Alex Kozinski Resigns Amidst Multiple Sexual Harassment Allegations

kozinskiWe previously discussed a controversy involving porn found on the computer of Alex Kozinski, then the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  He was later cleared of misconduct but admonished over his conduct.  Recently, however, Kozinski was accused of sexual harassment and improper touchings by over nine more women.  Formal charges were brought against Kozinski and an investigation launched. Kozinski has now resigned from the court.  It was the correct decision for himself, the alleged victims, and the court given these very serious and disturbing allegations from former clerks. The sheer number of women and the pattern described in their accounts made the allegations quite compelling.  The decision is a sad conlusion for some of the most accomplished judicial careers on courts.  Kozinski, who I have known for many years and has been to my class at George Washington University, was the best known libertarian on the bench.  At 67, he could have had over a decade of additional opinions and impact, but his inappropriate conduct prematurely ended a brilliant career.

Kozinski apologized in a statement issued by his lawyer that he “had a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking to both male and female law clerks alike” and that, “in doing so, I may not have been mindful enough of the special challenges and pressures that women face in the workplace . . . It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent. For this I sincerely apologize.”

The resignation will bring an end to the investigation.  The early retirement will not only likely avoid negative findings, but it will preserve his retirement pension.


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  1. The judicial branch, with emphasis on the Supreme Court, has increasingly and treasonously undermined, controverted and nullified the Constitution since Abraham Lincoln’s “Reign of Terror” but it now considers the “dynamics” of the natural process of procreation, in the midst of an American birthrate “death spiral,” which is causing the dilution-cum-extinction of Americans, of paramount concern?

    The American Founders did not even consider “redistribution of wealth,” “social engineering” or “central planning.” The entire welfare state (a) did not exist in any form or to any degree under the Constitution in 1789 and (b) is unconstitutional today as Congress has only the power to tax for general Welfare” while taxation for “individual welfare” is deliberately omitted and, thereby, excluded.

    To wit,

    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 –

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…”

    The American Founders considered the process and “dynamics” of procreation natural and essential, nay, existential to nationhood and that God intended to perpetuate the race. Understanding they were law-makers, law-abiding citizens, moral and religious men, the American Founders conducted “dynamic” sexual relations with women. America and Americans were not “consumed” with the dynamics of procreation in 1789 and the average number of children per family approached 10.

    Freedom, rights and procreation are natural and God-given. They existed before government was established. Life is messy. Who allowed the introduction of “guilt” as the tool for weaponization of procreation for the political benefit of Feminazis?

  2. @mespo
    “The worry took its toll. I began waking from sleep, heart racing, hearing imaginary double beeps summoning me to his office. I started not being able to sleep at all. By the time I left the clerkship, there were nights I would lie in bed and watch the darkened ceiling until I had to get up and go back to work.”:

    Heidi’s emotions and reactions are all symptoms of not judge Kaczynski’s behavior but rather a severe magnesium deficiency in her body, A-fib being one of the classic symptoms. That she gained 40 lbs explains her severe malnutrition. For every molecule of sugar consumed, requires 28 atoms of magnesium to metabolize. Fructose requires 56 atoms. Virtually everything consumed requires magnesium to metabolize. Activity requires magnesium, especially exercise and thinking. And because virtually all farm soil is now depleted of elements, especially magnesium, spells nutritional disaster for people who do not supplement to ensure they are getting all 90 essential elements and nutrients. The irony is that malnourished people almost always become overweight because ravenous hunger is a response to magnesium deficiency, the body continuously chasing food to restore magnesium. And if one’s diet is junk food, such as the case of almost all today, especially court clerks, magnesium is depleted exponentially faster than from a wholesome diet. And even much more rapidly still if one consumes prescription drugs, never mind street drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Exercise and heavy workloads create burnout. It’s called burnout because magnesium actually burns in your body.

