The Mailman with the Maserati: Postal Worker Arrested With Dozens of Stolen Credit Cards

download-1It is not clear what should have tipped off authorities first: the fact that postman Naquan Wilson drove a Maserati or that he was called the “Sock Man” because he carried a stack of credit cards around in a sock at the mall. Whatever did it, Wilson, 28, was arrested and charged with stealing dozens of credit cards from the mail and using them to buy designer clothing and other luxury goods.  He was charged  along with girlfriend, 33-year-old Shantavia Davis, who is an NYPD schools safety officer.

Wilson was pilfering the cards at his Long Island post office and arrested after his shift Tuesday night. At the time, he had six stolen credit cards on him and a Maserati in the parking lot. Police believe he had 30 stolen cards.  It is telling that these stores at The Mall at Short Hills did not seem to care that a person they dubbed “the Sock Man” would pull out a stack of cards from a sock to by luxury items.

Wilson was not reported by any of these stores but rather discovered after credit card holders complained about thefts.  Assuming that someone was stealing the cards in the mail, I presume detectives were drawn to the mailman with the Maserati.

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  1. Two more persons of color, constantly persecuted and harassed by whitey, for simply dindunothin’. Just mindin’ thaze own bizness. No justice/no peace…

  2. As part of his sentence make him pay restitution to all those who were robbed of their credit withdrawals to to the banks. He will not have the money so make him work it off at a trash company where he has to empty trash cans along the streets into the trash truck. Take his pay and provide it to the victims. Then send him back to his home country of Nigeria or where ever. Deportation without representation.

  3. Call it Leftist creativity and a redistribution of wealth scheme, rather than “stealing,” which is a word filled with many negative connotations. Wilson, like the Government, feels that he best knows how to spend the money that he obtains using the credit cards. Wilson is simply applying his version of Keynesian economics. Besides, Wilson has found a much more benign way to “go Postal.” Would you prefer the other way?

  4. yet the card company will tell you you are resonsible even if they send cards to a former address. I make a point at the suggestion of my bank to change cards and card numbers in rotation every year or so especially the debit cards.

    1. I have no idea where that ridiculous saying “the Postman always rings twice” comes from. Yes, some Postmen have been known to ring twice, but they often ring only once, and more often than not, they don’t even ring at all.

      1. Ralph Adamo – it is the title of a great film. The remake not so good. 😉

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