University of California (San Diego) Investigates Student After He Posted Pro-Steinle Flyers

Gregory Lu  is a student at the University of California San Diego who felt that all of the coverage over the acquittal of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was missing sufficient consideration for his victim, Kate Steinle.  Much of the coverage turned on the status of illegal immigrants like Zarate and their dreams in coming to the country.  Accordingly, Lu posted 150 posters with her face and the words “She had dreams too.”  The fliers were immediately taken down and Lu was informed that he was to report to the Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination due of an “online incident report.”

Lu says that he was followed around as he put up the fliers and the UC San Diego College Democrats called the posters “racist propaganda” targeting the “undocumented community” in a statement.   It denounced Lu for posters that were “displays of hate.”
We have been discussing how faculty around the country are supporting the abandonment of free speech principles to bar speakers and speech with which they disagree. The most extreme form of this rejection of classical liberal values is the antifa movement.  We have seen faculty physically attack speakers or destroy messages that they oppose.  We have also seen faculty physically attacked and intimidated.  In some of these incidents, other faculty have supported students in shutting down speakers or fellow academics (here and here).  
As various schools have shown, these speech codes have placed higher education on a slippery slope of speech control.  What constitutes hate speech or microaggressions is a determination fought with subjectivity. Indeed, the standard often turns on how words are received rather than how they are meant.  Moreover, the threat of being investigated as a possible racist is enough to silence most students.  Indeed, Lu told the site College Fix that the group Right Wing West has left its members anonymous out of fear of being  targeted by faculty and students. 
This is clearly a political statement and protected speech.  Calling in a student to answer for such postings is a chilling and inappropriate action.  Instead, the office should ask those complaining to satisfy a minimal burden of proof that such posters constitute hate speech or proscribed conduct.  The intolerance shown in this matter were those labeling such posters and racist and hate speech.  If these reports are accurate, the University should be acting to reinforce the principles of free speech rather than declining comment and calling in Lu to answer for his exercise of free speech.

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  1. In a centuries past, Mexicans would have been deported en masse and Kate Steinle would have been memorialized as a heroine. America was emasculated and “fundamentally transformed” a long ago.

    1. Totally Agree. Sad. American European males have been emasculated. What we are facing is genocide by ethnic dilution. Our national, state, and local governments, our churches, our educational institutions are all engaged in most forms of soft genocide. We are being genocided.

  2. the UC San Diego College Democrats called the posters “racist propaganda” targeting the “undocumented community” in a statement.

    As opposed to the targeting of citizens within our community that suffer crimes committed by documented criminals who are in our country illegally.

  3. Damn if that poster and the images it conjures is not the most RAY-cis and terrifying nightmare I have ever had. I need a drink, even at mid day…..Sweet Jesus help us all.

    /sarc off

    1. This is similar to the progtard admin freak-outs on university campuses when the “It’s okay to be white” posters went up. The anti-1A types are just so easy to bait.

  4. In all these articles of the DNC and their Gestapo (Antifa movement) on campus: how is it even legal for agents of the State (faculty and management) to do these things? How and why have not pro-freedom and RNC legal agencies not civilly sued Governor Moonbeam and the public school apparatchik so that a judge orders a stop to all this illegal activity? Maybe because the public “servant” judges agree with such actions? How the hell can public funds be paying these scum bags to perform illegal acts like this?

    This is the world resulting from the DNC having zero affinity for working class Americans, and total slavish servitude to their next class of DNC voters, illegals.

    No comments from enigma nor Isaac praising these illegal acts of State oppression?

    Even the worst thing Trump ever did in his whole life pales next to these acts of State oppression by government apparatchik agents of oppression.

    What would Orwell think if he saw these DNC-surrogate slime balls in US Schools teaching “slavery is freedom,” right out of this book “1984,” which I just reread.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t see a clear connection to the DNC here. Perhaps you could trace that out for us.

      1. The Committee sets policy. The Democratic Party and most of its politicians oppose the wall and other measures to combat illegal immigration. The main pillar of the Democratic platform is big government at the expense of the individual. It’s all for the good of the group. Many of its policies rely on big government. Harm to the individual is brushed off as a sacrifice those politicians are willing to make.

        Examples: individuals got Hepatitis A, and others lost their homes because of the homeless. Democrats enacted policies that supported and encouraged homeless encampments because they decided it was for the greater good. Complaints about people pooping in front of businesses were brushed off.

