Indiana University Reportedly Removes Nurse After Disturbing Tweet

download-3Indiana University Health employee Taiyesha Baker is reportedly out of a job after a tweet from an account named “Night Nurse” was traced to her.  In the tweet, Baker reportedly called for white male children to “be sacrificed to the wolves.” We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here and here and here).  I often come down on the side of free speech, but some cases directly impact the employer and the underlying business or services.  This may be one such case, but it, again, raises the question of what political and social views are protected for employees to express in social media or on their personal time.

The media reported reported the controversy over a tweet reading

 “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves bitch.”

Making things worse is that Baker claimed to work in pediatrics.

What is equally astonishing is that Baker reportedly only received her nursing license on October 30th.

While the university would not say if it fired the nurse, it confirmed that she no longer working at the hospital.  When the tweet came to light, the university issued a statement that “IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee. Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care.”

Obviously, some patients would be likely reluctant to entrust their children with a staff containing openly racist nurses.  Baker could argue that she never identified Indiana Hospital as her employer and made these comments entirely in her private time. It took research to tie the Indiana University to controversy.  The problem is that she expresses a total lack of empathy (if not open animosity) for some of the pediatric patients in her care.  While she may have been engaging in shock hyperbole under the protection of anonymity, the concern over her care being influenced by such racist views was obvious.

What if she did not speak of her nursing job and merely espoused racist views on social media?  Do you think that she should still be fired if tracked down or would you allow her to remain as long as her view did not impact her work as a nurse?



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  1. The very nature of a helpless infant draws out compassion in even the most hard hearted among us. If one were walking past a doorway and saw a 30 year old man sprawled in there, most people would hurry past. But if it were an abandoned infant, I can’t imagine anyone not calling 911 to summon help. The fact that this woman can express such deep hatred for an infant means she is utterly unsuitable to work in any health care profession. Anyone who advocates killing infants isn’t but a step away from justifying cruelty or callousness towards any or all of her patients.

  2. Where was the “judicial warrant” based on probable cause of a past crime to uncover her posted name? Why should the government or a private entity have any business violating her privacy rights in the first place. If she had used her real name and location it might be a different matter.

    1. 1st The Constitution and rights there in deal with the government Only, not private business. In the workplace you have No right to free speech. Next as a business owner with 60 employees, if your off duty words or actions affected My business negatively, discipline or termination would be swift.

    2. Are you just plain stupit, purposely trolling, or both?

      How hard do you think it was to calculate the employer for social media user “Night Nurse?” Do you not realize this woman has an IQ below room temp, and got her degree and job via her skin color and gender?

      Maybe you don’t get it because you agree with her that white babies should be fed to wolves.

  3. “Affirmative Action Privilege” must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege” is unconstitutional discrimination, bias and favoritism.

    Freedom, free enterprise and self-reliance constitute the American thesis.

    Merit is its core.

    People must adapt to the outcome of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege” is dictatorship.

  4. I wanted to add that this is the fruit of the poisoned tree of gender, class, and racial warfare by the hard Fascist Left.

    Where did she get the idea that “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves bitch.”? Why did she think that she would find a receptive audience to such a blatantly racist, bigoted, hateful statement?

    The Left has been telling people for decades that the source of all their problems is the white man. Clearly, there are people naive enough to believe this ploy to pit the classes and the races against each other. Tolerance, getting along, and judging people on the content of their character have never been the goals of the hard Left. They need strife and victimhood so that they can be the savior, for the price of a vote. Preach self reliance and responsibility, and people might improve their situation, have hope, and get along with their neighbors. Find a good scapegoat for the masses to blame, and you’ll rise to power. Class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare are all tools in order to attain power and erode individual rights. Every murderous Communist, Socialist, and Fascist regime used such techniques to create an all powerful government to be unleashed upon their people.

    Many on the Left truly believe that their party stands for peace and tolerance, and they are trying to make the world a better place. This is not an issue of Liberals being evil; rather they are being used. They should take a step back and look at the intolerance in their party line, and the concerted effort to undermine the individual rights protected by our Constitution. Look at the results – self-segregation on college campuses eerily reminiscent of the Democratic Jim Crow South, open and blatant racism against whites, gender discrimination against men, attacks against rape victims of prominent Democrats like Bill Clinton, threats against minorities and women to vote the party line or else suffer racist, misogynistic, and the threat of being ostracized, people driven from employment for being conservatives, the weaponization of our government agencies against conservatives, the polarization of our Supreme Court and justice system, as well as our education system from preschool to grad school. We are watching Fahrenheit 451 play out in reality. All we are missing are the clumsy ballerinas and the anchors who stutter.

