Washington Area Rocked By Chilling Crimes Of Teenagers


The Washington area has been shocked by two crimes in the area by teenagers who showed an utter lack of humanity or emotion against helpless victims.  In Fairfax, Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, murdered a 15-year-old girl but stopped just long enough to tell her to remember her name for when they meet in hell.  She was convicted this week in the murder.  In Baltimore, six teens savagely attacked an elderly man, stole his car, and then ran over the man.  In all of these cases, the mugshots show seemingly youthful innocent faces of young people who appear devoid of the most elemental feelings of empathy for other human beings.

Irivas1Venus Romero Iraheta pleaded guilty to the murder of Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas as part of the MS-13 street gang, which continues to terrorize many (particularly Latino families) in Northern Virginia.  As the girl laid on the ground, Iraheta told Reyes Rivas:

“’You’re going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. Don’t forget my name.’ And I told her my full name and I told her my nickname. And I told it to her and I told her to ‘never forget who I was.’ I told her ‘someday, we were going to see each other again.’”

She then stabbed Rivas more than a dozen times.  She added “I left the knife in her neck.”

download-3Reyes Rivas was a student at Watkins Mill High School in Gaithersburg, Md. Iraheta blamed Reyes Rivas for the death of her boyfriend, Christian.  Reyes Rivas was forced to walk through the snow without her shoes and shirt. Iraheta then sliced a tattoo off Reyes Rivas’ hand that Christian had given to her.  She was then taken further into the woods where she was stabbed to death.

In Baltimore, Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 19, Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18, and Emerson Fugon Lopez, 17, pleaded guilty in the brutal attack on 69-year-old Jim Willinghan.  They also pleaded guilty to gang involvement.  Four teens have been arrested — Darian Maurice Hicks, 16; Taizjuan Eliza Waddell, 16; and Kimani William Graham, 16 — earlier in the week for the January 3 attack.

Willinghan was getting something from the trunk of his Buick LaSabre when two cars sped past him, but then turned around.  The teens jumped out of their cars to threaten to shoot him. He was attacked by six teens who stole his wallet and keys.  One of the teens stole Willinghan’s car and reversed the car over him.  A Comcast employee saw the attack and followed the cars. The police eventually arrested the teens and recovered the Buick and two other vehicles.

Hicks was the teen who allegedly drove over Willinghan and has been charged with attempted second-degree murder as well as other charges. Waddell and Graham have both been charged with armed carjacking, carjacking, armed robbery, robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, and theft charges.

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  1. Liberty

    FDR gave the M.I.C. Pearl Harbor so they could have WW2. LBJ famously told the same group “I’ll give you your damn war” (War on Vietnam).

    1. War in Vietnam was never declared. Eisenhower was the first to send “advisors” there. He sent around 900 by 1960. Kennedy increased that number to 16,000 three years later. LBJ had 500,000 advisors there by 1968. That’s one-half million Americans in an armed conflict that Congress authorized but never declared. Never underestimate the cowardice of politicians. It’s easy to send others to die.

  2. Before all you old-timers terrify each other into changing your depends, recognize that if it bleeds it leads and know that overall crime is still at historically low levels. Although I normally don’t provide the leg work, I have provided the report here.


    Executive Summary

    This report examines crime trends at the national and city level during the last quarter century. It covers the years 1990 through 2016, as crime rates peaked in 1991. It analyzes data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and from police departments from the nation’s 30 largest cities. Data for 2016 are estimated, as full year data was not available at the time of publication.

    This report concludes that although there are some troubling increases in crime in specific cities, there is no evidence of a national crime wave. Key findings:

