynn wanted to kidnap a cleric for $15 million. Mnuchin, Pruitt, Zinke, and Perdue. Their conflicts that were known before their confirmations. (I’d mention Price but he’s already gone). DeVos deserves special mention. Back to Donald who was trying to negotiate for Trump Tower Moscow while running for President. Any attempt to disparage Clinton excesses while whitewashing Trump (who did appoint all the others) is bogus.

          1. Whether it be Vince Foster, Benghazi or Uranium One. If you eliminate all the false stories and stick to the truth, there is nothing proved.

            False stories? The Benghazi attack was real. What about the story was true? Or if it’s easier for you, what about the story is false? Same questions regarding Uranium One. That investigation has only just begun. What has been proven to be true and more importantly, what has proven to be false?

            The same standard of scrutiny should apply regarding Trump and everything you claim in your 2nd paragraph. What has been proven? And who is suggesting those in this 2nd paragraph should be whitewashed if proven guilty?

            1. The Benghazi attack was real. I watched Trey Gowdy et.al. embarrass themselves trying to make it about Hillary. You ask “who is suggesting a whitewash?” The same people when discussing Roy Moore that say “Even if true?” The ones that went from saying “There was no collusion” to “collusion is not a crime.” The ones who have ignored the conflicts of interest of most of those in that paragraph while they’ve literally sold out the interests of Americans.

              1. enigma,
                Your opinions drip with partisan politics. You and others that take pleasure watching members of our government dodging accountability for the lives of an ambassador, his aid and two members of the special forces is disgusting. When you measure the conduct of our government through your partisan lens, you undermine the entire system for everyone, including yourself. And no, no amount of eloquence can hide wrong principles.

                1. It was the lens of partisanship that created the need to make Benghazi about Hillary Clinton and not the factors that would keep such an event from happening again. How about looking at the funding Congress denied the Embassies and Outposts for protection?

                  1. At least you’re consistent. The administration including Clinton lied to the American people because they were underfunded. Got it.

                    1. I’m talking about s contributing factor in the attack, we wouldn’t want to concern ourselves with that would we. It’s good to know that I see everything through a partisan lens while you see clearly.

                    2. If the state department does not have the funding to secure a consulate, including its ambassador and staff, you don’t leave the ambassador and staff there. And when you make the moronic decision to not increase security FOR WHATEVER REASON, and the security threat that you were warned about happens, YOU DO NOT lie and blame it on some bull$shit video and then double-down by blaming Congress. It’s called Leadership. Or in this case a a complete lack of it. You defending it as if Obama and Clinton had made some kind of noble decision to arrest and jail someone not responsible for the attack to cover their ass leading up to an election is despicable.

                      What an unprincipled partisan hack.

      3. If you are concerned about Clinton and not about any of the others, why is that?

        That’s a false assumption. The word more in our constitution’s preamble instructs us to always measure our current state against what came before it. Most of those names you mentioned are past tense. They’re conduct is noteworthy in our nations effort toward becoming better at securing rights equally for all. The Bushes are a nearly past tense political family with the exception of the allegations against #41 amid the current sexual harassment climate.The Clinton’s on the other hand are not a past tense family. They are still front and center in the minds of many people. This is why they are relevant in today’s cultural and political debate.

        1. David Vitter retired in 2017, years after his misconduct. What did you have to say about him? The Clinton’s would fade away except for the needs of those to pursue them to the gates of hell, all the while ignoring the current President who is on tape expressing himself quite clearly. Serious question, do you really disbelieve all the women or does it just not matter?

          1. Vitter: Louisiana right? I’m not a voter from that state. If he’s guilty of a crime then get him out of government and lock him up. Clinton’s won’t fade away because they want to be relevant. They should be pursued until they go on their way to hell.

            You mean serious loaded question. Do you still beat your wife? See how that works? Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I believe about these women. The stories sound believable to some extent. But then so do lies when said effectively. Anyway, I’m not a resident of Alabama. I do care about the character of those elected to office. Moore seems to be a sketchy choice. Again, I’m not a resident of Alabama. They’ll have to decide for themselves.