    Every single act of intolerance and discrimination is blessed by the Left if it furthers their party. The only reason why the Democratic Party suddenly found their conscience against rapist Bill Clinton and the thoroughly bribed and lawless Hillary Clinton, caught smashing her phones with hammers, is because the Clinton Machine failed to attain the White House. Now, they are a liability, so now, suddenly, they believe victims and the mountain of evidence against Hillary Clinton. This is not conscience. This is political expediency.

    1. Damn KarenS – this is one of your best posts ever IMO! We are watching Fahrenheit 451 play out in reality – one of my fav books — and films. We can only hope there are enough people paying attention so we can preserve the best of Western Civilization

  5. Why is anyone surprised about this??? Here is a picture of Taiyesha Baker:

    First, let’s all notice that Taiyesha is a black woman. In case the ghetto name of “Taiyesha” wasn’t enough of a clue. Why would we be surprised that she thinks white people are bad, and that it is OK to kill them? Doesn’t the Democratic Party constantly tell blacks that white people are to blame for everything bad in their lives? That it isn’t popping out a couple of illegitimate kids with different baby daddies (aka black girl magic) that is the problem, or the near complete black disdain for education that is the problem. Or even the huge numbers of illegal alien cheap labor that the Democrats are ga ga over that cause problems. No, it is White Privilege and the horribly racissst practice of locking up drug dealers and thugs.

    Do we really expect a result that is different from what the Nazis achieved vis a vis their scapegoating of Jews?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. So, we have a bleached, racist hag calling a black woman a racist? “Ghetto name”? Democratic Party telling blacks that whites are to blame for everything? All black women pop out a couple of illegitimate kids with different baby daddies, and blacks have a “disdain for education”? You compare Nazi scapegoating of Jews with your claim that all blacks allegedly blaming all whites for all of their problems? Do you even understand that the huge number of alien cheap laborers are mostly supported by Republicans, especially those in the hotel, restaurant and personal services industries?

      Not only are your stupid generalizations unsupported in fact, it’s obvious that you are the ignorant, uneducated scapegoating person here. I’ve asked before: do you have any higher education at all, whatsoever? If so, from where? What was your major? Your hatred and prejudice against black people is equal to that of Taiyesha. You are just as mentally ill as she is, and it’s the kind of mental illness that is refractory to psychotherapy because it’s a personality disorder. You are both different ends of a spectrum. I just hope you don’t work in any kind of service industry.

      Hey, how’d you like the fat, stupid crotchgrabber in chief taking over a ceremony to honor the Navajo Code Talkers to throw in a racist dig at Elizabeth Warren? I know, you don’t get it.

      1. Not only are your stupid generalizations unsupported in fact, it’s obvious that you are the ignorant, uneducated scapegoating person here.

        One look in the archives and you’ll find Squeeky has supported her generalizations by facts. Another fact you obviously don’t like is she isn’t going to be deterred from speaking exactly what is on her mind. She’s not going to communicate in a way that attenuates the seriousness of the problem. Constantly pointing out the rise in illegitimate births among black women is an uncomfortable truth, but it isn’t racist.

        If there is a mental illness on display in this blog it is routinely displayed by your posts. They are often unhinged and without substance.

        1. OK, Ollie, I’ll take the bait: so, most black women have illegitimate children by multiple different men–correct? How many is “most”, and what study proves this, anyway? The name “Taiyesha” is a “ghetto” name–right? What “ghetto” is she from? I understand she is a graduate of Purdue University, which is in West Lafayette, Indiana. Do they have a ghetto? Was she born in a ghetto? Which one? How does Squeeky know this?

          So every black person who is in a disadvantaged economic situation blames all white people for their plight? Where is the proof of this. I must have missed the Democratic speech about all black people’s problems being ascribable to white people. Which Democrat said this and when? I’ll look it up. Only black women have “illegitimate” birth? Is this true?

