Stormy Interview: Magazine Defies Trump Lawyer’s Threat Of A Libel Lawsuit and Publishes Full Interview With Alleged Mistress

The personal lawyer of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, reportedly threatened to sue a tabloid magazine if it published an interview with the former adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2011.  Daniels told In Touch that she had an affair with Trump that started shortly after Melania Trump gave birth to her son Barron.  The threat appeared to work and the story never ran.  During the presidential campaign, Cohen used a fake name and shell company to give $130,000 to the porn star to deny any sexual relationship.  The publication sets up an interesting legal question of whether Trump will sue as threatened and how this might play out under the standard set out in New York Times v. Sullivan.  You have a porn star who does have two clearly opposing statements on the affairs as the main source for the article. However, a lawsuit would present risks that few lawyers would consider worth taking in a legal action.


Cohen also threatened a defamation action against the publisher and author of the Fire and Fury book.  While Trump later called for changing libel laws, but there has been no mention of the lawsuit since the Cohen threat.  For Cohen not to sue over this publication as indicated, these letters will be cited as another example of empty postering and protestation by counsel.

Four former employees at In Touch magazine’s publisher are cited by The Associated Press as saying that Cohen threatened a defamation action in 2011.  Now that the magazine has belatedly defied Cohen, the question is whether this was just another empty threat or whether Cohen will actually file his promised lawsuit.

It would make for an interesting lawsuit.  The magazine would have been in a better position to publish in 2011 after it reportedly gave Daniels as polygraph (which she passed) and had no 2016 agreement denying any sexual relationship.  In 2016, Daniels said:


I recently became aware that certain news outlets are alleging that I had a sexual and/or romantic affair with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago. I am stating with complete clarity that this is absolutely false. My involvement with Donald Trump was limited to a few public appearances and nothing more. When I met Donald Trump, he was gracious, professional and a complete gentleman to me and EVERYONE in my presence.

Rumors that I have received hush money from Donald Trump are completely false. If indeed I had a relationship with Donald Trump, trust me, you wouldn’t be reading about it in the news, you would be reading it in my book. But the fact of the matter is, these stories are not true.

Stormy Daniels

However, in the interview (and reportedly in discussions with other people and reporters) Daniels said that she indeed had an affair.

Even with this contradiction, the magazine has a story of great public interest and could legitimately run both accounts.  The publication will have the advantage of standard that applies to both public officials and public figures.  The New York Times v. Sullivan  “actual malice” standard requires a showing that the newspaper published a false report with either actual knowledge of its falsity or a reckless disregard of the truth.  The publication’s 5500 word articles has a great deal of detail including references to witnesses, dinners, and telephone calls that can be verified.  She claims to have met Trump  at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in July 2006  four months after Barron was born. She goes into embarrassing detail about the sexual encounter in his hotel room and later affair.  Writing on behalf of Trump, Cohen has called the entire account and any alleged sexual affair as “completely false.”

If Cohen carries out his threat, Trump would have to be willing to face grueling depositions and discovery in such an action.  As I discussed recently with regard to Roy Moore’s empty promise to sue over sexual abuse allegations, it is easier to threaten a libel action than litigate one.  Moreover, this precisely what doomed the Clinton presidency. Bill Clinton was not impeached for being a serial adulterer.  He was impeached for lying under oath about one of those affairs.

Obviously, Daniels is hardly a compelling witness.  She is a porn star who by her own admission had an affair with a married man but later denied such an affair in a written statement.  Given these conflicting statements, she is demonstrably a liar.  However, that does not mean that she was lying in the 2011 interview as opposed to the 2016 statement.  The question is whether Cohen is serious that he wants to litigate to prove the falsity of one over the veracity of the other.  I remain skeptical.

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    1. Well, there is probably fewer than you think because some of the ignorant ones, like Ken, are just sock puppets, and their master posts here under other names, too. Sooo probably, there are only like a half dozen or so idiots.

      The nature of the blog, where Turley lets the smart people speak their piece, tends to run off the more glib liberals who know that their standard name-calling and emotional outbursts are going to get countered with real argumentation from smart people like me. That tends to chase those echo-chamber libs back to their echo chambers, where they can confirm their own biases, and leaves mostly the dregs of the Left here.

