Durbin Contests Trump’s Denial of “Shithole” Comment As Press Search For Other Members [UPDATED]

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedPresident Donald Trump is denying that he referred to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” in a meeting with members of Congress.  Clearly someone is lying and it should not be hard to determine who.  One of the members in the meeting, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), says that Trump is lying and that he clearly made the statement.  The question now is recollection of some of the other people in the room, including Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.).

Update: Sen. Graham has now issued a statement that appears to confirm that the President said this and says that he
directly challenged the President after his comment.  Another member has said that Graham told him that President did say it.

Durbin says that the deeply disturbed words — and other such language — was used by the President. He says that the President “said these hateful things” “repeatedly.”  He refers to “vile” comments being used that shocked the members.  Some of Durbin’s comments are less compelling like his objection to the term “chain migration” as offensive to African Americans who came to the United States in chains. Trump reportedly scoffed at that comparison as “a good line.”  The issue is really the use of the “shithole” reference and Trump’s denial of using any “derogatory” language.

Allies of the President have wondered why it took 15 hours for him to deny using the offensive language. Other allies like Peter King have issued supportive statements for the President.  However, a former RNC Chairman is now calling Trump a “racist.”

The published comments have caused an international outcry as press are searching for these other members who can help establish the truth. The optics could obviously not be worse going into the Martin Luther King weekend.

The language is separate from the merits of the debate over whether the United States should shift to a policy of taking the most skilled immigrants as do many other countries.

There are a couple of curious stories following the outcry, which includes the denunciation from the United Nations.  One story says that a couple of members said that they “could not recall” whether the President said such a thing. If a President called all of Africa and Haiti a “shithole,” it would stick in the mind of most people.  Yet, despite Graham saying that he directly challenged the President on the use of the language, Sen. Cotton and Sen. Perdue has said that they simply do not recall.

Another curious story out of the White House is that the President is delighted by the controversy and was taking “a victory lap” last night when the story exploded.

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  3. Telling the Truth About the ‘Hole’

    Making immigration great again.

    January 15, 2018

    Daniel Greenfield

    12,513 Afghans became permanent residents in ’16. Their country is in the middle of an endless civil war between the Islamic terrorists who hate us and the Islamic terrorists who really, really hate us.

    Only 31% of the population of Afghanistan can read. Around 1,000 of the Afghans we took in have jobs. 8,190 don’t have jobs. 3,158 are marked as unknown. That’s an 8% employment rate.

    The left has been shrieking that wrapping up Temporary Protected Status for aliens from El Salvador will wreak havoc on our businesses and economy. In ’16, we took in 23,449 Salvadorans. Around 3,000 have jobs. The other 20,000 don’t seem to.

    Before TPS ended for El Salvador, it ended for Haiti. 23,584 Haitians became permanent residents in ’16. Haiti is a permanent disaster. So are its immigrants. Only 2,691 or 11% are employed.

    And in ’16, we also took in 5,159 residents from France. 40% of them are working.

    The mainstream media turned into one big 24/7 outrage hole over what President Trump might have said. The alleged hole has filled the hole in CNN’s programming left by the lack of missing airliners or new revelations about Trump’s ice cream eating habits. But whether he said it or not, it’s undeniably true. And the media talking heads spitting like poisonous lizards at their teleprompters know it’s true.

    Last week, they were shouting that sending Salvadorians back to El Salvador, a country run by gangs, was a monstrous act. But now suddenly El Salvador and Haiti are misunderstood paradises. If they’re such wonderful places, then let’s send the TPS recipients there. If they’re holes, then tell the truth.

    Haitians received Temporary Protected Status in the United States after an earthquake eight years ago. When the Trump administration suspended their temporary status and gave them 18 months to leave, the left called sending them back to non-holish Haiti, “cruel and shameful” and “inhumane”.

    A resolution by much of the Congressional Black Caucus described a country suffering from a cholera epidemic spread by peacekeepers after an earthquake. “Haiti’s economic growth has contracted to less than one percent, the unemployment rate remains above 40 percent, and the overwhelming majority of Haitians (60 percent) continue to live well below the national poverty line of $2.42 per day.”

