Happy New Year to all of our blog community from around the world. As I mentioned yesterday, I get to celebrate both New Years and my anniversary on the 31st. Leslie and I eloped in Alexandria Virginia on New Year’s Eve in 1997 — making this our 20th anniversary. (We disagree on the number for celebrating since I count the 8 years that we dated — making this our 28th).  I make our traditional soup on New Year’s: The Bowl of The Wife of Kit Carson Soup. It is a hot Turkey soup that my father Jack Turley would make every New Year and was believed to be a cure for any hangover.

As has been our tradition on this blog, with the start of 2018, I thought I would wanted to share our annual “State of The Blog” statistics.

It has been a great year on the blog. Thanks to all of our regulars and particularly our our talented and popular weekend team of guest bloggers: Mike Appleton, Kimberly Dienes, Cara Gallagher, Larry Rafferty, and Darren Smith. We are closing in on 31 million views and we remained in the top legal blogs in the world.

We are approaching 34,000,000 views and saw a roughly 20 percent increase in 2017 over our views in 2016.  Those following the blog grew by roughly 25 percent and now stands at roughly 36,500 followers.  We also saw a sizable increase in our international followers.

Our top regular commentators for the last 1000 comments were:

1. Linda

2.  Paul C. Schulte

3.  Michael Aarethun

4.  Olly

5. Ken

In addition to the United States, our two leading contributing countries were again Canada and Great Britain among 226 other countries.

Over the last year, the top ten countries outside of the United States were:

1. Canada
2. United Kingdom
3. Australia
4. Germany
5. India
6. Spain
7. France
8. Poland
9. New Zealand
10. Netherlands

The most popular post in 2017 was Did Comey Violate Laws In Leaking The Trump Memo?

That blog was followed in popularity by the following:

2. Five Ninth Circuit Judges Issue Rare Dissent Rebuking The Panel In Immigration Ruling

3. UC Riverside Student Charged With Grand Theft After Swiping MAGA Hat Of Fellow Student 

4.The Rice Controversy: Is The Media Proving Trump Correct?

5.Court Rules Against Arizona Deputy on Swiping Lawyer’s Note — Arpaio To Defy Court

We finished 2017 with over 750,000 comments and 16,666 posts.

Thanks again everyone for making this site and 2017 such a great success!

Best wishes for the New Year!

Jonathan Turley

56 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

  1. YNOT – there are very few keyholes left to peak through, Although you probably have then all mapped.

  2. “I thought I would wanted to share”

    That construction would never pass my tenth grade English teacher. Don’t lawyers learn to write?

      1. Never. Just what reporters write about it. Maybe sometimes they quote the more coherent bits.

        1. \David Benson – depending on the author, it can very clear or as opaque as the directions for an IKEA desk.

  3. Robert Mueller: “May 2018 bring you more billable hours and less taxes. MAGA !!”

  4. No, I agree with anonymous, that your comment was over the line. Puns and wordplays are great, but you could have done “enegro” and it would have been fine. Or my pet name for him, enemainblack.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. Happy New Year to Lil’ Kim in NOKO and his WMD.

    “If there is no problem, there is no solution”

    – John Price

    America knows that it is not going to obtain a solution through the use of military force so there is no solution. America lives with nuclear-armed Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan, India, South Africa (Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation), Israel et al. so there is no problem.

    America must live with a nuclear-armed North Korea and a Korean peninsula in its natural, political state. America must end the incoherent and inordinately expensive subsidization of Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, LG, Hankook, Daewoo, POSCO, etc., and withdraw its military forces from South Korea.

  6. George Orwell should have written “2017” not “1984.”

    Anti-American, globalist, liberal democrats commit every crime in the book then demand an investigation of the Republican conservative because he won the election.

    Hillary Clinton conducts treasonous, lucrative, global pay-for-play with the approval of Obama at his State Dept., uses Bleachbit to destroy 30,000 governmental e-mails which were hidden on an illegal private server then Seth Rich delivers probative evidence of this democrat crime spree through e-mails to Julian Assange – just coincidentally winding up dead as a victim of “random” crime – and the “FBI” completely exonerates Hillary, and by extension, the FBI, Obama and the entire “deep state.”

    Can you say “Newspeak?”

    The American Founders wrote “1789” and they are rolling over in their graves.

    Happy New Year!

    1. you wrote: “Anti-American, globalist, liberal democrats commit every crime in the book” but I’d say Imperialist loving neo-liberal Democrats exploit (fill in the blank).

      Similarly: ” the Republican conservative because… won the election” while it seems to me that Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican, but happily uses both camps to feed his narcissism and is happy to conspire with our enemies as well.

      Just as 1984 was premature, “none dare call it treason” needs to be seriously considered.

      1. “…(President Donald J.) Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican,…” Umm. where do I start? Let’s go with the fact that President Trump has endeavored mightily to annihilate Obamacare, restore public land in Utah, cut personnel and funding for many governmental agencies, deport illegal aliens, oppose “sanctuary cities/states,” build a wall, slash taxes. bring arms to bear in Asia, expose the false and fraudulent American media and their minions, the democrats, etc.

        Ronald Reagan “colluded” with Russians to “tear down that wall.” Roosevelt “colluded” with Russia to tear down Nazi Germany. Russia is only an enemy if we make it so. Why is it that you want Russia as an enemy. Let’s be truthful now.

        Narcissism defined: Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton.

        One must conclude that you are a delusional; parasitic, communistic, non-self-reliant, redistributionist, dictatorial-of-the-proletariat (i.e. lazy, greedy, striking teachers union w/”comparable pay” for the rest of the do-nothing public workers), constitution-nullifying liberal democrat and happy beneficiary of generational welfare and “Affirmative Action Privilege.” America is not a covetocracy. Thou Shalt Not Covet.

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