        Erosion of individual rights is commonly occurring in the Democratic Party. Conservative or right wing speakers are preferentially discriminated against in campuses. Teachers in elementary schools are heavily biased towards the Dem Party and bring politics into schools. People who express conservative opinions are boycotted and can lose their livelihood. For example, a journalist randomly selected a pizza place in a rural area for destruction. He spoke with the owner’s daughter about gay marriage and then it was subsequently harassed. Out of towhees called in fake orders until it had to close for a while, financially harming a middle class family. Seek out dissenters and destroy them. Oppose tax cuts period but especially for businesses and the wealthy. Instead of pledging to represent the best interests of everyone, they impose class warfare and declare business owners (you didn’t build that) and the rich and any white person the enemy in a blatant modern take on fascism.

        If the Democratic Party fails to clean up its act, it could very well install a dictator and reduce us to scavenging over toilet paper like Venezuela.

        Voters need to educate themselves. The only fair system has robust individual freedom, capitalism, and the money taken out of politics.

    2. OCD much? Four mentions of “DNC” in your incoherent rant. I regret to inform you that “DNC” hasn’t put out a decent hit since the collaborative effort with “Run” and “Aerosmith” back in the 80s, and even that was a remake.

      This is to “Pravda Faux News hates hip hop” Joey

      1. Marky Mark Mark – clearly you are unaware that Gov. Moonbeam and his Democratic legislature have declared California a sanctuary state. Gov. Moonbeam (D) and Chancellor Napolitano (D) are ultimately responsible for the actions of the administrators on these campuses. I am sorry you know so little about so much. I am getting tired of constantly having to correct your inane comments. And then there are the insults. They are still at a juvenile level.

          1. JAY – you know Marky Mark Mark is making the rest of you look bad. If I can rein him in, it will be best for all of us. 🙂 And he will grow as a person.

            1. I’m only here to learn how the DNC is mixed up in all of this. If none of you can show a meaningful connection it would be helpful if you would simply say so.

              1. JAY – how the DNC is involved in the student thing? Well, 95% of professors are Democrats, the Chancellor of the CA Univ system is a Democrat, the governor of the state is a Democrat. The Democrats control both houses of the legislature in CA and can pass what they want. There is a 95% chance or better the administrator who called the student and “asked” him to drop by is a Democrat. Does any of that help?

                1. Not at all. None of this implicates the DNC itself. Again, the fact that you all indulge in free association doesn’t prove anything to the rest of us.

                  1. JAY – the DNC is the people it encompasses. It is the people who donate to its candidates, it is the people who act, for good or bad, on its behalf or not. When the dirty laundry comes out in the open, the party gets tarred with the same brush.

                    Now, Napolitano was the first to get behind Obama when she was governor of AZ (you heard that right, AZ had a female Democratic governor), Now, she is Chancellor of the Univ of CA schools. Don’t you think she is still on his Xmas card list? He probably has her on speed dial, she was a hot-shot legal researcher for a major firm in Phoenix before her payoff as US Atty of AZ. She may be writing these briefs that keep showing up in the Ninth Circus, I am sure she is bored signing papers.

                2. Look, I’ll be the first to say that the college administration’s attempt to chill Lu’s political speech is a chump move. It’s almost certainly true, as you say, that a number of people involved are democrats. Finally, I don’t trust anyone on the DNC to support free speech where it comes into conflict with the interests of identity politicians.

                  But to suggest that the DNC has any direct involvement is simply absurd. It smacks of unhinged conspiracy theory and, frankly, reminds me of the wild incoherent rants we hear from Trump protesters. Honestly, it doesn’t do the cause of free speech on campus a whole hell of a lot of good when the people who try to argue in favor of it come off as a bunch of brainless partisan loons.

                  1. JAY – who is the party that claimed they were hacked by the Russians but would not let the FBI examine their servers? Who is the party that was bought by one of the Presidential candidates to use the funds as her personal slush funds? Who is the party that has purged itself by replacing all those people from that candidate with new people from that candidate? Who is the party that allowed their House emails to be sent overseas? Who is the party caught cheating during the primary campaign? Who is the party with the candidate who lost and still cannot accept it was her fault?