      Squeeky Fromm
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  1. This whole thing is a sales pitch for Stormy Daniels. She’s on tour right now. That’s right. She’s on tour and needs to put butts in seats to watch her on-stage performance. What better way to do that than to toss this no-starter of a story out there.

  2. Isn’t it hilarious how the same leftists that want legal prostitution and advocate for total sexual freedom all the sudden turn into zealots over this story? If it’s true that Trump hooked up with Stormy the left ought to be celebrating the fact since that’s the behavior they view as moral.

    1. I doubt it has anything to do with “zealotry” but more to do with hoisting the know-nothing upon their own petard of hypocrisy. But then, you really already knew that. The “zealotry” jibber-jabber was merely a straw man; the idea for probably issued by Hannity today to confuse the gullible rubes.

      This is to “it’s okay if my guy does it” andie

      1. Marky Marky Funky Bunch you don’t read much do you boy? If you did, you’d have seen where I give my take on this topic: this story to me is the most meaningless item out there today, I can think of no other story worth less of my time.

        The “it’s ok if my guy” (or girl) “does it” problem rests with people like you. It’s you that excused Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein’s behavior, not me. It’s people like you that don’t mind Chelsea Clinton has none of Bill’s DNA since he wasn’t Hillary’s baby daddy.

        Go find that Cuomo kid on CNN and listen to his latest racist rant why don’t you.

        1. Where does Mark say that?? Nothing in his statement offers excuses for Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Perhaps you’re responding to an imaginary liberal stereotype. Conservatives do that all the time. They just presume that anyone who ‘sounds’ liberal must subscribe to an entire set of views as presented by Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

          1. Mark represents the left. They gave Clinton and Weinstein a pass. As do you. Period.

            #ItIsntMeThatCaresAboutTheStormyDanielsStory #ItIsYou

            Are you such a bore you don’t even understand what this story really is? Stormy is on tour right now and needs to sell tickets. What better way to gen up attention than a tabloid tale like this?

  3. I am sure that I don’t care.

    Belongs in the Daily Tatler. Shame on you, Turley.

    1. I agree. I can think of no other story right now worth less attention than this porn star thing. I mean, the FBI just attempted a coup and we’re supposed to worry about a possible affair from years ago?

  4. The most interesting question about this is, whose $130K paid for Stormy’s hushing up? Taxpayer funds? Given Draftdodger Donald’s penchant for stiffing “contractors,” maybe it was a “campaign contribution”? The plot sickens.

    And, just who might he be shtupping these days? Poor Melania ! Maybe time to book that return trip to Slovenia.

    1. I don’t recall Barack Obama having served. I don’t recall either of the three Clintons having served in the military either although one lied about trying to join the Marine Corps and the other wrote a letter to his ROTC commander pleading not to get drafted as it might hurt his future political chances.

      1. but AW – don’t you remember HRC dodging all those sniper bullets? Surely she would claim combat status.

        1. HRC wanted to be an astronaut for NASA too. And who can forget her peculiar knack for adopting the faux accent of a black person in black churches with her “I doan feehul no wayz tie-urd…I’ve traveled too fah to git whar I’m goin”.

      2. Roachell Madcow disparaged President Trump for obtaining a deferment and not serving in the military.

        Imagine one of those parasitic beneficiaries of the “Affirmative Action Privilege” and 19th Amendment-never-served-the-country-or-built-the-country feminazis criticizing a man for not serving.

        That dudn’t make any sense!

        America dudn’t make any sense.

        America needs a good “whitelash”.

        1. Da complaint is legit. Cohen used da campaign funds for hush her up money. Is that legal?

      1. Sooo, if you think a payment for arguably personal matters constitutes a violation, then being a very consistent person, you will be all over Hillary for the Russian Dossier! Right??? Because it was DEFINITELY campaign related:

        C’mon now, and say you are concerned about Hillary and the Dossier!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Da payments started with Paul Singer. Every body is
          Lookin for who T rump is havin spank poop and pee. Da Bannon said many more to show up.

