Toddler Abandoned As Adults Have Melee in Florida Mall


Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.49.19 AMThe video below has left me speechless as a mother first leaves a young child to beat down another woman in the mall and then attacks her again while pushing the stroller (then abandoning the child again to continue the fight). The fight was over claims made in a double murder homicide in Florida.

The incident Edison Mall in Fort Myers on Sunday as when started fighting about who was responsible for a local double murder. Mariesha Williams told officers that someone told that that  “his blood is on your hands” in reference to the death of 22-year-old Samuel Jones.

What followed is simply breathtaking as the welfare of this child seemed completely immaterial to the adults rolling on the floor of the mall. It is not enough for an abandonment charge because the woman (shown kicking above) returned shown after.  However, it is the driving of the toddler into the midst of the scrum to deliver the kick that is so disconcerting.

One battery complaint has been filed.

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  1. I think it’s naive to think of this as a “black thing.” The color of the participants is irrelevant as Darren says. It’s a cultural issue and not limited to African Americans. Permissiveness, dropping of social standards, intemperance and irresponsibility know no race and derive from a lack of core ethical beliefs and resistance to their external enforcement. At the turn of the century, this could have been an Irish brawl or an Italian one. Poverty, single family homes and general orneriness all play a role but suggesting the amount of melanin in one’s skin is the cause is simply of wrong-headed. It’s a culture of barbarism that can occur anytime and any place when ethical standards are compromised or ignored. That’s the specialty of the Left which explains a lot about the behavior of its constituency.

    1. I disagree that it isn’t a black thing, because that is what you see most of in America, in 2017. In 1917, I agree the problems would have come from the Irish, or Italians, or whatever group was most impoverished. But there is a difference, because the Irish and Italians arrived on the shores that way, dirt poor, and in broken families. And there wasn’t much in the way of social programs to ease them into society. But, the Irish and Italians made progress,

      Blacks on the other hand, had made good progress getting their stuff together until 1965 or so, when everything fell apart. They went from a 16% or so illegitimate birth rate to a 72+ illegitimate birth rate in a few years. All of this, while food and housing help was being provided to them, and while their schools were being improved, and more job opportunities made available to them. Where as the Irish and Italians made progress, the Blacks went backwards.

      Today, when somebody is brawling at Chuck E Cheese, or MacDonalds, or getting shot, the perps are disproportionately black. That is simply the facts of life.

      I do agree that it does not have to be that way. There is nothing in the black DNA which prevents them from getting married, getting an education, or obeying the law. Heck, about 25% or so of blacks fit right in to our society, and do just fine in a modern technological society. However, as an article from Boston points out, the average net worth of a black in Boston is $8.00. Take the assets and less out the liabilities and they are worth a whole eight bucks net. That is in Blue Massachusetts.

      There are entire schools in Baltimore, and I suspect a lot of other places, where not one single black kid is proficient in either English or Math. Where passing a grade entails merely having a birthday. And this is with $12,000 per year being thrown at them. I posted one story today where the inhabitants of urban inner cities have a higher PTSD rate than war veterans.

      And the color of this is black. It doesn’t have to be that way, which is what is the saddest part of that reality.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky – it appears the City of Chicago has called on the UN to handle their violence problem. This ought to be good. If conspiracy nuts didn’t go bonkers over little things like Area 51, this is the kind of thing to set off a firestorm. The UN has done so well handling things elsewhere, starting with Korea, which still only has an armistice, not a treaty and a maniac running loose in the North. UN troops shooting American citizens is not going down well.

        1. It might not go down badly with a lot of us, but the problem is that the U.N. troops will go into Chicongo out manned, and out gunned. I think there are like 70,000 gang members in Chicago, the equivalent of several Army Divisions, and they have guns.

          As a practical matter, how many troops would it take to disarm them??? My guess is, several hundred thousand, and there would have to be a blockade to keep them from simply moving to Indianapolis, or Des Moines or St. Louis. And the first time the peacekeepers shot one of them, there would not be a shoe store or liquor store or hair weave store untouched in all of Chicago.

