Chicago Court Gives Woman Just Four Months Probation For Her Role In The Torture Of Disabled Man On Social Media


It was one of the most disturbing crimes in recent memory in Chicago.  A white mentally disabled man was tortured live on Facebook by a group of African American attackers shouting racist epithets.  We discussed the case as a possible hate crime.  Charges were brought against David Rahman, 20, and Eli Smith, 20, and Elizabeth Haela, 17. The men are accused of dragging the 23-year-old victim around the house, punching him, kicking him, burning him with a lighter and sexually assaulting him. They were charged with rape, kidnapping and multiple counts of assault and battery.  Haela was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for kicking the victim. She has now been sentenced to only probation for four years.

Brittany Covington, 19, entered a plea for her role in narrating the film for hate crimes. Probation for her role in torturing and beating a disabled man and posting the attack for entertainment. Covington was also given probation.  The result in the case should lead to a serious review of the prosecutors and process leading to such a light level of punishment for a heinous offense.

The judge ordered Covington not to use social media for four years – hardly an impressive penalty for a torture case.   Notably, it was Hill who allegedly called the victim’s mother and asked for $300 in ransom for his return.  I view this low  level of punishment is truly shocking.

What do you think?

58 thoughts on “Chicago Court Gives Woman Just Four Months Probation For Her Role In The Torture Of Disabled Man On Social Media”

  1. PROBATION??? Sends a message that it’s OK to kidnap another person and do whatever you damn well please to that person with no significant punishment. Might as well tell this CREEP that she is grounded. That’s about all the affect it will have on her. Good move Judge “whatever your name is”…. Don’t use social media? Ha! That’s a joke… how do you monitor THAT??? This whole sentence is a JOKE.

  2. Sounds okay. Four years of living in a fish bowl (in addition to the year behind bars) isn’t exactly gonna be pleasant.

    I’ll pretty much always favor parole for young, first-time offenders, because they have a much greater chance of rehabilitating themselves. If she is a continuing danger to society, there’s no way she’ll make it that long without a serious violation.

    Additionally, I strongly prefer she is able to work toward paying any damage awards that arise.

  3. Reverse the races in this situation and I wonder if the perps would receive a probated sentence? Won’t hold my breath wondering too long.

  4. Once again, headline states months while text reads years. Which is it?

    Also, text leaves out that the perp had already been a year in the lockup.

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