  5. Well, she has held up pretty well for a porn star, but in 2011 she was 31, and now she is 38. Her shelf life is coming to an end. Which, is why I bet she is singing like a canary, and hollering “Hey! Reporters, here I am!” Hmmm. That needs an Irish Poem!

    Hey!, While The Sun Shines. . .???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a porn star named “Stormy”,
    With a figure sooo hour-glass form-y!
    But at age 38,
    She’s about out of date. . .
    Which, accounts for the new tell-all swarm-y!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. There will be no lawsuit. Trump supporters don’t care about his personal conduct, so initiating litigation would serve no purpose.

    1. Why should I care if Trump got some out of wedlock??? If Trump had knocked Stormy up, then he would have financially supported both her and his child.

      What I care about is Welfare Whores, and the Baby Daddies, who get some out of wedlock, and then foist the little savages off on society to pay for.

      Can we both agree that kind of sex is what we all should be more concerned about? Particularly since you live/work/hang around in Chicongo, and are thus a likely target for the “offspring to spring on.”

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Brought to you by your lokkkal clavern; RSVP for the burning cross / sheet fitting retreat this weekend.

    2. They also don’t care that he got in bed with the Russian mafia. Oh sorry, I meant the russian government.

  7. Porn Stars, Virgins, Cousins and Family Friends?

    “…the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.”

    “Once Upon A Secret”

    How President Kennedy Seduced a 19 year-old White House Intern — Inside the Bedroom He Shared with Jackie

    She was a wide-eyed White House intern just four days into the job when she found herself standing alone next to the most powerful man in the world — in the most intimate room within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    Kathy Ehrich Dowd September 20, 2017 10:00 AM

    She was a wide-eyed White House intern just four days into the job when she found herself standing alone next to the most powerful man in the world — in the most intimate room within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Mimi Alford (née Beardsley) was all of 19 when she began working in the White House press office in 1962, and almost immediately caught the eye of President John F. Kennedy. While last year’s Jackie movie shed new light on how the first lady created the myth of Camelot after JFK’s assassination, much curiosity remains about their marriage and what Jackie knew.

    As Alford details in her 2012 book, Once Upon a Secret, she was stunned when she received a call from Dave Powers, a close Kennedy aide known unofficially as the First Friend, who invited her for a swim in the White House pool. (It didn’t matter that she didn’t have a swim suit, there were plenty available to choose from.)

    Bewildered after diving into the pool with two other young, female colleagues, Alford was nearly dumbstruck when the commander in chief himself walked in a short time later.

    “Mind if I join you,” the president purred before heading into the dressing room, emerging a short time later in his swim trunks.

    “He was remarkably fit — flat stomach, toned arms — for a forty-five year old man,” Alford writes, and details how the two exchanged pleasantries while treading water.

    Later that same day, Alford was back at her desk when Powers called again, this time wondering if she would be interested in an informal get-together “upstairs.”

    She accepted the invitation, and was stunned to discover that “upstairs” meant the family residence — and she soon found herself sipping daiquiris with an intimate group before the president entered the room.

    A short time later Kennedy offered her a private tour of the residence, and it was when they were alone in the bedroom he shared with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy that he made his move.

    “This is a very private room,” Alford writes that he told her after slipping a hand on her shoulder.

    “The next thing I knew he was standing in front of me, his face inches away,” she writes. “He placed both hands on my shoulders and guided me toward the edge of the bed.”

    A short time later, Alford lost her virginity to the world-renowned leader, and their trysts continued for more than a year.

    “I think he did take advantage — I was so young,” Alford told PEOPLE in 2012 of that first intimate encounter. “But I liked feeling special.”

    Although Alford faced criticism for revealing so many personal details in the book — she also wrote that JFK asked her to give Powers, and later his brother Teddy, sexual favors (oral sex while JFK watched) — Alford told PEOPLE in 2012 she has no regrets.

    “I couldn’t tell the story without those pieces,” she said. “I know there are some difficult parts to that book. And they were difficult for me to write … The fact is, I was vulnerable, and the president was a very powerful man.”


    “…the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.”