          No, the U.N. route is simply not workable.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        1. Where I live, I see the same thing. There are many conservative blacks here where I live, but they are being replaced by other blacks who don’t see things the same way at all. Just like the Baby Boom put a lot of children into the demographic pipeline, the black illegitimacy rate is putting a lot poorly-raised children into the pipeline. In 1980, for example, it was more likely one of these kids would be raised by a grandmother who grew up in a two parent black family, and had some sort of decent value system. But those two-parent household blacks are dying out, to be replaced by blacks who have never known any sort of family stability.

          Tommy Sotomayor compares black women to the Terminator. He calls them the BT series, for Black Terminatrix. As he points out, the BT1000 is worse than the BT900, and the BT1100 is worse than the BT1000. And the BT1200’s coming out now – – – they are the worst of all.

          I think maybe you have to extrapolate a little, and see how things are getting worse “in the community.” I do not know how much criminal work you do, but Penelope does some, and what we see in those black clients is horrible. Some poor little 70 year old black granny is trying to ride herd on some gangbanger grand children and great grandchildren, and it just isn’t working. It doesn’t take much calculating at all to figure out the 70 year old black with a viable set of values, is being replaced by feral savages.

          Hence, these all too common videos of black violence and savagery.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. I blame the apologists whether they be black or white. There is no logical reason we should have this type of problem in this day and age.

        2. Good. I’m glad they’re appalled. But as far as you implying whites doing the same thing. Present us with the video. We will wait….

      2. “And the color of this is black. It doesn’t have to be that way, which is what is the saddest part of that reality.”

        Squeeky, you might be interested in Sowell’s book Migrations and Cultures: A World View where he discusses Blacks, Irish and Scots and where many different social habits come from.

      3. You’re right Squeaky, as long as the Blacks did what they were told and kept their place, things were fine. This often happens when the yoke is lifted quickly after centuries of slavery and segregation. This happens with all peoples throughout history, around the world: Irish against Proestant Catholics, Sunni against Shia Muslims, etc. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or an attempt. We are almost halfway through the first century of real freedom after many, many centuries of slavery and racism. Just as the racism and cherry picked examples will continue, the hatred and payback on the part of those that were oppressed will continue for perhaps a century or so. There is an inherent racism in comparing Blacks and their history, which is totally unlike that of the European immigrants, with the Irish, Germans, Italians, etc. You reveal yourself constantly.

        You are the perfect cherry picker. You take a segment of society, a segment of time, and some specific numbers and make a point; a racist point, one peculiar to your perception, but, alas a point shared by many, who see through their glasses darkly.

        Now, let’s tell me to get back to Canada or something of that weight. How about a poem.

        1. How about I just tell you how full of crap you are. When the “yoke” was lifted off the Jews when the camps were free, they didn’t spend half a century or more making illegitimate kids, and majoring in street crimes. No, they dusted themselves off and built a country and won a couple of wars.

          And it wasn’t like in 1965 blacks were toting that barge and lifting that bale. Most were married, and while not as rich as white people, certainly not starving to death. In the North, they had jobs, and worked in factories and things weren’t too bad on them.

          In the South, they were mostly treated like crap, but still they had viable communities and families. Then, here comes a bunch of idiots just like you, who decided to help blacks! It was called the Great Society, and illegitimate birth rate shot up in few decades to over 70%!

          I think maybe the only “yokes” that got lifted was the “yoke of responsibility” and the “yoke of fatherhood” and the “yoke of marriage” and the “yoke of paying for your own damn house” and the “yoke of paying for your own damn food.”

          Sooo, let me finish with a poem for you!

          Oh, Canadia*???
          An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

          There once was a silly Canuck!
          And about most things he was mistook-
          His logic was slim,
          I guess the yokes on him!
          Too bad that his mind’s a closed book!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          *an extinct worm that had a really long nose. . .

    2. When I grew up, we would call anyone who acted like that a “no account” or “trash.” A white family living milking the system living on Welfare and faking disability to get checks, multiple children with different fathers, none of them in the picture, neglecting their children’s schooling, are no accounts. The poor white family whose residence is neat as a pin, they go to church every Sunday, and their children go to school are “good people.” “She’s good people.”