    I’m astonished in this day and age of the internet, when virtually all knowledge and science are available to anyone who cares to consume it, by people who still persecute me for my nutritional beliefs, which can no longer be disputed but are still challenged by industries who profit on misery and illness: Big Pharma, Big Healthcare, Big Food, Big Agriculture, Big Chemical, Big Law, etc. The epitome of ignorance is on full display in America’s obesity, even in narratives such as Heidi’s, who knows more about law and romance novels than about nutrition or her own body. That we are on schedule to consume 25% of our GNP on healthcare is a national disaster, all because the anti-nutritional narrative is controlled by greedy politicians, greedy MSM, and greedy corporations — greedy liberals and greedy conservatives alike.

    1. “a severe magnesium deficiency in her body”

      Vinegart are you trying to say that a bit of Epsom salt would have prevented Kozinsky’s need to resign?

      1. If that is the extent of your conclusion, reread again and look for the subtle message that she was a nut case. And what does it say, after all these years, that she continues to believe her disability had no bearing on her judgment, much less her total lack of humor? A fifth grader could have put Kazinski in his place and come out unscathed, even respected.

        1. I read it in the way you intended with a bit of sarcasm myself. I could have chosen a magnesium pill to satisfy the ‘chemistry’, but I chose Epsom salts which amongst other things is commonly used on inflamed hemorrhoids.

          1. No worry, Allan, I didn’t missread your post. I just continued the banter. I thought the reference to Epsom salt was hilarious, without thinking I should have mentioned that.

  3. This is not shocking from the realm of law or the judiciary. Anyone who attended law school, anywhere in this country, knows that this kinda stuff was prevalent, where some–yes, just, some–of the professors used their immense power to influence and determine one’s class rank and lifetime of opportunities, with the stroke of a pen and the granting of a certain grade or grade, and participated in bartering away top grades for sex. Yes, it was common knowledge to avoid being alone with certain professors, at all costs, because they were known, lecherous creeps, who used their immense power and influence to sleep with as many students as they possibly could. Please note, however, that those students, with any convictions, self-worth or dignity, avoided such professors, at all costs, except when absolutely necessary to be in their presence; there were, however, as shocking as this may be to those of you who see the world as simply filled with victims and victimizers, those students who, specifically, sought out said professors. Yes. That is correct. Those who sought to exchange and barter any and all services to get grades which they did not deserve. Grades which would impact the trajectory of their lives. Yes. Not victims. Participants. Willing participants. Unless, of course, one views a victim as one who chases his/her abuser and seeks to willfully exchange–barter, if you will–sex for grades, then these individuals were not victims. I strongly suspect that this judge, even if the allegations are true, is not the black and white abuser and victimizer that we wish to paint him. We’re still such a Puritanical society that we continue to deny the concept that women can, and do, ask for much of this inappropriate behavior. We still wish to believe that women are the perpetual victims, with no power and no say. We wish to close our eyes to the willing participants who had choices. Choices to leave. Choices to walk away. Choices which involved not chasing after said abusers. They made the wrong choices. Plain and simple. Now, however, they feel guilty. Guilty, about getting those undeserved roles in movies. Guilty, about getting those undeserved law school grades or promotions to law clerks. Guilty. These accusations, which are surely not without merit, serve a function. They are cathartic. They serve to relieve many of these accusers of the shame and guilt in which they, themselves, participated. Behavior they could have shunned. Walked away from. Think all of these women were such helpless and hopeless victims, with no power to speak up or resist? Such damsels in distress? Right. Think again.

  4. Paul, we often agree on things, but this time I think you are in the minority of playboy readers. No centerfold and this publication does.

  5. Just thinking, are all these men being accused of sexual abuse the culmination of the cultural changes the have taken place in this country since world war 2. For example the acceptance of playboy magazine as being a mainstream publication. The centerfold is what this magazine is about, not the cultural reading content.

    1. Independent Bob – I always read it for the articles. They never had a centerfold I liked. 🙁 Well, tastes are personal. Besides, I knew they were air-brushing them. So, they were artificial.