    Or as Senator Rubio put it, “HIV/AIDS, malaria, and unchecked cholera, have undermined Haiti’s ability to meet its full potential.” If Haiti is this bad now, just imagine if it unleashed its full potential?

    But you better not call it any kind of hole. It’s a wonderful place that we can’t possibly return people to because they’ll immediately catch cholera from the UN peacekeepers while living on $2.42 a day.

    And if the earthquakes, peacekeepers and hurricanes don’t get them, the kidnappers and killers will.

    The State Department had warned, “No one is safe from kidnapping, regardless of occupation, nationality, race, gender, or age.” It added, “In recent months, travelers arriving in Port-au-Prince on flights from the United States were attacked and robbed shortly after departing the airport.”

    This racist outburst from the previous administration should not go unpunished. Maybe the Congressional Black Caucus members threatening to impeach Trump for allegedly criticizing Haiti can retroactively impeach that notorious racist from their own racist ranks: Barack Hussein Obama.

    How dare his administration imply that Haiti was anything except a wonderful place?

    Haitians don’t enjoy cholera, malaria and kidnappings. Nobody enjoys cholera, malaria and kidnappings. But immigrants who truly see America as a refuge are happy to leave the hole they came from.

    The Pilgrim passengers on the Mayflower knew exactly what they were escaping. Governor William Bradford wrote of being “hunted & persecuted on every side”. Centuries of immigrants felt the same way. But the left teaches today’s immigrants to look down on America even as they benefit from it.

    “My parents are from #s___holecountry Pakistan. I’m their son, born & raised here. Proud of it. We’re your doctors, employers, employees, engineers, teachers, students, drivers, thought leaders,” Wajahat Ali bragged. Lefty celebrities and “thought leaders” retweeted his expression of Pakistani pride.

    19,313 Pakistanis became residents in ’16. Only 15% have jobs. What would we do without them?

    Pakistan is a terror state that harbored Osama bin Laden. Murdering Christians and Hindus is a matter of national pride. 93% of Pakistani women experience sexual violence. That goes a long way to explaining why Pakistani colonists have figured so prominently in rape cases in Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Wajahat Ali is an Islamist “thought leader”. That means he defends Islamic terrorism. He insisted that Obama, “must at the very least interact with democratically elected Muslim governments and representatives, such as Hamas and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad of Iran” and denounced the “brutal U.S. foreign policy” which “has killed thousands of innocents”.

    That is what immigration from the Pakistan hole gets us.

    That and Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber (the first one), Mir Amal Kansi, the CIA shooter, Naveed Haq, who shot up the Seattle Jewish Federation, Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino massacre terrorists, and the other 9 Pakistanis caught in terror plots in America.

    We can get our doctors, employers, engineers and drivers from lots of places. But when it comes to murdering people at a Christmas party in San Bernardino or Jewish women at a social services agency in Seattle, nobody beats the Islamic terrorists that Pakistan sends us. Or terror propagandists like Ali.

    What causes Islamic terrorism? One answer is the arrogance in Wajahat Ali’s tweet.

    Immigrants used to come to America to improve themselves. Now many come convinced of their superiority and our inferiority. They attribute our successes and their failures to a conspiracy.

    Any immigrant can aspire to more than their home country. America was made by men and women who came here with nothing but the shirts on their back and a determination to work hard. They knew that they were leaving hell behind and they could glimpse the fulfillment of their dreams through the clouds.

    Just because your country is a hole, doesn’t mean you have to be.

    That’s a choice.

    But the first step is recognizing that your country is broken. And that if you want something better, you have to change. If you don’t believe your country is a hole, then there’s no reason to change.

    Unless you hear the truth.

    President Trump made an argument for American exceptionalism. Exceptionalism isn’t just important for America. It’s vital for any immigrants who truly want to succeed in this country. The left has ruined generations of immigrants, just like it ruined inner cities, by preaching the superiority of victimhood.

    And there’s nothing more toxic than that.

    Trump’s immigration policies challenge that sense of entitlement. They echo a familiar phrase recited by a man who had once been a Dem icon. “Ask not what your country can do for you– ask what you can do for your country.” Coming from a wretched and miserable place doesn’t entitle you to anything.