            1. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in that I was asking, “Do you disbelieve all the woman that have come forward with stories about Donald Trump” I believe you are a resident of the US and one that got to decide. Perhaps again in 2020 should he still be in office. T
              Much of the behavior he was accused of was very similar to what we heard him say he did in the tape I’m sure you’ve seen. Actually, my question should be, Do you believe them and him?”

              1. 18 women accusing President Trump of something; I thought the number was higher. Do you want to know how blinded you are by your partisan politics? You are joyful watching Trey Gowdy, et.eal fail to hold anyone accountable for 4 dead Americans during the Benghazi hearings. But you are equally dismayed that we have President Trump in office despite the Gowdy’esqe efforts to unseat him. Why do you bother following a legal blog? It’s certainly not for love of country or the law.

                1. I watched how stupid Gowdy looked in his partisan attempts to blame Clinton for everything. I believe he’s still pursuing it? If you want to focus on something, how about the serviceman LaDavid Johnson who the military wouldn’t let the family view the body and it now turns out they’re still finding his remains. There’s a story we’re not getting the truth about.

                  1. Enigma,
                    I don’t think that the military can forbid a spouse to view the remains of a KIA serviceman.
                    Given the likely condition of Sgt. Johnson’s body, his widow was probly advised to avoid viewing the body.
                    But according to what I have read, the military can not prohibit a viewing if the spouse insists.
                    Keep in mind that her Congresswoman personally knows Mrs. Johnson, Sgt. Johnson’s widow.
                    If there was a conflict, or a misunderstanding re viewing the remains, the widow had recourse, and assets to press her point.
                    I don’t think it’s common for the widow/ family of a decomposed and perhaps mutilated KIA to want a viewing, but there are a lot of unusual circumstances involving Sgt. Johnson’s death and the aftermath.

                    1. The coverage including several direct quotes from the widow said she was not allowed to see the body.

                      “I wanna know why it took them 48 hours to find my husband,” Myeshia Johnson said on “Good Morning America.” “Why couldn’t I see my husband? Every time I asked to see my husband they wouldn’t let me.”

                      Johnson said she was told that her husband is in a “severe wrap” so she cannot see his body, but she thinks she should be able to confirm that her husband is in the casket.

                      “I don’t know nothing — they won’t show me a finger, a hand,” she explained. “I need to see him so I know that’s my husband. … I don’t know what’s in that box — it could be empty for all I know. But I need to see my husband.”

                    2. “Can the military prevent the viewing of a loved one’s remains?”- ABC News, Oct.23,2017-
                      by Luis Martinez

                    3. Enigma,..
                      I know what Mrs. Johnson said.
                      From what I’ve read, Rep.Wilson knew Mrs. Johnson and helped her deal with the loss of her husband.
                      If in fact the military prevented her from any type of viewing, and Mrs.Johnson voived her concerns to Rep. Wilson, it seems likely that the situation could have been resolved with the Congresswoman going to bat for her.
                      At this stage, it may come the point where the body will be disinterred to satisfy Mrs. Johnson’s doouts about the contents of the casket.
                      I don’t know of a precedent for this type of a situation, or the procedures/ forms/ paperwork involved re the final disposition of the KIAs’ remains.
                      If there is not currently a soecific form dealing with a spouse’s agreement to not view the remains, I suppose that will be a formal,written procedure going forward.

  7. Every day we wake up to another set of posts that immediately sets this blog like a gladiator arena. This blog thrives on the battle. Why doesn’t JT put a Thumbs Up/Down option in his blog? Because he is Caesar and it wouldn’t be wise to give away that power. What keeps us so divided on topics that we should easily have common ground? Perhaps we should ask How do you destroy a republic such as ours?

    First, condemn the belief in a power higher than man. Second, deny the existence of natural rights. Third, eliminate moral absolutes. Lastly, instill in the people the belief that human nature is not a constant. That with the right education, wealth and status, one can rise above the huddled masses to help guide civil society away from their failed past and towards a more enlightened future, defined by these progressive elites.

