Time Is Not On His Side: Magazine Contradicts Trump’s Person-of-the-Year Claims

time-poy-cover-trump-today-161206_cbe454aa529a192dd0e276627cd43f31.today-inline-largeTIME Magazine contradicted the assertions of President Donald Trump that he was offered to be Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” but declined the offer. Trump tweeted that “Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year. But I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!” The magazine now claims that the account is false.

President Trump’s representation is quite detailed on there being a call to him, a heads up on his probable selection, a discussion of a photo shoot and interview, and his decision to turn it down.  That is a lot of information and another person (as well as White House staff) involved in the alleged conversation.

However, Time tweeted in response that “The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6.”  Then Alan Murray, chief content officer of Time Inc. directly contradicted the claim that Trump declined after being asked for a possible interview and photo shoot: “Amazing. Not a speck of truth here,” Murray tweeted Friday night.

An unofficial public poll by Time  has Trump tied for third place at 5% of the vote for “Person of the Year.”  Strangely, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is ranked No. 1 with 21% of the vote.

Of course, Sarah Sanders is embroiled in her own “pie-gate” controversy. However, I see no serious basis for the claims that she used a stock photo and she has supplied an affidavit of types from a child.  This is less charming and more worrisome as a story.

The statement of Time is obviously damaging but Trump should be able to, at a minimum, produce call logs showing a call from Time and the identity of the person calling.  At the moment, all we know is that someone is openly lying. If this call was made by anyone associated with Time (and the President has a very specific recollection), this would be a shocking example of a hostile media effort to discredit Trump.  Time has a duty of due diligence to confirm whether a call was made before such a public denial by Murray.  Murray is clearly denying the entirety of the tweet, including the call to Trump. Conversely, if no call was made, the President would appear virtually delusional. Either way, it would be good for the public to know the truth.  While the subject matter may be trivial,  the public misrepresentation is not and it would be good for the public to know whether the media or the President is lying to them.

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  1. Hmmm… con man eh?

    You like you doctor? you can keep your doctor
    You like your plan you can keep your plan
    Benghazi was all about an internet film nothing more
    I cannot do a thing about immigration since that is Congress job

    I could go on, but some people here seem to have very short politically selective memories.

      1. Change? Nope – just reminding you that the left has given us quite a share of destructive con men as well. You seem to not want to remember. Just helping you out before you pick up that stone dearie.

  2. Since Trump has a long and well established record of tweeting out of his ass, I’ll side with Time on this one.

  3. RE: “Strangely, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is ranked No. 1 with 21% of the vote”

    Not strange at all – I stopped subscribing to Time years ago – it is a neo lib / neo con rag – naturally they will seek to humanize the leader of our despotic “ally” — did’t Jared arrange an arms deal with them a few months ago?

    We’ll see if SA is stupid enough to attack Lebanon.

      1. you believe what State says? They have a public and private persona – HRC trained them well during her destructive tenure.

  4. Time Magazine went to Hell in a handbasket. When you go to Hell that way you cannot speak when they start burning you. They do not have the right or the level of credence to be naming “Person Of The Year” or Man or Woman or dog of the year. Cat burglar, maybe.

  5. So the cult leader trump lied? No. That can’t be. trump said he was also nominated for the Nobel prized in literature and medicine but he rejected the nominations because he wasn’t assured of the win. He then rambled on about being nominated for an Oscar for his cameo role in the Bond short ‘Pussy Galore’ but he said it was just locker room talk. He then said he would gladly accept the role offered to him in the remake of ‘From Russia with Love’. trump then spouted that he was nominated for a Grammy for his rendition of Back in the USSR’ but he rejected that award since they wouldn’t let his duet partner Vlad Putin to give his acceptance speech without wearing a shirt. SAD!

  6. Come on, who are you going to believe? Trump, where every word he utters is pure wisdom and truth unparalleled in the history of the universe (by his own admission)? or Time magazine, you know, journalists?

    1. I recently picked up a Time magazine in a doctor’s office. Within a minute, or two at most, I mentally relegated this as hardly more than “privy paper”. Time magazine and journalism is a contradiction in terms on a par with Trump and presidential.

  7. Robert Mueller’s crack team of investigators will be on this really, really important national security story. Well, that is right after they conclude their investigation into the pardon of Drumstick the turkey.

  8. Does anyone still read TIME or care who they picked?

    I think it was in 2005 they put some reflective paper on the cover and said “You” are our person of the year, which is the only person of the year that makes sense in any year. No person is any more significant than any other person, although people are interested in knowing more about a particular person in a particular time frame. This year people are interested in knowing more about Putin and Kim Jong Un as all we get in the media is a steady stream of demonizing which we know is fake news.

  9. This just in from Cloud 9. Someone did call The Donald and report that he was from Time and wanted the interview or information. It might not have been someone from Time Magazine but from Time Warner.
    A stitch in time saves nine. A stitch in jail saves the public.