    Our immigration policy is built on entitlement. It doesn’t work for Americans or immigrants. It keeps out those immigrants who have the most to give and rewards those who want to take the most.

    The only way to change it is with some straight talk.

    It doesn’t matter whether President Trump said it. What matters is that it’s true. We need higher standards for immigrants. We won’t make America great until we believe we deserve better than holes.

  4. I don’t have any certainty of what was said, but the term refers to countries, not the people of those countries, as some commentators have stated. But I can understand that people that live in those countries would want to do whatever they could to leave those places for a better life elsewhere.

    I’ve lived most of my life in Argentina, which might not have qualified as a shit-hole, but it had an economy that was alternately described as a basket case, and as a banana republic without the bananas. However, there was one advantage to living where there was a dysfunctional government: They had no way to keep track of the people or their activities. Every facet of the government operated like a joke. But if you didn’t come under scrutiny, they left you alone, especially in the rural areas.

    What I find appalling about the United States is how too many comments are taken out of context to help score political points. This is what I think Sen. Durbin is doing, and that many other politicians have done here many times over. I have also seen it pointed out that he has done this many times throughout his career as a politician, and this is a more repulsive behavior than an allegedly racist comment made by the President.

    1. Why, thank you for your input from sunny Argentina. Unfortunately, those of us who have to live with an abomination as a president on a daily basis, the characterization as merely an “alleged” racist was dispelled long ago.

      this is to “don’t cry for me argentina” kevie

  5. It’s not surprising that a cut-throat businessman like Trump can’t become a statesman. Look at Gates, a cut-throat businessman and pretender to “philanthropy”. His investment in the largest seller of for-profit schools-in-a-box, left a parent in the country where the product is sold, making the plea, “Don’t make money on our poor backs”. The difference between Gates and Trump is Gates has a honed P.R. machine that Trump lacks.

    1. Look what generations of “statesmen” gave us: endless wars and outsourcing. You’ll join me in 2020 then in voting Trump. As a way out, you could just define ochlocracy once and for all if you are intellectually able.

      1. “Outsourcing”??? Really? I recommend an introductory macro-economics course. You somehow have formed a belief that basic economic principles answer to close-minded, know-nothing demagoguery of the type that conned the gullible rubes in 2016. Pro tip: coal is soon gone because it’s not economically-competitive with other sources of energy.

        this is to “I think the Great Depression wasn’t all that bad” andrew

        1. Marky Mark Mark – you are incapable of giving pro tips since you are a rank amateur. Quit inflating your resume.

    2. Gates is one of da richest men in da world and he ain’t a racist whore mongering oligarch. T rump is a racist and a whore monger and has a lot of debt. Not da same to me.

      1. It wuz dat stateman dat put us to war in Iraq and dat stateman that put us to NAFTA dat made jobs go away. You should be on your damned knees Ken thanking the Lord every day you are breathing that Donald Trump is reversing dat ignorance statement laid up on us all!

            1. Well, from the manner in which he writes–where it appears as though he has something, constantly, stuck in his mouth or throat–it makes perfect sense.

  6. 412 comments on a remark that may or may not have been made where the substance was true. A bit of PC craziness. Are Liberals losing their minds? Scientific studies have been performed to find out what is truly happening. You won’t be disappointed. Sometimes the truth is like Saturday night live.


    http://www.downvids.net/hilari ous-saturday-night-live-roasts -liberals–1111727.html

  7. Hasn’t it been less than a year in which Washington Post ran an item praising Kirsten Gillibrand’s prolific use of the f word and other such language?

  8. The Leftist Media just cannot get enough of sheisloch countries. Though they hate America, they LOVE sheisloch counteries. Don’t believe me? Then watch and listen:

  9. And let us not forget Soros, Bezos, what’s name from Twitter and Face Book, Gates and the reat of the pro socialists bigots, sexists and racists of the fascist left. naitonal socialst, international socialists and progressive socialists makes no difference. And no some guy named Biggs wants to censure President Trump after the non stop parade of filth mouth from the degenerates of the left like Warren, wsserman, Harris, Waters, and Perez – Castro? Spare me your illiteracy while we watch you shove your back of the democrat socialist democrat rejects from the back of the bus to under the with one side of your mouth while trying t convince them otherewise with the other side. It’ s way past time to call out the marxist leninist filth and name them for what they are ‘enemies of the country and more important enemies of the constitution and your leftist professors and propaganists. The only thing we need remember is the same rally point used by those of us who banded together last November. No deals with foreign ideologists and those who reject our Constitutinal Republic. Bugler! Sound Deguello!

