Report: Trump Raised Possible Firing Of Deputy Attorney General In Recent Weeks

Rod_Rosenstein_Official_DAG_Portraitdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedIn the aftermath of the report that the White House Counsel Don McGahn had to threaten to resign to prevent President Donald Trump from firing Robert Mueller last June, new reports from four sources say that Trump has raised his desire to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  The story would be particularly worrisome since many have defended the President (who denied the Mueller story) on the basis that the order was given during an early chaotic period where he made a series of missteps.  This story, if true, would suggest that the President is still considering the same type of move against Rosenstein — a move that would have obvious and immediate negative impact for him and his Administration.

While I have written extensively (here and here and here) on Mueller’s and Rosenstein’s conflicts of interest and why he should never have been considered for such a post, I have also stressed that any firing of either official would be an act of utter lunacy in the midst of this investigation.

I believe that Rosenstein made a fundamental blunder in the appointment of Mueller who has close ties with Comey and interviewed with Trump in an attempt to get Comey’s job.  He should never have been on the list of possible special counsels, let alone selected. That mistake has undermined the investigation and added an unnecessary distraction.  However, once Mueller was appointed, the die was cast. Both he and Rosenstein need to be allowed to finish their work.  I believe that the investigation will be a fair one and I have never questioned the integrity of either of these accomplished lawyers.

Sources say that Trump has been making comments like “let’s fire him, let’s get rid of him” to aides.  If true, it would be unfathomable that after all of the missteps  by the Administration, Trump would be contemplating doing the very same act that largely guaranteed the appointment of a special counsel and exponentially increased the damage to his own Administration.  It would show a serious lack of judgment and discipline to openly discuss such a prospect.

Hopefully, (again if true) Trump will be dissuaded from such an self-destructive act.  One would hope that, at some one, the lessons of the Comey controversy will sink in and such reckless strategies will be put aside in favor of patience and cooperation.

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  1. I’ve become so cynical since the election, that I think Trump will survive firing both Mueller AND Rosenstein. The independent counsel statute is fundamentally flawed. It is an open invitation for politically corrupt abuse. What destroys it is the open-ended authority to target ANYONE, no matter how far from the original reason for creating it. Every day I think Manafort’s suit has got a real shot at killing the indictment. I also think that the public is SICK AND TIRED of the “nothing burger” collusion stuff, no matter how many slops of “secret source” sauce the NYTimes pours over it.

  2. If the information contained in the Republican memo is correct, he should be fired. He would be part of a conspiracy against the govt. of the United States and our people.

    The problem is everyone involved in all of this is corrupt, evil, lying and couldn’t care less about our nation. Trump claims he wants that memo released so the American people can see what happened for ourselves. If so, he could declassify it immediately. He has not done so. Therefore I am calling BS on Trump.

    As to the DOJ, it’s completely obvious that they are corrupt, just as corrupt as Trump. These are people who have already been caught in illegal actions. I have no idea why we are supposed to respect them and think they should not be fired. They all should.

      1. The fact that you know nothing of the memo is an indictment against the sources you monitor for your “news’ and against you as an individual for failing to inform yourself.

      2. “If this FISA memo is even a fraction as incriminating and significant as GOP members are claiming, then it ought to be leaked. If it really exposes a true threat to democracy, that’s what a patriot would do, right? Also, Trump could declassify it with one stroke of a pen.”

        Glenn Greenwald, find more on his twitter feed starting on Jan 19, 2018

          1. Does T rump have to fire everybody he hired. He hired da Kush first and dat crook should go first.

                1. AWW – Chelsea is a douche – but don’t understand why you brought her up. Tired of seeing Jared and Ivanka involved with foreign relations and flying around at tax payer expense. They need to return to NYC and STFU.

    1. You are of course, allowed your own opinion–no matter how uninformed it is–but not your own facts. Merely because the Pravda Faux News shills say that the United States Department of Justice has (suddenly) become staffed with law enforcement officers who are corrupt, doesn’t make it so. You have, of course, made no substantive claims of violations of the law (understandable, because there haven’t been any), rather you’ve just parroted whatever the addle-brained propagandist on your boob-tube has read to you off the teleprompter. “Obvious” doesn’t work in an indictment, and it doesn’t work here. Wrong answer, try again, NEXT.

      this is to “hannity is my truth-whisperer” jill

      1. Marky Mark Mark – do you have some evidence that would clear them? Something gleaned from your mother’s basement? You present no evidence for your case, just venom. Ad hominem is not a case in court, ask your superiors.

  3. All this Mueller, Comey, Flynn and other itShay is beyond the Pale. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Do Not Apply. And south of Montreal the Mueller apCray is too much to listen to or watch on TV.

  4. From the article in The Hill linked within the link to Rod Rosenstein in Turley’s original post for this thread:

    “When the topic of firing Rosenstein comes up, aides have deterred Trump by telling him that it won’t help his case, CNN reported.

    “When this comes up — everyone says, ‘That’s the death march. That’s not going to accomplish anything,’ ” a source told the network.

    The Justice Department declined to comment for CNN’s report, while a White House lawyer blasted “false stories.”

    “We do not find it to be a coincidence that there is an onslaught of false stories circulating in what appears to be a coordinated effort to distract and deflect from new revelations about already reported bias and corruption,” White House special counsel Ty Cobb said in a statement to CNN. “We continue to cooperate with the Special counsel and out of respect for that process will not weigh in further.”