          1. Nope, no bait. Everything’s fine within the black community. Family values are tip top. Don’t look at the birth statistics, abortion statistics, violent crime statistics. Those are all fake. There is no racist undercurrent within that community. They love everyone equally. This nurse is just an anomaly. We’re fine, we’re all fine. Now go back to sleep. President Trump will protect you.

            1. I worked with a woman who insisted black girls have children out of wedlock to become a “family”. Black men don’t stay in for the long haul of creating a family (her words, not mine). This all dates back to slavery, as everything black/white does. Families were broken when the males were sold and black mothers were left with raising black children. I’m not aware of any attempts to reunite black families at war’s end.

              The system black women created was those who could find work outside the home shared their pay to provide for nonworking women who raised the children. And cooked, and cleaned, get the picture? The lucky children had grandparents who raised them (mostly because parents didn’t come home). Those without grandparents that cared were left to fend for themselves until they found gangs who became their family. Why did other ethnic groups do better and raised their own? They didn’t get into the system. The Irish, Italian, Asians weren’t welcomed with open arms. In LA, where you will find so many black people unemployed, hate the Koreans. The Koreans came to LA decades after our “system” was implemented. They worked hard, made their kids learn (English and every other thing there was to learn). While the black people in Watts rioted, looted, and cried life was unfair. Our “system” had not provided everything they wanted. They got food stamps, places to live, free college. But the Koreans did better. And guess what businesses were demolished? Koreans. And what businesses got rebuilt and had someone live in the rear with protection of their own? The Koreans!

              The “system” created by Johnson and Democrats (The Great Society) did more harm than good? The ghettos were created and lives were ruined at a faster pace. Millions trying to make that “system” work. Now we have guns taking over cities, classrooms, babies and little children killed by a bullet while watching TV. States refusing compliance of Constitutional law. Ignoring the Federal Government laws. IGNORING FEDERAL LAWS!

          1. mespo – personally I like Fauxahauntas, but there is nothing racist about Pocahontas.

        1. It was intended to be a racial slur–making fun of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American background, implying that she lied about it. Of course, the fat crotchgrabber doesn’t really understand Pocahontas’s contribution to this country. She has more respect than he’ll ever have.

          1. Natacha – without using the internet or other reference sources, tell me where Pocahontas is buried.

          2. Warren’s an Indian like I’m Asian. Tell her to take the DNA test or admit she’s a cynical manipulator of the status of an historically oppressed group for her own personal gain. She’s the reprobate not Trump for calling her on her hypocrisy.

          3. Trump said some stupid things, which probably wasn’t true, but his ego gets the best of him at times. Maybe the ego in diplomacy will work (“maybe he is going to drop a bomb, maybe I should be careful”.

        1. I support the self loathing butt ugly lesbian theory but you may be correct. I think we can all agree on ignorant.

      2. Nutchacha,

        You are in fine form today; busy “fundamentally transforming” America.

        You go, girl!

      3. Right or wrong I assume that you, like me, are Black. Once I get past the name calling I notice you made 2 points. Squeeky was wrong . The lady’s Name had absolutely nothing to do with her views. Using the lady’s name to attack her was a cheap shot. Next you too acknowledged that nurse T’s views were “hateful”. We now have common ground. Good an evil, Right and wrong, do not have a color.

    2. A moment, if you please.

      “Crazy Abe” Lincoln would like to say a few words.

      Go ahead, Abe.

      Uh, hum.

      “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    3. Squeeky,
      Swear, not made up, at least not by me nor my friend. My friend ex-coworker was in code enforcement, next to and close with LEOs, who told him about this ghetto family. The mother loved Jello so much that she named her first son “LeMONjello” and her next son “OrANjello.” Only one guess what were the mom’s two favorite Jello flavors. Hint: not lime nor cherry!

  6. Research former Indiana nurse Orville Lynn Majors: as an LPN, he allegedly euthanized multiple people in an intensive care unit at an Indiana hospital by injecting them with a lethal dose of some medication. With only an LPN diploma, he wasn’t qualified to work in an intensive care unit in the first place. As to Baker: Yes, she has freedom of speech, but no, someone with her extreme views has no business being responsible for the lives of vulnerable patients. Two sine qua nons of being a nurse are empathy and lack of prejudice. She fails both tests. She hates white men, and has stated that they need to die. Her license needs to be revoked. There’s something serious wrong with her, and it’s not a situational stress kind of thing. It’s more along the lines of a personality disorder, which cannot be fixed with psychotherapy. My main question is: how did she get through nursing school without anyone discovering her mental illness? Nowadays, there are “online” schools for nursing, a drastic switch from the educational system for training nurses from prior generations. Being a nurse is more than just passing tests in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. it has also to do with the ability to relate to patients. No online course can teach or assess for the presence of this essential skill. Nurses from past generations learned how to relate to patients from role models. Do away with this and you end up with a nurse Baker. We should all be glad that she got found out before she started killing white baby boys.