    1. Ho hum. Just another keyboard warrior. In real life, you don’t say a word to anybody about anything. Occupy yourself with your ignorant spewing here, You don’t want real people in real life to have to explain the facts of life to you, Mr. timid.

      1. Marky Mark Mark – Michael and I have had several chats about different things. That is something that you and I will never have because of your insipid, immature behavior.

  10. @Olly, January 12, 2018 at 6:27 PM

    “I still believe this statement by Teddy Roosevelt to be the best on what we should expect from immigrants:

    ” ‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’

    Aren’t you then greatly alarmed at the large number of very dangerous people with dual US-Israeli citizenship who serve (whom?) in high-level positions in the US government. The following link provides the names and actions of the many dual-citizens who gave us the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the subsequent turmoil and carnage throughout the Middle East. Cui bono?


    1. No but I am greatly alarmed that the pro fascist bigots of the the State Department of World War II have conitnued to infest and poison that fairly worthless pro UN anti american organization. Damn it just get rid of t them it’s as simple as revoking their security clearances. As for why? Do we really trust that pile of scum?

  11. Dick Durbin, presumably, has never used a curse word or the phrase “Third World” which is definitively disparaging and derogatory when juxtaposed with the phrase “First Word”.

    Dick Dubin is a hypocritical fraud…oh yeah, he’s a democrat.

      1. I doubt the meaning of that wordor any other is of any use to a dialectic who routinely changes words to suit the meanings of the day for the socialist progressives or their brethren in the national and international socialist factions.

  12. Sorry, was this the same United Nations that started a cholera outbreak in Haiti, lied about it, and didn’t fix the problem? The same UN that has become infamous for starting pedophile child sex trafficking rings everywhere it goes? The same UN whose schools were found to be anti-Semitic and taught that Palestinian kids should kill Jews, using around $400 million a year of US funding to do so? Their maps don’t even show Israel. Most of its teachers are Palestinian members of the terrorist organization Hamas. So, essentially, the US has funded madrassas of terrorism while fighting a war on terror.

    Amazingly, the UN vehemently objected to the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Jerusalem was mentioned throughout the Bible. It has been a Jewish Holy City since antiquity. The anti-Semitic UN believed it should have some say over where the US chooses to place its embassy, or whether Israel has the right to decide its own capital. Jerusalem was always to be included in Israel. The hope had originally been that it would be internationally administrated, but none of the Arab nations accepted that offer, and Jordan invaded it, driving out all the Jews at gunpoint.

    The same UN who did nothing to help the genocide in Rwanda, and merely “observed”?

    You will excuse me if how the UN feels about any issue matters not.

    It was an impolitic use of words in an unfriendly room. But they need to call out the Pollyannas who thought that cussing was calling attention to problems when it came from Obama. This should not have been an international incident. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what was said.

    If he did say it, then Trump could have said to the African nations, something along the lines of, “What would you call it when the UN creates a cholera outbreak and lies about it, and US aid gets wasted and misused so that you still do not have clean drinking water? I will use any number of impolite words to express my outrage!” Or “what would you call the wasteland created by cartels where they burn men, women, and children alive in makeshift ovens? Is there a more polite word I should have used? We need to get real and get tough on the problem where we have failed to keep out the criminals and only admit the good people.”

    Here’s the thing about patriotism. A country is like your mother. You and your siblings can complain bitterly about your mother, but will be outraged should anyone else say an ill word. If Trump used vulgar terminology, he should not have done so in front of Liberals. Only Liberals can use vulgar terms in the same sense. He should treat Liberals as if he’s speaking to the UN. They are not to be trusted. For example, they created an international incident by sharing cuss words used in a private meeting. How many times have aid organizations pulled their hair out that people are still living in a sh*(hole even after billions in aid because it is not being used effectively? How many times has law enforcement decried the cartel violence brought over from Third World countries? These Pollyannas not only act appalled, but they told the other countries in order to insult them.