      No accounts or trash have a culture in which they are unaware that they engage in behavior that makes most of society cringe in embarrassment. Combine this with thug life, and you have a violent criminal acting like a no account.

      Studies show that single motherhood is the highest risk factor for children to be born into poverty and high crime neighborhoods, be in danger of violence, fall in with gangs, do drugs, engage in crime, go to jail, and/or get murdered. Single motherhood is on the ride across demographics, but hits the African American community especially hard.

      I blame the politicians who have preached victimhood and lack of responsibility for decades. They leave low employment, bombed out third world country microclimates wherever they go. Even tony, expensive San Francisco now suffers from human feces and used needles in public places thanks to politicians claiming they can solve everyone’s problems if they get a vote. Great job. San Francisco is literally a poop hole in some parts. The fire that burned Bel Air is thanks to politicians who let homeless encampments persist in brushy hillsides, ignoring homeowners’ concerns, because it was considered more humane to encourage people to live in Medieval conditions in the elements, and cook outside in dry brush, in the Santa Ana winds, in a drought high fire state. I blame politicians for the Antifa violence. Preach that anyone who disagrees with you is evil, and you get violent extremists like Antifa who actually believe they are doing good.

      The black community used to be very conservative, with an extremely low out of wedlock birthrate. Politicians blasted a hole right through nuclear families, and the results were dire. How are they going to improve their situation when the public school system from preschool to graduate school have become Liberal madrassas preaching that Left is the Only Way and that anything else is evil. That is not conducive to introspection or analyzing policy effects.

      No, this is not a melanin thing. There’s trash in all the races. Lazy, entitled, violent, chip on their shoulder, it’s everyone else’s fault but mine, criminal history, rude, loud, no work ethic, no honor, bad parenting…This is a cultural problem, an economic problem as it’s often driven by poverty (except in Jersey Shore), and a media problem in its glamorization of the thug life. Politics capitalizes on these statistics, sells votes with promises of “free stuff”, and blames your problems on some old white guy capitalist who wasn’t even there for every mistake you made. They promise that the government can make a good father, which is a lie. There should be a discussion about how to improve the statistics of the hardest hit black community – from single motherhood to unemployment, the latter of which is already improving, as well as society in general. But racist arguments do not fix anything and merely alienate. We need to be more effective, because no kid deserves to grow up in a dangerous neighborhood, feeling like he has to join a gang and throw his prospects away just to feel safe.

      The woman in the video was trash, and a neglectful parent, at least in that moment in time. She cared more about herself than she did her little boy. That’s her irreplaceable child, her treasure, that she left behind. Something terrible could have happened to him. You do not engage in violence unless you are protecting yourself or someone else. Period. Women rolling around on the floor arguing about, what, gang violence? It’s ironic and stupid. Trash. No accounts. Bad mother. My best friend growing up was black, and her mother would have never allowed her associating with such trash.

      1. “The black community used to be very conservative, with an extremely low out of wedlock birthrate. Politicians blasted a hole right through nuclear families, and the results were dire.”

        That is a good summary of what has happened.

    1. Squeeky – that grip the women have on each others hair, we used to call the “death grip” because there was no way to get the students to let go of each other. Sometimes we thought we were going to have to have 911 cut the girl’s hands out of the other girl’s hair. Sadly, the next day, they would be best friends again. 😉

      1. I think it has become more of a psychological thing nowadays. They grab hold of the hair weave and try to pull it from the head to expose the undoctored-up personna of the opponent. Sort of like the old magical theory, that if you knew someones real name, then you had power over them.

        That’s what i see this as, a symbolic de-nuding, much like what French women who had sex with Germans were subjected to after World War II.

        Or then again, it could just be a simple street-brawling technique.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  2. …And some people wonder why we are such a violent nation.

    This is directed to all parents that do not provide the appropriate atmosphere for their children. This is directed at the woman’s movement that dissed parenting in favor of work. This is directed at those that are not at home to take care of their children because they want an extra bathroom, a larger home, the newest i-phone. This is directed to all that do not believe in respecting the police and respecting law and order. This is directed to all that make excuses instead of solving problems.

    This is directed to one person on this blog. Is it you?

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