      1. My crazy uncle had one centerfold that he worshipped. I don’t know her name, but she was a big boobed British girl and she was standing as nekkid as a jay bird in front of a bookcase, IIRC with a book in her hand. My uncle always said that it was the bookcase that turned him on, not the chick. I was never sure.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – when I took psych 101 in college we all had to volunteer for experiments. One of them was an ongoing experiment with pornography, which I choose because of the time factor. You were to look at photos of naked women and decide how erotic you thought they were. What I learned was that sometimes it was the woman who was erotic and sometimes it was the pose. Sometimes it was neither. I didn’t find everything erotic, in fact, some were quite the turn-off. 😉

        1. Squeeky – personally, I do not find women as busty as this woman attractive. Although, I do like the books and the shelves.

          1. I wish I could make out the titles. One of them looks like a leather bound old volume of the Spectator, by Remington and Steele. There are some good articles in that one. I almost recognize the set to the right of her head,but can’t put my finger on it.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeeky – some of them look like those reprints of classics that Barnes & Nobles sells.

              1. I magnified the picture and couldn’t read the titles either. I don’t think the titles exist, but it just might be my vision. Perhaps if the girl got out of the picture we could read some of the titles.

                  1. “Girl?”

                    Anonymous, I know that your understanding of words is limited so let me help you out. We can assume from her anatomy that the picture was of an adult woman. When is a woman referred to as a ‘girl’? When informality or familiarity enters the picture.

                    If you ever had a husband and you had some friends over it would not be wrong for him to be telling his buddy that you had the ‘girls over for lunch’. I am sure you have heard that phrase. Sometimes the word ‘girl’ can be used in a potentially offensive manner when the girl referred to is an employee. For instance, Harvey Weinstein might say to his buddy, regarding the females working in his office, ‘come tonight and I will have the girls over’.

                    Now anonymous, look at the picture. We have a woman indirectly under discussion as the titles of the books are what is being talked about when the obvious attraction is something else. Therefore, there is some familiarity and informality along with a bit of offensiveness that is very acceptable under these circumstances.

                    I’ll accept your thank you in advance.

  6. It seems to me that this kind of behavior and the consequences are being treated as black or white – I think it’s gray.

    Does it make sense to prevent someone who misbehaves from doing a lot of good? Why not provide controls so that the good can continue without the bad?

    To illustrate the tradeoff that is not being considered with an extreme case – suppose you have the choice of two surgeons to save your life with heart surgery that they are the only surgeons available. One has perfect behavior but is not a very good surgeon. The other is a rapist but is supremely competent. Which would you want for your surgery?

    There are sometimes large costs to removing people from their profession, e.g., resignation, jail. There are time when alternative arrangements should be considered.

    1. Robert Ferguson – although there are vacancies in the Ninth Circus, they have a ton of inadequate judges to rule on your suit or motion. And they are used to being over-ruled by the Supreme Court. They currently hold the dishonor as the most over-turned Circus in the US. It has gotten so bad that many of the decisions do not come with an explanation, just the vote total, and the decision.

  7. Ronald Reagan appointed Kozinski. The elimination of the middle class which spells an end to American democracy began during Reagan’s administration.

    1. Linda – the elimination of blacks in the military was the fault of Woodrow Wilson, who is also responsible, because of his review of Birth of a Nation, of giving a kick-start to the new KKK. And when Wilson had his stroke, we are still not sure who was in charge of the country, Woodrow, Mrs. Wilson, or the doctor. This is the same Democratic Party responsible for Jim Crow.

      1. WTF does that have to do with anything; oh, it is shoeless paulie still searching to be relevant.

        1. YNOT – Linda made a comment blaming everything on Reagan, which was just as relevant as my comment. And I agree, if you did not read her comment, mine did not make sense. Other than the ad hominem insult added at the end, you did make sense in your world and it was a legitimate comment. 🙂

    1. David, this type of comment might indicate your lack of knowledge of what a libertarian is. Libertarians have a wide set of beliefs from the classical liberal (represented by many of the founders of this nation and people like Milton Friedman all the way through to the anarcho-libertarians. Then there are multiple sects of libertarianism such as Randianism (Ayn Rand), Rothbard’s type of libertarian etc. Libertarians have a wide range of beliefs that greatly differ with one another.

