Chicago Court Gives Woman Just Four Months Probation For Her Role In The Torture Of Disabled Man On Social Media


It was one of the most disturbing crimes in recent memory in Chicago.  A white mentally disabled man was tortured live on Facebook by a group of African American attackers shouting racist epithets.  We discussed the case as a possible hate crime.  Charges were brought against David Rahman, 20, and Eli Smith, 20, and Elizabeth Haela, 17. The men are accused of dragging the 23-year-old victim around the house, punching him, kicking him, burning him with a lighter and sexually assaulting him. They were charged with rape, kidnapping and multiple counts of assault and battery.  Haela was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for kicking the victim. She has now been sentenced to only probation for four years.

Brittany Covington, 19, entered a plea for her role in narrating the film for hate crimes. Probation for her role in torturing and beating a disabled man and posting the attack for entertainment. Covington was also given probation.  The result in the case should lead to a serious review of the prosecutors and process leading to such a light level of punishment for a heinous offense.

The judge ordered Covington not to use social media for four years – hardly an impressive penalty for a torture case.   Notably, it was Hill who allegedly called the victim’s mother and asked for $300 in ransom for his return.  I view this low  level of punishment is truly shocking.

What do you think?

58 thoughts on “Chicago Court Gives Woman Just Four Months Probation For Her Role In The Torture Of Disabled Man On Social Media”

  1. The Doomsday clock for the end of the Republic is ticking down faster than ever now.

  2. I am so heartbroken for what that young man went through at the hands of his rapists and tormentors. His attackers are a blight on humanity, and this was a miscarriage of justice. Was it deliberate? Politicized? Weaponization of the justice system? It needs to be investigated, but there will not be the political will to clean house.

    There are too many people in Chicago that still fall for the whole “vote for me and government will make your life bliss” gimmick. And it is a gimmick to get votes while their policies create third world country hell holes. An example is their attack on cops and proactive policing, the abandonment of proactive policing, and the surge in murders. Cause. Effect.

    In my own deep blue state of CA, an example of extremist Left policies is the pro-homeless policy. When homeless encampments move in, it is now considered inhumane to prevent anyone from living on the street. So they how put up port a potties, and they have a number you can call to periodically clean the vomit, dirty needles, and diarrhea off the sidewalk in front of your business. When they leaf blow in some parts of LA county, you can clearly smell feces. The poop of the homeless is now incorporated into the dirt in many parts of the city, long after they move on. That’s how you get hepatitis outbreaks. Leftist policies create medieval hygiene in our cities, so we get medieval levels of illness caused by poor hygiene. That’s a euphemism for saying that viruses and bacteria from human feces contaminate the environment and food, and then people get sick. “Poor hygiene” really pretties it up, doesn’t it? My tone towards the really hard Left has become increasingly frustrated as they create third world pockets in our country, destroy jobs, drive employers out of business, favor criminals over the law abiding, favor non citizens over the citizens they are paid to represent, harass conservatives, try to erode one Constitutional right after another, including the most basic right of free speech, because they want to create an all powerful government and a weak individual, Obamacare putting healthcare out of the reach of the middle class…So many policies cause real and lasting harm. My perception is that the Liberals are really trying to create another North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba – all the places where socialism led to starvation and despotism under the guise of fairness. They have weaponized the FBI, IRS, NSA, EPA, DOJ, DOE, and most of the media against conservatives, as well as turned education from preschool to grad school into Left madrassas.

    It’s a slow coup without a shot.

    If you don’t want to riot over toilet paper shortages, or go to the free hospital to find that the only “medicine” they can prescribe is a plastic water bottle, then learn about civics, world history, and how unique and glorious it is to have the most robust individual rights in the planet. There are plenty of spots open in socialist countries. After all, they need to keep people trapped inside, and are open to getting more. If you really want to live in a socialist country, then there are plenty to choose from. Don’t destroy our republic.

    So disappointing.

  3. It was a plea deal. Her alleged involvement was kicking. Moreover, she has already been locked up for almost a year.
    You can’t give everyone a sentence of life sentence plus cancer (especially if you want them to take plea and/or cooperation deals).

    Can’t say if the sentence is light without knowing a heck of a lot more about the case (and its weaknesses) as well as factors in mitigation. Here, we’re presented only with factors in aggravation – focusing mostly on the behavior of others – while next to nothing is noted in mitigation (including nearly a year of time served).