  5. What does it tell you when supporting a victim of murder, from gun violence no less, is denounced as a display of hate and racism? What message does it send when you get reported to your university for voicing an opposing idea?

    This is the inevitable result of socialism. The Democratic Party, at last the most extremist side of it, is all about control. Erode individual rights, even Constitutional rights, at the expense of a powerful state. Control thought, and make opposing ideas immoral, evil, and not tolerated. Praise those who quash free speech or engage in violence as fighting the good fight. Over regulate the citizenry. Punish dissenters.

    This is how you get North Korea, Venezuela, and China. They all started out as being “for the people”, fairness, anticapitalist, and ended up where people get thrown into oubliettes for criticizing the government. What is puzzling to me is why so many academics espouse socialism or communism, when the most tenuous grasp of history and current events understands that these structures lead to mass murder, human rights violations, and pollution.

    Free market capitalism, not crony capitalism, and robust individual freedoms are the most fair and just and natural system in the world. Creatures naturally seek out freedom.

    In a democratic free society, people can argue for open borders, and against them. They can argue in support of a man who kept getting kicked out for committing crimes, came back in, got a gun, and shot a woman out for a walk with her Dad. They can argue that this gun is near impossible to accidentally fire. And no one gets hauled before their university’s investigative office, or gets in trouble, or arrested, or executed. It’s just another discussion on a university campus.

      1. Marky Mark Mark – you know perfectly well who was murdered. Do you have a problem with free speech? You use it on here all the time to insult people, so I guess you would agree that you have free speech rights, just not people you disagree with. Again, I am required to correct you. All people have free speech rights and preventing them from exercising their rights allows them to exact money damages.

      2. It takes up to 10 pounds of pressure to pull the trigger on the Sig Sauer P239. One of the reasons this is the same firearm used in law enforcement is that it is difficult to accidentally fire. Had the jurors tried to pull the trigger on the gun, they would have realized that the defense’s assertion that it was an accident did not hold water. What I don’t understand is why the defense tried to let jurors handle the gun, and not the prosecution.

        It is true that Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder by what I consider a politicized trial in a heavily Progressive and Liberal city. However, because that weapon was so difficult to fire on accident, and because he committed crimes and was deported many times, I believe he murdered Kate Steinle. I also hold the sanctuary city of San Francisco partially responsible for her murder. Zarate was deported many times for breaking the law. San Francisco expressly protects convicted criminals from deportation. Zarate was in San Francisco because it protected criminals. He was never supposed to be back in our country because he refused to follow our laws. He was never supposed to be in San Francisco that day. If our federal laws had been followed, Kate Steinle should have been safe to walk the pier with her Dad, and alive and well today.

        1. Karen, he is the kind of individual that will never grasp the gravity of such a tragedy unless, and, until, it happens to him. Unless, and, until, a loved one is murdered by one of these homicidal dirtbags. A homicidal dirtbag who should have been on the other side of the border or locked away, in some penal institution, for his past criminal activity. He doesn’t get, and, he never will. Even worse, he may get it, but he just doesn’t give a #$&k. Probably, a combo of both.

          1. That must make the grief so much worse for victims’ families – that their killers weren’t supposed to be there.

            The barest minimum standard for anyone to immigrate to the US is that they follow our laws. If they are not even willing to do that, then we do not need increased crime. I cannot understand the desire for completely open borders, or having no standards at all for prospective immigrants.

            1. The barest minimum standard for anyone to immigrate to the US is that they follow our laws.

              Sure. But when they take one look at our country they see citizens at the highest levels of government that don’t even do that. Probably not far different from their home country. What they do see are cities in this country that will welcome them, feed them, clothe them, shelter them, employ them, educate them, provide them legal representation. Standards? That would be nice.

        2. Let me see if I have this right. You would annoint yourself as some sort of “super-juror” capable of invalidating the verdict of the jury empaneled in compliance with the directives of the Sixth Amendment. Why do you boot-licking freedom-haters disavow the Constitution of the United States so very often? Maybe you should just move to Russia…
          This is to “nostrovia” Karen

          1. Marky Mark Mark – we dislike them for the same reason we dislike the juries that freed whites who lynched blacks in the South. Juries are not sacrosanct. And SF is a sanctuary city which means they probably let him go because he was illegal. As someone said before, the Sig Sauer has a 9 lb trigger pull so it doesn’t go off by itself. The jury should have examined the gun for themselves, not take the word of two wimpy lawyers. BTW, shooting seals, his excuse is a federal crime, for some strange reason, they are protected.

