Layman Versus Lawyer: Alleged Drunk First Date Causes $300,000 Damage to Art In Attorney’s Residence

warhol29n-2-webTo a layman, the concerns of an attorney can seem quaint or overblown.  To an attorney, discussions with a layman can present a problem of translation.  That seemed to be the case in a dispute recently between Lindy Lou Layman and well-known attorney Anthony Buzbee.  Buzbee took Layman, 29, home after a first date.  She was drunk and allegedly proceeded to trash his home — causing more than $300,000 in damage to art including two Andy Warhol paintings. 

tony buzbee mug shot_1482209313023_7405900_ver1.0Buzbee (shown here in his own mugshot from an earlier dismissed DUI case) told police that he tried to get Layman to leave his his home and called her an uber ride but she refused to leave.  He said that she then hid from him and started to scream profanities while tossing wine on art and throwing (and smashing) art pieces.  This included damage to two Warhol pieces valued at $500,000 each.  Paintings were torn from the walls and liquid poured on them.

It may be time to sue Lindy Lou.

Buzbee can afford both the art and the litigation.  He secured the largest jury verdict in history against British Petroleum in 2009 and also served as counsel to the Governor Rick Perry of Texas in his indictment on two felony counts.

Whatever the outcome of this case, this was clearly a memorable and costly first date for both parties.

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