    1. Hmmm. . .”My main question is: how did she get through nursing school without anyone discovering her mental illness?”

      Good question. My answer is that our country is sooo chugging full of mentally ill people that it has become difficult to separate the sane from the insane. For example, about half the country went thru some sort of nervous breakdown when Trayvon Martin got popped by George Zimmerman. Why??? Because they believed in some sort of delusional theory that self defense was inapplicable when the attacker is black.

      About half the country is aware that there is a ridiculously high rate of illegitimate births to black women, but will fail to blame that for black poverty, preferring to blame silly things like White Privilege and Mass Incarceration. Why? Because they are little different mentally from people who used to parade thru medieval Europe flagellating themselves.

      Sooo, IMHO, there is sooo much mental illness going on, that people are afraid to call it out, due to the large numbers of maniacs who surround us.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. No, Dum Dum. It’s really not that difficult to separate people like you and Taiyesha from normal people.

    2. Gosh, Natacha. That is the most sane, reasoned post I’ve ever read from you on this blog. Thank you.

    3. Well Natacha – never thought I’d ever agree with you – but your post is spot-on. Especially regarding personality disorders not being fixable. Depending on which one she has she might have been able to pass an evaluation –IF schools even do assessments.

      1. Nursing schools assessed the ability of a student to relate by mentoring them and directly observing how they interact with patients. Someone like Taiyesha couldn’t fake her lack of sympathy the first time a white man has a diarrhea attack all over her new shoes or a white male infant pukes all over her new uniform, or when a white man becomes incontinent in the bed or dumps a cup of coffee right after she made it. Then, there’s the crotchety patients, like the ones Orville Lynn Majors allegedly killed because they annoyed him. It took a nursing supervisor looking at the death statistics for the hospital, and comparing them to the days Majors worked, versus when he wasn’t on duty, to figure out that there was a high probability that some old, crotchety person would likely die when he was on duty. He was an LPN, with only one year of post-high school training, and lacked the basic education and mentoring to work in ICU in the first place. I think that if Taiyesha were really slick and wanted to secretly do away with large numbers of white males, she’d have never posted her true feelings. It’s good that she’s been caught before too much damage was done, but I still wonder what signs were missed. No one with that much hate can cover it up completely.

        1. N – re: “He was an LPN, with only one year of post-high school training, and lacked the basic education and mentoring to work in ICU in the first place”

          Wow – that’s scary – maybe requirements differ state to state? LPNs are cheaper to hire vs RN/BSNs – which may be a factor as well.

          Hospitals trying to shave costs – I notice a lot more PAs and NPs in the medical field.

          1. The Indiana State Board of Nursing revoked his license based on his lack of qualification to work in intensive care. However, HE didn’t assign himself to the ICU. That was the hospital’s fault. They did this to avoid dealing with the merits of the accusation that he was a serial killer. LPNs are cheaper because they are less educated, less skilled. Like anything else, a lot depends on the person, but the lack of training and supervised mentoring can result in problems. NPs are registered nurses with advanced training, who are supposed to be monitored by physicians, but they are allowed to diagnose and prescribe. A PA isn’t a nurse, and is also supposed to work under the supervision of a physician, but they also diagnose and prescribe.

    4. Natacha – I completely agree with your post, with one caveat. How do we know she has not harmed anyone? Perhaps her record should be re-examined. I do not know her work history, or if she ever worked in a hospital setting with anyone who died.

      But I can tell you that if I was friends are related to anyone who died under her care, I would be asking for a police investigation and forensic analysis immediately. What is most frightening is that her wish for violence was upon children.

      1. I suspect that much of the impetus to sack this nurse was preemptory rather than reactionary. There are many other equally qualified nurses to fulfill a position at the hospital and there is no reason to accept the risk a person such as this presents.