      In the past, a lot of left-wing Democrat’s had libertarian ideas when it came to issues of freedom such as the freedom of speech. My favorite used to publish columns in the Village Voice, Nat Hentoff who passed away earlier this year. Here I am, what you would call a right-winger to the extreme, yet I had a tremendous agreement with the left-wing Nat Hentoff, a very well liked and recognized individual by those who believed in many of the individual freedoms we are supposed to possess.

      That is the problem with the extreme left of today. They walk in lockstep and do not recognize the subtilities that made our Republic strong and vibrant. They remove the life out of the Republic and eventually that will lead to its destruction. I don’t know Judge Kozinsky, but based on the words of praise from Turley I’ll bet that many of his rulings at least prior to recent years were very much in tune with what most Democrats believed.

    1. Court cleaned of one of da only libertarians on da court and da T rumper celebrates. Maybe da. T rumper wants him replaced by one oda lawyers that can’t answer da questions.

      1. That may be a typographical error from Turley. Try substituting “libertine” for “libertarian” and see if it makes more sense.

  8. Da judge ain’t denying he touched and talked dirty to da clerks. Did he think his chambers were a porn show? Bye bye judge this is your second time around with this stuff.

    1. Ken asked, ” Did he think his chambers were a porn show?”

      Maybe the Chief Judge thought something like this: If The Lecher-In-Chief, Don Juan di Mar-A-Lago, can get away with this stuff, then why can’t . . . well, that doesn’t really count as thinking. Does it? Never mind.

      1. I haven’t read the details. Did the Chief Judge just begin this behavior after Trump’s election? If not, why the stretch to tie it to our president?

        1. FFS – all things bad must be tied to Trump. He is also responsible for Conyers and Franken and McCain’s brain cancer. He is the reason Flake cannot raise money for his re-election (actually, he is probably partially responsible).

          All good things belong to Baby Jesus Obama, although I cannot think of any at the moment, other than he was term-limited.

        2. Cause T rump has done Moore Moore Moore. Kozinski only harassed or assaulted 15 of em. He quit da job as a minor leaguer. T rump is still standing with no shame and a pack a lies.

        1. Allan, DJ Trump is anything but high brow. Locker-room talk is anything but high brow. Sexual misconduct is anything but high brow. The Lecher-In-Chief has thus far gotten away with far lower, more boorish, more debased, more ignoble, more indecent and more obscene sexual misconduct than the low-brow moniker, Don Juan di Mar-A-Lago, could possibly convey.

          However, the probability that the current POTUS exerts any morally-corrupting influence over his fellow men is, admittedly, very nearly zero–with the notable exception of Allan and a few others in that cohort.

          1. Diane, humans are complicated beings. They can be high and low brow. You are the exception. Low brow all the time.

            Look at the facts since Donald J Trump became President. GDP growth way up, Latino unemployment lowest recorded, black homeownership rate highest ever, U 6 unemployment fell about 3X faster this past year than it did under Obama’s last year, salaries rising, stock market way up, consumer confidence way up, illegal immigration way down without even building the wall, new productive alliances being built in the Middle East, Nato countries starting to pay their share of the bill, etc.

            …And soon to pass and be signed a tax bill that will spur the economy. It isn’t perfect, but there will be a second round.

      2. This guy spent his “formative” years on the court while Willy was prez, much less than a year during your Don Juan” dude. Kind of hard to make that comparison. There might be a better one, like maybe Willy?

  9. Sort of off topic but related. Google News has an article which says that the Supreme Court has ruled that barring “the F word” is unconstitutional and protected by the First Amendment. This is where Pig Latin should be employed. “ukFay” just sounds less obnoxious.

    1. I prefer Fig Latin: substitute the letter “P” for the letter “F” to arrive at the constitutionally protected word Puck. Then use it in whatever expression or sentence you might like.

      1. Diane – Puck you and the horse you rode in on, just doesn’t have any power.

        1. Paul, don’t pretend that a guy who lives in Arizona has never heard of horse hockey. Thus, the catachrestic rendition of your preferred power-curse should read: Puck you and horse hockey you stepped in.