    Wapo – Feb 2012

    “In 2003, Dallek included a passing reference to a “tall, slender, beautiful nineteen-year-old college sophomore” in his acclaimed biography, “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917–1963.” More details about the intern came via an oral history by Barbara Gamarekian, a former press aide to Kennedy. Mimi, she said, had a “sort of a special relationship with the president. . . the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.” Alford kept the affair a secret, but confirmed it in 2003 after reporters tracked her down.”

    “…President Bill Clinton was a guest on “Orgy Island” at least 26 times.”

    MEDIUM – Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez

    Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island.”

    “Then we come to the case of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Epstein owns an island in the US Virgin Islands known as Little Saint James, or by insiders, as “Orgy Island.”

    Mr. Epstein was in the news because former President Bill Clinton was a guest on “Orgy Island” at least 26 times. Mr. Epstein was reported to procure girls as young as 12 years old to service visitors to the island. Not just for pleasure. Allegations that guests were vulnerable to blackmail after their interactions with underage girls were videotaped were frequent.


    “FDR and His Women”

    “… she was deeply wounded to discover that Franklin had been having an affair with her secretary, Lucy Mercer.”

    Over the next decade and a half, Franklin rose in politics, while Eleanor struggled to balance demanding social obligations, a series of pregnancies and household duties. In 1918, she was deeply wounded to discover that Franklin had been having an affair with her secretary, Lucy Mercer. She offered Franklin a divorce. Whether Franklin wanted to accept Eleanor’s offer or not, Sara forbade it, threatening to cut off Franklin’s inheritance. Although the marriage continued, this moment was a turning point.

    Marguerite ‘Missy’ LeHand In 1920, Marguerite “Missy” LeHand had come to work as Franklin’s secretary. Over the years, they developed a very close relationship, with Missy serving as one of Franklin’s main friends and confidantes. She lived in the White House during his presidency, and when she suffered a stroke, Franklin altered his will to include her. Eleanor and all the children were warm towards Missy and considered her one of the family. Franklin’s son Elliott later revealed that his father and Missy had had a long affair, and it seems likely that the family was aware at the time.

    Due to the passage of time, the loss of documentary evidence, and conflicting stories from members of his circle, it’s hard to determine the exact nature of some of Franklin’s relationships. However, it is clear that he had a strong mother, a brilliant wife, and a circle of female friends and lovers who challenged and supported him throughout his life.


    1. FDR, JFK and Clinton were smart, patriotic men who were qualified to be President, and who did a good job of serving as President, notwithstanding their secret sex life. Not one of them ever bragged about grabbing womens’ crotches or called his wife a “good-looking piece of ass”. No comparison whatsoever with the Fat Dotard.

      1. Nut cha cha – FDR and JFK were as you put it “smart and patriotic” But Clinton most certainly was not – he caused great harm to this nation economically by pandering to corporate interests over citizens by granting China, despite human rights abuses, Most Favored Nation Status as well as signing NAFTA.

        1. When Bill Clinton left office, there was a substantial government SURPLUS. The Repubs wanted NAFTA. Bill was a Rhodes scholar, who rose from poverty in Alabama to earn a law degree, get elected governor and then President. Chump is the twice-divorced (so far), fat, stupid progeny of a millionaire who put him into business and who has declared business bankruptcy 7 times so far. No comparison whatsoever.

          1. A “substantial surplus”??? Are you nutz??? Do you even have a clue what you are talking about, or how “fund accounting” works??? I doubt it! Sooo, let me give you a little lesson, using YOU, as an example!

            In 2017, Natacha works as a barista at the Ye Olde Antifa Social Justice Coffee Shoppe! Natacha made $18,000 net after taxes and FICA deductions, and only $2,000 in tips (She snarls at the customers and refuses to either shave her armpits, or show any cleavage, which is why her tips are sooo low, Plus, she can’t make a real macchiato to save her life.)

            Anyway, the $20,000 net covers Natacha’s rent, grocery bill, and Evergreen Magazine Subscription with $3,000 per year to spare. To cover her utilities, clothes, car fuel, internet connection, and poster board for all the protests she goes to, she has to use her credit card, upon which, she put an additional $5,000 on this year. Her credit card payment is $200 per month. most of which goes to interest.

            Now, in the normal world, Natacha had an upside down year, spending $17,000 on the rent, etc. ($20,000 less $3,000 left over) and $5,000 worth of charges on the credit card. The math is, income of $20,000 less $22,000 expenditures.