        There are degrees for which a person’s subscription to a controversial subject manifests. From a racist point of view someone can just not like Asians but never treats an Asian person any different from another. They recognize they are but understand they have a duty to their patient. That person is almost always benign. Yet one who openly advocates the death of Asians is a significant risk as an employee.

        We have to balance an individual’s free speech rights and more importantly their ability to think as they choose with the employer’s right to be free of drama and costs of miscreant employees.

        1. Darren: how could a hospital allow a nurse to work who is not only racist, but believes that white males need to be killed? Someone could be as racist as possible, saying all kinds of horrible things, but she espoused the view that white males need to be killed. That’s where the line got crossed.

          1. You misunderstood what I wrote. There are degrees for which a person who holds racist beliefs that matter to the job at hand. Someone who holds prejudices is not necessarily one who acts on those but a person who calls for the deaths of others in a public forum like this nurse did is virtue signaling her way toward being justifiably sacked.

            1. but a person who calls for the deaths of others in a public forum like this nurse did is virtue signaling her way toward being justifiably sacked.

              She didn’t ‘call for the death of others’. She made a throwaway remark in genus ‘he was asking for it’. She stated it in a sloppy way. You know perfectly well people say things in sloppy ways. Most of your commenters do that. The thing is, he actually did put himself in harm’s way even though being shot to death wasn’t his just desert.

        2. If you don’t want to be on life support with no improvement expected, be sure to prepare legally. Your signed, notarized wishes should be held by a family member. Suppose all these people asked for death, but denied by not having a living will. We have one for each of us.

  7. Until I spent almost 3 weeks in a hospital I never realized how vulnerable patients are. And while the docs have authority they whiz in and out during their rounds. It is the nurses who perform the most unpleasant tasks and provide comfort. My nurses were great except for one who I forbade to care for me. But many people are afraid to speak up. Given her post – if authentic – this woman lacks the empathy required and could well endanger white patients.

    1. Reminds me of the recent incident where two nurses laughed while a dying vet begged for help. I’m afraid that such callous attitudes are all too common. A caregiver doesn’t have to inject you with a drug to kill you, all they have to do is turn their backs and walk out of the room.

      1. E – FWIW — in my case the nurse was a woman in her late 50s who had gone back to school as nurses make decent salaries. But she was unable to prioritize — afraid of the managing nurse I guess. An annoncement was made summoning floor nurses and she left me with my IV hanging. This was a day after major surgery and I needed the morphine badly and she the rail down as well. Fortunately another nurse quickly responded to my call

        She came back later and explained her situation – actually a nice person — BUT I was compelled to speak up. Nursing is a calling – simply mastering the skills is not enough.

  8. Oh my God, what a frightening Tweet.

    If they retained her, and she hurt or killed someone on the job, especially a child, they would be sued back to primordial glue, and rightfully so. Continuing her employment would drastically harm the reputation of the employer and render the workplace and care facility one of intolerance and danger.

    Such a comment shows extreme hatred, bias, and a wish of violence upon children.

    The highest risk factor for a black man for violence is from another black man, but it would be evil to wish harm upon innocent black children. This woman is frighteningly unbalanced and should not be allowed to set foot upon the university grounds.

    1. If they retained her whenever one of her patients died or took a turn for the worse there’d be destructive suspicion she was somehow behind it. For the rest of her (I hope non-existent) nursing career she’ll be a distraction and lawsuit magnet even if she does her job textbook perfect. I wouldn’t trust her to put a band aid on me.

  9. How could her racist views NOT impact her work when she was dealing with white, male children?

    1. Yes. It’s been fomenting for over a 1/2 century. Manson’s Demons let the cat out of the bag.
      “Are you hep to what the Beatles are saying?” Family member Brooks Poston recalled Manson asking him, as reported in Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter. “Helter Skelter is coming down. The Beatles are telling it like it is.” Watkins said this was around the time, too, that Manson began using the words “helter skelter” to describe an oncoming racial conflict, “and what it meant was the Negros were going to come down and rip the cities all apart. … Before Helter Skelter came along, all Charlie cared about was orgies.” -Rolling Stones Mag.

  10. Lack of effective mental health screening and treatment is often cited after someone commits a heinous crime. Of course there is no way to know for sure, but is this what it looks like when someone is caught before they commit the crime? How should society treat individuals whose only crime is communicating thoughts that would be a crime if actually done?

