Allred Admits That Client Wrote Some Of The Words Attributed To Moore In Yearbook

downloadI have been critical of the representation afforded by Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom in past cases, including the rapid calling of press conferences at the height of news cycles.  Most recently I was critical of Allred’s handling of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson, the press conference has not only resulted in her being nationally ridiculed but she was accused of falsifying Moore’s signature on a yearbook.  Allred’s defense of her client on the charge has been so anemic and uncertain that many have taken it as a concession.  Allred’s eagerness to hold press conferences gave Moore exactly what he hoped to find: a basis for challenging the veracity of his accusers.  After numerous evasive interviews that played into Moore’s hand, Allred called another press event and admitted that Nelson did indeed write some of the words attributed to Moore in the yearbook.  Now Moore can go into the final stretch of the election claiming that the victim’s evidence was not what she had claimed.  It would have been better to have admitted this weeks ago, but Allred waited for the Friday before the election to bury her own gross negligence in the news cycle. This does not alter my view that the allegations against Moore are credible and disqualifying (including another witness who came forward this week), but rather than the blunder played into the hands of those who are struggling to ignore the moral hazard that is Roy Moore.


Beverly Young Nelson admitted that she added “notes” beneath Roy Moore’s signature in her high school yearbook. She says that she wrote “12-22-77 Olde Hickory House.”  However, in the press conference with Allred in November, she knowingly misrepresented the facts about Moore writing all of these words.  She stated: “He wrote in my yearbook as follows: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say Merry Christmas, Christmas, 1977, Love, Roy Moore, Olde Hickory House. Roy Moore, DA.'”

Allred sat there and did not say a thing.  She also remained silent about any knowledge during interviews in the days to come — without confirming forgery or denying it. The interviews with Allred were eagerly replayed by Moore supporters.

Either Allred never bothered to confirm that facts before taking her client into a national press conference or she played an active role in a misrepresentation to the media. Either way, she has again failed to meet the minimal standard for professional conduct.  This is ultimately a question of due diligence.  Of course, her client could have lied to her or failed to discuss, but Allred post-press conference conduct further undermined the credibility of both the client and counsel alike.

Moore was delighted and proclaimed today that Nelson is a liar (even though most of the writing remains allegedly Moore’s and the point that was establish a prior relationship).  While Allred says that a handwriting expert found the rest was written by Moore, that is lost in the aftermath of this debacle.  Moore announced: “Now she herself admits to lying.”  Moore campaign attorney Phillip Jauregi was equally jubilant: “What [Nelson and Allred] said [in November] was either a lie or what they said today was a lie, and the voters are going to have to decide.”

Just for the record, if Allred knew that Moore had not written all of the words, it would run afoul of the spirit, if not the text, of the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, in Rule 5-120 on trial publicity. This rule applies to both investigations and litigation and says that an attorney “shall not make an extrajudicial statement that a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication if the member knows or reasonably should know that it will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter.” Such a violation includes a determination that “the extrajudicial statement presents information the member knows is false, deceptive, or the use of which would violate Business and Professions Code section 6068(d).”


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  1. How about slaves you ask? Moore said that was wrong and thankfully corrected, but perhaps those ideas don’t fit into your narrative. He emphasized family and that is important for all races. Family ties were his theme and the lack of them is causing very significant problems for all. If you want to partake in tribal warfare, Autumn, go ahead.

  2. JT: I think some of wouild contribute to your favorite charity if you would cease posting photos of Allred or Hillary.

  3. “I’ve created false images for people all my life,” he told The Times in 2006. “I’m quite happy to make up stories about someone to create an image.” Max Clifford

    “Max Clifford, Publicist and Sex Offender, Dies After Collapse in Prison”


    Max Clifford, once the highest-profile public relations agent in Britain, died on Sunday in a hospital after collapsing in the prison where he was serving an eight-year sentence for sexual offenses against victims as young as 15.

    His death was announced by the Ministry of Justice, and local media outlets reported that Mr. Clifford, 74, had collapsed twice at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire and suffered a heart attack.

    He was found guilty in 2014 of eight indecent assaults on women and girls between 1977 and 1985.

    (And the article continues:)

    “I’ve created false images for people all my life,” he told The Times in 2006. “I’m quite happy to make up stories about someone to create an image.” -end of excerpts

      1. That’s right, allegedly molested. After all the yearbook evidence was tampered with and the woman who you and others said was truthful lied. She has admitted to forgery.

          1. “She would have used the same color of ink, if she’d been trying to hide anything.”

            Dummy, do you think she still has the same pen? The woman is not the smartest crayon in the box. That must explain your affinity to her. To you she is a genius.

          2. anonymous – both Nelson and Allred said that Roy Moore wrote the whole thing. Some apologists where putting down the ink change to the camera angle. Now it turns out it was the pen of the forger. And I use that term having read the CA statute on forgery. She is also a liar as is Allred. At this point, I would not even assume it was her original yearbook.

            1. Did not realize the CA statutes were available in coloring book form. Your reading of them combined with your ability to discern means gobblygook.

              1. YNOT – the CA statutes are available in coloring book form if you need them, contact the Sec. of State for your copy. I got them off the internet. The internet can be your friend if you don’t rely on MSM for your news. I could probably get the pertinent case law sent to me if necessary, but I think Allred is already at risk after reading the statute and listening to her original news conference.

          3. anonymous – if she hadn’t been trying to hide something, she would have been truthful in her original press conference and we would have had a nothing-burger. Now, both she and Allred are forgers.

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