  10. There is a phrase out there in the world: Pork em if ya gottem. “Gottem” should not mean that some women works for you. It means some women who does not have a bind, like working for you, wants to have sex. And the women is over 18. But here he was not touching, groping, or having sex. He was yakking about sex. Or showing sex on the computer. Or some such. Much different than “grabbing the p……” like Trump says he did. But. The one Trump talked about was willing and able.

    The age 67 is old enough to retire. He should write a book about his decisions. I mean his court decisions. Not about his decisions to show his clerks porn or whatnot.

    He may not get into heaven but he won’t go to hell. There is an in between place that one gets sent to. It is called Florissant, MO.

    1. Liberty Second said, “There is an in between place . . . Florissant, MO.”

      Now you tell me. My friends keep telling me to go to Branson, MO.

    2. Except that President Trump did not say he did. What he actually said was that women will flock to a famous man, and pretty much allow anything. Other famous men have corroborated that observation.

      Oh, I’m sorry. There I go with the truth, which is not nearly as scandalous as the distortion.

  11. Ninth Circus Ring Leader Resigns. Has a nice “ring”to it but this notion that if enough people say something then It must be true has got to stop. There surely are lots of creeps out there acting on their sexual frustrations, but allegations are just allegations not facts. And as we all know, people say things for reasons other than truth and justice.

    1. mesbo, I totally agree that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In Kosinski’s case, he didn’t deny his behavior anymore than he denied having porn on his court computer.

      Matt Walsh has an excellent essay on wives who ruin innocent husbands. I couldn’t help thinking that this same female behavior has moved into the work environment where, if he flirts he loses his job, but if she flirts, she gets laid and gets a promotion or a part in a movie.

    2. OPINION UPDATE: I just read Courtney Milan’s piece on Kozinski. I know she’s a romance author, but if any of her purported recollections are anywhere near true, the black-roved creep needed a punch in the nose from her dad and had to go. He ran a cult not a judge’s chamber.

      Here is the piece:

      And here’s the appropriate quotes from Lord Acton:

      “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”


      “Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.”

          1. mespo – don’t we have this equality thingie now? Shouldn’t she be punching him in the nose herself? If she is a law clerk shouldn’t be in her mid-20s?

              1. mespo – I am just saying all that because a 20 something law clerk should be able to punch a 60 something judge in the nose and do some damage. 🙂 Don’t think she needs daddy’s help.

                1. Who would protect girls, like the sisters of Paul Ryan? Their father passed away while they were young and he therefore, was unable to stand up for them. No reason to think their brother would come to their aid.
                  Mrs. Ryan cashed the Dad’s Social Security survivor checks so, the kids wouldn’t go hungry. Paul pays back that compassion from American workers by trying to destroy Social Security.

                  1. Linda, I’m intrigued. How is it that Paul Ryan is trying to destroy Social Security? This is important, and I need to know.

                    1. Readers can do an internet search of “Paul Ryan destroying Social Security” and pick an article. Sierra, stop asking disingenuous questions.
                      Pete Peterson has spent half of a billion to destroy Social Security-you may recall his “the sky is falling” rhetoric about deficits, something the new tax plan creates. Nobody, not even Treasury and Mnuchin believe that trickle down works. CEO’s said they won’t do more hiring as a result of corporate rate cuts. The tax plan is Ryan’s gift to the richest 0.1%.

                    2. ” CEO’s said they won’t do more hiring as a result of corporate rate cuts. ”

                      People write all sorts of crazy things and some crazy people actually believe them.

                      If a corporation is paying 40% in taxes by being an American corporation, what does one think they will eventually do knowing that Ireland, an English speaking country, has a 12.5% rate?

                      Linda hasn’t heard of corporate inversion. What do American companies do if they can earn 100X dollars in Ireland, but because of taxes can only earn 62X dollars if they remain an American company?

                      Linda, try thinking using real numbers and real logic.

