London Suspect Accidentally Takes Selfie At Starbucks As He Installed Camera In Bathroom

b0mq2tkut8j7cchptk5rLondon detectives are searching for a man who placed a small camera in a toilet at Starbucks in Vauxhall.  They have one big advantage: the first picture taken by the creep was of himself installing the camera.  

The suspect put the camera behind a crate but appears to have triggered the device on himself.  Beyond a name, you cannot really do much better than a self-photographed installation.

Unfortunately, the camera was working for about 3-4 weeks when it was discovered and the video reviewed.

Anyone who has information on the man pictured is asked to call Brixton CID on 02086492134 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. You can also tweet information to police via @MetCC.


9 thoughts on “London Suspect Accidentally Takes Selfie At Starbucks As He Installed Camera In Bathroom”

  1. He is a dork, he’s a dork! He’s a dork all the way. From his first fart in the morning to his last dying day!

  2. I do not know English law, lived-in-Europe, or care to take the time to research it. In the US, this is about as maximum stupid as you can get. I also do not know how a device is set up to take pictuers. To my thinking, this is maximum stupid. While Mr Camera man introvert may think he is ‘scoring’ some cute twenty four year old waitress that excites him, what happens if it snaps some six year old? Now, you are in a world of hurt. Jared, Subway Guy*, Foogle may have oddles of money to hire hotshot lawyer to buy a softer ride, but you will not. You will be plea bargaining, and you are now a sad-sack with hardcore sex-offender conviction living on a short lease for the rest of your life. Any self respecting criminal is not going to pull off stuff like this.
    *Famous inprisoned ,rich commercial spokesman in the US.

  3. When will certain men channel their sexual desires into legal channels. There are gazillions of pictures of women’s naughty bits (including those urinating) in legal pornography. They have the signed consent forms to prove it. I just do not get the kink. If you are into danger: jump off a bridge with a bunge cord, surf on top of a train, or jump out of the way of moving vehicles. Enjoy the jail cell, jerko.

    1. Actually, I do not agree with that. When you convert your thinking to criminal thinking, you are paranoid at first. The first ten times you do not get caught. THen it becomes your new normal, you get sloppy unless you an ultra disciplined peron. Then you get caught.

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