“Jesus [Didn’t] Take The Wheel”: Tennessee Man Arrested For DUI After Letting Jesus Drive Him Home


mug-800x430Carrie Underwood achieved great success with her hit “Jesus Take The Wheel” (“Jesus, take the wheel; Take it from my hands; ‘Cause I can’t do this on my own; I’m letting go “) It didn’t quite work that way for Chad England, 33, who was arrested after flipping his car over five times — an accident preceded by his letting Jesus drive him home.

England was driving erratically before he went off the highway and rolled his car.  He then tried to flee arriving officers.  When put into custody, England was “speaking gibberish” and claimed that Jesus asked him if he could drive and England felt he had to agree to such divine intervention.

A search of the car did not turn up the Son of God but did locate “six grams of marijuana, 0.6 grams of cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a 3/4 empty bottle of Crown Royal, a small empty bottle of Crown Royal, and several cans used for ‘huffing.’”

England is now charged with a long list of offences, including  DUI first offence, felony possession of a schedule II drug for resale, possession of a schedule VI drug, and possession of paraphernalia. On top of that, he had no driver’s license in his possession and that his car was not insured.  Police did not appear to accept Jesus as the divinely designated driver.

What is clear is that England is unlikely to ever listen to Underwood again:

12 thoughts on ““Jesus [Didn’t] Take The Wheel”: Tennessee Man Arrested For DUI After Letting Jesus Drive Him Home”

  1. Wow. I love Jonathan Turley which is why it bothers me so much to see this mocking of Jesus. That is my faith you folks are knocking, a faith in which I am an activist in supportive of Jews and of Israel, and against the Islamist agenda. It is because I have a love of the truth, as my faith urges me to have. Now whatever an obvious drunken, drug addict has to say about Jesus is about as relevant as what Ben Rhodes has to say about the Obama Iran deal. Absolutely nothing. It is a sorry time to be shaming Christianity over what some fool had to say about the voices in his head after a night of partying out of his mind.

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