    That might enough to get a crowd riled up for a Charles Bronson vigilante movie, but justice requires more.

    1. Bet you live in an upper middle class neighborhood and send your kids to a private school. And then have the nerve to call people ‘bigots’ who engage in white flight. Hey, when the dindus attack you, just tell them you’re a good, caring liberal and see how that works for you.

    2. Pray tell what could possibly be “factors in mitigation”?

      Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. You’ve got a judge who buys into the “oppression made me do it” defense. He should be out and his cohort of protected miscreants need to be doing their probation where we can easily find them like in jail.

  5. Paul

    Perhaps it’s the American way of life

    White judge gives white rapist a slap on the wrist cuz he’s a good swimmer and goes to Stanford. White judge gives a rich Texas kid a pass for manslaughter while drunk and stoned cuz he was given too much so it ruined his judgement. White cop is let go after shooting a ‘perp’ crawling along a hallway, set up. It’s not too difficult to ascertain what’s going on in the mind of this Black judge. These posts should include a Black/White side by side comparison. Any bets on which side runs out of examples first?

    1. issac – there are two problems that I see with judges who are elected 1) they have to raise money for election and re-election and 2) they remain members of the Bar. Here in AZ, in our two largest counties, judges are selected by a judicial panel that includes lay people, judges, and lawyers. You serve a set term and then can run for re-election, but you do not run against anyone. It is yes or no.

      The chief judge of Maricopa County makes sure that all criminal sentencing falls within the same guidelines, and no one is going rogue. If there is an odd sentence the judge is hauled up and has to defend his/her decision (and it better be good). Same with civil and divorce proceedings.

        1. mespo – in AZ you have a sentence range. You had better not regularly be at the top or bottom of that range. 🙂

    2. It’s not too difficult to ascertain what’s going on in the mind of this Black judge.

      Balancing that ledger, right? Elections have consequences, deal with it. Right? Your situational ethics slip is showing once again.

    3. American blacks – 13 % of the population, 50% of all murders. Even higher number for other types of violent crime. If you have the nerve to claim you don’t fear black crime in the inner city, you are a liar or terribly delusional.

  6. DOJ should bring Federal charges for a civil rights violation and hate crime. That’s what would happen if the perps were white and the victim was black.

  7. Google Judge Hooks who sentenced a POS DUI with 2 previous DUIs to 10 days (!) in jail after he struck and killed a bicyclist while driving 65 mph in a 35 mph zone because he showed remorse.

  8. Well Paul you can always find sancturary in a far safer environment down Highway 61 about a hundred or so miles.

  9. Did the Judge understand he was contributing to a race war for no good reason? i do not understrand this racist mentality from the one group who in the past had the most reason to be against it and now it seems those who should be following Martin Luther Kings lead are spitting on his memory.

  10. There’s no mystery to the “decision” of Judge William H. Hooks to deny justice to victims and to reward criminals. Hooks has a long history of protecting criminals, particularly if the criminals are black, which happens a lot in Chicago. He does this merely because he happens to be black. So Hooks is a racist, of course. And if that were not enough, he loves Sharia Law and favors Islam in every case in which he can twist an Islamic angle out of it. So naturally, he favors barbarians and criminals. He frequently speaks before Muslim groups and is considered an honored member of the Muslim bar. Naturally.

  11. This is not a problem with the police. They did their job with the arrest. The problem Ultimately lies with the judge who gave the sentence. His or her name, address, phone, photo, and all other available information should be made Public; so that we who disagree with the sentence can ask why it was so light and “express” our displeasure.

  12. This is sad to see. Not only did they get away with this. The poor man who had this happen to. I dont understand how someone can be so cruel. What ever the situation is you shouldnt beat, murder, rape, or do anything that is physically or mentially abusing. These teens need to be locked up for a long time. 🙁

  13. Either someone at the prosecutor’s office made a horrendous blunder and weakened the case or there really wasn’t the will to demand a strong sentence.

    It has been my experience that when those who commit grievous acts receive minimal punishments, it often emboldens them to repeat their crimes again. Wait long enough, they will receive their comeuppance.