                    3. Linda,

                      I am kind of lazy, sooo can you tell me how Paul Ryan is destroying social security. Because on economic stuff, I am more progresssive-y. Just the short version would be fine.


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    4. allan
                      VOX, Salon, YouTube, etc. have the video of the CEO Council and Trump’s guy, Gary Cohn- awkward moment for Cohn. Network news showed the exchange also (except apparently, Faux news). Broaden your info. sources.

                    5. Linda, I know a lot of these people said that Trump would bankrupt the nation and now the indices are terrific. Quote in context one that understands economics and let’s discuss it. We already know that Trump derangement syndrome runs rampant on the left.

                      But back to my question that you want to avoid because it involves fact and logic instead of excuses.

                      “Linda hasn’t heard of corporate inversion. What do American companies do if they can earn 100X dollars in Ireland, but because of taxes can only earn 62X dollars if they remain an American company?

                      Linda, try thinking using real numbers and real logic.”

                    6. I should have added Fred Smith CEO of Fedex said he would use the money gained from the tax deduction to buy a lot of planes and trucks. That means industry and jobs. Tim Cook from Apple said he would invest a lot of money in the US, but his major worry is the lack of trained workers. I guess too many students are into women’s studies and all the soft courses that are politically correct instead of those courses that provide real jobs.

                    7. “Trump’s swing states are experiencing rising unemployment.”

                      I went to the left wing sites that said something similar (but not the same) and looked up 2 of the state’s unemployment records mentioned, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In both states, unemployment continues to fall under Trump.

                      Linda is always nonspecific and inaccurate so I will let her redeem herself by pointing to a state where unemployment is not falling or where it is rising at a greater rate than under Obama. I’m interested in knowing if any such states exist. It doesn’t affect the tremendous turnaround under Trump, but it would be of interest.

                    8. For example- Ohio’s unemployment was 5% in Jan. 2017 when Trump took office. Each subsequent month unemployment has been higher than 5% except in May. The last reported data from Oct., reported it at 5.!%.

                    9. “Ohio’s unemployment was 5% in Jan. 2017 when Trump took office. Each subsequent month unemployment has been higher than 5% ”

                      Linda’s trying to act intelligently by quoting numbers but likely has little if any understanding of what the numbers mean.

                      Is the number really higher than it was under Obama? The long-term average in Ohio was reported as 6.74% The actual number has been flat for quite awhile. 5.1% Jan 2015, 5% Jan 2016 5%Jan 2017.

                      I don’t know enough about Ohio to really comment one way or the other, but we don’t know if an equivalent of the U 6 were available if the U 6 might be falling. Who knows? Certainly not Linda. A problem with this calculation in part remediated by the U 6 is that when more jobs become available more people might start looking for jobs again and that can raise the reported unemployment rate even if it means things are going better.

                      Linda seems to know none of this stuff but throws out all sorts of erroneous information anyway..

                    10. “I don’t know enough about Ohio to really comment one way or the other, but we don’t know if an equivalent of the U 6 were available if the U 6 might be falling.”

                      They calculate U6 in Ohio exactly the same way they calculate U6 for the rest of the states and the US.

                      But I wonder why you are bringing up U6?

                      U6 for the nation in November is running about 9%. Are you trying to tell us the Trump drove unemployment up to 9%?

                      BTW for those confused or intimidated by jargon, U6 is just one of the rates for unemployment calculated by BLS.

                      U6 includes ” Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force” where “marginally attached” includes “those who currently are neither working nor looking for work but indicate that they want and are available for a job and have looked for work sometime in the past 12 months.”.

                      I don’t know whether I need to mention this to the readers of this blog, but U3 – total unemployed as a percent of the civilian labor force – is the official unemployment rate calculated by BLS and U3 is the rate most often mentioned in news stories. (Of course U1 through U6 are all official in the sense that BLS collects data, calculates the statistic and publishes the results)

                      Finally, a big thanks to Linda for bringing up this surprising detail of the years (and Trump’s) economic performance.

                    11. “U6 for the nation in November is running about 9%.”