            But, in the government word of “fund accounting”, she has a SURPLUS! Because she took in $20,000 and only spent $19,400! ($17,000 plus $2,400 of credit card payments.)

            That is how Bill Clinton had a “surplus” and how most state governments stay within their budget. By not using double entry accounting, or standard financial statements. For those with longer attention spans than Natacha, here is a pdf on how “fund accounting” works in practice:


            I tried to look up “gltbag” which is a term I remember from my accounting course, but could not find it. It stood for Government Long Term something or another, which is where the liabilities got stuck in non profit accounting. If anybody remembers to exact term, please let me know. My professor just called it the Guiltbag.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            PS: Natacha, if you fail to comprehend the above, you can just call me a racissst! That’s your typical response to facts.

            1. You took an accounting course? Maybe you should have taken spelling and ethics courses instead.

                1. Surplus is acknowledge by all sources but Funk & SqueeKKKy, how can the rest of the world be so wrong?

                  1. “how can the rest of the world be so wrong?”

                    Uh, because the rest of the world doesn’t even understand debits and credits, much less “fund accounting” and governmental accounting. And forget trying to explain intergovernmental transfers from the Social Security “Trust” fund.

                    Meanwhile, if you want a detailed explanation of Clinton’s alleged “surplus”, and think that you are intellectually capable of understanding it, then read this. I tried to keep it simple for Natacha, and people like you. This link has the actual numbers. And, it doesn’t take a PhD in accounting to understand it.


                    If you are not too lazy to learn new stuff, stuff that does not confirm your biases, then you can read the article, and both you and Natacha can apologize for your dumb responses to me!

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. Question, Squeeky….
                      A proposal is made in a year or two to raise the Social Security payroll tax from 12.4% to 14.4% ( from 6.2% to 7.2% each from employee and employer). Let’s say
                      that tax increase is likely to insure full promised Social Security benefits for the next 30-40 years.
                      Would you support or oppose that tax increase?

                    2. Tom Nash:

                      Under our current financial system, I would support such an increase. I would also support “bonus-ing” Social Security recipients to stimulate demand in the economy with the possibility of “moral hazard.” Be

                      Some of those poor people making do on less than $1,000 social security, thru those making less than $2,000 per month need several hundred dollar increases, to at least $15,080 annually as a floor. The ones already above that need a few hundred extra to make up for the ridiculous COLA adjustments over the last 10 years or so.

                      I would fund this outside the Federal Reserve System by the direct sovereign “printing” of money.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    3. Thanks, Squeeky.
                      As an aside, I knew a retired guy whose total monthly income was his SS check, which was barely $1,000 a month.
                      With MediCaid and related low income assistance programs, he got by.
                      This can depend on the State of tesidence, but in his case the types of subsidies he received were probably equal to a 50% outright increase in his SS benefits.
                      And if his SS benefit had been $2,000 per month instead of $1,000, he probably would have been on the hook for part of the substantial medical bills in the last year or two of his life.
                      Anyway, the subsidies can, to an extent, cushion the poverty.

              1. Don’t pay any attention to da women hear that love T rump. They hate there own sex.

          2. So what if the Repubs wanted NAFTA? And it wasn’t just the Repubs it was the globalist DINOs as well. The buck stops with Clinton though because he signed it. And um, Bill is from Arkansas. Totally different states btw.

            Bill Clinton as governor executed a black mentally retarded prisoner so he could prove he wasn’t soft on crime like Dukakis. Whatta guy! Bill Clinton is so corrupt he makes The Donald seem like an alter boy. The death count is so chilling. Remember Seth Rich!!


        2. The auto industry will die if Davos Don gets rid of NAFTA now. Who knows what his handlers will tell da goofball to do. His Goldman Showers boys will say no.

          1. The auto industry will not die. There is a reason that manufacturers choose the U.S. – aside from incentives and no labor rights – Mexicans have a very different work mentality when it comes to factories. Many of my engineering friends who work for a major supplier have lived and worked in Mexico and there are some hilarious stories – funny to me that is – not so funny for the company who faces quality recalls and/or fails to make timely deliveries. Loss of profit.