    Of those four, I believe point two has been the most consequential to our current national identity. It’s the one thing that has set us apart from every other nation that ever existed. We can believe in God the Creator or we can believe in nothing. Morality ebbs and flows. Human nature can be perceived as changeable or as a constant throughout history. But when society does not consider any rights as unalienable, then we have regressed to the days where equality and rights were defined by Masters over slaves. We may not ever agree with points 1,3 and 4, but this nation will reach the fourth self-evident truth in the DoI if we continue to deny the existence of natural rights.

    1. Scripture knows nothing of God declaring man’s “natural rights.” If your source for such belief is not Scripture, ignore this post.

      An efficient method to dispose of a friend who denies moral absolutes is to ask, “Are you absolutely sure?”

      1. If your source for such belief is not Scripture, ignore this post.

        I wouldn’t want to ignore it but rather to highlight it. Before I began studying civics I was at best an agnostic. It was through my early days of study that I read Locke and others to understand Natural Law theory. At first I tried to question the validity of the natural rights argument assuming it required a belief in God to fully appreciate the existence of unalienable rights. Eventually I understood I don’t need to believe in God to believe in natural and unalienable rights. Our natural right to life, liberty, property preexists everything else, including a belief in God or a belief in nothing. In a world where people are divided over many things, there are two choices with regard to natural rights; either they are unalienable and equal for all, or they are not. Every evil done in the history of ever has been done under the belief they are not.

  8. This is the perfect sh*t storm to divert attention away from what and inept and hopeless President we have. Tax restructuring that benefits the ultra wealthy, rampant midnight knee-jerk tweeting, lying and nepotism beyond belief, and just playing to the general frustration of the mindless. The Clintons are scum bags, a fact. Franken is a stupid nerd with sexual awkwardness and repressions, a fact. Moore is a predator with decades of practice, a fact. Trump is a sexual predator, groper, etc, a fact. The ego that goes with the level of achievement it takes to either be or believe to be at this level brings a lot of undesirable baggage.

    There should be a purge. However, there are far more serious things going on.

    1. Notice how Rain Man doesn’t call Bill Clinton a “sexual predator.” And, if Rain Man doesn’t think this sexual predatory and harassment isn’t “serious” one has to wonder. This is NOT a partisan problem. This is a MAN problem and men need to hold other men accountable. This stuff is as “serious” as any other issue in our culture.

    2. “Tax restructuring that benefits the ultra wealthy”

      Weird, I’m not ultra wealthy and from what I know, it will help me some and it will hurt the rich from NY.

    3. If Trump is inept and hopeless (not saying I agree), how do you qualify the loser of this election? Rape and sex with under age women (BC) is indeed illegal, at least in the USA.

    4. problems ‘we have?’ You might explain where all these facts are coming from besides copying The Guardian or some such all I see is a foreigner sticking his nose in and meddling in our affairs.and not ONE fact in the whole nine lines. What an inept and hopeless and having been reduced to nothing let’s all be thankful we don’t have to play to the general frustration of the mindless Comrade Issac.

      Say don’t you pay your taxes with loonies? it shows.

      Now some may cry foul ad hominem but as I’ve pointed out ad machina itool and the pernicious effort comes from this posts Programmer. Machines don’t count

      However while you may be correct in some of your s**t storm pandering there has been not one fact. Alledging is not facts in evidence. Suspicion is not probable cause and prejudicial propaganda is not post judice.

  9. Sally Gal, your argument can be all too easily reduced to the following absurdity:

    Expecting men to control their sexual urges tears at our moral fabric. Therefore, women should wear burkas to restrain the wanton desires of men and preserve our moral fabric.

  10. Bill Clinton’s supporters are like the people who still believe that Oswald acted alone, Usama’s boys flew planes into the Twin towers and the steel and glass structures with such force that they collapsed, that what happened at Sandy Hook elementary wasn’t a drill at a building that hadn’t operated as a school since 2008, that dozens of concert attendees were gunned down in LV, and that the Clinton Foundation was a charitable foundation and not a corrupt source of wealth for the Clinton family.

    The public is incurious, unable to THINK critically, and just happy to have the latest I-Phone.