                      Bigfatmike, learn what you are talking about. The U 6 was 9.4 January of this year and is now 8. Trump brought the U 6 down much faster than Obama. I’m not even sure Ohio does a U 6 calculation.

                      The U 6 is a better indication of unemployment that is hidden than the U 3 and the BLS calculates all these numbers. I’m glad you finally looked up the definitions. If you study a bit more you might even learn how to use them and quote the numbers correctly.

                      I don’t know what you are thanking Linda for. She is as incorrect as you are.

                    12. “Trump’s non-performance.”

                      Lowest Latino unemployment. Highest black ownership. GDP increased and will end the year above 3. Stock market at all-time highs. Consumer confidence high. Tax bill passed. Illegal immigration down. Nonperformance? One can only laugh at what you say.

                    13. Linda@ 122017 5:12PM “For example- Ohio’s unemployment was 5% in Jan. 2017 when Trump took office. Each subsequent month unemployment has been higher than 5% except in May. The last reported data from Oct., reported it at 5.!%.”

                      Thanks for the fascinating fact from Trump’s 2017.

                      You might be interested in how unemployment fared in Ohio in the other months:

                      2016 Oct 5.0
                      2016 Nov 5.0
                      2016 Dec 5.0
                      2017 Jan 5.0
                      2017 Feb 5.1
                      2017 Mar 5.1
                      2017 Apr 5.0
                      2017 May 4.9
                      2017 Jun 5.0
                      2017 Jul 5.2
                      2017 Aug 5.4
                      2017 Sept 5.3
                      2017 Oct 5.1

                      Under Trump, in Ohio, unemployment is volatile and reaches a peak of 5.4% in August. That must be a bitter pill for those in Ohio who thought Trump would champion the needs of workers in Ohio.

                      I have included the last quarter of 2016 for comparison purposes. What is see is that under Obama, unemployment was low and stable in Ohio. As a matter of fact, under Obama, we have to go back to September 2014 to find unemployment in Ohio as high as 5.4 %.

                      BTW, it was easy to find these stats at FRED the web site of the Federal Reserve of St Louis where they collect approximately 4,000 time series from institutions and agencies like the BLS.

                      Thanks again for you illuminating remarks.

                    14. Bigfatmike. Ohio unemployment has been 5.0 three Januaries in a row and now it is 5.1. That doesn’t provide enough of an assessment to state what is happening. However nationwide in the past year, the U 6 fell from 9.4 to 8 much faster than under Obama.

                  2. Linda – that is a terrible analogy. It is not the generosity of the workers, it is the generosity of the people who put funds into the plan. You need to find out just how SS works before you retire penniless.

                  1. Making the “Dad” point then, abandoning it, mespo? Is that like Trump telling the gullible that his tax plan would help the “forgotten”? Then, the plan helped the most visible in D.C., the richest 0.1%.

                    1. Stupid people, some victims of Russian election tampering, voted for Trump. Whoever the candidate is, the 400 richest American families vote Republican because their greed drives them to create banana republics.

  12. He shouldn’t have been watching porn on the federal computers, one would think they have a porn filter on them. May not for judges? Not unless it was a case. However, Kozinski’s charges are a little more than intemperate language. He was showing his female clerks or certain female clerks the porn he was watching or had found. And asking them to comment. That is over the edge. The Ninth Circus is a snake anyway, so until we get more libertarian and conservative judges in there, they are just voices in the wilderness.

  13. “had a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking”

    That’s very good … and useful – it could be applied to most any situation.

    – don’t blame me, I’ve got a broad sense of humor!

      1. Squeeky – I always thought you were a broad and after yesterday’s Irish poem you are no one to speak about a broad sense of humor, 😉

  14. Do you really believe there is nothing in the world but liberals and conservatives? How narrow minded is that? What percent of the vote did your party get last November. or the liberals? 60% between the two of you. There was and is a group which put together a coalition with zero budget and managed 40%.

    In this country they are called Constitutionalists. But some seem blind to anything but the fictionary definitions of the left? Unless you are from the left.

