“This is the Netherlands, You Have To Answer Questions”: Hoekstra Hit Another Hurdle As Ambassador

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.21.41 PM.png Former Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra had a rocky reception as the new ambassador to the Netherlands when reporters raised a false statement that he made in 2015 when he said “the Islamic movement has now gotten to a point where they have put Europe into chaos. Chaos in the Netherlands, there are cars being burnt, there are politicians that are being burnt. And yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands.”  When confronted by the reporters that no such chaos occurred, Hoekstra denied making the statement.  He insisted “I didn’t say that. That is actually an incorrect statement. We would call it fake news. I never said that … it’s not what I said.”  The reporter then played the tape and Hoekstra stumbled with “I didn’t call that fake news. I didn’t use the words today. I don’t think I did.” If Hoekstra thought that that would be the end of it, he was mistaken. This week he held his first press conference and was in for a rude awakening.

Here is that confrontation: Hoekstra interview

Hoekstra has remained silent about the controversy despite the continued outcry among the Dutch media.  When Hoekstra called his first press conference at his new residence in the Hague, he hoped the matter was behind him. It wasn’t.

It did not go well.  Hoekstra declined to retract the comments or give specific examples to back them up.  Indeed, he refused to answer questions.  After one reporter failed to get an apology or answer, Roel Geeraedts, a political reporter at the Dutch television station RTL qouted John Adams who was the United States’ first ambassador to Holland.  Adams said that his greatest hope is that only “honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.” Then came the killer question: “If you’re truly an honest and wise man, could you please take back the remark about burned politicians or name the politician that was burned in the Netherlands?” Hoekstra simply responded “Thank you.”  When Hoekstra tried to move on, Geeraedts said “Excuse me, I asked you a question.”

Another reporter then shouted out “Mr. Ambassador, can you mention any example of a Dutch politician who was burned in recent years?”  Hoekstra did not respond.

Another reporter then said “This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions.”

Now that is a novel concept. Too bad it never seemed to make it across the Atlantic.

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  1. He’s just lost his right to use Dutch spelling. From now on his name in Dutch media will be spellled as ‘HOOkstra”

  2. What Hoekstra said was true re no go and burning pols (just ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali). However, he lied about saying it on the record! He came to the US from Holland as a child so presumably he speaks the language and is familiar with the culture – Dutch folks are no nonsense kinda people – even though far too many have been co opted by the neo lib globalists – so he should have been prepared to be called out for any bs

    Trump needs to have him replaced immediately.

  3. He’s no Nikki Haley. Just go back and review what you said and own it. Explain why you believed you needed to exaggerate the facts or outright make stuff up. Then apologize. Leave them nowhere to go with additional questions. Otherwise, pack your bags.

    1. I agree Olly.

      But is what Hoekstra said untrue? I don’t know the specifics, but I do know Theo Van Gogh was killed and Geert Wilders who is the leader of his party has been assailed by his Dutch enemies for his statements about the Islamists and is under constant threat of being killed.

      Then again an Ambassador is under certain constraints while the news media isn’t. He can’t afford to create an international incident.

  4. This illustrates the folly of appointing political favorites to ambassadorships.

    1. I could care less what they did or did not ask the Russians. The fact remains we (The United States), have an A hole as an ambassador to the Netherlands.

  5. Issac, didn’t General MacArthur return to the Philippines? It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

  6. To any reporters, please take this to heart:

    “Another reporter then said “This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions.”

    Now that is a novel concept. Too bad it never seemed to make it across the Atlantic.”

    Hopefully it just did.

    Yes, please hold politicians and businessmen and any other leader to account.

    Of course, that means you also need to demonstrate the utmost integrity yourselves. Trust that the press will be ‘fair and balanced’ is too low for such an important part of our society.

  7. Are memories so short that events of 2001 cannot be remembered. Pim Fortuyn was shot down in the street like a rabid dog. That event does not argue well for the “assimilation” of Muslims in Europe.

    1. Getting slaughtered by the Nazis. Read your history. Rotterdam was all but wiped out. How did the US Army do in the Philippines? How did the British Army do in Singapore? You sound like a Trump supporter.

      1. Issac:
        Yeah those heroic defenders of the Netherlands put up such a ferocious fight it took five whole days for the NaZis to force a complete surrender. As for we Americans, well they don’t speak Japanese in the Philippines anymore and aren’t ever likely to do so and we made sure they don’t have to speak German in Rotterdam either. You need the books.

      2. Yes I’m a President Trump supporter, you sound like a Canadian Loon.

        1. Please put that on a bumper sticker on your car, and drive around and count how many fingers you get.

  8. I expect no more open press junkets, Do it like Obama, questions one week in advance and he answers only the one he wants,

    1. His name indicates paternal ancestry from The Netherlands. I note his ethnicity appears significantly diluted.

    1. That is the first thought that came to mind after reading this.
      You cannot be a public figure representing another entity, and simply refuse to speak publicly; this is especially true if every word you do say is now tainted with the cast that you are simply lying.

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