    Presidents have quite often used unguarded terms and vulgarities throughout history in these types of meetings. Their outrage is feigned, and they are exploiting the situation for political purposes. Black unemployment is at its lowest in decades. The Dow has broken records. Liberals will fight and fight until all that is destroyed, the black man is back down, and then they can claim they care the most because they will offer the most benefits with no strings attached, like a work requirement. They keep minorities down and then claim to help them, all the while pushing back jobs and encouraging illegal immigration to compete for the remaining jobs, pushing back on policing to make their communities less safe and encourage gangs, victim profiteering, class warfare, preaching it’s always the white guy’s fault and no one has any affect on their own lives…in effect, creating a hellhole.

      1. It is frustrating how we operate on different tracks of justice, depending on if you are well-connected Liberal or not.

        I also do not want to see the pendulum swing the other way and see two tracks of justice for the well-connected Republican or not.

        Equal justice for all.

        1. I noticed a distinct lack of dividng the GOP into Republicans and Republicans in name only while it goes with out saying the left is entirely DINO since there is no such thing as a democracy in the USA especially with the socialst progressive left involved. They are far far away from being users of democratic principles which only apply at the very beginnings of a government setup. But we remind ourselves why and one reason for rejecting that system is they always turn into a mobocracy I give you BLM and Antifaduh.

    1. Karen S appears confused but my mobile device suggested


      Is it confused?

    2. I completely understand that you do not know what you do. You likely actually believe that Pravda Faux News is a bona fide news organization. You might want to sit down…I have something to tell you, and it’s going to make you very sad. You see, Pravda Faux News has generated your outrage merely to garner rating and eyeballs. Most of the events and occurrences you cite aren’t real, or are dramatically mis-represented. To put it bluntly, you fell for the okie-doke yet again. Don’t get too mad, Pravda Faux News has likewise fooled others like you. Your remedy however, it to get informed. Change the channel. Expand your sources of information. Conduct your own analysis of the facts, once you’ve gathered enough information to reasonable ascertain what those facts are. Vow to no longer blindly accept as “facts” the bleatings of a talking head who has sold his soul to the highest bidder.

      this is to “but Hannity looks so sincere” karen

      1. I might suggest, Mark, using a different tone in your assertions. Your condescending and rhetorical remarks diminish your credibility and your argument. You might instead benefit by using facts and reasonable counterpoints if you disagree with what Karen proposes.

  13. As always, I called this one last night. The left tossed this out there for two reasons:

    – Generate racial animosity right before MLK’s birthday.

    – To keep the first Uranium One indictment out of sight and mind.

    All liberals, progressives, leftists, et al should feel used right now for they’ve all just been used to satify the two points above.

    1. No and the propagada organs of the left are not about to bring it up along with the pending investigation of the Clintons covering AlL phases of their transgressions no matter where they lead instread of covering up like Comrade Mewlilng Meuller is doing

    2. True andrew but then they are only machine parts of The Collective no feelings no thinking just squeaking for a dose of three in one oil.

    3. CNN, HLN, PMSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, LAT – collectivist, redistributionist, liberal democrat propaganda and indoctrination vehicles.

      CNN, HLN, PMSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, LAT – command and control of the democrat party.

      American freedom and free enterprise allows freedom of the press and the freedom to boycott all of them.

