New Orleans Man Arrested After Shooting Woman Walking Her Dog To Prove How “Crazy” He Is

alveris_1513774899655_11997913_ver1.0Glen Alveris has a curious way of impressing a girl. He first shot an innocent woman walking her dog to impress his girlfriend with how “crazy” he was and then stabbed the girlfriend when we was clearly not impressed enough.  He is likely to impress the heck out of a jury in New Orleans.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, Alveris was arguing with his girlfriend over her dancing with another man at a party on Dec. 10.  He then threatened her with a gun and said  “I’m going to show you how crazy I am.” They were passing a 54-year-old woman walking her dog with a male companion and shot her in the leg.  He then allegedly said, “I will shoot anybody who plays with me.”  For days later, he stabbed her repeatedly, which led to his arrest.  The girlfriend later mentioned the shooting of the woman.

Alveris was charged with second-degree battery, aggravated battery, and domestic abuse battery.  He has prior convictions for offenses including criminal damage to property and simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

This time there will be no bail.

38 thoughts on “New Orleans Man Arrested After Shooting Woman Walking Her Dog To Prove How “Crazy” He Is”

  1. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, he’s an aspiring rapper who’s trying to turn his life around.

  2. Apparently shooting a white person in the leg is a gang initiation practice in NOLA. A friend’s friend was a victim recently. Sad state of affairs in the Crescent City.

  3. Mr. Turley, you are a prolific blogger … but can’t you get someone to simply proofread your posts – there are grammatical and spelling errors in so many of them. Heck, I would it for you.

    1. “Proof”

      Unless I missed something, “Mr. Turley” is more accurately a professor.

      One demerit for you.

  4. Nice following you’ve picked up, Turley. These comments read like KKK meeting minutes.

    1. How come running true stories about feral savage blacks is a KKK thing??? It’s not like JT is cherry picking this stuff. Stupid black violence is a fact of life. It is why life in the hood sucks.

      I think what the real problem here is, that Democrats and Leftists just don’t like stories that run counter to the DNC Narrative of “poor little old oppressed black people.” Which, if you have to live around a bunch of blacks you already know to be pure malarkey.

      Believe it or not, there are white people who actually try to keep other white people from knowing what the oppressed minorities are really up to, for example:

      Go figure.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Kinda like the Swedish govt/police not reporting the ethnicities of their rapists or the British police pretending grooming gangs didn’t exist.

          1. Thanks for the link, Squeek. #2 Son was telling me about that clip this morning.

  5. We need someplace besides jails and prisons for these wackos. I don’t mean mental “hospitals” either. They are just prisons with doctors. No. We need penal colonies like Georgia was in days of old. We could use “sanctuary cities”. They think it is ok for bad people to come in. We could set up a neighborhood in LA and send all the perps there.

    1. Oh. This guy needs to be sterilized. At least cut off the weenie if not just the balls.

    2. Iiberty2 – re “penal colonies like Georgia was in days of old.” I am in favor of penal islands — offshore the violent perps.

  6. This mutt’s argument about his being crazy and the obvious threat he poses to society should be enough to lock him up for the duration, of his life. The ‘girlfriend’ should get the maximum for aiding and abetting, obstructing justice, harboring a fugitive, etc. This is the opportune time for the prosecution to get creative with their charges.

  7. Please step back for a minute and think about the causes and solutions to such conditions,and support what needs to be done to improve the quality of life for all.

    Some people need to spend their lives in humane conditions where they are constrained and don’t have access to guns or knives. The most privileged folks need to provide the resources to accomplish that. Until easier availability of birth control and easy termination of unwanted pregnancies occur, we will need to build humane locked and tightly controlled facilities where such people can thrive without endangering others.

    Rather than massive tax cuts or giving more than half the national treasury to the cause of killing people around the world, the most privileged need to contribute to humane facilities for violence-prone individuals right here at home. Killing mentally ill folks doesn’t solve anything. More are born every day. Consensual constraint on reproduction is far more effective at reducing the rate of mental illness.

    1. “A Modest Proposal” perhaps Chris P? In case you are in earnest, I think it plays into Dimocrats’ victimology mindset to suggest the perp and others like him are mentally ill. They are individuals with agency, capable of making good decisions and going down the correct path through life. To suggest otherwise is to rob them of experiencing the inevitable consequences of their decisions.