    So rather than prevent White House aides from speaking to CNN, Cobb tells CNN that CNN is circulating an onslaught of false stories. Also, while complaining about bias and corruption, without naming any names, Cobb continues to cooperate with the Special Counsel out of respect for the process. Poor Cobb. Nobody listens to Cobb. How can Cobb work under these conditions?

  5. A Leftist is rendered speechless by simple facts and unassailable logic. Normally, the Leftist will simply avoid any facts or evidence, but in this interview format the Leftist cannot cut-off the mike of the non-Leftist! The result is utter devastation for the Leftist. Word to the wise, Leftists (though an incompatible concept), do not engage in a discussion with a non-Leftist unless you can cut-off the facts and evidence or at least ignore them when the non-Leftist inevitably presents them.

    1. Adamo’s illustration of one of the 5 tactics used by the political right- volley back the criticism leveled at them, without altering it. The other four (1) Russia’s “what about…ism” (2) generalizing to the whole, from an isolated anecdote (perfected by Limbaugh) (3) continuing headline, ex. Hillary (4) up is down (U.S. oligarchs aren’t similar to the repressive Stalin. It is, instead, those who support net neutrality, who oppose concentration of power and wealth, those who oppose militant police action, etc.

      Adamo’s illustration shows Russia working to destabilize the USA, by creating rifts between races, sexes, cultures, religions etc, wherever there is an opportunity. The Koch’s added their evil twist, conflict between generations.

      1. You forgot to add rifts between rich and poor.

        “Adamo’s illustration shows Russia working to destabilize the USA, by creating rifts between races, sexes, cultures, religions etc, wherever there is an opportunity.”

        Are you for real? Sweetheart, it’s not Russia working to create rifts between identity groups. It’s called the Democratic Party. Were you not listening to Barack Obama for the past decade?

          1. No, Linda mentioned ‘rifts between races’ …but the curious thing is that she blames it on Russia, not the great hope and change guy who sat in the Oval Office for the past eight years who turned out to be one of the biggest race-baiters of all who constantly divided the country by race, class and ideology and even destroyed his own party in the process. But according to Linda, it’s Russia’s fault. Go figure.

            1. TBob,..
              – Putin may have already considered this….there’s no way of knowing for sure…but the only way that he’ll be able to reconcile with the American far left is to re-establishing Communist Russia.
              He spent his earlier years as a Communist working on behalf of the Soviet Union.
              The Communist Party is the second largest party in Russia today, so a change of party for Putin isn’t out of the question.
              Once Communism is firmly re-established in Russia, he can, one way or another, bring back the former Soviet republics into the fold.
              Before you know it, we could probably have the old USSR.
              Putin likely remembers the superior, warm relationship the old USSR had with the American far left….the very opposite of what we’re seeing today.
              As I said, there’s no way of know for sure if Putin has considered, or is considering, these moves to patch up his relationship with the American far left.
              But I’d be surprised if it hasn’t at least crossed his mind.

              1. Putin knew who he was dealing with when it came to President Obama. However, Putin has no idea who he is dealing with when it comes to President Trump. We will see what unfolds over the next seven years.

            2. Why, President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was the greatest President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces since Harry Truman. Moreover, not only is he a respected member of the bar and former member of the greatest deliberative body in the world, but prior to his marriage, he undoubtedly had “access” to the white women.

              this is to “I’ll never tell the real reason I hate him” t-hot bob

              1. Marky Mark Mark – no black President get elected with a white wife, hence Michelle.

              2. You’ve heard Isaac from Canada write on this blog many times how he believes those of us who voted for and support President Trump are, in his words, “dupes.” I will suggest here, based solely on your comments that you, Mark M., are undoubtedly a dupe of the first order. No question. Can I get a Booyah?!

              3. Oh and Mark M, if you are insinuating that the ‘real reason I hate’ Barack Obama is because he is half-black, think again. My dislike of Barack Obama has nothing to do with his being half-black (which is the ONLY reason he was elected president, btw). No, it has everything to do with him being a race-baiting fraud.

              4. Last thing Mark M, why don’t you check in with the Armed Forces and get their opinion about Barack Obama. Hint: Obama was not well liked.

      2. After reading Linda elsewhere and here again I finally realized why it is so difficult to understand her. She is the lobster that Peterson talks about. She is 300 million years behind the times.

    2. Ralph

      That’s got to rank up near the top of the list of dumb comments that you’ve posted this week.

    3. Ralph, this is great – the entire interview has had over 4 mil hits since it came out last week. Very encouraging that Jordan’s message has resonated with so many people worldwide from various political persuasions.

  6. Attorney General Sessions must send the U.S. Marshalls Service to secure all the evidence at the FBI – Coups “R” Us.

    1. Sessions has recused himself from anything meaningful so don’t count on it. Too busy going after people’s property and pot. What a f*cking loser.

    1. Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller is willfully and deliberately conspiring with the directorship of the FBI Coups “R” Us to falsely implicate, with the ultimate stated goal of impeaching, the President of the United States of America through an “Investigation of Nothing” as non-existent “Russian Collusion”.

      The smoking gun is puffing furiously in FBI texts.

      The powers of cross will soon be brought to bear against the entire “Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller Gang”

      What did you know and when did you know it, Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller, including during Hillary Clinton’s term at the State Dept?

