“Piggyback Bandit” Arrested n New Jersey After Giving 14-Year-Old Boy A Back Massage At Airport


Sherwin Shayegan, 34, may be one of the truly creepiest individuals to make it on a police blotter, if New Jersey prosecutors are correct.  Shayegan gave a 14-year-old boy a spontaneous massage at the Newark International Airport last Friday  as he sat near a luggage carousel.  He then gave the boy a note with a $10 bill.  It turns out that Shayegan has a long, bizarre, and deeply disturbing history.

The Port Authority police said that the note to the boy simply read This is money for letting me give you a massage. Thank you.” Police also say that the note contained “alarming content.”  Whatever that content, it was enough from police to track Shayegan down at a hotel near the airport. They found envelopes with the names of different airports and more weird notes.

New Jersey police soon discovered that Shayegan had a record in Washington State.  Some five states appear to have issued warnings at schools after Shayegan showed up at sporting events and convinced athletes to give him a piggyback, according to the New York Daily News reports. That led to his nickname as the “piggyback bandit.”  He would pretend to be a volunteer and try to give boys massages or jump on their backs after showers,  He is banned from schools in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

You can see Shayegan in a school uniform in this article.

I have tried to determine the charge which would likely be endangerment and/or assault.  However, based on a back rub, he could argue implied consent or non-sexual contact.



19 thoughts on ““Piggyback Bandit” Arrested n New Jersey After Giving 14-Year-Old Boy A Back Massage At Airport

  1. He seems to have a real compulsion, and may be a candidate for permanent commitment for criminal mental health issues. Asperger’s does not make anyone violent or a pedophile, but it does make it difficult to recognize social or emotional cues in others. I’ve known only a few people with Asperger’s and they were brilliant, though socially handicapped. They can get rigid or obsessive about things.

    I don’t know if he’s got pedophile tendencies or has gotten fixated with piggyback rides, but he needs to be evaluated by a doctor and perhaps locked away. I don’t know at this point if this is criminal behavior or mental illness, but he can’t continue like this. It seems like the can keeps getting kicked down the road from state to state. Perhaps each of the prior incidents weren’t enough for jail time, so they banned him and left it at that. But that allows this to continue at other schools and other states. Someone should have evaluated him for mental health issues.

  2. But, but, but he was born that way! How can we say that isn’t normal behavior??? Who are we to tell people what is “normal”, anyway??? The comments here are sooo cisgender and heteronormative and paternalistic xenophobicky!n Plus, racissst! and anti-woman!

    Isn’t the above the new paradigm???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. He needs to be castrated and have the weenie removed too. Attach these items to his back and make him walk the plank off a boat in the Atlantic.

  4. Jordan B. Peterson’s Q&A video from 1/1/18 has a section on pedophilia being like seven layers of Hell. The whole video is very good.

  5. Why has Doug’s rational reply and fair question been totalitarian Stalinist BLOCKED in a so called Free Christian Democracy?

    • Always empathy for all TRUE victims, but pedo gay ALL not OK? How cum generations of elite Anglo young schoolboys sexually fagged from age-8 at Harrow/Eton etc; aMused-not-aBused as playthings by pedo older boys and pedo tutors. Create NOT life-scarred VICTIMS but generations of trauma-free high achiever National and World leaders. Then PAYING for their own young boys from age-8 to sustain their sneering cycle of the aMused-not-aBused? Yet TOUGH but failed ex-footballers and lowlife femmes WHINE about being ‘touched’ (or not) while fake claiming BIG compo and bent media FAT fees? Answers please on back of a great Anglo-Oirish Gay pedo visionary VICTIM Wilde comemmorative postage stamp, quote, “We are dominated by (Right wing) journalism.”

  6. That creep is only 34? He looks 20 years older than that, and way too heavy for any teen or adolescent to give him a piggy back ride.

  7. The port district had to act quickly or else the airport chair massage parlors could sue them for violating the lease’s noncompetition clause.

    • The original news report indicates that his mother says he’s an Aspie. If he does have that ddx, then his mother failed him big time.

  8. He needs to be ridden by a Missouri mule. He needs to be stomped to the ground and urinated upon by a pack of mules. His head should be cut off and posted on a fence post in the town he was born in. Dork of the year. Queer of the year.

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