    Overall Trends: Crime has dropped precipitously in the last quarter-century. While crime may fall in some years and rise in others, annual variations are not indicative of long-term trends. While murder rates have increased in some cities, this report finds no evidence that the hard-won public safety gains of the last two and a half decades are being reversed.
    Overall Crime Rate: The national crime rate peaked in 1991 at 5,856 crimes per 100,000 people, and has generally been declining ever since. In 2015, crime fell for the 14th year in a row. Estimates based on preliminary data for 2016 indicate that the overall crime rate will remain stable at 2,857 offenses per 100,000, rising less than 1 percent from 2015. Today’s crime rate is less than half of what it was in 1991.
    Violent Crime: The violent crime rate also peaked in 1991 at 716 violent crimes per 100,000, and now stands at 366, about half that rate. However, the violent crime rate, like rates of murder and overall crime, has risen and fallen during this time. For example, violent crime registered small increases in 2005 and 2006, and then resumed its downward trend. In 2015, violent crime increased by 2.9 percent nationally and by 2.0 percent in the nation’s 30 largest cities. Preliminary data for 2016 also show a greater increase in the national violent crime rate, up 6.3 percent, and a smaller jump in the 30 largest cities, 2.4 percent. Crime is often driven by local factors, so rates in cities may differ from national averages.
    Murder: From 1991 to 2016, the murder rate fell by roughly half, from 9.8 killings per 100,000 to 5.3. The murder rate rose last year by an estimated 7.8 percent. With violence at historic lows, modest increases in the murder rate may appear large in percentage terms. Similarly, murder rates in the 30 largest cities increased by 13.2 percent in 2015 and an estimated 14 percent in 2016. These increases were highly concentrated. More than half of the 2015 urban increase (51.8 percent) was caused by just three cities, Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. And Chicago alone was responsible for 43.7 percent of the rise in urban murders in 2016. It is important to remember the relatively small base from which the percentage increases are calculated.
    City-Level Analysis: Appendix A provides detail on crime in each of the nation’s 30 largest cities. The data demonstrate that crime rates and trends vary widely from city to city. In New York, for example, crime remains at all-time lows. Other cities, such as Washington, D.C., have seen murder rise and then fall recently, yet the rate is still lower than it was a decade ago. However, there are a small group of cities, such as Chicago, where murder remains persistently high, even by historical standards.

    1. “You’re” may be the word you thought you’d like to use.

      this is to “what’s ad hominem mean?” brown eye

  3. Sadly, the solution to this problem will be “more government programs.” This is also the idea behind universal basic income. Regardless of how it’s presented to the masses, liberals have learned that government payments are a sure fire way of breaking down the family structure and creating dependency on the government. It’s the new, acceptable form of slavery. It’s the antithesis of liberty and the founding principles of this country.

  4. It is neither skin shade nor country of birth that is the problem. The challenge to all of society, regardless of skin shade, is mental illness and mental dysfunction. Those conditions are perpetuated among all skin shades, by heredity and culture. Easily available birth control and termination of unwanted pregnancies is the most moral, safe, humane, 1st approaches to this challenge. Humane, safe, prisons, are also necessary for those who are unable to reasonably find their way within the larger society.

    1. Easily available birth control and termination of unwanted pregnancies is the most moral, safe, humane, 1st approaches to this challenge.

      The only difference between your termination of unwanted pregnancies and these violence of these barbarians is the age of the victim. There is nothing moral about killing innocent human beings. Humane? Have you ever seen an abortion procedure? Have you seen the videos about dismembering the babies, selling the parts? Safe? I doubt the dismembered baby who moments earlier was safely in the mother’s womb would agree. Oh, but that baby had no self-awareness right? Not a sentient human being yet, right? Now you’ve just made the argument to justify killing anyone who does not meet your criteria for living. Then go figure out how to get a law passed making that legal. That’s right, once you have murder sanctioned by our government, it will have become the largest criminal organization on the planet.

  5. A broad brush is the preferred approach to the narrow minded. There’s a lot of that going on. It got the imbecile we have as President elected.

    There is a point when someone crosses a line and they simply must be deemed broken and taken out of society to live in an institution for the duration of their life. This does not necessarily rule out the whole, ‘We can fix this one.’ necessary aspect. The primary concern is the safety of the society that attempts to treat those who haven’t crossed that line. If someone is so depraved as to take the life of an innocent for this degree of perversity, then their life forfeited is more than biblical; it is common sense. Society must come first. Without a safe and secure society there would be no individuality with its freedoms. Society has the right and responsibility to determine which of these mutts crossed the line and take them out of the equation in the best interests of all, including the depraved.

  6. We went to the Animal Fair!
    The birds and beasts were there!
    The old baboon, by the light of the moon…
    Was combing his auburn hair!

    The monkey.. he got drunk…
    And fell on the elephants’s trunk.
    The elephant sneezed, and fell on his knees…
    And that was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk!

  7. The behavior and mentality expressed by these teenaged suspects mostly only becomes visible to the general public when events cross a certain threshold, murder being one. If one actually becomes involved in the criminal gang culture he/she will discover this mentality is common.