              1. Not a stereotype. Based on real world experiences. Mexicans are hard workers, but apparently many find manufacturing too structured or something – I am talking about the floor workers btw – not the white collar workers.

        3. Says you. I think chocolate cake is better.

          this is to “Clinton is my bad word” autumn

      2. Of the three men you refer to, two were at a time when the media didn’t bring sex into the political discourse. One, Clinton, faced an impeachment. Many think he should be charged with perjury. If Clinton hadn’t been the darling of the left who knows where his problems would become public knowledge and ruin his career. All of these men were prepared to be President (parental demands). Clinton was a start in the Democrat party.

        Now Trump. He is not a politician. His personal life was no one’s business. Then he saw the mess this country was in, and don’t fool yourself we were in real trouble. He stepped up to run because he thought his business background could help us, which it has. I don’t think the American people are all tied up about a quote in the Billy Bush video. Men talk about stuff like that, in all walks of life.

        President Trump is not going to be an easy adversary. Not his style. He ran giving specifics of his goals for our country and has persued those goals. So far there is more to be positive about than negative. Ending hundreds of regulations created by Obama Executive Orders is a big plus. Your land is now your land again. Tax Reform, eliminating many loopholes written by special interests, will be the earliest impact on working Americans.

        There’s more, but that’s enough as a start.

        1. Wait just a minute. Chump wanted to be President because of what he perceived as the glory and the importance of the position that he believed he could scheme himself into. With the help of Russians, he managed to pull it off, even though most American voters voted against him. If you believe otherwise, you are delusional. He is no patriot and there is no altruistic bone anywhere in his fat body. He is not very bright, and not even very successful, if you figure in the 7 business bankruptcies he’s filed. He had no agenda, other than pandering to the racist ignoramuses like you who couldn’t stand the thought of a smart, black President, married to a smart, black woman with a law degree. That really chafes you, now doesn’t it? He still has no agenda. He does what the far-right wants, like stopping regulations that protect us from predatory loan practices, regulations that protect the environment from air and water pollution, promoting religious-agenda schools, helping for-profit colleges that cheat people and cutting taxes for the uber-wealthy first and foremost. You really, really need to stop being indoctrinated by Fox News. That fat slob is a loser.

          1. Natacha, no, the Russians did not help Trump get elected.

            It was actually Hillary Clinton who paid Russian spies for a fraudulent dossier to falsely smear Trump moments before the election. Emails show her frustration that the media refused to release it until Comey gave it respectability by giving it to Trump. Her camp leaked details ahead of the election. It was Hillary who took over the debt of the DNC in exchange for taking control before the primary. It was Hillary who got leaked questions ahead of a debate. It was Hillary who was exhonerated by Democtrats in the FBI before they interviewed her. They rewrote the statement from “gross negligence” to careless to minimize her crimes. They deleted the statement that she emailed Obama using her illegal account in hostile territory. It was Hillary who gave the Russians 1/5 of our Uranium and they paid $145 million to her slush fund Foundation and doubled Bill’s speaking fee. It was Bill who used his position with the UN to award no bid contracts to their big donors for Haiti relief, and those contractors did not perform.

            Trump won and Hillary lost because she is a liar, dirty, and only escaped jail because the FBI became politicized and colluded to save her.

            If you believe anything else, then you are terribly misinformed.

            1. I believe that no part of the dossier has been proven to be false, and many of the assertions have been verified thus far. So how is the dossier “fraudulent”?

            2. Karen, the Steele dossier was initiated by one of Fatso’s challengers for the nomination. That is a fact. Once he got the nomination, the Clinton campaign was contacted about continuing the research. That’s a fact. Hillary was the Secretary of State. Eight different federal agencies signed off on the uranium deal, and she was not a signatory, so how can you possibly blame her for this? Oh, I know. It’s Hannity, Pirro and the snarky bottle blonde who matters so little to me that I can’t name her. You ought to really, really stop watching Hannity, Pirro and the other demagogues on Fox. They really, really don’t know what they’re talking about.