    2. You got that right, Martha. Talking Points Memo has a great review of the NRA’s links too Russia

    3. Why would you say that?

      Were the Duke lacrosse players panicking about the findings of the prosecutor or were they panicking because the prosecutor, in that case, acted illegally and I believe lost his license and went to jail?

      1. Although your sub-reference is irrelevant, I understand that’s all you got. Anyway, what are your sources of facts that the Duke lacrosse players were ever “panicking”? From my perspective, they merely lawyered up and used the tools the system provides to all that are accused. However, when that won’t keep the indictments away, I guess one could always get their cronies at Pravda Faux News to shill ridiculous nonsense for them; the dupes here are proof positive that some will eat that baloney up.

        this is to “Hannity told me the orange bozo is fighting for the ‘little guy'” allan

        1. ” From my perspective, they merely lawyered up… ”

          That is what this simpleton thinks happens when kids are falsely accused of rape.

        2. Marky Mark Mark – considering the defendant lied when she identified the Duke players and the D.
          A. ended up losing his license and in jail, that is a bad analogy. Marky Mark Mark, stick with Chapter 7s, You cannot hurt people.

    4. Earth to Martha Earth to Martha come in please Martha. You call this panic? The events anyonymous sources describe are eight months old. The end result of the story is that Trump thought about doing something but didn’t so nothing happened. Talk about no there there.

  7. All the defamation of Africa by some folks is off base. America is the shithole. ItShayhole.

    1. The Telegraph

      “Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation”

      “President Jacob Zumahas called on parliament to change South Africa’s constitution to allow the expropriation of white owned land without compensation.”

      They know how to generate revenue in Africa. Like good anti-white, anti-colonialist, collectivist redistributionists, all they have to do now is figure out whom to give the “free stuff”.

      Africa is no s—hole, that’s for sure, right?

      “Meanwhile back in the jungle,
      I smelled something cookin’ and I looked to see
      That’s when; I found out they was a cookin’ me”

      – Stranded in the Jungle by The Cadets

    2. Moreoever, if America is a ****hole, why do you support the Dreamers and the right of illegals to stay here. You ought to advocate for a policy of round ’em up and deport them as quickly as possible so thay don’t have to suffer in the American ****hole one second longer than they need to.

  8. Fire? The entire corrupt FBI Coups “R” Us directorship should have been thrown into guillotines including Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller who is heading up the criminally biased “investigation of nothing”, AKA “Russian Collusion”.

    The whole democrat structure is doing everything it can to save the neck of Obongo, BFF of “Calypso Louie”


    All roads lead to Obongo.

    If the RINO’s let this Obongo fish off the hook, their geese will be cooked.

    1. Fun fact: It was just coincidental that the Coups “R” Us FBI lost 50,000 texts and Hillary Clinton lost 30,000 e-mails. Corruption may lie naturally in the 30-50K range with assumed variation based on the size of the beast.

      1. George, when you’re talking about corruption, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and other entities of the Deep State know no such boundaries.

        1. ralph

          another perceptive comment demonstrating a mind full of trash talk that might even make hannity blush.

          “Right Wing” = good Anything else = bad

          Is that about it?

          1. Wrong again Bill. It’s actually like this:

            For the right, ideas inform their ideology.

            For the left, ideology informs their ideas.

            Think about that. No really, think about it.

          2. Pretty much YES! But why? How did the Left become sooo stupid on nearly every issue? Evan Sayet has a theory, sooo I am going to give you a blurb from his speeches on this matter. You might also buy a copy of
            The Kindergarten Of Eden. It is cheap on Amazon, and Abebooks, and it explains, “Why the Modern Liberal’s thinking leads him to side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.” Because that didn’t happen by accident.

            I am providing you with this information because my sense of you is that you are a decent human being at heart, but totally mired in the mindset of the Left. And ignorant of your own ignorance. But that is a solvable situation. Try reading the below. See if it doesn’t start to sink in on you. Anyway, here is an excerpt from Sayet:

            For years and years I’d hear my friends from the Left say how evil and horrible and racist and imperialistic and oppressive America is, and I’d chuckle to myself and think, “Oh, they always say that; they love America.” Then on 9/11, we were beaten up, and when I grabbed them by the collar, and I said, “Come on, let’s help her. Let’s help America,” and they said, “Nah, she deserves it.”

            At that moment, I realized: They really do hate America. And that began me on what’s now a five-plus-year quest to try to understand the mindset. How could you possibly live in the freest nation in the history of the world and see only oppression? How could you live in the least imperialist power in human history and see us as the ultimate in imperi­alism? How could you live in the least bigoted nation in human history and, as Joe Biden said, “see racism lurking in every dark shadow”?

            I assume that just about everybody in this room agrees that the Democrats are wrong on just about every issue. Well, I’m here to propose to you that it’s not “just about” every issue; it’s quite literally every issue. And it’s not just wrong; it’s as wrong as wrong can be; it’s 180 degrees from right; it is diametrically opposed to that which is good, right, and successful.

            What I discovered is that this is not an accident. This is part of a philosophy that now dominates the whole of Western Europe and the Democratic Party today. I, like some others, call it Modern Liberalism. The Modern Liberal will invariably side with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Give the Modern Liberal the choice between Saddam Hussein and the United States, and he will not only side with Saddam Hussein; he will slander America and Americans in order to do so. Give him the choice between the vicious mass murderer corrupt terrorist dictator Yasser Arafat and the tiny and wonderful democracy of Israel, and he will plagia­rize maps, forge documents, engage in blood libels–as did our former President Jimmy Carter– to side with the terrorist organizations and to attack the tiny democracy of Israel.