  14. Over the next four decades, Trump burnished his reputation as a bigot: he was accused of ordering “all the black [employees] off the floor” of his Atlantic City casinos during his visits; claimed “laziness is a trait in blacks” and “not anything they can control”; requested Jews “in yarmulkes” replace his black accountants; told Bryan Gumbel that “a well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market”; demanded the death penalty for a group of black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a jogger in Central Park (and, despite their later exoneration with the use of DNA evidence, has continued to insist they are guilty); suggested a Native American tribe “don’t look like Indians to me”; mocked Chinese and Japanese trade negotiators by doing an impression of them in broken English; described undocumented Mexican immigrants as “rapists”; compared Syrian refugees to “snakes”; defended two supporters who assaulted a homeless Latino man as “very passionate” people “who love this country”; pledged to ban a quarter of humanity from entering the United States; proposed a database to track American Muslims that he himself refused to distinguish from the Nazi registration of German Jews; implied Jewish donors “want to control” politicians and are all sly negotiators; heaped praise on the “amazing reputation” of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has blamed America’s problems on a “Jewish mafia”; referred to a black supporter at a campaign rally as “my African-American”; suggested the grieving Muslim mother of a slain U.S. army officer “maybe … wasn’t allowed” to speak in public about her son; accused an American-born Hispanic judge of being “a Mexican”; retweeted anti-Semitic and anti-black memes, white supremacists, and even a quote from Benito Mussolini; kept a book of Hitler’s collected speeches next to his bed; declined to condemn both David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan; and spent five years leading a “birther” movement that was bent on smearing and delegitimizing the first black president of the United States, who Trump also accused of being the founder of ISIS.


    Yeah, Trump is the victim here. Right wingers are always the victims. Sad

    Bigotry is a common trait of right wing authoritarian followers.

    1. Your an idiot.

      To begin with “over the next four decades”? So what, you are predicting activity well into the 2050s?

      There is nothing “racist” in the comments we don’t know whether Trump made or not. Ever been to some of those countries? I have. They are ****holes. Period.

      The whole thing was initiated to dupe morons like you into:

      – Crying the race card all the way through until MLKs birthday.

      – Hide the Lambert indictment.

      Get out of mom’s basement a little more Darrin. Stop being stupid.

    2. You know that even Oprah, beloved as she is, would have a hit list as long as this one you spouted off about Trump, and probably worse, if she were to throw her hat in the political ring — which is exactly why Oprah will not run for president.

      1. Very doubtful but the truth is not your friend. Name a couple if you can otherwise just more RWNJ ranting.

        1. Because Oprah will never put herself in the position of being used by the DNC with the likes of Warren, Clinton and Waters lurking in the background. She didn’t get to be a billionaire by being as stupid as the usual Collectives.

        2. Picture this: Oprah as Commander in Chief, saluting and giving orders to the military.

          It’s not going to happen.

          1. And I’m not saying a woman, or even a black woman, cannot serve as Commander in Chief of the military. I’m saying it won’t be Oprah, the Hollywood insider, touchy-feely spiritual seeking, Super Soul Sunday talk show host.

            1. TBob – all they have to do is run the video of Tom Cruise on her program and Oprah is dead meat. 😉

            2. Her massive and ginormous ego would indicate otherwise. She has an overinflated view of herself. While it is undeniable that she may be one of the wealthiest individuals in Hollywood, she–correctly or incorrectly–believes that she was the one responsible for delivering the presidency to Obama. Whether there is any truth to that or not does not matter; what matters is that she believes that the masses would follow her–she checks off a lot of boxes. . .a woman. . .a black woman. . .a known and admired personality, where there is no hurdle to acquaint the population with this person.

              1. Good point. If she chooses to run, she will have Hollywood and the media in her corner and she can save money by just using the “O” posters from Obama’s campaign. “Press We Can!”

                1. It will be curious to see how her “white people must die” comment will play out. Thank heavens she’d run against Trump who will call her out for it. Had Jeb won he’d have hemmed, hawed, planted palm on hip, and delivered Bill Kristol-flavored talking points.

    3. and yiou of course can back up and resource everyone one of those statements? Typical propaganda statement from the programmers of the socialist fascist left through The Collective Machine single mouthpiece.

    4. But you still don’t have any facts, cites, sources etc so big deal it’s just mumbo jumbo blatherings. Verifiable sources not propaganda rags

    5. Direct hit amidship. Let the wailings of “MEDIC” begin….

      this is to “sharpshooter” darrin

  15. Jon Turkey seems to forget that politicians like Durbin, Graham, and others of their ilk are notorious liars. And since the politicians all lie, the truth rarely, if ever, passes between their lips. But, in any case, it doesn’t matter. There are indeed sh—h-le countries in the world, thanks to corrupt vile governments and the vile people that vote for the corrupt leaders. That’s why Trump was elected President. He’s not a politician. We’ve had enough of vile, lying, corrupt politicians and we don’t want America to go in the same directions as sh—h-or countries.