              1. No, it’s not Fox. It is independent media like Wikileaks, Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, Real News Network, Hard B@astard, Styxenhammer, Humanist Report, Lee Camp, Secular Talk, Lionel Nation, Cabin Talk, LTMB, Sane Progressive, The Intercept…………. these are just a few off the top of my head.

                Turn off the Mad-Cow and her ilk and educate yourself!

          2. Our smart black president was a fraud – corporate man all the way. Just glad he didn’t get the TPP passed before he departed.

              1. The majority of Berniebros agree with me – especially the blacks. Check out Tim Black, LTMB, Jamarl Thomas, Robert Brown, Charlie Peach, Killer Mike, Teodrose Fikre

        2. That’s rich. Is that the dialogue that Pravda Faux News is shilling to the gullible rubes? He thought the country was in trouble? More accurately, he saw how the hicks and hillbillies ate up the birther nonsense, and saw an opportunity for the big con. Unfortunately, the useful idiots installed the greatest enemy of the republic that this country has ever known. We likely will overcome the internal damage from the buffoon’s single term, as long as the jaw-dropping incompetence doesn’t blow up the world.

          This is to “I actually can’t believe I fell for it” sandie

      3. Natacha, your statement is false.

        JFK did brag about several of sexual exploits, including his trysts with the legendary German actress Marlene Dietrich. One of the people that JFK bragged to was Frank Sinatra’s devoted and trusted valet, George Jacobs. In Jacobs’ book, Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra, Jacobs recounts that when he was giving Kennedy a massage, the president-to-be told him that Marlene Dietrich had performed a sex act on him in the ballroom of the Hotel du Cap on the French Riviera, via her hand. And on another occasion, when Jacobs asked JFK what he wanted, he replied with a grin: “I want to f**k every woman in Hollywood.”

        Nonetheless, JFK was a great president.

        As for Bill Clinton, he stands out among all contenders with a secret (or not-so-secret) sex life, setting a new “standard” for the Oval Office, by being the only President that has a documented history of raping women.

        Bill Clinton was a wanna-be JFK, but JFK easily outclassed him in every respect.

        1. Ralphie: did JFK brag to a journalist (if that’s what you want to call Billy Bush) about grabbing women? Men bragging to other men off the record, knowing it’s off the record, does not count.

          You should read more about JFK: he couldn’t pass a physical to qualify to get into the military, so his father BRIBED someone to overlook his back problems and some unidentified but disqualifying blood disorder he had (maybe a form of chronic leukemia, but never fully diagnosed), so he could get in the military anyway. They put him in a desk job in code-breaking, but he wanted action, so his father helped him again by getting him into the new PT boat program which he qualified for due to years of sailing at Hyannis Port. He was a war hero. He swam several miles dragging a wounded man by the straps of his life jacket clenched in his teeth after PT-109 was sunk. To even mention JFK with the Fat Dotard in the same breath or discussion is disgraceful.

          1. Totally irrelevant to the point at hand, Natacha. Bragging is bragging. You said: “Not one of them ever bragged about grabbing womens’ crotches or called his wife a “good-looking piece of ass”.” Now you’re trying to change what the issue is. Typical Leftist BS deflection tactics. You’re beat, so STFU

      4. Nutchacha,

        You’ve outdone your incoherent and hysterical self.

        FDR was a communistic hapless redistributionist fool who saddled America, to this day, with the antithetical and intractable entitlements of Social Security and Medicare. FDR just “inadvertently” extended the “Depression” by ten years while his agent, Alger Hiss, exposed the truth of FDR and was convicted of treason and being a Soviet spy.

        JFK was not a great American. JFK was a vacuous and puny American. JFK, while not mentioning the considerable number of women he conducted extramarital affairs with and young girls and interns he illicitly seduced, AKA molested, was a cult idol and eminent buffoon who came close to vaporizing America while being whipsawed by Khrushchev and ultimately forced to give away the store and run home with his tail between his legs. Imagine upsetting so many upper echelon people in America that they impose the ultimate “executive action” of physically changing your mind on issues.

        Bill Clinton began his illustrious career by being expelled from Oxford for molesting a co-ed, took time for a rape along his career path and concluded by being impeached and having his law license suspended before his 26 trips to “Orgy Island” and setting up his racketeering operation known as the Clinton Foundation.