    This story reminds me of the movie Minority Report. It also reminds me of the No Fly List. Here is an interesting trailer regarding Pre-Crime.

    1. To Olly, as a nurse I strongly believe she should lose her job and permanently lose her license based on a complete mental health assessment. Patients are very vulnerable and it is imperative for nurses to give all patients the highest quality of care. There have been nurses who killed elderly patients “to put them out of their misery.” If a nurse caring for elderly patients told me she hated to see them suffering and would like to see it end, I would immediately remove her/him from the patient care arena and have her/him undergo a very thorough assessment. Patient safety always comes first, cannot risk it. I think this nurse was making very direct, racist threats. She communicated intent to harm.

      1. I agree with you and others that this individual has demonstrated that she is a risk to anyone she believes is not deserving of care. She specifies white boys, but the mere fact she doesn’t see her first duty is to provide everyone equal and compassionate care demonstrates she is a threat to anyone that ends up in her crosshairs.

        Someone in this thread asked how her posts were monitored. It’s highly unlikely someone with this attitude limited expressing her hatred to just Twitter. I expect someone alerted the hospital administrators which led to the discovery of the Tweets.

        What concerns me the most is the challenge of protecting the rights of our citizens from being punished for crimes that were merely thoughts, while at the same time protecting the rights of our citizens when those thoughts turn into action. Character matters, but should we be disqualified solely on the basis we seem to lack the character expected? How should that be measured? Who gets to decide?

        We have an explosion in this country right now where people’s character has been misdiagnosed and they’ve been allowed to do harm. What laws could have been in place or should be in place to protect our citizens? If there is one lesson everyone should take from the news today it is that human nature has never changed and never will. No profession, no political party, no gender, no race, no culture, no ideology, no oaths will compete with the dangers that our human nature can inflict on others. Perhaps an addendum to that is the worst of our human nature is exposed when it’s unrestricted by law.

  11. Modern Miner: you bet! “These are the people who will be taking care of you when you’re old and frail.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

    Better yet: don’t get frail!

  12. How could her views not impact her work as a nurse? Can anyone guarantee she wouldn’t interact with any white patients? At a minimum, she would have to be supervised daily by a more experienced nurse to ensure an adequate standard of care. Unnecessary expense. Firing her is the obvious choice.

  13. This is beyond the pale and she needs to be fired. It is highly racist and dangerous to her white patients. She probably needs to lose her license as well. She needs to be out of any category where she is around people. Maybe a packer for Amazon.

  14. I suspect an interesting story will be how the University came upon the information initially and how quickly she was identified. There exists the possibility the university might have had an agreement with another business that monitors social media of their clients’ employees. I’ve heard talk of these companies’ existence but I’ve never had the impetus to pursue looking in to this. If this is the case it might show quite an over reach by an employer paying a third party to monitor the lives of workers outside their place of employment.

    1. Darren, re “I suspect an interesting story will be how the University came upon the information initially and how quickly she was identified.” I was thinking that as well.

  15. I wouldn’t even let her work as a vet tech at a wolf rescue. No telling what she would feed them.

  16. Besides being fired, please explain to me how the hell the State Licensing Board has not disqualified her permanently from having any professional license required for employment. The subject promoted murder of persons based solely on gender and skin color, two things over which one has zero control. Is her defense that she was “joking?” Very funny, not.

    I presume, and hope I’m correct, that such licenses require one to be law abiding citizens and to not besmirch the trade, which in both cases she failed miserably.

  17. Judging by it’s name her employer was a State of Indiana hospital so she was a state employee. She was recently hired and presumably in her probationary period in which employees can be fired almost at will. Because she was still in easy-to-fire status her employer used simple common sense and axed her. They would have been crazy not to.

    If she had tenured civil service protection the issue would have been more complicated but because of the nature of nursing–especially the need to foster patient confidence–I’m sure a strong case could have been made for firing her or even revoking he nursing license. Even if she performed her nursing duties flawlessly how could any of her patients, especially white males, put any trust in her. The anxiety she’d cause would become an independent medical problem.

    Incidentally I think she’s mistaken about some of the atrocities she claims white males have the HIGHEST propensity to commit.

  18. These are the people who will be taking care of you when you’re old and frail.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

      1. Just like bad cops and doctors, she will just move on to some new area and start again.

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