    1. How do you know that they are liars?

      I opine that you just Make Stuff Up.

      1. Most of these characters would be a great set up comedian for a comedy team. Of course, you would not be a hit in the fly over states 🙂

      2. In the same manner as The Collective makes up names for it’s Robo Clones. Why? Because it never provides facts and always trys to change the subject. And uses words like opine or think which is not possible for a machine. Yet.

    2. Emphasis on ‘enough of lying politicians from RINOs to DINOs and the S**thole at 430 S. Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003. The center of the socialist revolution aganst our Representative Constitutinal Republic by the national, international, and progressive socialist of the extreme left. Along with North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela the last remaining strongholds of Nazism and Commumnism their twin evils and that’s something that neither Russia nor probably China can claim any more/

  16. Did Trump’s attorney, Cohen, file defamation lawsuits against Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed?
    Which is greater in number, Trump-filed lawsuits or Clinton murder sightings by fringe Fox whack o’s.

    1. Left wing Propaganda by The Collective Machine Parts of which one Robo Clone is referred to as Linda

  17. As the media sh*tstorm continues to rage, remember when Obama called Netanyahu a chickensh*t? Probably not because the media was awfully quiet about that one.

    Obama had one of his mouthpieces call Israeli PM Netanyahu a chickensh*t and other things through an article in The Atlantic, “the thing about Bibi is he’s a chickensh*t who’s afraid to launch wars.”

    We also had Obama call Libya a sh*tshow and then he blamed and insulted British PM Cameron for the sh*tshow he and Hillary Clinton created.

    Remember that media outrage? Yeah, neither do I.

    Trump also referred to Sweden and Brussels as ‘hellholes.’ So it isn’t just Haiti and Africa.

    And for those who balk at Trump’s language, at least he is wiling to meet with Congressional leaders and dialogue, rather than Obama who, instead of negotiating or listening to Republican proposals, simply said condescending things like, “I won” or “I trump you” or “the election is over, John” or “elections have consequences”…..my how the media protected its chosen one for eight years.

    1. Great observation; however, those who despise Trump, simply, despise Trump. There is no cure. No treatment. Obama said and did some of the most inappropriate things, while in office, and the media remained in a coma. Bottom line–he was black. He couldn’t, possibly, be racist. He couldn’t, possibly, be insulting. Part of the victim mentality. Victims are never at fault. As such, he could get away with anything and, as evidenced by the media’s failure to examine his words and actions, he did.

      1. True. And the media seem to forget that The Swamp that is Washington DC was a sh*thole of dysfunction and corruption before Trump ever came to town. Who better to come in and shake things up than Trump? Congress has been governing stupidly for eternity — or simply unable to govern. Trump is trying to help them out. Our fiscal house is not in order and the debt doubled under Obama. Now we have Trump in the big House who is seriously trying to fix some of the dysfunction by focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs because he knows that jobs create stability for people, for families, for communities, for the country — and on and on it goes. But the media will not give him a chance to succeed.

      2. Besides which they are for the most part nothing more than defective machine parts of The Collective of The Party and fail in those areas you mention because a. they aren’t allowed to and b. they are not capable of.

    2. It seems that bigots don’t see a problem with the president’s bigoted language. Contextualize the ‘shithole’ comment on black countries with the follow up praise of white countries. You must feel pretty stupid now.

      As for Clinton, she is not president so STFU about her. Or do you want me to polish off all the racist quotes of America’s bigoted party–the republican party.

      So the media are the problem? I don’t think so. The problem is that the president and the republican party sabotaged the presidential election with Russia’s help.

      Here’s to Bob Mueller…may he catch all the Trump traitors.

      1. Joe Biden called Barack Obama one of the “first African Americans we have who is clean and articulate.” Harry Reid said Obama was electable because he was “light skinned and didn’t speak with a Negro dialect” —
        You don’t find that type of comment, uttered by Democrats about a Democrat, more offensive than Trump referring to shithole countries that actually are shitholes which is why people want to leave them and why the State Dept pays hardship allowances for bureaucrats working in those shithole countries?