    This is why it becomes news, people seem shocked when it happens. They don’t realize that common decency and civility are nearly absent in this subculture and attacks, fights, thieving, violence, vandalism, and the wide gamut of criminality is daily in its occurrence.

    There are some that choose to avoid this fact and claim that gang bangers are really victims of society and they would reform immediately if only presented with milk and cookies. Trust me, it ain’t going to happen. When they graduate to the level of murder, they’ve already been indoctrinated from years of the savage life starting at a young age. They do not reform, that ship left long ago. For these types the best protection of society is to imprison these murderers to incapacitate them until they’ve reached an age where they no longer threaten society. It’s not worth any more lives destroyed by granting deference to these types of individuals.

    1. Darren-
      Easy availability of birth control and termination of adverse, unhealthy, unwanted pregnancies are much easier, safer, more humane, more moral, and far less expensive in terms of lives and money.

      1. It’s weird to me that your solutions involve contraception and baby killing instead of the system that is in place that rewards the undesired behavior. I guess it is always easier to steal from others to pay for others actions.

        As I’ve written before, this country will die as we remove our ability to discriminate and pass judgement.

      2. CPB – jumping in here – people like that are not interested in birth control – even if it’s free and easily accessible. They exist in a wholly different (sub) culture.

      3. CPB, if abortions and birth control were the solution, we wouldn’t be discussing the issue now. Birth control is readily available and affordable. Abortion murders over 1,000,000 babies a year. How many more do you think we need to kill to do the trick?

          1. andy, are you calling me a eugenicist? If so, I am stumped on how you got that out of my comment to CPB. He is the one advocating abortion as if we don’t have enough already.

  8. And sometimes things go well. Washington State University School of Music hired a tenor. He gave his first faculty concert this evening, a selection of classical music with accompaniment by guitar, the only piece I had previously heard, in Covent Garden in the back, here I have a front row seat, by harpsichord, bassoon and strings, and by piano for the final three selections.

    Did I say he was good? Very good, excellent in all respects. One of the finest concerts I have ever heard on three continents.

    Incidentally, he is African American. So was Paul Robeson whom I heard sing at my very first concert when I was but 4 years old. Christopher Sierra sings at least as well.

    1. David Benson – Paul Robeson was a brilliant singer, I have only heard him as an adult, and a fine actor. His problem was his membership in the CPUSA.

      1. He testified to the Tenny Committee that he was not a member.

        This was easy to check using Wikipedia, but you can surely find the same elsewhere.

          1. One can always note the reference that the Wikipedia article uses for the particular fact and go check that if in doubt.

            Like any encyclopedia Wikipedia is not perfect but the articles are well referenced.

            1. David Benson – try googling Paul Robeson communist and see and read the many articles. One states that Paul is a member of the underground CPUSA with testimony from a member. David, I never allowed my students to use Wikipedia and there is no reason I should let you. 😉

          2. Robeson ‘s tribute to Stalin, “To you my beloved comrade”, provides some insight as to where Robeson was at.
            There were great admirers of, and apologists for, Hitler who never joined the Nazi Party, but it’s splitting hairs to quibble over whether they had membership cards.
            Robeson was well aware of many of the atrocities in the USSR, but seemed to be OK with that, since the atrocities were being committed for the “right” reasons.
            There was a reason why people like Robeson and Pete Seger were know as “Stalin’s Songbirds”.

            1. Yes, the Wikipedia article makes clear his affinity for the Soviets. I only pointed out that his membership in the CPUSA is probably a “false fact”. So, a Fellow Traveler anyway.

      2. PCS,

        Are you saying that Robeson was a criminal because he joined the CPUSA? One of the many reasons why the U.S. invades, overthrows, and tries to demonize so many countries is that the 1% is afraid that average Americans might start demanding that OUR government should be more about helping the 99% like other true democracies…Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba etc.

        That’s also why people like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein must be demonized. Hillary is acceptable, because she’s a supporter of the status quo and poses no threat to the unfair policies that the 1% love – e.g.
        more tax cuts for her crowd.

        1. billmcwiliams – I am saying that at that time being a member of the CPUSA was illegal and that he was a member of the underground CPUSA, like the Rosenbergs. He lied to HUAC about his membership which would be contempt of Congress, if they had charged him.

          On the other hand I admire him as a singer and actor. He was also an incredible bright intellectual.