            It’s not just foreign policy; it’s every policy. Given the choice between promoting teenage abstinence and teenage promiscuity–and believe me, I know this from my hometown of Hollywood–they will use their movies, their TV shows, their songs, even the schools to promote teenage promiscuity as if it’s cool: like the movie American Pie, in which you are a loser unless you’ve had sex with your best friend’s mother while you’re still a child. Conversely, NARAL, a pro-abortion group masquerading as a pro-choice group, will hold a fund-raiser called “‘F’ Abstinence.” (And it’s not just “F.” It’s the entire word, because promoting vulgarity is part of their agenda.)

            So the question becomes: Why? How do they think they’re making a better world? The first thing that comes into your mind when trying to under­stand, as I’ve so desperately tried to understand, is that if they side always with evil, then they must be evil. But we have a problem with that, don’t we? We all know too many people who fit this category but who aren’t evil: many of my lifelong friends, the people I grew up with, relatives, close relatives.

            If they’re not evil, then the next place your mind goes is that they must just be incredibly stupid. They don’t mean to always side with evil, the failed and wrong; they just don’t know what they’re doing. But we have a problem with this as well. You can’t say Bill Maher (my old boss) is a stupid man. You can’t say Ward Churchill is a stupid man. You can’t say all these academics are stupid people. Frankly, if it were just stupidity, they’d be right more often. What’s the expression? “Even a broken clock is right twice a day,” or “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and again.”

            But if they’re not stupid and they’re not evil, what’s their plan? How do they think they’re making a better world by siding with Saddam Hussein, by keeping his rape and torture rooms open, by seek­ing the destruction of a democracy of Jews? I don’t know if you’ve seen the list going around the Inter­net of all the Nobel Prize-winning scientists from this tiny state of Israel. How do they think they’re making a better world by promoting to children behaviors that are inappropriate and cause diseases and unwanted pregnancies and ruin people’s lives? How do they think they’re making a better world?

            What I discovered is that the Modern Liberal looks back on 50,000 years, 100,000 years of human civilization, and knows only one thing for sure: that none of the ideas that mankind has come up with–none of the religions, none of the philos­ophies, none of the ideologies, none of the forms of government–have succeeded in creating a world devoid of war, poverty, crime, and injustice. So they’re convinced that since all of these ideas of man have proved to be wrong, the real cause of war, pov­erty, crime, and injustice must be found–can only be found–in the attempt to be right.

            If nobody ever thought they were right, what would we disagree about? If we didn’t disagree, surely we wouldn’t fight. If we didn’t fight, of course we wouldn’t go to war. Without war, there would be no poverty; without poverty, there would be no crime; without crime, there would be no injustice. It’s a utopian vision, and all that’s required to usher in this utopia is the rejection of all fact, reason, evi­dence, logic, truth, morality, and decency–all the tools that you and I use in our attempts to be better people, to make the world more right by trying to be right, by siding with right, by recognizing what is right and moving toward it.

            When this first started to dawn on me, I would question my Liberal friends–and believe me, there were plenty of them in Hollywood. The thing about Hollywood is that it is overwhelmingly Liberal: upper-case “L,” not lower-case “l.” There are a lot more of us conservatives than you would suspect, but they are afraid. It’s hard to come out because what’s so Orwellian–and virtually everything about this philosophy is Orwellian–is that the Lib­erals are as illiberal as you can imagine. As much as they scream “McCarthyism,” there is a “graylist” there that sees people not get hired because they don’t toe the Leftist line.

            What you have is people who think that the best way to eliminate rational thought, the best way to eliminate the attempt to be right, is to work always to prove that right isn’t right and to prove that wrong isn’t wrong. You see this in John Lennon’s song “Imagine”: “Imagine there’s no countries.” Not imagine great countries, not imagine defeat the Nazis, but imagine no religions, and the key line is imagine a time when anything and everything that mankind values is devalued to the point where there’s nothing left to kill or die for.

            Obviously, this is not going to happen overnight. There are still going to be religions, but they are going to do their best to denigrate them. There are still going to be countries, but they will do what they can to give our national sovereignty to one-world bodies. In the meantime, everything that they teach in our schools, everything they make into movies, the messages of the movies, the TV shows, the newspaper stories that they pick and how they spin them have but one criterion for truth, beauty, honesty, etc., and that is: Does it tear down what is good and elevate what is evil? Does it tear down what is right and elevate what is wrong? Does it tear down the behaviors that lead to success and elevate the ones that lead to failure so that there is nothing left to believe in?

            You might recognize this as the paradigm and the purpose of one of the most successful Liberal motion pictures of all time, Fahrenheit 9/11. There’s nobody who believes Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 was an honest attempt to portray the real events of that horrific day and its aftermath. Every­body knows that Michael Moore is a Leftist and that it was a propaganda film in which the facts were cherry-picked, the evidence manipulated, the nar­rative near-lunatic, all for one purpose. The ques­tion that we were debating at the time was, “Should we go to war against the Iraqi government, against Saddam Hussein?” So he used all the tricks and manipulations and lies that he could to show that America isn’t that good, that America isn’t worth fighting for, that Saddam Hussein isn’t that evil and not worth fighting against, for the purpose of undermining our efforts to go to war.