      1. Cape Cod Skeptic

        Wrongo in the Congo. Can I say that? John Hinkley was found not guilty by reason of insanity when he tried to assonate Reagan to impress Jodi Foster. This mutt is no different. Crimes have been categorized for many centuries based on intent. The intent is based on the understanding of the supposedly sane society. To shoot people to impress a girlfriend, real or imagined is well over the line. This animal and Hinkley have enough in common that they should be put away for the duration. If this guy ever gets out it should be only after several decades of restraint and observation. He has but one use in society, to stand as a subject to be studied so as to prevent this sort of thing. Obviously he was raised in a sewer but there must be more. Millions are raised in these sewers and they don’t all end up like him.

        1. Isaac, perhaps he is crazy. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I try not to armchair the dx. I think it much more likely the guy was mouthing off to scare his GF into submission. Is he malevolent? Clearly Crazy? Remains to be seen. But a mentally ill diagnosis is a slippery slope that can include a lot of people unnecessarily and end up costing taxpayers bigly to keep said individuals locked up and away from “sane” society.

          1. CCS

            My questions, and that’s all one really has, revolve around protecting society. If the mutt is dealt with through the perception of the law, individual rights, and the presentation of a lawyer; then he could be out in very little time. So, he goes inside for a tune up, gets out laughing, and society is at a vastly greater risk. If he goes in as a looney then perhaps he could stay away from the potential harm of which he is clearly capable and somehow designed for, for a reasonable length of time. His release would be predicated on a less ‘individual rights’ based argument and more on a ‘societal rights’ based argument. We hold individual rights to be sometimes greater than those of society, where the individual rights of each of us are to be found. The answers tend to be rarely appropriate. As far as ‘crazy’ goes, when it comes right down to it deviancy is deviancy and society has the right to protect itself from deviants. In a case such as this where the individual is so broken, perhaps he has crossed the line and had his rights suspended in favor of those of the rest of us.

    2. Chris Bacon – I am afraid he doesn’t qualify as mentally ill, however, I do support facilities for the criminally insane. We have one in the center of Phoenix, which has been operating for as long as I have been here and probably long before.

    3. “Rather than massive tax cuts or giving more than half the national treasury to the cause of killing people around the world, the most privileged need to contribute to humane facilities for violence-prone individuals right here at home.”

      Apparently, you’ve had too much weed before posting this. Or, you are 15 and still believing your institutional gatekeepers. While you have a point about the percentage of national treasure used to kill people around the world, and the fact that sort of foreign policy makes its way back here to the citizens of this country, the big problem here remains that there are over 7 billion humans in the world with over 320 million on this rock alone. The fairest solution for all is for everyone to follow a code of personal responsibility. Follow the law. Don’t kill people. Be responsible for those around you. I’d like to think that I am “my brother’s keeper,” but not “every brother’s keeper.” The type of human under scrutiny here is borne from those with no personal responsibility or respect for others. We should not be forcefully accountable to be responsible for them. In other words, it is “good” to be responsible. It is “bad” not to be responsible. The government should be getting out of the business of deciding that. It is happening though, that is why so many of your type frequently spend time kicking and screaming about your perceived social justices on this blog.

      It’s time to recognize evil behavior for what it is and to quit apologizing.

  8. The original article says Alveris’ 20 yo girlfriend stabbed HIM repeatedly during a fight at her home a few days after the shooting. The reason the ADA requested Alveris be held without bond is because he was already out on bail from a Sept. arrest for two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. Both Alveris and his GF had been drinking and smoking pot at a party and took a drive to essentially fight about her dancing with another guy. That’s when Alveris shot at the woman and her companion on the street. Both individuals are obvious examples of excellence in humanity.

    1. CCS – she seems like the ideal date, too. God, what a pair. They deserve each other. Evidently, the knives were not too big since they were not doing much damage, or not enough damage. 😉

      1. PCS, I just shake my head at news stories like this. If I were a NOLA resident, I would be chapped that my tax money was spent on them.

        1. I’m curious to know how many celebs and ideological Dems who moved NOLA post-Katrina to save the city are still there now that it is back to its high level of crime. NOLA residents — real NOLA people — are chapped that they have a pandering mayor who spent millions on removing statues of Confederate officers.

          1. Suze, I think the only positive is that NOLA still isn’t as bad as Baltimore. Any mayor who spends $$ to remove statues is only prioritizing optics, not real issues, as you well know. It’s easier for the celebs to throw money at the situation; living amongst the hoi polloi and getting down and dirty to solve problems is simply not their style once the cameras have moved onto another tragedy.

    1. Squeeky – I don’t think stabbing his girlfriends is what his mother taught him. 🙂

  9. She should have turned him in after he shot the lady. If he was that “crazy” he was not going to get any saner.

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