        1. Says you. I think chocolate cake is superior, and Trumpie is a fool. So? You are allowed your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  8. > Obviously, Daniels is hardly a compelling witness. She is a porn star who by her own admission had an affair with a married man but later denied such an affair in a written statement. Given these conflicting statements, she is demonstrably a liar.

    By the same standard, one might think Trump (serial liar, serial philanderer and married counterparty in said affair) hardly a compelling presidential candidate, and yet, here we are.

  9. “She goes into embarrassing detail about the sexual encounter in his hotel room and later affair.” How on earth could anyone embarrass Fatso? To feel shame and embarrassment over sexual involvement with a porn star right after the birth of his child, he’d have to have a conscience, and he doesn’t. He probably secretly relishes the notion that other men think he nailed a porn star with huge rubber boobs, just like he thinks other men are jealous of his arm candy that he’s referred to as a “good-looking piece of ass”.

    Also, rhetorically speaking, how could anyone embarrass Chump supporters, who have already compromised away their values as to what constitutes fitness to be President just to have a fat clown in the White House fulfilling their racist, xenophobic, misogynist and low brow views of other people and governance. People who think his insulting tweets are funny, for example.

    1. You do realize Natacha that you have to actually complete the Anger Management therapy before the Bargaining therapy can begin. Bwahahahahahha!

      1. You seem to know a lot about these topics, but your post and others proves my point. You actually admire that fat chunk of feces. That’s what’s shocking to me.

        1. but your post and others proves my point. You actually admire that fat chunk of feces.

          That wouldn’t have been my choice of words, but let’s go with that. Your point is a fat chunk of feces. Got it.

    2. Natacha – Trump has gotten an uptick in his ratings since the report of his affair with a porn star. We are all jealous. 😉

      1. I’m speechless. Did you think about his impressionable son? Melania is a purchased accessory, but Baron isn’t.

        1. Natacha – I think Trump and his wife had an arrangement where it was okay for him to get laid. This has nothing to do with his son. It has to do with what he can afford. Tiger Woods could afford porn stars, too.

          1. Paul: the character of a man [at least as far as his public persona–no one is perfect] has everything to do with his children, both sons and daughters. He degrades Baron and the rest of them by bragging about assaulting women, with his racism, xenophobia, his displays of immaturity, cheating people in business and his general lack of character. He apparently doesn’t care enough about them to be a person who has earned respect. His wife is a purchased accessory which they both understand, and that might be OK for her because she is from a culture where women are subservient, but not his children. People criticize Trump for his lack of character, which has nothing to do with politics. I don’t know about you, but my father, who wasn’t perfect by any means, never bragged about assaulting women, and never would have. He tried to be a good role model for the sake of his children because he loved us and wanted to teach us to how to lead good lives. Trump doesn’t care.

            1. Natacha,
              You lecturing on character is like Comey teaching Ethics; epitomizing the phrase: those that can’t do, teach.

              1. Now I’M unethical? You don’t even know me. What did Director Comey do that was unethical?

                  1. Since I’m not his son, I don’t have first hand knowledge of what President Trump is like as a father. As a father myself, if President Trump isn’t embarrassing his children from time to time, then he’s not trying very hard. Especially when they get into their teens. As a veteran, I will say I would be honored to have him as my CinC.

                    1. “not trying very hard” To do what? End up in prison, charged with rape? Olly, just by virtue of having served, you are more of a man than the fat turd stinking up the White House. Why hasn’t one of his strapping sons signed up? Why has no one with the name “Trump” ever worn the uniform?

                1. Now I’M unethical? You don’t even know me.

                  I know you struggle with reading comprehension. You:character…Comey:ethics. Got it?

                  What did Director Comey do that was unethical?

                  As it has been cited many times in this blog, I reference back to my previous point.

            2. Natacha – get over it. You have at least 3 and maybe 7 more years of Trump.

              1. Not going to happen. He’ll leave on his own in lieu of federal marshals escorting him out.

              2. Paul C. Schulte….
                – Natacha may vote for Trump if he runs in 2020.
                From teading her posts, I can see that she’s gotten over😄 Hillary’s loss, and that she’s moving in the direction of being a Trump supporter.😂

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