    1. If she were suffering from “white privilege’ she would be sentenced to 20 years to life. However, she is in a protected class in Chicago. Right now they get lighter sentences.

      1. Paul, You know there are studies on sentencing that demonstrate almost the opposite of what you’re suggesting. Perhaps you were thinking of Brock Turner at Stanford who served three months of his six-month sentence for rape.
        This was a horrendous crime and stiff sentences are merited. I think there is good reason to question her punishment. There is no reason to think she got a light sentence for being black.

        1. enigma – I think Chicago is one of the cities being monitored by the DoJ for supposed race-based ticketing, etc. I don’t think they are taking any chances. However, women do get much lighter sentences than men for the same crime, so there is that angle. Still, nothing allows for this sentence.

          1. Perhaps you have missed what this Justice Department is doing. No more monitoring, they stopped pursuing any consent decrees not already in place and only because judges told them they couldn’t get rid of some existing ones are they still there. Despite Trump’s legislative failings to this point. The Department of Justice under Sessions has been very busy.

        2. There is no reason to think she got a light sentence for being black.

          No reason? Your intellectual honesty meter just broke. That from a guy who would find no other reason than white privilege had the victim been black and the assailants white. And for that your reasoning would be justified.

            1. God knows what you’re talking about.

              Most certainly. It’s called critical-thinking. You admit the sentence was light but you’ve determine there is no reason to believe that light sentence was due to the fact she is black. There’s every reason to believe that just as much as you believe blacks get harsher sentencing for similar crimes. However your bias won’t allow you to go there. In the absence of any other reason, that is the only conclusion to be drawn. Like I said, your meter is broke.

              1. Olly – since black ministers and politicians pushed for harsher punishments for the use of some drugs that were besieging the black community, I do not think we can blame the judicial system, but rather the black community for trying to clean up its streets. And can we really blame them?

                1. I do not think we can blame the judicial system

                  The community does not take an oath to provide equal justice. A quote attributed to Buddy Ryan should apply to all that take an oath of office: If you listen to the fans, you’ll be sitting up there with them. We call these activist judges and they should be removed from their position.

                  1. Olly – mine is the first comment on this thread and I stand by it. I do not agree with the judge’s decision. I don’t know what this judge is thinking, I am not sure if she gave him a hummer in his chambers. All I know is, I do not agree.

              2. I have empirical data, what do you have? One google search revealed studied showing the same thing conducted by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, several other publications and the Justice Department. Since you’ll likely object to anything In provide, I encourage you to look it up for yourself.

                1. Good for you. I didn’t question the empirical data. I questioned your intellectual honesty and bias. You declared there was no reason to believe the sentencing had anything to do with her being black. Yet you point to sentencing irregularities because the criminals were white. If it’s reasonable that is true then, there is every reason to believe your statement is biased and without reason. Unless of course you believe just law is all about retribution and as issac inferred, balancing the justice ledger.

        3. So, are you a proponent of collective justice?

          Essentially you are saying these perps get a pass, because someone somewhere got injustice because they were members of the same class.

          If a group has been traditionally discriminated against, does reverse discrimination solve the problem?
          Or does it just make more discrimination?

  14. I think if had been a group of whites doing that to a mentally disabled black, Chicago would be on fire.

      1. But MSM now consists only of Fox and AP. The last thing any thinking person wants is to have the former mainstream slot’s former occupants come out in their favor which completely poisons any good trying to be done.

        1. Interesting point.
          Us in the know are beginning to understand this, the general public still thinks abc, cbs and nbc are MSM.
          Their extreme, and self-blind, reporting for the last year and a half, show that although they are trying hard in their own minds to be unbiased and follow in the footsteps of Walter Cronkite, they have severely compromised their own credibility and neutral reporters. And although they hold the keys to the media, they are losing their mainstream credibility in the public eye.
          At this point, you can see the glee in their affect whenever they are sure they just slam-dunked Trump et al with some breathless Special Report or new investigative reporting, which later has to be retracted.
          I think some of their more good-faith anchors are even now seeing the hysteria of their own networks and beginning to question the credibility of their own reporting.
          I thought a good example of that was a recent Don Lemon CNN piece on Trump’s saying a correspondent had a nice smile, which ended in derisive laughter against the false-outraged protagonist guest.
          I think they are all having a little too much outrage-fatigue.

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