            1. Stepping outside of your protective retirement home bubble would inform you that people are the same. They have the same wants, needs and desires as the people spread over the bounds of the earth. However, when you persist in cowering inside the protective cocoon of Pravda Faux News, you become ossified, timid, afraid and just old. You forget that people are the same. I’m Thus, California juries will punish murderers the same as a the jurors from any other state will punish murderers. Ergo, you too have annointed yourself a “super-juror” capable of overruling the verdict of a California jury, even though you never saw the evidence. Why do you hate the Constitution of the United States? Would you feel comfortable overruling a local jury that awarded the pig to zebediah instead of jeb?

              This is to georgie or paulie

              1. Marky Mark Mark – I do not watch any TV news, I get most of my news from British sources. I am not ossified, rather always expanding. Currently, I am taking a class on the Tudors and Stuarts. I belong to 2 book clubs, one fiction, one non-fiction. Plus, I read other non-fiction I get through Bookbub. I am also working my way through an anthology of American literature, volume one. I am a polymath and I bore easily. You help me keep up my typing skills.

                1. Notwithstanding the fact that you avoided the substance of my post, I sincerely hope you remain topside until
                  at least the first trump crime inc. family member gets his/her indictment.

                  This is to “the bill of rights are so irritating” georgie or paulie

                  1. Marky Mark Mark – I was unaware you were capable of having substance in your posts. I responded to your insult, which I thought was your major point. I look forward to the day you mature enough that we can have an intelligent conversation. I am really tired of you insulting people.

                    You may have noticed that I do not comment on posts where you do not insult people. Insult people less and you will hear from me less. Keep that in mind.

  6. It appears Asian students are not part of the elite protected class in the Education Industry.

    1. Neither would a Hispanic or Black student be if he expressed views not approved by the campus Politburo. The Soviet Communist Party purged their own members for wrongthink all the time.

    2. Asian students are technically a “protected class” (race) of US citizens. The problem for the blood sucking class of lawyers and “civil rights” activists is that, per The Bell Curve, Asians are farthest right on the intelligence curve; Blacks and Hispanics are both left of center, the former more than the latter. This is simple math (you know math, what Enigma’s and Isaac’s types say is RAY-cis): the sum total of Asians is less than the total of Blacks and Hispanics, plus it is generally against Asian culture to play the blame game and to publicly complain about mistreatment, both items which Blacks are taught from birth, and are quick and happy to employ. So the civil rights attorneys represent Blacks and Hispanics while they happily participate in Asian discrimination.

      The result is Asians are blocked from Harvard, with enrollment below their representation, while Black enrollment exceeds representation, even though Asians have 2 points higher GPA.

      On average, Blacks are surrounded by persons with higher intelligence on campus, causing Blacks to fall behind. Rather than simply admit the truth, that X ratio of Blacks on campus don’t belong, or they need remedial courses, they cry “whitey is doin’ to us agin!” Breaking news: A C- or D+ GPA in HS might not be good enough to become an astronaut, physician, or successful lawyer.

      At least part of the blame rightly belongs on Blacks for their immoral lifestyle of 70%+ out of wedlock births, but God forbid someone associate public failure on a lack of morals! It’s pretty hard to spend public funds to improve morals. You can’t purchase a lobbyist nor a legislator to influence a race of people to stop procreating out of wedlock. To Turley’s eternal credit, this may be the only blog where one can even state the correlation between poverty and out of wedlock birth rate.

      One of society’s biggest failures is that most people leave HS without some type of specific training to earn a living. Also that HS does not teach the most basic, simple, and time proven investment strategy, namely the proper ratios of investment vehicles in one’s portfolio, and how to change the ratios as one ages.

      Black problems in college start with failed elementary and HS, and the difficulties administrators have in firing failed teachers. I wish I knew how to protect teachers from discrimination while weeding out the bad ones, but I’ve never seen a good solution to that problem.

    1. LIberty 2:

      I’d say hook ’em up with ISIS. The ghost caliphate needs a vassal state and who says the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills won’t look good in burkas. Jerry Brown praying to Mecca would be a hoot, and Arrrrrrnold starting “Wheelchair Terminator XX11 – The Iron Sheik Returns” would be all the rage. Of course, we’d have to annihilate them at some point but a “Zombie Apocalypse” sequel is “Gold, Jerry, Pure Gold”!

