Virginia Man Features “Trust Me” Teeshirt in His Mugshot For Auto Theft

800When Wilmer Lara Garcia allegedly decided to steal a Honda Civic, he wore a rather incongruous choice of teeshirt reading “Trust Me.”  He did leave a memorable mugshot however with the Fairfax County police.


Garcia was arrested with an accomplice . . .  and a cache of forged checks.

He is now charged with auto theft and two counts of forgery. Police say he was wearing the shirt that read “Trust Me.”

He was charged with auto theft and forgery. Trust it appears only goes so far.

16 thoughts on “Virginia Man Features “Trust Me” Teeshirt in His Mugshot For Auto Theft”

  1. Maybe he thought that the middle class victim of his crime “could afford it.” Isn’t that the basic tenet of class warfare?

  2. On of the best car comedy movies of the ’80s was “Used Cars” with Kurt Russell playing a used car salesman with aspirations of becoming a state senator. His catch phrase was “Trust Me”, even using it on his bumper stickers. If you’ve not seen it, you need to as it is a hoot. It’s ironic that this alleged car thief had that on his shirt.

  3. Trust is how you steal those cars or pass those forged checks. In this case, it is not his good looks.

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