            Again, there is quite literally nothing in Holly­wood, in the newspapers, in our schools that does not have this as its sole criterion. For example, there is no journalistic standard by which the misdeeds of a handful of night guards at an obscure prison for terrorists–misdeeds in which nobody was killed and nobody was seriously hurt–ought to be a front-page story in The New York Times. Not for a single day. Yet, for 44 straight days, this non-story was a front-page story in The New York Times. Why? Because while it met no journalistic standard, it met the one and only Modern Liberal standard: “You think America’s good? We found something that’s going to make you not believe that any longer. You think that the Islamic fascists are bad? No, no, no, this is why they do it. No wonder they fly airplanes into our buildings.”

            And that’s just one of so many other examples. There was no journalistic standard by which News­week printed the story of Korans being flushed down the toilet. Not only was it a bogus story, it never happened–it was an impossible story. Think about it: Can you flush a book down the toilet? Even a five-year-old would know that you can’t flush a book down the toilet; you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. So why did Newsweek run a story that was not only bogus, but that failed to meet even the most obvious logic? Because nothing matters to them. There is no standard, because a standard would require them to say something is better than something else, which goes against this entire philosophy. It met the one and only criterion of truth to Newsweek, which was that it attacked America and justified the Islamic fascist terrorist.

            The same thing is true in the art world. There is no artistic standard, no aesthetic criterion by which– forgive me–a jar of urine with a cross in it is beauti­ful. There is no aesthetic criterion by which the cura­tors of the museum said, “Take down the Monet and put up the urine,” but it met the one and only stan­dard of art that exists to the Modern Liberal.

            Similarly, the movies last year met no criterion of storytelling and no criterion of cinematography. The five nominees for Best Picture met one criterion. Brokeback Mountain said heterosexual marriage isn’t that important; go be a homosexual if you choose. Munich said there is no difference between the terror­ists and the people who stop them from murdering again. And if you look at the other pictures as well, ultimately with Crash winning, Crash said America is this evil, horrible nation where every moment of every day is filled with bigotry and racism.

            There truly is no standard, no criterion for truth, beauty, justice, or anything else amongst the Mod­ern Liberals, the dominant force in today’s Demo­cratic Party: not all Democrats, but those who will mindlessly accept without question, without doubt, that of course we went into Iraq to steal their oil because that’s what America does; no need to even consider any other possibility. Not everyone who voted for John Kerry and who fits that description is aware of the elite’s blueprint for utopia, and I don’t think some of them would support it if they were.

            What the elite have succeeded in doing through the institutions we’ve allowed them to control–and if we’re going to save America, we must take back the schools, the universities, the media, the entertain­ment industry–is indoctrinating, starting with the very young and going all the way up through college and beyond, starting the first time they turn on “Ses­ame Street” and “Buster Bunny,” going up through the middle years when they’re told, “Hey, little boy, if you have a queer eye, you’re going to be a cool guy,” or, “Hey, little girl, it doesn’t matter how cool you are; if you grow up to be a heterosexual married woman, you’re going to be a desperate housewife.”

            So many of the other shows that are on the air show family and marriage and all the things that are traditional and that we recognize as good–shows like “The War at Home” and “Rules of Engagement”–as if it’s another battle. They wouldn’t allow “Make Room for Daddy” and shows like those because they were not realistic, so instead we now have the Bundys, where the mother and father hate each other and are looking to get as much as they can from each other, and this whole mindset. And it continues on through Ward Churchill’s ethnic studies class.

            What happens is, they are indoctrinated into what I call a “cult of indiscriminateness.” The way the elite does this is by teaching our children, start­ing with the very young, that rational and moral thought is an act of bigotry; that no matter how sin­cerely you may seek to gather the facts, no matter how earnestly you may look at the evidence, no matter how disciplined you may try to be in your reasoning, your conclusion is going to be so tainted by your personal bigotries, by your upbringing, by your religion, by the color of your skin, by the nation of your great-great-great-great-great grandfa­ther’s birth; that no matter what your conclusion, it is useless. It is nothing other than the reflection of your bigotries, and the only way to eliminate bigot­ry is to eliminate rational thought.

            There’s a brilliant book out there called The Clos­ing of the American Mind by Professor Allan Bloom. Professor Bloom was trying to figure out in the 1980s why his students were suddenly so stupid, and what he came to was the realization, the recog­nition, that they’d been raised to believe that indis­criminateness is a moral imperative because its opposite is the evil of having discriminated. I para­phrase this in my own works: “In order to eliminate discrimination, the Modern Liberal has opted to become utterly indiscriminate.”

            I’ll give you an example. At the airports, in order not to discriminate, we have to intentionally make ourselves stupid. We have to pretend we don’t know things we do know, and we have to pretend that the next person who is likely to blow up an airplane is as much the 87-year-old Swedish great-great-grand­mother as those four 27-year-old imams newly arrived from Syria screaming “Allahu Akbar!” just before they board the plane. In order to eliminate discrimination, the Modern Liberal has opted to become utterly indiscriminate.

            The problem is, of course, that the ability to dis­criminate, to thoughtfully choose the better of the available options–as in “she’s a discriminating shopper”–is the essence of rational thought; thus, the whole of Western Europe and today’s Democrat­ic Party, dominated as it is by this philosophy, rejects rational thought as a hate crime.

            So what you’re left with after 10, 12, 14, 20 years in the Leftist indoctrination centers that our schools have become are citizens of voting age who are utterly unwilling and incapable of critically judging the merits of the positions they hold and have held unquestioned since they were five years old and first entered the Leftist indoctrination process.