        1. I think you have your facts and quotes manufactured. Do we have to review the republican record on Racism and bigotry? I didn’t think so.

          1. The quotes are correct and easily verified through various sources. You are either too stupid or too lazy, or both, to locate the various sources which have memorialized such quotes. They are on the record. Try as you might, these words can’t be taken back. You just can’t face the fact that bozos, on your side of the isle, have made statements which are racist and derrogatory, by any standard. Your heroes are untouchable. The media doesn’t cover their antics, or, if it does, it gives them a pass. Crazy Uncle Joe, who can’t stop fondling any child or woman in his midst, is dismissed as a sweet, ole innocuous coot. Any garbage, tumbling out of his mouth, filled with massive capped, Chicklet-sized teeth, is ignored. He couldn’t possibly be a racist. After all, he’s a Democrat! He was the VP to Obama! Yeah. I know. Reality. . .sometimes it messes with you. . .now, go back to crying about Hillary losing. . .

            1. Yes he said it and it was inarticulate at best but it does not compare to tRump’s ramblings. Lying about stupid things trivializes the underlying issue but you know that comrade.

              1. You talking to The Collective the programmers or DNC HQ? Since you addresed the statement to the center of the socialist progressive faction by talking to iyour comrades..

          2. Yes if you want to deal in facts but coming fro the party of Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, anti civil rights, pro one party one leader fascism it might not ring true unless you do use facts and then you would lose.

      2. And I’m not saying that Trump’s language uttered in a private meeting wasn’t offensive, but I am saying that the media shitstorm over his comment is over the top hypocrisy and double standards on full display.

        1. A double standard in what way? If you chose to respond, facts only that should assure your silence.

          1. Thanks for providing the proof needed with your lack of facts. Can’t have it both ways.

      3. No they do but it reminds them so much of themselves they fail to realize he is talking primarily about the shit hole at 430 S. Capitol SE Washington DC. Now I know it’s a machine Robo Clone for The Collective could not have come up with Contextualize therefore it must be the pre programmed. But let’s start with theis one. these two. “That ought to keep the niggers happy” LBJ after the Republicans got his equal rights bill passed while the Democrats voted against it. or Claude Pepper of florida wo stated some of us are always going to have to take care of those incapable of taking care of themselves ”

        OR we could just start listing the warmongering of the left again. You sure iyou want to get into a pissing contest with reality? I suggest your dick isn’t long enough .assuming a machine has one. and I see you are incapable of not using four letter words which goes back to the beginning and proves our original statement.

        Hypocrisy thy headquarters is 430 S. Capitol Street SE Washington DC.

    3. The truth doesn’t matter and only gets in the way of the Leftists’ agenda. The Leftists care deeply about sh—h—e nations and only want the US to become more and more like them. The bottom line is their hatred for America is only equaled by their love for sh—h—e nations. They will reach nirvana only when they succeed in creating a single world sh—h—e nation.

  18. A guy who works in the building trades and around construction workers uses the word “sh**hole”. What a surprise.

        1. Thanks for the Islamocommunazi point of view, Falsepatriot. We don’t get nearly enough of that from the other Leftists on this board.

    1. Now the bigots of the Nazi left have spoken and identified themselves as the Naitonal Socialist component of the enemies domestic along with the international socialists and progressive socialists. That sums it up neatly as to who are pro American and who are anti Constitutionalists.

  19. Roy Moore’s chief donor was a guy from Illinois by name of Uihlein. Uihlein’s wife was a fundraiser for Trump. Now, Uihlein is spending millions to extend his brand of politics, like in Wisconsin to get Kevin Nicholson elected (endorsed by Bannon). It’s estimated Uihlein spent $24 mil. in 2016 elections.

    It’s past time for citizens to drive the divisive candidates, who are funded by out-of-state 0.1% er’s, out of national decision making. The fetish of the wealthy is bigotry that should have ended lifetimes ago. Their achievement is a diminished United States, in both respect and influence and, a nation without the dignity it earned prior to their assault on American governance.

    1. The only refereences have to do with Soccer parks. You lose again but that is not unusal.

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