    There are more than the two parties besides independent self governing citizen. Libertarians, Greens, in small numbers and in large numbers members of the combat arms of the countries military and others.

    The center of the left is not the center of the country and the world does not revolve around a two party system which was acting too much like a one party system.

    But people can only parrot propaganda and then wonder why the wrong kind gets voted into office.. juasast think half of sixty went to socialist prgressives that have rejected our system of government and the other half willingly use their words and follow their lead.

    That’s going to change even more than it did last November. The military was indeed the greatest danger that government faced. And it was done on a zero budget on off duty time. along with former member, retired military and manh other unrepresented groups.

    Trumps Phantom Army? Not quite. Clintons Phantom Opposition is more exact. Now you see us now you don’t. Self governing citizens and we broke the back of the left.

  15. Did he actually grope anybody, or run around with his weenie hanging out??? Because if all he has is saying some risque’ things, then what old man doesn’t??? My goodness, I was in a rehab facility for several months a few years ago when I hurt my back, and those old geezers were horrible! Of course, I am pretty sure they couldn’t have done anything at their advanced age, but still. I was very careful to not roll around in my wheelchair in a gown with the back open. They were even hitting on the old ladies who were there. And the nurses and CNAs.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. ” I hurt my back, and those old geezers were horrible!”

      Poor baby! Of course it was horrible. What you need is a nice back rub. Just step into my office and close the door.

    2. Cultural changes occur very slowly and sometimes we try to pass laws that subvert the present culture. My guess is that most of the times the unintended consequences are worse than the culture. We are seeing something of this nature happening now and I believe it is causing great harm.

      No human has the right to exert physical force on another. I think everyone can agree on that. However, we are going even further to a point where no man can be with a woman other than his wife unless accompanied by witnesses. I haven’t heard of physical force in this case though I have heard of things that are potentially distasteful. In China, my wife may have found it distasteful to see men eating the eyes of the fish on their plates. Should that be illegal in this country?

      My question of Turley is whether or not Kozinsky engaged in physical force. I don’t know what force was used or whether that force is best managed by punishment or not. Kozinsky at his age may have done little wrong, but may have a higher moral code than most that he overstepped. If so that alone could cause him to resign. The solution to the problem is to encourage women to say no and respond negatively to advances they consider inappropriate whether legal or not. A clear no should put a stop to a lot of the behavior in question. It is when the no is not listened to that we need to deal with.

  16. Now he just needs multiple bankruptcies and multiple factories in China that manufacture tacky garbage, and then he’s qualified to be president.

    1. And what’s your excuse? Obviously one of the former citizens of the country who became a socialist progressive and thus rejected your citizenship. just think… with that background you could replace Comrade Schumer and Comrade Pelosillyni. My reasoning is just as valid as yours.and yours is still stuck in time back in the beginning of last November.

      You have neither the wit nor the talent to be here. Nor does your programmer. Ad Machina.

  17. Kozinski, having admitted that he had porn on his court computer, blamed not his behavior but rather his failure to lock up his files. With no excuse for his alleged sexual harassment now, he has resigned.

    Force everyone to resign, because it’s the only way we’re going to get rid of all the dinosaurs that are responsible for mucking up society and our economy.

    It’s long overdue that if companies and institutions are forced to hire minorities, they should also be forced to hire conservatives. I would go beyond just political affirmative action and make it illegal to discriminate based on political persuasion, without which our nation will be certainly doomed by renegade liberals that breed faster than snakes.

    1. If the Kremlin told Trump to appoint U.S. judges that Russia liked, do you think he would do it, vinegart? Clearly candidate competence didn’t figure into Trump’s judicial appointments (as an example the latest guy who withdrew after a hearing). Nor, has honesty been important in his cabinet appointments (Mnuchin’s lie about the Treasury reports reviewing the proposed tax plan).

      The Trump tax returns might have told us the answer to the question posed.

      1. Why don’t you quote Mnuchin’s lie and the relevant portion of the law? You can’t because a lie to you is anything that deviates from your ideology which is based on lies.

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