            There was a book that came out at just about the same time as Professor Bloom’s that in some ways even better describes and explains the mindset of the Modern Liberal. It was Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and it reads like the bible of Modern Liberalism and the playbook of Democratic Party policy.

            The sentence fragment “Don’t hit,” which is one of the lessons that Fulghum refers to, has morphed into an entire sentence now that they’re adults: “War is not the answer.” But they don’t really need to know anything, because even though they know about Neville Chamberlain and what happens if you appease evil, they don’t really need to know it because knowing it or not knowing it would not have changed the position they have now and have held unquestioned since they were five.


            So what you’re left with is not really adults, but citizens of voting age who cannot judge their own positions but are virulently antagonistic to any posi­tion other than their own. Why? Because when you’ve been brought up to believe that indiscrimi­nateness is a moral imperative, any position other than their own must have been arrived at through the employment of discrimination. This is why Bush is Hitler; this is why Reagan is Hitler; this is why Giuliani is Hitler.

            How is Rudolph Giuliani like Hitler to a thinking person? In one way: Hitler discriminated against the Jews; Giuliani discriminated against the crack-addicted prostitutes mugging people in Times Square. Hitler discriminated against the Catholics; Giuliani discriminated against the criminal over­lords. Hitler discriminated against the gypsies; Giuliani discriminated against the terrorists on 9/11 and beyond. In other words, any form of discrimi­nation is wrong.

            The Modern Liberals know that theirs is a posi­tion arrived at through the moral imperative of indiscriminateness; therefore, any position other than their own must have been arrived at through the employment of discrimination. So this makes you not just wrong on your issues and your stances. They don’t even think about your issues and your stances. They don’t have to. Even if they were will­ing to, even if they were able to, they don’t need to. Would you sit and contemplate Hitler’s Social Secu­rity policy? No, you would fight Hitler.

            So what you’re left with is, after 10, 12, 14, 20 years in these indoctrination centers–and it’s not a coincidence that the longer you stay in the indoctri­nation process, the more morally inverted you become, so that to become head of the Ethnic Stud­ies Department, you have to argue that the Islamic fascist terrorists are the good guys and the victims of 9/11 were all little Eichmanns–is people who quite literally cannot differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, better and worse.

            But indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy. Indiscriminateness of thought invariably leads the Modern Liberal to side with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Why? Because in a world where you are indiscriminate, where no behavior is to be deemed better or worse than any other, your expectation is that all behavior should lead to equally good out­comes. When, in the real world, different behaviors lead to different outcomes, you and I know why– because we think. We know why communities that promote teenage promiscuity tend to fail at a greater rate than communities that promote teenage absti­nence: Teenage promiscuity and teenage abstinence are not the same behaviors. Teenage abstinence is a better behavior.

            Forget the moral component for a moment; let’s just talk practicalities. If your boy’s out messing around, he’s not home reading a book. If your daughter’s down at the abortion mill again, she’s not at the library studying for the SATs. If your son’s in a hospital bed somewhere dying of AIDS, he’s not putting together his five-year plan.

            You and I recognize why communities that pro­mote teenage abstinence do better than those that promote teenage promiscuity in their music, in their movies, in the schools. But to the Modern Liberal who cannot make that judgment–must not make that judgment–that would be discriminating. They have no explanation. Therefore, the only explana­tion for success has to be that somehow success has cheated. Success, simply by its existence, is proof positive to the Modern Liberal of some kind of chi­canery and likely bigotry. Failure, simply by its existence–no other evidence needed, just the fact that it has failed–is enough proof to them that fail­ure has been victimized.

            So the mindless foot soldier, which is what I call the non-elite, will support the elite’s blueprint for utopia, will side with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success, out of a sense of justice. As I said at the beginning, they’re not evil. It’s just a mindless acceptance without any true Socratic desire to talk about the real consequences. It’s meaningless to them, and it’s why John Lennon said utopia was all the people living for today.


            There is a lot more at the link. It is a long read, but an easy read. It is the best explanation of how the Modern Liberal Leftist is sooo wrong about sooo many things.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

      2. Uh, your little conspiracy party just lost its fog machine. the IG of the FBI was able to recover the text messages. Oops.

        this is to “I don’t wear shoes anymore because the FBI bugged them” georgie – paulie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – the IG is still hanging on to some of them and not turning them over to Congress. Oppps, maybe it is just the really sexy ones?

    2. So very rich; the desperate turn on their own. Mueller, a decorated Marine combat hero, is a Republican, was appointed as head of the FBI by…wait for it…a Republican. Moreover, he was appointed as Special Counsel by Rosenstein, who is…wait for it…a Republican, who himself was appointed as the United States Attorney for Maryland by…wait for it…a Republican. Finally, Rosenstein was appointed to his current position by the orange bozo himself.

      this is to “why didn’t hannity tell me that” georgie – paulie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – just because Mueller puts an R after his name does not mean he is not a NeverTrump. Your logic is so poor, you are going to get torn apart in court.

  9. Why the panic today? I thought you law and order types say if you got nothing to hide, then don’t worry. If they got nothing then that’s it, if they do, then you will have lots of time to blame Hillary and Obama later.

      1. [Sarcasm alert] Yeah! The truth will come out just as soon as Trump declassifies the evidence Trump needs to defend Trump against the greatest partisan, political witch-hunt in history.

        You sound an awful lot like Spiro Agnew, Andy.