  10. Off topic but there is an actual account of an Armed Bear in today’s Siberian Times.

    1. We need a topic on the blog about the Framers original intent when they printed the Second Amendment. It was meant to read: “The Right To Arm Bears….” Not: “bear arms”. They were dyslectic.

  11. Why is this narcissistic buffoon thinking he should be Time Man of the Year? I think my dog Fifi has better credentials. For a start, everyone likes her…

    1. Ivankinsman, if you want Fifi to garner more votes than Trump in Time’s “Person of the Year” sweepstakes, you might consider changing her name to Covfefe.

  12. I’m going with NK Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un…The divine man-god.

    Title the issue “Little Rocket Man”!

  13. I strongly suspect the Saudi prince had many friends willing to orchestrate large scale bots to rack up points on the person of the year voting website.

    Being a person of the year is not necessarily a good accolade as measured against some of the despotic person of the year laureates. Often one laureate was acclaimed only to find the next laureate fighting his predecessor. Infamous examples include of despots and reversals include:

    • Adolf Hitler for his Unification efforts of Germanic countries
    • Joseph Stalin for signing the non-aggression pact with Hitler
    • Joseph Stalin (#2) for fighting the Nazis (and millions of his own people)
    • Mohammad Mossadegh, Prime Minister of Iran who nationalized the Oil industry out from the West
    • Dwight Eisenhower, who arranged for the overthrow of Mossadegh in favor of The Shah
    • Ruhollah Khomeini spiritual leader and a catalyst in overthrowing the Shah and taking US hostages
    • The “Hungarian Freedom Fighter” for patriots seeking to oust the Soviet occupiers
    • Nikita Khrushchev who lead the Soviets who suppressed the Hungarian Uprising
    • John Kennedy who rebuffed Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Of course there are several other lesser mentions but you get the picture.

  14. Given the number of people who voted for Trump, you would think his numbers would be higher in the Time’s poll. I am not sure they didn’t call him and use that as a possible carrot to get an interview.

  15. The first Time statement is a non-denial denial.

    And I see no reason to think that Times does not have a phone number of someone’s cell, a Chief of Staff, or anyone but regardless if it’s cell or goes through the switchboard, there is no reason to think there is no record of it.

    However, it’s also likely someone called someone to arrange it, and the interview was part of the arrangement, and so even if it is true, it was distorted and recorded as a call from time to some lower tier Trump official.

    1. Presumption. A Times reporter might have called the White House as part of the effort for some article.

  16. The Donald cannot tell a lie since to do so is to utter an intentional falsehood. That presumes knowing the difference between the true and the false; The Donald does not.

  17. The presumption is The Donald is telling another falsehood since he lives in a fantasy bubble of his own making.

    Or maybe it is inherited from his father.

  18. It’s not an either-or situation, a call could have been made from Time about any other subject, it’s not likely Time has the President’s direct number so there may be a call to the White House switchboard that could have gone to anyone. Turley’s suggestion that there could be proof of Trump’s claim is shallow unless of course, he produces a tape. Not even Trump is that dumb… is he?

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  19. I have no interest in the prattlings of the left wing propaganda rags any more than I do the right wing nonsense nor the entire left right mischaracterizations. There are only two factions. Pro Constitutionalists and anti Constitutionalists. Self Governing independent citizens of our Representative Constitutional Republic or those who are not. Thus I stand as a moderate Centrist and left, right, up, down, back or front mean nothing unless they have some legitimate toe, foot, hand or finger hold on the document that in A Constitutinal Republic IS the center.

    Let the counter revolution continue.

    Besides how ridiculous is ‘person’ when used by the PC crowd? PerSON? Is their a per daughter? I don’t THINK so. .

    1. Closed parentheses said, “Besides how ridiculous is ‘person’ when used by the PC crowd? PerSON? Is their a per daughter? I don’t THINK so.”

      Some etymologists have argued that “person” comes from “persona” which comes from the verb “personare” meaning “to sound through” as in the mask worn by ancient Greek thespians that featured a mouthpiece that amplified the actor’s voice. Whence “person” could easily be construed as “impersonator.” Go figure.

    2. The Republican party promotes oligarchy 100%, via egregious gerrymandering, voter suppression, ALEC- drafted laws, etc. The Democratic party tries to walk a tightrope between its tech titan donors, who want a colonialist society, and working stiffs who go to the polls. (For illustration, read about the recent New America firings).

      Libertarians think that the void created by eliminating government will be filled with freedom instead of rule by the Koch’s, Erik Prince, the Waltons, Adelson, Mercer, corporate executives and owners, etc.

      The grand ambitions of the Waltons are identified at the GenNext website which featured Donald Rumsfeld and Janet Napolitano.

      1. My Dear Linda-

        Obviously you have not attended any schools run by Betsy DeVos. It is always dangerous to speak in generalizations, but your generalizations are closer to the mark than most.

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