Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We begin this day with the Turley Turkey bowl with our neighbors and family.  This is a tradition that has been held for over 50 years. It is an early game with copious amounts of hot chocolate, donuts, and treats. (It was 32 degrees this morning but blue skies). We then follow with my favorite meal of the year with roughly a large assemblage of friends and family. It is hard to imagine a better day (beyond the other Bears prevailing in a towering victory for Monsters of the Midway).

We are starting the day with the 50th annual Turley Turkey bowl. As always, it is the Bears against the Redskins. I am the coach of the Bears and John Rice is the coach of the Redskins. Since John is working abroad with the State Department, his son David will be stepping up as coach this year. The Bears continue to hold a long unbroken record (at least here in McLean), but Rice is an ever-creative coach and has threatened some new and devious plays. No one is currently on the injured player list for the Bears of Virginia and our players as usual will be hyped up on donuts and hot chocolate. Despite the cold and light snow, we will play on.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

UPDATE: The Turkeybowl ended in a 6-6 tie.  Given how the Bears have performed this year, I was happy to take the tie since the McLean Redskins under coach John Rice led into the final quarter.  We then retired to the side of the field for an assortment of donuts, banana bread and other goodies.   It was a great day to play. While chilly, it was a bright and crisp day on the gridiron.


27 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!”

  1. I had a happy Tanksgiving. I telephoned several relatives and friends and emailed some. I had some great conversations. People are in good mood today. Television though is full of promotion for holiday season purchases of goods for Christmas so as to make the sales companies wealthy and wise. That TV stuff today, such as the Macy’s Parade kind of sucks. We need to celebrate turkey day and not eat so many.
    They are nice birds.

  2. Best to you and yours as well. Thankful for your thoughtful insights that help place this crazy world into perspective.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! The only shoveling out here in San Diego will be of the food variety. Santa Ana conditions exist today so pray no wildfires interrupt the festivities.

    1. Rhetorically, what’s Rohrabacher doing this Thanksgiving to prepare for the questions that are headed his way?

  4. We never have to shovel snow in Phoenix. 🙂 And you don’t shovel sunshine, should be in the low 80s today. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Drive carefully, please.

    1. Ditto to one and all from the cool part of the desert. No snow low eighties to cool fifties and five restaurants to coose from offering small plate to full meal deal so…. greetings and Happy Thanksgiving. I ended up inviting some local friends to the USA style turkey fest since they provide me with the USM style on Christmas Day. Cheers to all

  5. Best to you and yours(ours). Naples Fl. Is lovely this time of the year. Stay warm!!

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