        1. In the meantime, people like you are hyped up and excited over a story in which 8 months ago Trump thought about doing so but decided not to based on what advisors told him. That makes Trump sound like a level-headed, pragmatic President to me. In any case, did Trump fire Mueller? Nope. So there’s no story here.

          Which Strzok-Lisa P text is your favorite?

          How does one send 50,000 texts? Didn’t both of them have jobs to do at FBI…oh wait…

  10. News about the GOP’s ALEC (Koch)- Iowa state Rep. Chip Baltimore was arrested for breaking the law, once again proving the Republican Party is the party of hypocrisy. ALEC Exposed provides the details. Chip makes corporate lobbyists proud by supporting “right to work for less” laws and, in the expected failure to be intellectually consistent, he doesn’t want local governments, elected by the people, to raise the minimum wage (above state minimums). In another similarity to other Repubs (Limbaugh), he has to consume stuff that dulls his senses to be able to stand himself.

    1. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of State Senator Chip Baltimore.
      I have heard of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.
      Is Chip related to Senator Menendez?
      Is Menendez also tied in with ALEC?
      There was a Republican city councilman in a small Kansas town who was fined for unpaid parking tickets.
      A. Is he tied in with ALEC? and B. Why hasn’t Linda reported this yet?!

      1. The Koch’s, for being anti-government guys, sure like drafting state laws.
        Mandatory reading for Americans, “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer

          1. No, Paul, use logic. Rich people pay those among the 99% to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Commenters who defend the economic underdog against the donor class, would unlikely find a revenue source to pay them.

            I don’t know if Russians have allocated money to pay Neo Nazi’s to rant on the internet. But, I presume some bigots comment for free because they get jollies from threatening vulnerable people and groups.

            1. Linda – I know that Media Matters and Correct the Record are paying trollers like yourself to go on websites and dish out the daily bullet points. And they are supported by Soros, one of the 0,1%. You have bullet points but no mind of your own, You are a perfect pawn for them.

              1. Paul,..
                – Linda telling you to “use logic” was far better than anything I saw in the comics section of today’s paper.

              2. fyi, the people protesting Trump and his cabinet, and those constituents at the town halls of GOP representatives, who are angry, aren’t getting paid. The rage-filled e-mails, the Republican reps are getting from constituents aren’t paid for, either.

                1. We have seen these protestors being paid time after time. Even when I go to vote there are people hawking the Democratic ticket while passing out leaflets and admitted being paid. They didn’t even know who was running. They were there totally for the money and couldn’t care about the Democrats or Republicans. I didn’t see the same with those handling out Republican literature. They looked as if they had normal jobs.

                  1. Haha. Fake news. Try again. NEXT.

                    this is to “sometimes I just make s**t up for the hell of it” allan

                    1. Marky Mark Mark – that is not fake news, you need to keep up with the sleazy DNC.

  11. ha ha ha ha. Dems putting a Kennedy to refute Trumps State of the Union speech. Between him and Mad Max I’m sure they will increase membership NOT.

    Sorry Dims – it’s not enough to rail against the Donald and Russia Russia Russia!

    1. Da young Kennedy is not a bad antedote to da ugly fat porn addicted putsy grabbin sexual assaultin President T rump. Let da women testify.

    2. I wanna see Hillary out there responding to Trump’s State of the Union.😊
      It’d be a good warmup for her in case she decides to take another shot at it in 2020.

  12. Mueller has been collecting millions of dollars from this “Russian Conspiracy” Hoax, so he’s not about to stop the gravy train with this gig. I expect that Mueller will be running this scam all through President Trump’s first term, but in the month leading up to the next election he will claim that he has a “bombshell.” Of course, the Media Presstitutes will go wild with joy, but it will be short-lived. Trump will win a second term with a landslide, thanks to a booming economy. Then, sometime in the year 2022, President Trump will tire of the “Russian Conspiracy” and fire Mueller. Of course, the Left will still talk of impeachment and the Presstitutes will be outraged even though Mueller & Company come up with absolutely nothing after more than 6 years.

  13. So where are we still six month old information. Meuller was not fired. Meuller has still not proved collusion which means nothing anyway and now Meuller after asking to ask the boss some questions was ordered to the Boss’s office. Nope didn’t miss a thing.

    1. Bless your heart. How do you know what Mueller has or has not proven? Does he update you every week ? I swear, this is the dumbest of all the dumb argument that the trumpets offer. And that’s saying something!

        1. Call the White House–stat. Tell Trump to declassify the evidence that supposedly proves whatever the blazes ninny-na-na Nunes described in the damned memo. If Trump won’t do it, then maybe the classified information at issue doesn’t mean what ninny-na-na Nunes says it means.

      1. This crowd works for some outfit that is invested in bringing down Mueller. They are buzzin today.

              1. “2018….who calls people fascists?” -Tom Nash

                Hmmm. Let’s see.

                “Woodward was a member of the Atomwaffen Division, an armed Fascist group with the ultimate aim of overthrowing the U.S. government through the use of terrorism and guerrilla warfare.” -from the following article

                “California Murder Suspect Said to Have Trained With Extremist Hate Group”

                “The 20-year-old man charged in Orange County with killing a gay Jewish college student earlier this month is said to have belonged to Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group.”


                “The California man accused of killing a 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania student earlier this month is an avowed neo-Nazi and a member of one of the most notorious extremist groups in the country, according to three people with knowledge of the man’s recent activities.

