“I Love You, You Love Me”: Barney Actor Under Fire For “Tantric” Therapy Sessions


Joyner ties his T-Rex period directly to his tantric period: “The energy I brought up [while] in the costume is based on the foundation of tantra, which is love.”

His four-hour, $350 sessions, however, have involved actual sex in seeking “a higher and more blissful state of awareness [of their] sexuality.”  He believes that a blissful state is achieved through unprotected sex.

While many are charging that the former software engineer is peddling faux science, Joyner insists that he is changing lives — even promoting the Barney-esque line: “I love you, you love me, . . .  we’re a big spiritual family.”

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The foundation of all our existence? LOVE!

Live it, Breathe it, Speak it, Stand on it, Share it!

I Love You, You Love Me… We’re A Spiritual Family!!!

Joyner’s sex with clients have led to criticism for tantric practitioners which call such intercourse rare.  Vice interviewed Lisa, 50, who said that she had sex with Joyner on the third sessions and continued to go to him after what she described as the  “spiritual awakening” brought on by the intercourse.
The use of sex as part of these sessions raises an interesting variation of the arguments made unsuccessfully in a challenge to the criminalization of prostitution.  It is illegal in California to have sex for money unless you film it — then it is pornography.  Likewise, it does not appear illegal if the $350 session is intended to give the customer a “spiritual awakening.”
Joyner’s use of unprotected source as “therapy” could raise legal and ethical questions. While he says that he asks patients about any sexually transmitted diseases, the first transfer during “therapy” could produce a Titantic tantric lawsuit.

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  1. Basically, he’s a prostitute who doesn’t wear condoms, who sells his experience as the ultimate Boyfriend Experience.

    If sexual love was the energy he tapped into while filming Barney, then parents everywhere are going to have a problem with that. Maybe this is why so many adults hated Barney.

    I think I’ve made my opinions known before about non monogamous relationships without a condom. Condoms aren’t cool. Birth control is free. Therefore obviously the use of condoms have gone down and STDs have gone up. That is why, personally, I would have kept it at free condoms instead of all the other free birth control methods. The former is safer, the latter leads to disease. If they can charge you higher for smoking, then why not only charge the same for those who do not use condoms with multiple partners, but provide the birth control for free?

    These must be either completely naive or irresponsible people to have sex with a prostitute without protection. So sad. His schtick sounds just like what Charles Manson sold his cult at The Clap Ranch.

  2. In days of old…
    When knights were bold.
    And rubbers weren’t invented.
    They tied a sock…
    Around the cock…
    And babies were prevented.

  3. Let me take the Linda, Ken, Anonymous, et al approach with this one:

    This is more proof that the oligarchy that controls children’s television and the dinosaur costume industry is making billions while enslaving the working class that feels the need for this kind of therapy after enduring such oligarchal enslavement. This is just like Putin’s Russia and no wonder Donald Trump is President. If only California and New York were allowed to vote then Hillary Clinton would be President, there would be no oligarchs, we’d all be just a notch about dead broke all the time, and there would be a dinosaur costume in every closet. Oligarchy Russia Russia oligarchy Trump.

    How’s that?

    1. That was pretty good Andrew. 🙂 There will of course be the Russian bot angle that will need to be addressed. You know they are everywhere and now those enemies of the state have apparently (to Democrats) been influencing the #realeasethememo campaign. Yup, you read that right, those pesky Russians are colluding with the evil Republicans to convince the deplorables in this country that evidence exists showing our IC/FBI community have serially abused power. Fortunately the Democrats are onto these Russian bots and are working feverishly with the social media platforms to block the American people from seeing such a memo. The Democrats are considering their own social media campaign designed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Expect the #thisisnotthememoyouareseeking to begin soon.

      Top congressional Democrats have asked Facebook and Twitter to investigate whether Russian bots and trolls helped spur an online campaign to release a controversial classified memo that some Republicans say shows bias in the FBI’s Trump-Russian probe.

      1. Russian bots have almost replaced racism as the invisible force that systemically controls everything.

        Newsweek is still a thing? Wasn’t it sold for $1 not too long ago – the whole company for $1, not a single issue that is.

        1. LOL! There were multiple sources available on the story, I selected one that this blogs deep thinkers wouldn’t outright reject based on the source.

  4. Gigolo Toys….This female client is cop. The cop wants guy toys. Arrest me, handcuff me & spank me. This isn’t junk therapy. It really works. It’s a “spiritual awakening”.

  5. I am with Joyner when he says that condoms block the tantric experience. 😉

  6. What does this salacious story have to do with the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy? Nothing! Jon Turley is a deep disappointment. I want to hear only about the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy and nothing but the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy because this is the only important news affecting our lives. Our very freedom and way of life is at stake. Fortunately, CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times recognize this and devote stories every day to this vital issue. Shame on Jon Turley!

    Thank goodness for NBC, which also recognizes how much the future of our nation is at stake because of the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy. Thanks to NBC’s crackerjack investigative reporting, they have unearthed another individual with intimate, personal knowledge of the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy, and who sheds like on the sinister Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy, giving us an inside view of certain unseen elements of the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy far beyond your existing knowledge of the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy.

    So, as a public service, I offer NBC detailed analysis of the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy. Watch this extraordinary and eye-opening interview between a video presstitute and a video prostitute, as they plunge ever deeper in the scandalous Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy:


    1. I still can’t believe how many people don’t see the Stormy Daniels story for what it is. She’s on tour. She needs to put butts in seats. Therefore she needs publicity. Hence the story.

    2. Ken in particular will be all over this story. His commentary regarding the Trump-Stormy Daniels-Russian Conspiracy story shows Ken to have some deep-seated sexual fantasies regarding celebrities. President Trump is so inside Ken’s head that it has unleashed those fantasies in all their tantric glory.

  7. My first thoughts were, with Fish gone, who is still alive from Barney? Then I thought, wait, wasn’t it Hal Linden underneath the Barney costume?

    I am left saddened, yesterday Tinky Winky, today Barney, who will it be tomorrow?

    1. Feeling jilted and wanting revenge, the MSNBC Peacock framed Teela Na by accusing her of an illicit affair with the president. Her purity was never in question, but the evil hoards at MSNBC certainly will use every libellous spell in the tome to doom the presidency. They have no honour.

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