    1. I would suggest that you are the one who can not think critically if you don’t believe planes hit the towers causing their collapse on 9/11.

    2. Both Huxley’s and Orwell’s predictions are now manifest. IMO, Huxley’s predictions are more common than Orwell’s predictions.

      Personal electronics and social media are the modern version of Huxley’s soma.

      I recently re-read 1984, and could hardly stand reading the final outcome of the book.

  11. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/national-govt–politics/how-many-degrees-separation-between-trump-and-sex-offender-epstein/WC1WNrtBC6uc9jCqk4COsL/

    “Mar-a-Lago, the commander-in-chief’s private-club-turned-southern-White-House in Palm Beach, was the backdrop for Epstein’s introduction to one of his dozens of teenage victims, according to court records.

    In a short-lived lawsuit that Trump decried as “categorically false,” a California woman last year sued Trump and Epstein in federal court in New York City, claiming the two business tycoons raped her when she was 13 years old””

    1. SM Mom,…
      The plaintiff was give extraordinary leeway in filing the lawsuit, dropping it, refiling it, etc.
      Maybe Gloria Allred will summon the media and arrange for this alleged victim to appear with her in a press conference.
      How did that last press conference turn out when Allred’s daughter (Lisa Bloom) packed her office with the media to appear with the alleged victim?

  12. This is the height of chutzpah, to celebrate Clinton in the middle of tons of sex scandals including new ones of his own coming out? And let us not forget that Hillary not only stood by her man but tried to destroy the woman he abused.

  13. Why is President Trump omitted from this article? There are at least eighteen allegations of assault against him. Trump is a sitting president and another “friend” of Epstein.

    1. Shhhhhhh……its a secret, JT rolls out the Clintons when he does NOT want any discussions on Trump.

  14. The culture has changed. Women voters loved Bill Clinton despite his history. A majority of women voted for Trump too. But it’s obvious that public men will not be able to get away with it now.

    1. That is incorrect. Fifty four percent of women voted for her. But you are right the culture has changed..

      1. You seriously mean to say 54% of all women voted for that victimizer of women??

        Let’s see if that’s a big deal or not.

        One story had total number of registered voters who9 voted at 28% of the eligible voter pool. It didn’t say how many were women or men or other.

        Another had independents voting as a cohesive group voted against her.

        Sixty percent were divided amongst Johnson, Klein, Trump and Clinton and a few others

        One group voted for everthing except the Prez/Vice-Prez ticket.

        We also know Trump received 55% of the votes and Clinton 45%. Johnson less than 5% and Klein about 2% were not included in the mix as they gained not one single electoral vote.

        Clinton took 20% of the military vote and Trump 80% IN the combat arms units.

        There were a number of other polls and sort of votes but nothing worth mentioning nor that counted.

        I went back and looked up the figures on number of women who actually voted, The latest put that at 33% of the women voting voted for Trump and 46% of the men. Most of these are obviously slanted and leave out enough information to render a reader unable to draw any usable conclusions.

        However the last one done within a few days after electon is most telling. It estimated only 52% of the registered voters actually voted which would account for some very close margins and recounts.
        as time went on some figures tightened, some were redefined and some categories were either not counted at all nor ever recognized as existing.

        Point being all these polls are subject to being wrong never mind those set up to be hacked as in the case of the Clinton DNC Server and some Russian computer geek kid who did not break the law in his/her country.

        There are no standards of evaluation to comprare apples to oranges and oranges to chumps I mean chimps. Even so when the only vote that counted was very close some expected a tie it was still enough to give President Trump a 10% lead

        More importantly this system allowed those of us who voted with the 40% largest faction were able to slip away and plan the next ambush. I have seen not a single article on how a group of individual citizens were able to manage such a feat.