                “Now, three people with detailed knowledge of Woodward’s recent past have been able to shed more light on the young man’s extremist activities. They said Woodward was a member of the Atomwaffen Division, an armed Fascist group with the ultimate aim of overthrowing the U.S. government through the use of terrorism and guerrilla warfare.

                “The organization, which celebrates Hitler and Charles Manson, has been tied to four other murders and an elaborate bomb plot over the past eight months. Experts who study right-wing extremist movements believe Atomwaffen’s commitment to violence has made it one of the more dangerous groups to emerge from the new wave of white supremacists.

                “Atomwaffen started in 2015 and is estimated to have about 80 members scattered around the country in small cells; the former member said the group’s ranks have grown since the lethal and chaotic “Unite the Right” rally last summer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

                “While many of the new white extremist groups have consciously avoided using Nazi imagery, Atomwaffen has done the opposite. The name can mean “Atomic Weapons” in German, and the organization embraces Third Reich iconography, including swastikas, the Totenkopf, or death’s head insignia, and SS lightning bolts. The group frequently produces YouTube videos featuring masked Atomwaffen members hiking through the backcountry and firing weapons. They’ve also filmed themselves burning the U.S. Constitution and setting fire to the American flag at an Atomwaffen “Doomsday Hatecamp.”

                “Atomwaffen’s biggest inspiration seems to be James Mason, a long-time fascist who belonged to the American Nazi Party and later, during the 1970s, joined a more militant offshoot. During the 1980s, Mason published a newsletter called SIEGE, in which he eschewed political activism in favor of creating a new fascist regime through murder, small “lone wolf” terror attacks, and all-out war against the government. Mason also struck up a friendship with the late Charles Manson, who has become another hero for Atomwaffen.

                “The organization first gained a measure of national attention in May of last year, when 18-year-old Devon Arthurs, one of Atomwaffen’s founding members, was charged in state court in Tampa, Florida, with murdering two of his roommates, Andrew Oneschuk, 18, and Jeremy Himmelman, 22. Both victims were Atomwaffen loyalists.”

                1. Anonymous,..
                  Do the facsists outnumber the Communists?
                  How about the ratio in these comments thteads……how many times has someone accused somebody else of being a fascist, or expressing fascist ideas?
                  Vs. how many times someone has thrown a “Communist label” around.
                  So one this site, we have a number of “fascist accusations” aimed at those who comment, but virtually no “Commie labels”.
                  So, in the interest of some balance, we need to see more “Commie accusations” directed at those on the far left who post here.

        1. Mueller’s a fraud and a traitor. Look up FBI whistleblowers Coleen Rowley and Sibel Edmunds. They’ve exposed Mueller for what he really is some time ago. Mueller personally took steps to BLOCK investigations by diligent FBI agents into the red flags that were evident to the FBI of pending terrorist attacks PRIOR to 911. After the 911 crimes occurred, Mueller PROMOTED the FBI moles who blocked the FBI investigations and PUNISHED the FBI agents who sought to investigate the indicators of the pending attacks.

          DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT talk to me or anybody else about decent people wanting to “bring down Mueller” for conducting his “Russian Conspiracy” Hoax! Mueller is a traitor and I deeply resent ANY taxpayer funds going to pay this criminal and scoundrel of the lowest order.

          1. Why won’t Trump declassify the evidence Trump needs to convict Mueller et al on a charge of treason?

            And why a charge of treason, for that matter? Is Mueller aiding and abetting an enemy of The United States? Is Mueller waging war against The United States? Does Ralph Adamo have two witnesses to one and the same overt act?

            Or is Ralph a contestant in a new reality TV show the object of which is to see who can blow the most smoke up Trump’s tuccus while singing Stormy Weather???

            1. The HSCI is going to vote on it and if favorable it goes to the President for approval. At that time we’ll have greater insight into Mueller and the things that have been going on at FBI/DOJ. Will it constitute treason? We shall learn what provisions of United States Code can be brought to bear against those that declined to prosecute felonies for fear of retribution and that create false evidence in order to obtain FISA warrants.

          2. Not so fast, you are allowed your own opinion, not your own facts. My opinion is that you–and people like you–aren’t fit to carry the brief case of a real American patriot like Mueller. How far down the rabbit-hole must you paranoid, conspiracy-addled dupes be to believe that you know of a federal crime which has avoided the low burden of proof required to obtain a federal indictment? I mean, look at your miserable selves…. That tinfoil hat looks good on you though…

            this is to “how do I get paid to be a russian troll” ralphie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – we are concerned with what you are doing today, not last week, same with Mueller. He is a long-ago hero, but it has nothing to do with his current job. He is a golfing buddy of Comey, that is important. A man who released classified information is going to be teaching a class in Ethics while Trump is under attack.

              1. Paul Schulte,..
                – It wasn’t widely known, but Attorney General John Mitchell was awarded a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts during WWII.
                That didn’t keep him out of prison, but it might have been taken into consideration in his sentencing.
                Anyway, it’s as you said where a war record doesn’t have any bearing on what a governmemt official does decades later.

            2. Mark M, will you still believe that Mueller is “a real American patriot” if and when indictments come down, not on Trump, but on other members of the swamp, including Democrats?

  14. Yes I did get that email. When it was an Oops etc., I went and read about it on The Hill and Busuness Insider.

  15. Trump said in a twit that he wanted to get rid of “that glass of roses”. Is not “stein” a word for a glass or mug?

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