          1. Paul

            IOW, your objection is that he lied to HUAC. Ha ha! That’s hilarious. By your logic, Trump should be held in contempt of the public for the 2,000 plus documented lies he has told since becoming president – beginning with the lie about the number of people at his inauguration.

            On the other hand, I admire him as a faithful puppet of the 1%. He is also an incredible, stable genius that
            “uses his IQ like he uses his net worth: It’s always higher than you might assume and there’s no way to ever pin it down”.

          1. SF

            A fallacy is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or “wrong moves” in the construction of an argument. A fallacious argument may be deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is. Wikipedia

            Have some. Today!

          2. SQueeker –

            Here’s PCR’s most recent article. Deal with it.

            The Persecution of Julian Assange

            Assange got into trouble with Washington, because his news organization, Wikileaks, published files released by Bradley Manning. The files were a tremendous embarrassment to Washington, because they showed how Washington conspires against governments and betrays its allies, and the files contained an audio/video film of US military forces murdering innocent people walking down a street and then murdering a father and his two young children who stopped to give aid to the civilians the American soldiers had shot. The film revealed the heartlessness and criminal cruelty of the US troops, who were enjoying playing a real live video game with real people as their victims.


  9. Sadly happening all over Here in the Bay Area as well. Societal collapse. Swarms that rob steal attack kill. Plenty of denial as to what is happening

      1. Squeeky – MS-13 is not black and not white, it is brown all over and dangerous as nitro on a bumpy road.

  10. Whatever happened to public hangings? What should we expect when we treat criminals as victims and victims as criminals. Of course it was not their fault they murdered someone but that of society and perhaps white privilege made them do it. Of course, this is what liberals strive for, a society where everyone is a victim but the ones they say are not. This country is heading in a troubling direction.

    1. You have the percentage wrong. I left several links about the statistics in a comment on an earlier thread.

      SqueeKKKy, your prejudices are showing!!

      1. If the percentage is wrong, stop being such a wuss and supply what you consider to be, the true and accurate percentage. If anything, I believe that Squeaky’s percentage is too low. If you are incapable of stating the true and correctec percentage, STFU. No one wants your musings.

          1. As i suspected. Your stats are incorrect because they are too low. Imagine. 84% in Minneapolis. . .not exactly the hotbed of hip-hop culture. Imagine the numbers in other, more racially diverse populations. They must be off the chart.

            1. Dude, are you just too lazy to do your own homework??? Here is how I found this out. I simply googled the search terms, “black illegitimate birth rate Minneapolis”.

              FWIW, I was wrong. It is really 88%, not 84%.


              Think of the impact of that number. Darn near 9 out of 10 black kids born into a single parent household, and the Democrats/Liberals are blaming black poverty on Institutionalized Racism and White Privilege???

              Why would any self-respecting white person still vote for Democrats???

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

  11. Animals. Savage, heartless, inhumane, barbaric animals. Yes. Begin the cries of racism. Please, begin. I will repeat, savage, heartless, inhumane, barbaric animals, no doubt, raised by other savage, heartless, inhumand, barbaric animals, to not respect the dignity of life. Hispanics and blacks. Yes. I will state the obvious. Gang members. Guess that we aren’t supposed to notice or reference those abundantly clear aspects of the story. It’s racist to make reference to the obvious. Plenty of white criminals. No doubt about it; however, a tragically disproportionate number of violent and incorrigible criminals emanate from these minority communities. Now, the refrain. . .blame the evil society, run by whites, which causes the inhumanity. The disenfranchisement. The necessity to act like barbarians due to the repressive society. The lack of opportunities. The lack of education. Relatives being brought over in chains. Ancestors, illegally crossing borders. Maybe, just maybe, there is something, or, many things, insidious and dreadfully amiss in these communities. . .a sick mentality, where life is cheap. . .internal problems which cultivate and nurture an abundance of these beasts? Please, prove me wrong–go live in one of these communities, with frequent drive-by shootings and savage, random and targeted attacks. If you survive, more than a week or two, let me know how wonderful these minority communities truly are in actuality. The culprits need to be vaporized. Removed from this earth. I’d flip the switch, myself. Time and place? I’m there.

  12. Future Democrat voters.

    How is it that we choose to identify them as teenagers (certainly true), but leave off other identifiers such as black or Hispanic?

    Are they all legal?

    I am sure that for several of them, this is not their first encounter with the law. Why were they given the chance to grow in murderers or near murderers?

    Political correctness has destroyed intellectual integrity.

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