        CIRCLE » Youth Voting – Civic Youth
        According to our initial, post-election estimate, approximately 50% of eligible … Read our Full Analysis of Young Voters in the 2016 General Election … Young people who are registered to vote turn out in high numbers, very … The Youth Vote in 2012 · Voter Turnout Among Young Men and Women in the 2012 Presidential …
        How Millennials voted this election – Brookings Institution
        Nov 21, 2016 – On election day, Hillary Clinton won the youth vote (55 percent) … Among white young adults, 46 percent of males supported Trump, while only 33 percent of females did. … Overall, Trump won one-third of young voters, a greater number … In 2016, young adults were more likely to identify as liberals but …
        [PDF]Gender Differences in Voter Turnout – Center for American Women …
        Jul 20, 2017 – the proportion of eligible male adults who voted (see Figure 1). … the number of male voters in every presidential election since 1964 (see Figure 2). … Series P-20, “Voting and Registration in the Election of November 1964” and subsequent … Number Who Reported. Voting (in millions). 2016. Women. Men.
        Who are the three-quarters of adult Americans who didn’t vote for …
        theguardian.com › US News › US elections 2016
        Jan 18, 2017 – Exit polls in the 2016 presidential election … The Census Bureau asks eligible voters who don’t turn out to vote why they didn’t. … Another reason, “registration problems”, was chosen by about 7% of eligible black voters …. the election that seemed to be one of the few to affect the candidate’s poll numbers.
        Voting Turnout Statistics – Statistic Brain
        Sep 5, 2017 – Voting Statistics and turnout demographics in the United States … 2016 Voter Exit Poll Results, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton … Total number of Americans eligible to vote, 218,959,000 … Total number of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election … Voter Registration by Demographics, Percent.
        Past voter turnout compared with 2016’s potential record-breaking …
        Dec 21, 2016 – The number of voters has increased with the US population, but the … Americans beat one voter turnout record — here’s how 2016 compares with past elections … A woman kneels while waiting in line at an early-voting polling place in Los … of the country’s 232 million eligible voters actually voted this year.
        Nearly half of Americans didn’t vote — not even for Harambe – Mashable
        Nov 9, 2016 – A quick look at turnout data: It seems 2016 was nothing special for the … The latest poll numbers also indicate that Clinton may have just barely … An estimated 25.6 percent of eligible voters named Clinton while 25.5 percent voted for Trump. … Biggest margin for any GOP presidential candidate ever.

        1. )

          You might not be aware, but this website only permits two hyperlinks per comment. I dereferenced the excessive links so that it would post.

          If you wish for the readers to review more than two hyperlinks, you can do so through the use of additional comments.

          1. or just type in the quote such as I did with McClanahan’s book from Regnery Press or, and this is legal, go to google and find the address of the needed material and post that. Although some will complain mightily and one wannabe objectivist site had a habit of blocking those who didn’t agree. Something we don’t see in Turlow’s effort. Besides it’s more fun to use facts, reason, and thinking to convince those not worthy of being in this level of debate to elsewhere perhaps Snowflake U.

  15. Put the Clintons, both of them, in jail: I don’t care. Our attention should be focused on the lunatics presently in power, especially those lunatics who think they have an imaginary friend with tenets that override, or willfully misinterpret, the Constitution.

    1. BUt why are you describing the former President as if he were stil in the Oval Office. Quoting Nine Presidents Who Screwed Up and Four Who Didn’t McClanahan Regnery History 2016 The long history of ignoring and violating the Constitution led to, among others, replacing the Fourth Amendment with portions of the Patriot Act under Bush and allowed Obama to widen this breach of civil rights. You probably remember how it was used to support surveilling without warrants but did you miss the part about replacing ‘probable cause’ with ‘ suspicion of?’

      The lunatics presently in power are getting rid of thousand of the tens of thousands of encroachments and taking on every other area where executive orders supplanted the rule of law and not a moment too late.

      Meanwhile those who support the Imperial Presidency Republican and Democrat alike complain about their century of hard work to subvert a Constitutional Republic with a straight up autocracy being made moot by somthing as simple as sending it the fastest way possible to the THE court and then the results to The Congress insisting they do thier job for once or those edicts will be enforced.

      Since when did a mystical otherworldly subjectivist have the balls to complain about objectivism? So sorry your imaginary friend didn’t get elected but then we didn’t have to call out the military to protect us from your wilfully ignorant and ignoring of our system of Government.

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