  7. Students can’t post flyers. Neither can professors. Neither can the staff or president of the university.
    No one can post a flyer.
    Flyers or off the wall and off the table.

    Also: handwriting on the shit
    house walls. No more.

  8. Now if the university allows other posters up in the places from where his posters were removed, and if the administration was at all involved in the removal of the posters, it would be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination. He would be entitled to money damages and injunctive relief. I wonder what, if any role, the university played with respect to the initial removal? If it was just a bunch of private citizens who removed the posters, he wouldn’t be entitled to anything, other than, perhaps, nominal damages and injunctive relief pertaining to the subsequent investigation of Mr. Lu.

    The other thing is, is the removal of the posters a trespass to chattel? If he had abandoned the posters (hung them up with no intention of returning to them) did he abandon any property interest in the posters?

  9. Was an article written about Congresswoman Shultz and her aide –the latter of which,was involved in some type money laundering ?


    1. BH – you talking about DWS and Imran Awan? Check out Luke Rosiak of The Hill – he has done extensive reporting. Also Judicial Watch

  10. It is important that Mr. Lu arrives with his attorney. That should end things rapidly. If not, a quick call to FIRE and they can start another lawsuit.

  11. And still, decent self-respecting white folks will support the Democratic Party. They will trash Trump, and line up enthusiastically to support the Pelosi’s and the Jerry Browns, and the Chucky Schumers, and the whole dang party which encourages this sort of neo-fascism.

    If you ever wonder how an educated population of Germans voted a Hitler into power, this is how it happened.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Not just white folks. I know a number of Latinos in California who are outraged by SF and their coddling of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate. They feel he and others like him are being protected to the detriment of all other CA citizens (including Latinos) and its a disgrace. However, they still march in lock step and parrot the Democrat Party-line. Ideology uber alles.

    2. Squeeky, you are way off-track. Who are the radicals who support Trump? – Neo-fascists in Nazi uniforms, racists, “blood and soil” creeps. Name one Democratic party figure who supports these antifa outrages.

      1. While I am not a Trump supporter, I see people who get up and go to work every day, and a lot of them are Trump supporters. I see a lot of people who get up to go to work in education, defense, and other government-borne positions. Largely they are not Trump supporters. Seems to me the antifa message is the one that resonates with the non-Trump group. This article is just another example of people on the government teet working hard to make sure it works correctly–for them. Simple as that.

        Maybe we should change our national animal to a milky cow. Even with all this craziness, people are still getting enriched. But, still good to see the Democrats staying the course to lose the next el Presidente election. Carry on.

        Personally, still looking for that slash and burn independent… some day…

        1. The above is actually a hybrid response to this write-up and the McCabe one. Same issues. Clean everything out, put up term limits, trials in congress for big profile cases. Cut, cut, cut. Turn off the spigot.

      2. Which neo-Nazis are you talking about??? Because it looks to me like the REAL neo-Nazis are the Muslims. As a group, they like and respect Hitler, and they hate Jews. It is so bad that Jews are now leaving France because of all the anti-Semitism.

        I would give you a better link, but I suspect Huffpo is more your cup of tea:

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      1. Autumn – thanks for the video, I had never seen him before. I am going to have to check him out. 🙂

    3. We saw an early manifestation of your hypo when the rubes fell for the big can an elected the travesty in chief last year.

  12. Around here all postings must be approved, with a stamp, and only posted in approved posting places.

  13. In a news article of this incident, University officials contacted Mr. Lu and “asked” if he could come in for an interview. Of course this will be of no benefit to his academic endeavors so he should just say “No, I’m too busy” and hang up. Never provide an opportunity to those with baited breath.

    On another note, this is a disgraceful act by the college Democrats. For an organization that cherishes victimhood how is it that they can trash the memory of a crime victim who lost her life needlessly. Oh, I forgot, she was at a lower victim strata than what is allowable by those students.

    Whatever Mr. Lu decides to do, he must at never give the impression that the school administration is getting to him.

    1. “Bated” breath. You abate your breath for a short while, which is to say, stop breathing because you’re so excited. You don’t fill your maw with nightcrawlers. Read less Internet and more books.

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